Saturday, July 28, 2007

Important UPDATE

New data has come to my attention

A market LOW should occur on Tuesday at 3 PM
there is a 204 bar hit at that time

Mars Squaring Saturn at 8pm should have a dampenning effect on human nature all day thus exacerbating the fall off.

an 8% drop from 14K = 12,888

A key tip off that a TOP was at hand can be seen in numerology.
1 PLUS 4= #5---- the NUMBER 5 MEANS CHANGE

A july 31 LOW should be a great BUY Point

31st -the day outlook calls for FLEXIBILITY- Ive mentioned that b4 and its being posted again.

Best Wishes

Friday, July 27, 2007


theres ONE heckler in the crowd- so be it.

Check out CHARTS EDGE - way off the mark- at least im projecting down days

Several sources indicate continuation of the DOWN TREND till WED.

SOme other predictions for AUG 15th LOW, MAY NOT BE CORRECT.
in fact it may turn in a high, but more on that later

Best Wishes

BAR count

Yesterday's low was on the 180 bar hit,. but today has a 204 bar hit at 11am and could keep the dow under water till then, or IF a rebound at the go, then at least a dip at 11am

Today's energy shows the market straight up from the go, but it may not happen that way.

Monday and Tuesday should continue the take away.

Best wishes

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Short term LOW

All the DATA Points to an UP day tomorrow - oversold rally only

CBOE ratio = 1.53
gravitational low was due today
Lunar low was due today

SPX 500 PC ratio = 3.88 = extremely bullish
Vix 20.74

Monday and Tuesday are expected to be take away days back to back, but if there are any changes, i will post it.
180 bars hit at 2:30 today
Tomorrow has a 204 bars at 11am, but the effect might be muted, and a low off the BURST start

Best wishes

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

STILL Upward bound

Today was MIXED but ended up;
But you didnt need me to tell you that

BUT it ended UP, and thats what my projection stated

Tomorrow should START down but end UP.

Friday should be UP

Next week promisses another take away
Best wishes

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

And then there was

Tomorrow looks like a TAKE AWAY day

Mars and Neptune square off at 7pm, and the effect is apt ro last all day;

Netpune is illusionary, and mars is HARSH reality and warlike
WHom do you think will win tomrrow.

Confusion is the watchword.

Also got 204 bars htitting at 1:30

30 bars hits at the close and 90 at 2:30 on WED.
Best Wishes

Saturday, July 21, 2007

IM baaack, Maybe

Im back to work also after 3 years part time, so I might not be able to post as frequently
I had been recovering from 2 spine surgeries

Whats That ? thats a good thing you say, HAHAHA , you may be right about that.

The NEXt 2 days should be explosive on the UPSIDE

One of the best tools I have has both number values under 400 and that usually indicates its time to jump. Those #s are based on 5 day ave ADV/DECL and VOL ratios.

Should hold up for a least till WED

Charts edge last week was %#%@%^*

Best Wishes

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Was out of touch

I was NOT in touch with stocks last week and the information I provided could not be updated as needed.

If I had been online, I would have spotted the rally continuation as the data clearly shows it before it happened, but I was NOT able to report it to you.

Yeh, I know, making excuses again- well, believe what you want

Next week IS indicated to be biased lower thru the 19th so far, but THIS week I will keep up with any adjustments.
Best Wishes

Saturday, July 07, 2007


The LAST 2 weeks projections have been very accurate

June25th turned in a HIGH at noon which was originally thougth to be a LOW, but was recognized as a HIGH which led to a 150pt OPENNING dive on WEd the 27th. The timing of which was indicated well in advance. as was the LOW of friday afternoon at 3:35pm

The following week was indicated IN ADVANCE to rally on July 2nd & 3rd - AND we got it.
July 5th was indicated to be weak. and the 6th to attempt new highs- EXACTLY as projected.

OK, lets keep up the good work, you say. No, YOU demand it ??

Next week is indicated as follows:
9th should be biased UP
10th should be FLAT
11th is indicated UP, but should not last all day.
12th & 13th are indicated DOWN days.
New moon on 14th
Friday the 13th has NOTHING To do with STOCKS

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Today's close as at 126 bars and as witnessed, the dow did drop off into 1pm.

Thursday shold follow a similar path and be quite a mixed day, but biased up till 4pm where 204 bars hits home.

Thursday also has some OTHER events working against it- so NO new highs are expected.

However, Friday the 6th should be the stronger of the 2 days, and the dow could make attempts at new highs.

I will be away the following week, and may not have access to a computer.
Best Wishes