Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Astrology for NON believers

You dont have to BELIEVE in astrology to understand it -- OR DO YOU ?????

I once showed the effects of astro to a young man who worked for me in the 80's
SO, it held NO reality for him, and I guess there are MANY others out there just like him
I brot this up for a reason - COMPARING last Jan 2008 to Jan 2009 coming up

Jan 2008
As was written in Dell Mag in Aug 2007 for publication in Dec 2007
Full Moon of Jan 22 -Mars & Hades OPPOSE Venus & Pluto - This is a HARSH & Angry planetary picture
And we ALL know what happened on Jan 22/23

But what about the FIRST 8days?
THE YEAR gets off to a ROUGH start
Jan 2 -Mars 180 pluto
Jan 6th - venus 90 Saturn
Jan 8 - merc 45 uranus
Jan 12- Venus 90 Uranus
Jan 13- Sun 135 Saturn
jan16 -Sun 135 Mars
Jan 19 -Venus 180 mars
Jan 22 -full moon
Jan 23 - Venus 0 Pluto
and the heathen kept a comin till Nov 21

Jan 1 & 2nd has some insecurity
BUT Tensions EASE into the 4th - Venus 60 vesta & Pluto
8th -PLUTO & Vesta ARE TRINE this year = 120 degrees - EXACT OPPOSITE of last year

Jan 10 to 17 = Merc retro = has some problems, but NOTHING anywhere near last year

Jan 17 to 26th = JUPITER floats its BALLOON

OK, I hope you get the picture--
Jan 2009 IS NOT a repeat of 2008

NOW, remember my outlook for 2009
Potential to gain 5000 DOW points by Dec 2009/Jan 2010
remember Oct 1998 to Jan 14th 2000 --- NDX DOUBLED

Jan 2009
Jan 2nd off till about 1;30
High on Jan 7th

Downtrend 7th to 14th/15th

Uptrend from 16th to 30th

Severe sell off from FEb 2 to feb 9th, Full moon -
HARD aspects leading to 9th, 10th

more later

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bar cycles

AMAZING what Stan Harley discovered

When the bar cycle makes an important low at 204bars, then the cycle extends from 258 to 329
Simply because 204 + 126 = 329/330 , if you wish, same thing tho

Now WHY is this important today ??
I will tell you

Today's LOD at 1:30 was at 204 bars plus 108 gets us to 4pm Tuesday
Now, your right, thats NOT 329, but totals 312, which on occasion truncates

Even so, it ALSO ends the day at 60 bars IF you close out the 259 bar cycle at 11:30am

SO, either way, it points to a SOLID LOW at the close and offers a strong BUY

Heres MORE
JAYWIZ index = 1.65 a BIG BUY indication wiping out the .10 from friday
SPDR ratio = 3.33 wow BUY BUY BUY
BUT not so fast
the shorter term OEX ratio = .49 and is a SELL

Pressure index for tomrrow drops again after the open from 3020 to 3011
Granted , thats NOT a huge drop. but from the 27th at 3036 to 3011, it shows weakness thru tomrrow

We have a 9:40 high
11;30 low
noon high
1;30 low
3pm high
4 pm low

more later

Lets get back to Biz

Its hard to say if both the 29& 30 will be lower, but it is looking that way

52 hour low @ 12:15
78.6%/13 day @ 11:55
Jaywiz index = .10 ~~~ very bearish short term
VHF @ 5, a little weak so far
Power index @ 325 declining to 300
Pressure today 3036 to 3022 showing a declining
~~~~tomorrow 3030 to 3017 ~~ ditto
activity under 1 and flat line - very weak
flux @ 1015 Weak

Until the above changes we have the potential for 2 sell off today and tomrrow
NOT severe, The ATMOSPHERE for big declines is not present

Dow should hold 8300 as a minimum

more later

Friday, December 26, 2008

PC ratios = sell

Jaywiz index @ .10
first time in many weeks such a low #
PC ratios also very bearish

Monday might start with a POP up, but It looks like the day will end lower

Cluster of cycles as reported earlier converge on Monday & Tuesday

More later

keep on trucking

CNBC reports sentiment on bonds is 80% Bullish
what does that Tell you?
thats right, get out of bonds and into stock ~~~~

Today had a 10:30 high which is an hourly time opint
next hourly was 11:58 and the mkt turned lower at noon

120 bars right now as I write @ 1pm, and the dow is hanging barely positive

Next hourly @ 2:07 should find the mkt higher

Low @ 150 bars at 3;30

Next hourly high at 9:53 to 10 am on Monday

Monday's outlook indicates a lower day and potential lower open on Tuesday

31st has potential to be a strong rally

Feb 10/11 has the potential to be sharpy lower

BUT -Anyone looking for a retest of nov 21 had better learn to re evalute their thinking

Most later

Thursday, December 25, 2008

dont get hung up

remember I wrote NOT TO GET TOO Negative after Dec 1st

And I should have followed my own advice

the SAME thing goes for January 2009

Ive also stated there should be a HIGH on Jan 30, followed by a sharp retreat Feb thru the 10th

Dec 30 has a number of fibo cycle convergences
21-34-54-110-144 tr days

7000 dow points lost @ fibo levels

21% = 1470 pts = dow @ 8945 & weve already been there
23.6% = 1650 = dow @ 9200

a break out above 9200 could run to the next level
38% = 2675 = dow @ 10,225

50%= 3500 = dow @ 10,500
And so forth, but you get the idea

78.6% = 5500 pts = dow @ 12,500
That could take us to Nov or Dec 2009

More later


Friday, December 19, 2008

minor 4th wave

Shankar, I think you hit it right on The first 10 days of Feb- I'll explain

There were 48 tr days from July 15 low to spt 22 where it turned down

using 48 trade days from Nov 20 take us to YES, your right Jan 30, right after the Jan 26 LUNAR eclipse

FEb 4th has Saturn 180 Uranus, the same aspect the hit on Feb 27th 2007, the first warning dow off 417
And the SOLAR eclipse on Feb 9, and more hard aspects on the 10th/11th =Friday

Thats future stuff; lets come back to present

Dec 16th is only 17 trade days from Nov 21, but did gain 1500 points off the lows 7475 to 8975
Now they can drop 500 easy which they almost did already but 50% = 750 pts = 8225
& 62% = 930 pts =8045
just speculating ?????? yesterdays close at 8605

today has 90 bars @ 11
Hourly at 12;49= could be the high of the day
126 b @ 2pm and 150 at close which could actually effect the open on Monday with a sharp sell off

Natural energy indicated a low on the 18th, rebound on the 19th and sell off on 22nd
EXPECT 23/24th rebound to be strong = XMAS RALLY

Next 8 day high and turn are Dec30/31
Expecting Jan 2 & 5th to sell off

More later

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Change of Venue

NO Crash in site

Unlike some others with whom I converse, I do not see a crash coming

It appears that Nov 21 was the LOW of Minor wave 3

Minor wave 4 can now take its sweet time and complete NEXT DEC 2009

Not to say there wont be serious setbacks in between - of course there will be

without going into detail, heres my outlook for the balance of December

TODAY - a mid day low today hit at 12:30 right on 30 bars
60 bars hits at 3pm next at the same time as an hourly cycle
If a high, the day should end lower

FRIDAY Dec 19th
has a fibo 38% /13 day cycle at 12;15 and any rally in the AM should set back, but the day should end higher

The RALLY is under and has been influenced by a SUN 0 Pluto which occurs on Monday at 5am

Monday is interesting since it is the day after the conjunction it also is
144 tr days from 5/29high
233 tr days from Jan 22-
Also is 1/2 or 50% of the 13 day cycle at 4pm
or it could spill over to the open on the 23rd fro about 10 minutes at the most
Its also 228 bars right at the same time

On Dec 23rd there is the 55% /13 day cycle at 1:08pm
which should hold them back till after that point, but the day should end
substantially higher as well as the 24th which is a half day closing at 1pm.

the next important cycle high is Dec 30/31st
The year should open with a smack down on the 2nd and jan 5th low @ 3;30pm

My best bet for a trade is shorting the close Friday
Yes, I know - go into the wkend flat- but some times you have to break the rule
Monday opens at 150 bars, and we have seen this effect b4.

More later

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

completed wave

minor wave 4 looks like a completion of a,b,c,d, and e on the 16th

today marks and 8day high, and if they get below 900 today--, it will collapse
its now 3;35 as i write this
but tomorrow marks an 8 day TURN, and it looks like it will wait unless the last 15 minutes today

Tomorrow starts minor wave 5 & it should be dramatic
7475 low to 8975 high =1500 pts
use your fibo math to get to lower levels
38% = 570 pts = dow @ 8355
and so forth

Some are saying spx 600 by Feb 4th,
which is a very heavy astro date equal to Feb 27th, 2007
when the dow fell 417 pts that day - that was the wake up call
and the Armstrong biz turn date

Friday has a 38.2% /13 day cycle at 12:15
Monday has a 50% /13 day cycle at 4pm
OR open on 23rd
23rd is 34 tr days from Nov 4th
and should offer a change in trend


Dec 22 is 233 FIBO tr days from jan 22nd
I guess Ms market likes 22nd dates
from there
I can see a strong rebound into Dec 31st

Ive mentioned this many times
numerology # 5 = CHANGE

Sunday, December 14, 2008

repeat De 1st?

Ive been expecting such a day, and since NO one NOW expects any downside activity the rest of this year ::
I think you get my drift.

Benner is looking as some others for an Inaugeration crash - IM HERE TO TELL YOU that WILL NOT HAPPEN
In fact after Jan 5th the mkt is poised UP thru mid Feb to start- Im sure Ive written that b4

A 300 tr day culmination of the correction is about to occur this week
taek your pick from Oct 9 to 12, 2007
Monday = 299 Oct 9th
Fri = 299 Oct 12 & 300 Oct 11

I THINK I expect Monday to duplicate Dec 1st or better

IF so, then EXPECT Tuesday to rebound into part of the 17th where it should TURN lower into Friday at 12:25

That should be the final LOY, and maybe lower than NOV 21st, maybe not, but it should be close


Friday, December 12, 2008

MORE for Dec 12

today has 204 bars at OPEN

Hourly at 10:51 could pull them back up a bit
next hourly is at 3;10 pm, and if making a
rebound high at that point will send the close lower,

BUT ASTRO has command of this wkend
the Senate and UAW does not operate in a vacuum
PEOPLE are held hostage to the astro SQUARES
now a $50B ponzi scheme in the options market-WOW

258 b low@ 1pm
Merc 0 pluto at 1;41 pm

Sun 90 Saturn tonight = NO let up today

Hourly at 12:58 pm
1pm = 329 bars, a low
4 day low at 2pm
BUT we have a low tide at 4:36pm
PLUS Mars 90 Saturn @ 5pm = not let up

hourly at 10:47 AM
14.6% of 13 day segment @ 11;21

thats pretty close to a match as either
one can shrink or stretch a bit

SO, Im now thinking the LOD and LOY on
Tuesday at or about 11am

its 300 tr days since Oct 10th, or 299
from oct 11- take your pick
I like the 299 count as its divisible by 13 = 23
As you know I have been counting 13 day segments,
and they are VERY CONSISTENT

Almost forgot

YES // GOLD // chart for STOCKS
for Dec 2008 and Jan 2009

More Later

Uh OH !!!

I WARNED you MANY TIMES this would happen

AND its NOT the SENATE's fault

I told this group and others that the UAW would NOT give in to pay cuts

BIG 3 & GM to file BK - Unheard of for 100 years

Unless Microsoft decides to buy them ((GGGGGGG))

And some tell STEVE DUCEY to take that sh___ eatin grin off his face every time he thinks he's got the Pres elect by
what Jesse Jackson wanted to cut off
He and FOX NEWS editors continue to try to
TIE a line across the divide with a SHORT ROPE

When i wrote LOY, it OBVIOUSLY means 2008.

Today could be the FIRST 1000 pt loss in US HISTORY

NOW, whats going to CHANGE

PESSIMISM will NOW ABOUND as opposed to rampant
optimism of MONDAY DEC 8th

that is the negative sentiment that will drive the
dow higher in 2009 watch the MEDIA, and wee how their
comments will reflect negative expressions int he coming months

They will NOW be looking over their shoulders to look
for the next shoe to drop

Now they expect PRES Bush to come forward and ask the
treasury to loan the BIG 3 the $$$ they need to survive
without a BK - that could be Dec 17th -
Wednesday's SURPRISE event to catapult the mkt.
Im sure Pres Bush doesn't want to be known by history as the Pres
who caused the AUTO industry to declare BK

From Dec 16, 2008, the dow could gain back as much
as 5000 points all the way thru Dec of 2009
Of course its NEVER a straight line, but the
CORRECTION from Oct 9,2007 & 300 tr days later has ended,
thus the bulls are back in command, CLIMBING that WALL OF WORRY

And when we get to NEXT DEC and the MEDIA is screaming
You can be sure its all over right there

More later

Thursday, December 11, 2008

DOWN they go

today opened at 126 bars -thus the down 144
high at 1pm just 15 minutes after the 12:44 hourly

204 bars @ OPEN: It did not hit at close,
but should hit the open lower Friday

Thursday night the CME off 1650 at 6pm

the 4.3 hourly at 10:33 might mark the
HOD on Friday

full moon at 11:33am = very harsh lunation
100% of 13 day cycle at 12;30 , A LOW point

Merc 0 Pluto at 1:41 also very tough aspect
= INTENSE Mindsets & serious decisions
that could be the moment of NAY vote in the
& Crash from there

9 pm Friday night
Sun 90 Saturn = delays & Demands

all the above portends a very bad market day

Monday is day 300 from Oct 9
day 299 from Oct 10th
And Tuesday is
day 299 from Oct 11th
take your pick
Mars 90 Saturn at 5:47 pm also
makes for a very bad market day

Tuesday calls for a MID DAY crisis
which could be the LOY & turn of the year

Wed reading is indicating a SUPERB day
& the market should rebound vigorously

More later

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crash dead ahead

this graph shows the next move is LOWEr

I have been given a solar NN graph that shows DEC 15th OPEN as a MAJOR down, and could be the LOY
16th shows only a retest of THAT LOW

Today is 12/10
We had a 60 bar cycle low at 10 am
we had an hourly high at 10:37

SOLAR nn shows high at 12:30
then lower to Open dec 15

Charts edge shows high at 10;37 approx
LOW at 3pm
There is an HOURLY time point ALSO at 2:56 pm which coincides with that

Dec 15th is BRADLEY


Some have today as an IMPORTANT pivot day, and its starting to look just like that

Dem's and White house have agreed on Auto bale out
UAW will probably be the Monkey wrench in this deal

More later

Monday, December 08, 2008


overbot more than Nov 28th

Sometimes we have to wait for the 10 day trin

Today's important numbers

arms 5 = 64.4
trin 5 = 323
trin 10 = 748

All of the above a grossly OVERBOT

Tomorrow's reading
Test Values
Fear of LOSS

Unexpected & disruptive behavior
Caution with $

watch for accidents & dangerous situations

obstacles & disagreements

Overall it sounds like a tought week from here to Friday

even tho Dec16th -Monday has a Mars 90 Saturn, its influence seems muted
And the 16th calls for mid day clouds
I still think the MAJOR bottom will have its moment on Friday- dec 12th


Sunday, December 07, 2008

DEc 12 MAJOR bottom

Dec 12 is 299 tr days from Oct8th, 2007

299 tr days = 23 segments of 13 tr days

DEc 12 = 23 segments of 13 tr days at 12;30pm

I am quite confident this will be the LOW of the entire corrective period from Oct9th, 2007

IF that is TRUE, then there is VERY LITTLE TIME LEFT to TEST or retest the spx 755 low

Tuesday has numerous cycles converging between 11:30 and 2pm
52 hrs at 12;30
Hourly cycle at 11:30
258 bar cycle at noon
10.2 day cycle at 2pm
8 day turn


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Week of Dec 12

watch this relationship

Nov 4th + 6 days = Nov 12, and intrday low of Nov 13
Dec 4th and 11am of 5 = Nov 4th

Add 6 tr days = Nov 12, and or 15th
Nov 12 + 21 tr days = Dec 12

Unlike last week , next week will not spned 4 days recovering from a 700 pt drop
However, Monday and Tuesday are on schedule NOW to drop to support at least
to 816 spx from which they bounced off on Friday at 10:45am

An important convergence of cycles on Tuesday at 2pm, should provide the first
level of support, probably at 816 again, but maybe at 800

the LAST chance to make lower lows imo, is the 12th where the
13 day cycle completes very near a Merc 0 Pluto at 1:41pm
which could hold it down till then.

THIS WEEK is VERY similar to Nov 13 lows @ 10 days and or Nov 21 @13days lows,
both LOW points occurred at segments of the 13 day cycle.

From there < IF there is any more weakness, it is all but meaningless
as the NEXT BIG MOVE is UP & AWAY.


Thursday, December 04, 2008


If you can enlarge this chart from one of my associates at a yahoo group,
it clearly shows the cycle low on DEc9th & Dec15/16

the current Elliott wave formation is looking like a rising wedge from which the next level is back to where it started, and that would be at dow 7550

Dec 9th has 2 cycles converging at 2pm
8day/52 hours
10day / 78.6% segment of the 13day cycle



Monday = WAVE 1
Tues - WEd = wave 2, so far
Thursday and Friday should be wave 3
Monday & Tues = complete wave 3 and start 4

Dec 9th has
52 hr cycle @ 1 to 2pm
13 day cycle @ 2pm
Its an 8 day TURn day

Dec11 = wave 4
Dec 12 to Dec 16 = wave 5
THIS SHOULD END the total corrective wave from Oct10, 2007

From there, I dont see any evidence for further lows in mid Jan which some are proposing
In fact I am VERY BULLISH thru Feb 15th for starters

There are several cycles converging this AM at 10am
258 bar cycles
50% of 13 day cycle

From there, today should languish most of the day and head for a serous sell off at the close and make its wave 3 move tomrrow

MY tech data is ONCE AGAIN screaming SELL
Arms 5 = 72.2
trin 5 = 361
trin 10 NOW under 10 at 98.8

Some pressure readings have dropped from 3015 to 3002, but others are still holding up or just showing signs of changing.
Power index at 450 drops during the day and heads for 300 tomrrow
Solar storms at 8 today and 15 tomorrow
Flux is at 900 showing negative forces are strong

futures at 8:30 are decidedly negative following Europe lower leading to that 10 am opening low

Best for Now

Monday, December 01, 2008

WHERE ARE WE NOW ? its 12/1 2008

As mentioned b4, MY internal technical
data spread sheet is SCREAMING SELL

BY NOW you are familiar with the 13 day cycle
that I have been using, and if
NOT, then You should be

It HIT a bottom on NOV 21st at 11am, ((DOW 7475))
and YES I was buying calls for
a very
profitable trade which was closed out on
Nov 25th at the OPEN high at 10am
did that against a MYRIAD of NEGATIVE SENTIMENT


NOW where are we?
Good question
Positive sentiment has sent us to WAY OVERBOT
its 12/1 at 9am, and were about to open
down 200 Dow pts

A short term cycle LOw is due on 12/2 at 12;50 pm

The 13 day cycle is broken down by FIBO
components and IT has been

VERY CONSISTENT since I started tracking
it on 8/21

The NEXT convergence with
Astro timing is Dec 5th at the

61.8% SEGMENT of the 13 day cycle at 12:45pm

Following that is the 13 day completion on
Dec 12th at 12;30pm,
but there is a Merc 0 Pluto
at 1:41 pm which could extend that low to that


Other than back testing on the 15th and 16th,


Saturday, November 29, 2008



I know these #s dont mean anything to you, but they are screaming SELL TO ME
NOV 4 - 1363 ---1704---103---272---341---488---1337---359
NOV 20- 245--- 197 ----169---49--- 39 ----847--- 1775---103
Nov28 -- 1960--3216 ----73---392---625---369----1226---631

THE NUMBERS on the bott0m row are showing MORE OVERBOT than on Nov 4th

21/1 & 12/ 2 down
12/3 up
12/4 high till mid day, then lower
12/5 hp to 1 high on 12/8 = looks like top of wave 4 as previously discussed

THEN THE 5minute of 5 minor wave begins to retest the previous lows

Thursday, November 27, 2008

WAVE Count

NOV 21st = MINOR wave 3 LOW

Now making Minor wave 4
"a' wave HIGHon Nov 26th high
"b" wave LOW on Nov 28th LOW
"c" wave HIGH on Dec 4th = Minor wave 4

Remember Nov 4th High, and what followed

Dec 15th MINOR wave 5 and retest of Nov 21st lows
dow 7475 intraday at 11am

From there it up and away till at least Nov/Dec 2009
theoretically the Dow could regain as much as 78.6% of the 7000 pts loss
that would mean 5500 dow points back to 13,000

Happy Turkey day

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ONE day Range

today's range is from

SPX 834 on the low side
875 on the high side

should hit the low at 11;30

and close on the high @875 area

Jaywiz index
Mon = 1.24
Tues = 1.55
Is a BIG rally building?

You bet it is !!!

PC ratios are in SELL mode today

Nov 28, a shortened day till 1 pm should drop back from 875 to 835 or about 300 dow points

However, that would offer a great spot to buy calls which I intend to do at the close Friday
Yeh, I know, dont hold positions over the wkend- well sometimes you have to risk that position.

Happy Turkey day to all


Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 08 Thanksgiving week

At a glance
Its possible the 259 bar cycle and 4 day cycle may have hit on friday at 3:55 pm just before the last 5 minute runup
Occasionally it pays to hold over a wkend
Nov 24th , futures at 8:25 indicate a higher open.

Many of the groups I am readings are STILL VERY NEGATIVE, and they ARE DEAD WRONG

Nov 25th HIGH at noon
Nov 26th LOW at 11:30am
Nov 26th HIGH
Nov 28th large on day decline, given it is a shortened day till 1pm.

The week after is on schedule to continue the rally begun on Nov 21st
a HIGH should occur on the 4th with Nov 5th offering a setback


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monday Nov 24th

Monday Nov 24th starts out negatvie with a mars 45 Jupiter at 8.48 am

ALSO there is a 4 day cycle due at 10 am from the previous cycle on the open of the 18th.
At that time there was a 180 bar cycle also at 10am

Now we have the 4day cycle mixed with a 259 bar cycle which DID not hit on
Friday at 4pm, thus it must hit on Monday AM at open.

Preliminary data indicates a NEW UPTREND has begun
remember what I wrote last week

DONT BE MISLEAD in the wrong direction
Intentions are NOT advertised

On Thursday the Mkt reached down to support areas
Dow chopped off 50% from Oct 10, 2007
7000 points were lost
What can be gained in the next 9 months?
Ive already shown you what to look for. If you dont believe it, it wont be my fault.

Looing for nov 26th short term high
Nov 28th short term dip
Dec 8th high
DEc 15th LOW as minute WAVE 2 in the growth of MINOR WAVE 4

Power index is indicating a weak open Monday, BUT doubles from 300 to 500 by day's end.
Tuesday could start out even weaker, but the index moves from 350 to 600
Wed holds at 600
Thursday - HOLIDAY = 700 which might have it effect on Wed
Friday dives to 400 from the 700 level and could be a nice sell off, but I think the day will be a short one and close at 1pm


Saturday, November 22, 2008


The CYCLE LOW hit at 11:05 am on Friday Nov 21st,

And guess what I was doing - YES, BUYING CALLS

Dow up 500 pts

whats next?

***********8further gains ***********

might stall Monday AM, but should end the day higher with the
best of the week should be Wed

The 28th has some negative readings, so I will close out my positions on the close Wed-
I dont think its an early close, but Friday might be.

It appears we got the MINOR 3 bottom
NEXT IS WAVE 4 which can extend all the way to July 2009

Dec 15th is expected as a LOW, but in this case, I would anticipate it to offer only a
wave 2 setback after a dec 6 to 8th high as wave 1

Sure, you want to know How high can they go?
MINOR Wave 4 will occur in the next higher degree

Use your math skills and apply Fibo
Dow dropped 7000 pts
7000 X 38.2% minimum gains = 2674 pts = dow @ 10,224
Typical is 50% to 62% or 3500 to 4300 pts
Max gain @ 78.6% would be remarkable = 5500 pts - back to 13,000, but I sincerely doubt this

The Martin Armstrong cycle seems to be occurring 8 months after his proposed dates.
First was FEb 27th, 2007 and the actual top was october 2007

The LOW was scheduled for March 23, 2008, and the actual was Nov 21st

Now the next leg HIGH is targeted for March 19th, 2009 + 8 months = Nov /Dec2009

Then LOWS on June13, 2011 ADD 8 months = FEb/ March 2012


Thursday, November 20, 2008


MY propietary data has called today's low a BUY

SPX still has to get to 730 ish tomorrow am
Dow still has to reach down to 7200
validates yesterday's call for a low Friday Nov 21 at 10am

Adv decline ratio NOW AT 245 & well under 400 ------ 400 is the threshold, and this index has a 5 yr track record.
Volume ratio NOW at 197, and YES, WELL UNDER 400
ARMS 5 day ratio AT 169.4 , a BUY
5 day Ave of above adv decl ratio fell from 242 on Nov4th to 49 today
5 day AVE of volume ratio fell from 321 on Nov 4th to 39 today
5 day Trin = 847 also a buy

Everything is NOW in place to end minor wave 3 and start minor wave 4.



It now looks like the FINAL LOW of MINOR wave 3 will occur on

FRIDAY NOV 21 at 11am
thats where the 13 day cycle ends and starts a new 13 day cycle

SPX level have been proposed at 760 to 770 and as of this writing its NOW
at 788, and dow at 7860

I really find it amazing that MINOR wave 3 should end with such a wimper
however, the VIX yesterday was 74.26 and thats near the recent record high of aprox 85

Newspapers across the country reporting the DOW under 8000 as if that was something important
CONTRARY ?? most likely- bUY when there is extreme pessimism - AR we there yet?

I had mentioned to my yahoo group to expect a lower open today
there is however, a moon 120 venus at 1:46pm, and that might turn in the day's rebound high, but the close looks like it should take out the AM lows and head for a RESOLUTION on The OPEN Friday between 10am and 11am

to BUY CALLS on Friday at 10am to 11am

Jerry R has consistently reported the LOW on Minor 3 at dow 7700 during the week of Nov 19th

Next week, the 22/44 wk cycle will have past and minor wave 4 rebound should last considerably longer than minor wave 2 from which hit on Nov 13th at the close;

Rebound Should take us to DEc 1st

Best for now

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is going to be just like last week - VERY DIFFICULT for investors
We, as traders are also going to have a rough time caching the swings
if they follow anywhere near whats projected

However, ive got a few things to add

Monday Nov 17th is a LARGE fibo convergence and the
10.22 day segment of the 13 day cycle hits on TUESDAY
at NOON along with a usual LOW bar cycle at 204 bars
So there is a good convergence right there
THAT CYCLE DID STRIKE at NOON on friday for the LOD, not counting the close

Now, heres some more
17 in numerology is an 8 = power
18 in numerology is a 9 = an ENDING
19 in numerolgy is a 1 = a NEW BEGINNING
20 = 2 =congenial
21 = 3 = speculation

Heres more
Astro readings
Nov 17 = CAUTION with ALL activities & watch your blind sport
Nov 18 = Intuition is unreliable
Nov 19 = DONT BE MISLEAD - true intentions are hidden
Nov 20 = congenial day , BUT DISRUPTIVE AT NIGHT
Nov 21 = GET chores done EARLy

NOW into minute / micro wave 5 of MINOR 3 as both Jerry R & Ibo seem to agree,
even if labeling is a little different, the outcome should be the same

SPX levels at 785 and 754 Murrey Math do see viable for the lows.
LOWS here DON not appear to want to drag on, but IF they follow the XTIDE as
ASRO seems to suggest for the open of the 21st, then we will see some wild
swings once more.

Monday DOWN ALL DAY and Tuesday low at NOON SHOULD mark an important low as
After a good recovery on Tuesday, the 4 day cycle at the end of the day could
drag it down as xtide shows.
19th has potential for lows at at 11;45 & 2;15 as per 90 day cycle low from July
15- barcycle also@ noon
20th looks positive as xtide shows
21st looks like XTIDE has it nailed


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ive posted several times
NOV 17th
55 -110 - 89- 144-233-280 tr day cycles

It seem to me thats THE 22/44 wk CYCLE time slot

BUT the Astro reading for Nov 19th indicates a fake out day
meaning the next move from there is UP & AWAY

Arms index today was .23 similar to Oct28th
TECHNICAL internal data is very similar to Nov 4th,
and has issued a SELL SIGNAL

Since the CYCLE low is due on Monday
we should expect some serious selling tomorrow

IF you think the market is going to RUN to the moon with everyone applauding, you've got a rude awakening coming

The market will do everything in its power to confuse the many, AND THAT MEANS YOU

some are still looking as low as 750 spx, and some even lower
I think we might get to spx 800 & dow 8000 on close
with an intraday low as low as 7880, which was the oct10 intrday lows
Got to spx 818 and dow 7966
Spx fell its double allotment of 2 x 40 = 80 pts from 898 = 819

NOw from
spx 911 - 80 = 831 - 31 murrey math - 800 butt he actual murrey math level is 785 which should provide support
dow @ 8835- 930 pts = to last weeks drop = 7905

Some are already pointing to Nov 26th for a lower low- what I say to them ~~ FORGET ABOUT IT !!
Some are still looking for spx at 750 area and dow at 7200 - WHAT I SAY TO THEM - Yeh you guessed it -- DITTO

So there we have some numbers to look for

LOWS of 2008

Its beginning to look like the LOW of 2008 should occur on Nov 17th

Ive mentioned it b4 and reminder that there is a large convergence of
FIBO dates plus its 280 tr days from Oct 9th,2007

that means Nov 19th is 280 tr days from Oct11,2007
THATS 35 segments of 8 tr days

the 13 day cycle of which there is a 78.6% segment hitting at 11am to noon on the 18th should mark an important low
after the clsoe on the 17th.

In 1987 as an example
Oct 25th was the NYSE closing LOW
Dec 5th, MONDAY was 28 days later for a LOWER close.

From there it was up and away for the first 13 days, which for us would get us to DEc 8th, and astro would agree with that projection


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov 19th

On Nov 19th, preliminary bar cycles

259b Low @ 10am
30 b @ 12:30
329 b @ 3;30

there is a lunar square Sun at 4;31 pm
which is the Qtr moon

So it is possible for the low to occur LATE in the day
Planning for that type of event takes thought and strategy

Most likely I will be in CASH the on the close of the 17th or open on
18th where 180 bars hits at 4pm on 17th or open on 18th.

that way i can BUY CALLS during the day at various low points.

Best for Now

Potential Panic SELL OFF

A panic SELL OFF looks IMMANENT and could occur at any moment

Its NOW 9:45 on Tuesday Nov 11 and the Dow is off 181

Power index is DOWN ALL WEEK and Continues to drag into next Week.

Activity index is FLAT LINE At 1.3

Pressure readings are HIGH in the 3025 area, but could drop at any moment, and so far the mkt is NOT showing any response to those highs, but a potential rebound does exist for the 12th, as mentioned b4.

I was given Nov 19th lows at 11:30 & 1:30, but I will not have a good reading for the bar count until this Friday, 14th.
ID - How did you arrive with those time periods?

So far the reading stands for the 19th- DO NOT BE CAUGHT up in Negative sentiment
When the MEDIA professes NO BOTTOM< you can be sure we are there- IV'E watched it b4 on CNBC

The 17th is still the target for a closing low as it has a convergence of Fibo dates and is also 280 tr days from Oct 9th.
280/8 = 33 segments of 8 tr days

More later

Monday, November 10, 2008

minuette 4th waves

A change in perspective might be in order right NOW

Im not looking for THE Jerry R low of LOWS on Nov 19th,
HOWEVER I am looking for a low on NOV 14th and or 17th

17th has fibo convergences including a 280 tr day off
Oct9th, 2007

The 14th is an 8 day LOW
While the 17th is an 9 day turn

I dont have bar counts yet, as I like to get a
little closer to the actual day to confirm the correct count

There is a midnite low tide on the 12th,
but full moon also a little after at 1:19am
and secondary low tide at 3pm on the 14th

What does that all mean for Nov 19th?
good question

IMO, it means a significant TURN day
leading to a significant high on DEC 1st.

In fact, it may be that OCT 27th spx at 848
might have been the LOW of 2008

I do Have DEc 12/15th as another low period,
but NOT necessarily LOWER than oct27th

It may also be we are in a period of an UPWARD
trend to Mid FEB eclipses, thus we would be making
higher highs and HIGHER lows along the way.

We MUST CAUTION ourselves
and not look for a crash at this point to drop
under the spx 850 already established on oct27th.


minuette 4th waves

minuette 4th waves within a minor 3rd can be temp high risers and very misleading as to the real trend

I think thats whats due today

Heres another look at where we are now.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Elliott wave 5

I would appear that wave 5 of 3 of 3
has begun from the Nov4th high

So what do we as a group think about wave 5:3:3
I do agree with JERRY R @ 100% about Nov 19th
and Ive written the reason several times as well
as my outlook for Nov 17th FIBO CLUSTER

They have gained on close 1450 dow points on Nov 4th
How does that relate to Elliott rules?
Heres the QUESTIOn
Will Nov 17 to 19 AS WAVE 5 be MORE SEVERE than wave 3 on oct 27th
OR will they match the dow 8175 low of Oct 27th?

Assuming, and I think we can do this,
wave 1 dropped 930 pts on the 5th & 6th
then wave 2 should really hold at + 355 = dow 9050 or 38.2%
Then wave 3 of 3 of 5 should hit ON NOV 13th to 17th, IMO,

HOW LOW IS LOW from that point?
930 pts can be matched from 9050 would = 8120 AND yes, very likely
IF 1.618 x 930 = 1505 = dow @ 7545

thats A little more than the 2002 at 7200
VERY POSSIBLE for the 17th

Nov 19th might actually go down intraday to
touch or get damn close to 7200
We have 11:30am and 1:30 pm as time slots.

Best wishes

Friday, November 07, 2008

Nov 7th - Bradley date

We have already had the 800 pt loss or more that I wrote about earlier this week - WOW what a call !!
if I dont say so myself

Have not been able to post much this week , dealing with a loss in the family

BUT now what?

As the heading says, Bradley today should mark a short term low, with the 12th next and that should be a high

Futures indicate a higher open regardless of the jobs report, but Thats STILL an hour away from this writing

Power index pointed toward the decline this week, thus my ealier posting for 800 pts loss
Today it shows a higher open and subsequent collapse

Activity index was at 4.3 earlier this AM, but has since dropped to 1.3 at 7am - not sure how that will play out once the mtk opens

Bradley low
4.08 day cycle at 11am
156 bar cycle at 11am
38% segment of 13 day at 11:30

FTSE today made a midday low = to 1pm today in the USA
Charts edge has today languishing

Any low today should be met with a moderate rebound next week into the 12th, and Im still expecting the 13th to 19th to meet that 22/44 wk LOW that Jerry R has written about

17th HAS
55 - 89 - 110- 144- 233 & 280 tr days convergence
last convergence on 4th was a high, thus this one should be a low

the reading for the 19th, most imnportant, and Ive brot this to your attention in the past.
In other words, do not get suked in by NEGATIVE talk and sentiment
GO THE OTHER WAY- mkt intentions are WELL HIDDEN


Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Second LOOK

This could be a little tricky the next 2 weeks
Reason is : the REVERSE correction off the LOWS on Oct 27th MIGHT NOT BE FINISHED
So we might only get a fibo drop to possible interim lows between 8176 & 9325
1150 pts gained or 1300 if counting intrday - ahh fibo, love it
could, and should get as low as 800 pts dow- (((62%)))

Then it becomes matter of when
Nov 4th at 11am has potential as the 84.5 hour cycle low point
Nov 7th also has some potential as the convergence of the 4day cycle at 10am
OR Nov 7th at 11:30am a fibo segment of the 13 dy cycle

From there it appears UPward to Nov 12th, which could possibly make a higher high then
thats also an 8 day HIGH TO HIGH cycle

THEN Casey lowers the boom on the opne of the 13th, MY BDAY, and Nov 19th
Nov 19th has 22/44 cycle lows as per Jerry R
also is a 78.6% or 66 hr cycle low to hit at 12:25pm
is also a 4 day cycle low at 11 am


Thursday, October 30, 2008


there is a 13 day ((84.5 hrs cycle)) AND an 8 day ((52 hours cycle))) running concurrently

YOu know about the 13 day cycle, which ive mentioned many times
ITS NOW due to hit at 11am on NOV 4th

But prior to that event is the 8 day/ 52 hr cycle

Heres the dates
SPt 29th

OCT 10th which was a CLOSING low on the 9th , Yom Kippur day, - 678,
The NEXT morning opened DOWN another 700 pts on Oct 10 & closed off 128

Oct 21st at close was - 232 and Oct 22 opened down 700 and closed off 514

NOW we come to
Oct 31st at 4pm,and Nov 3rd at OPEN

SO< now you know what to expect and it should be very volatile

best for NOW

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election day Crash??

Nothing to do with ELECTIONS at all

early data

Polarity negative
VHF hitting high notes >20
jaywiz index = .48
Power index drops from 500 today to 300 on friday
Pressure ON THE WAY DOWN from 3020 to 2995
Activity index NOW under 2 but had hit 5 mid day today
Flux VERY HEAVY under 900

The SLOPE of HOPE is showing its bear claws

Nov 4th convergence of LOWS
22/44 wk LOWS on Nov 17/19
Could be the MAJOR LOW of the year

More later

NOV 2008

Nov has some very important CYCLE convergences

Nov 4th = 55/89/110/144 trade days from Previous fibo turns

Nov 17/19 also has 55/89/110/144/280 tr days from previous points of reference

the last one 280 tr days is important from oct9th, 2007
280 days / 8 = 35

Oct28th a Bradley date & new moon
Nov 7th and 12th are next Bradley dates

Nov 4th is ALSO 84.5 hrs from Oct16th dow @ 8200 at 11am
84.5 hours is Nov 4th At 11am
Its also 204 bars on one cycle and 330 on another

Consider the 28th as intervening wave X

Whats Next?
is the next decline phase of the 22/44 week cycle as described by one of our Yahoo group associates to be of Extreme importance
I dont have the Elliott grpahs at this point, but If I get them i will post.

More later
best for now

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oct 28th

Its only 5pm, and I dont have all the data yet, but

Tomorrow is a new moon after close
3;31 pm low tide

847 is Murrey Math and any break below that with volume would infer the next level at 816
In dow terms = 7900

Today's closing low hit right at 46.5 hrs = 55% of the 84.5 hr cycle
Also a 27 hr cycle low

Some have indicated it as a short term low, and that is possible, but friday's intraday low @ 8200 is broken

Wed will be over due for strong rebound which should may or may not hold its highs
Friday the 31st has another chance to run it up, but it looks like it will fold after 3:30


Still Under Pressure

Bradley date is reported by some as the 27th and others as the 28th

new moon on 28th after close would indicate the 28th, IMO.

Polarity is negative
Jaywiz index has last week's readings as negative @ 29-23-16-40

Power index gaps down from 500 sunday night to 400 Monday and stay's flat
Power index for Tuesday drops to 350
Power index for Wed opens at 350, but jumps up to 500, indicating a lower open & rebound

Flux today is LOW And Jagged at 900
Activity is FLAt at the 1 level

FUTURE readings are @ 2965 pointing toward a low on the 28th
Current readings are off the lows at 2965 up to 3010 , but are jagged indicating some erratic activity

Tidal index shows a LOW on 27th, but could be a day early as it also showed the 21st as a high, but it was the 20th.
In other wairds, its damn close but not exact

My outlook calls for LOWER but choppy thru the open on the 29th at 10:45am, then UP for the day
30th goes well
BIG rally on 31st

Friday, October 24, 2008

Uh OH !!!

I have to say I did NOT see that coming

Some of my pressure readings fell off during the night, but I didnt see see those until 6am EDT

New moon on 28th
potential 24th -27 crash days

Fed days 28/29th
Emergency meeting ?? Maybe get the rate cut on Tuesday instead of Wed,

27 hr cycle due on Oct 27th at 4pm
today is 8 day turn and dow futures are limit down 550

5% limit futures, but extend after open to 10%

spx to 855 open could rebound to 875 for 10am, but after it should be a crash day

some so called experts are expecting the OPEN to be the LOW of the session???
My sources say that wont be the case

Bradley date of Oct 20-21 topped off to next date on the 27-28th


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday Oct 23

Still expect a spurt at the open, and might get to
SPX 940
Dow 8925

Even IF they dont get there, the morning spurt to 10am and or 10:30 might be all there is
wherever that takes it to as above

The 42.5 hr low is due to hit at noon on Monday, but the day might settle a little higher

Today, I got out of the calls i bot at close on Wed, and bot more at about 2;40
High made it at 11am and there was a lunar45 to mercury
Mild rebound at 2pm = a noon 120 Pluto
BUT plunge right after at 2:30 there was a 150 bar cycle low and it was the LOD
next bar cycle is at 11:30 friday so theres plenty of time in between to make a high.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct 23

Not such a great Up day after all

YES- Should blast out of the gate, but STALL midday

and might even settle back to close at open

Friday promises to be STRAIGHT UP ALL DAY


Oct 22 update

LOW at 4pm
dow 8450
SPX has broken 909 and should hold above 878

Tomrrow rebounds out of the gate and is on an upswing till Monday Oct 27th


Oct 22nd

Reasons for a short term LOW today

Today is
55/110 tr days from previous highs=
jaywiz index = .29 yesterday
PC ratio = .87 on top of .81 Monday
Today is a BRADLEY date
21.12 hour low hits at noon

Flux index = 1020 , on the low side
pressure index = 2990, ditto

Activity was FLAT all night at 2/3
BUT has jumped at 9 am to a 2
there is a 60 minute delay on this, and it means an OPENING Low will be wiped out by a rebound @ 10am

BUT once again, the above indicates a lower low at Noon and lower by 4pm

TOMRROW- Thursday, indicates a LOWER open, till 10:30 at 90 bars, and then it reverts to UP all day


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tomrrow Oct 22

Brief note

Since the 258 bar cycle closed the dow at its lows, then we could see an early AM pop till 10 am

Futures at 7pm are positive + 750 and fair value is -330 giving us a potential 80 pts rally

however as mentioned, the 12 noon hr is the first segment of the 13 day dominant cycle

So, any open higher is a great opp to add puts, and so would the 3pm rebound high- cant say which will be best, but i will probably go for the 10 am time.


As predicted

Opened down 250, rebounded at 2;30 to + 15, then DOWN again to -250

Tomorrow has a 38.2% portion of the 13 day cycle due to hit at noon, then the 50% segment is on the 27th@12;45

the EXACT 13 day cycle as ive posted b4 is on NOV 4th- election day

Todays closed as expected on the 258 bar cycle at 4pm, but since the 13 day segment above is over riding, we can still expect a lower low at noon. Rebound into 3pm from there should give way to another dive at the close. Its going to be a lower low and lower high each step of the way down.


Monday, October 20, 2008

POINT 26 or 27

I would think that point 26 is obviously oct 10th
that means we are still in a rebound mode OFF that point , Prior to the REAL CRASH coming to a neighborhood near you very soon-- ALAH Nov 4th

That Dec 12th date should be a retest of the Nov 4th lows

There is another TIME ZONE of importance - Nov 13 to 19th which could also test or exceed the previous lows-
there is an important 22/44 wk cycle due there

Todays close should be exciting for the bulls, but tomorrows open should remove their enthusiasm.
However, there is still a higher high coming on the 21st.

120 Bar cycles today @ 11am got an 11;10 LOW
150 bar cycle @ 1:30 shoul set the next important day low
180 bar cycle is due at 4pm & or 9:30am Tuesday
Heres the rub
IF they close on a HIGh today, the 180 bar cycle will hit at open and be down at least 200 dow pts
BUt the PRessure readings have ALREADAY shown me that-

Jaywiz Pressure readings have jumped from 2990 to 3029 for Tuesday
They then FALL to 3012 so far for WEd

This confirms my previous projections

Now lets watch to see how the mkt responds.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bear Market Rallies

that END on Monday's are very very dangerous

Most of my associates and the data they and I keep are pointing toward a high on Monday

It may be over by noon, and the rest of the week just cascades low, or its possible to close at its mid day highs.

However from there, it gets tricky;

Which of the BIGGEST corporations is in big trouble, and might come knocking on Uncle Sam's door for a bailout??
AND then who;s NEXT??
How many companies can the big guy handle??

reminds me of the first Superman movie: Lois falls off the roof, and Superman catches her as he says"dont worry, ive got you" And She SCREAMS -- " BUT WHOSE GOT YOU"

Well Uncle Sam, is China, Japan, England, France, coming to our rescue? or are they tapped out also?

I can see the smiles on the faces of BinLaden and Iran pres, can't spell his name, and some of our other not so friendly foes. GRRR. makes me want to Puke

Osama didnt have to do anything after all, we did it to ourselves.

Vix and jaywiz index still showing oversold conditoins which migh get alleviated on Monday with a final push back over spx 1000, but theres NO LEGS to it.

THE NEXT CRASh zone starts on the 23th and or 24th and ENDS on Nov 4th
nothing to do with ELECTIONS - ONLY the cycles & electromagnetic influences

talk about the CRASH PROTECTION Team, this will put a whole new light on it.

Remember I told you to expect the last crash day Monday October 6th, which turned into a week.
Dow 7000 is NOT far away, and maybe 6000 from some people ive read.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Oct 17

Futures point LOWEr as indicated YESTERDAY

10am = 89 hr & 30 bar low

High at close today and higher at open monday


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friday Oct 17

THE 84.5 HOUR cycle hit at 11:15 and then the mkt ran up to the close

A secondary LOW might occur tomorrow at 9:45am, but the day looks
higher in a possible monster short squeeze back to spx 1000


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 16th, 2008

Even tho its 7pm EDT and the Spoos are -1550, there is still indications of a rebound tomorrow

HOWEVER, it looks like it will be VERY SHORT LIVED.

That 84.5 Hr cycle LOW is due between 11 am and 1pm, and could stretch to 4pm

I cant imagine what rabbit they could pull out of the hat in the
AM to give us an open boost of several hundred points,
but thats what the pressure readings are telling me.

ALL of the tech data is screaming BUY, but just like bull runs, the reaction to the data can be delayed.

Arms today was 4.29 and 5 day cumulative= 200.6
5day ave = 10.03
10 day ave = 177.2
Those are BIG numbers

17th then has the best chance for a more solid reaction, but I'll keep you tuned in.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Low Tomorrow

Im fairly confident we get a tradeable LOW tomrrow

it looked like we got 3 waves DOWN to 2;45; (( amazing how that time slot keeps popping up))

Then it looks like we got a 4th wave to almost even, and maybe started on the 5th Wv DOWN, but that remains to be seen. the Q's traded higher after mkt.

Mathematically we should see 9100 which we did get to at 2:45pm; so then it could be lower than that.
7880 - 9780= 1900 pts X 38.2% = 725
9780 - 725 = 9055

However, 1900X 50% = 950 = dow @ 8830, and I suspect that might be the target for tomorrow.

As indicated b4, It looks like Ths & Fri are UP and could be quite a run to 10k

They want everyone to think its safe to go back in the water. HMMmm.

Everything I wrote b4 about the upcoming Nov 4th election day is still out there and it could be one very historic day for sure . NO matter who wins, the stock market WILL REbound.

NOV 4th = Some very heavy duty astro on 3rd & 4th; and even more important it is also a 13 tr days cycle.
PLUS fibo convergence @ of 55 - 110 -89- & 144 tr day cycle

SO, if we start 8 days before such as Oct 1st to 10th; that gives us October 24th.
The Bradely date is oct 22nd = 10 tr days which becomes a more obvious chioice for a short term TOP,
or a MAJOR turning date DOWN to the Culmination point of nov 4th.

SOO, based on the above , NO - I do not expect Oct20th to CRASH
but if anything changes, you'll be the first to know

Thats it for now



Looking for a 250 pts dow higher open, but then what ?

A set back is in order from there.
I will be buying puts after the open at 9:45 to 10:00am

Just like 1987 there was a very strong rebound the day after, and subsequent decline which at that point did set a new closing low, but I doubt we will see such a decline this week.

Some are looking for a crash like wave to continue NEXT WEEK, but Im holding off my thoughts on that until I see more scientific and tech data later this week


Monday, October 13, 2008

As Promised

A week ago I told you to expect a 1000 pt rally today- NEED I SAY MORE?

WILL the FUN continue ? Only if your a bear

NOt all my tech data is in yet, but the OVERSOLD condition is NO MORE

Tomorrow promises to take some away & continue lower bias thru Wednesday

but Thursday & friday do appear UPWARD again

BOY, that was some payday- DOW +936pts - WOW

Tomrrow is an 8 day TURN and a BRADLEY turn, so any opening high should be considered a selling opp- at least thats the way I expect to work the day

That 66 hr cycle hit with the 259 bar cycle @ 2:30, and it was LL UP& away from there to the close.

CME close UNCH, -- HMMM.


Monday Oct 13

Jaywiz index last week 5 day ave = 60
Polarity is positive & holding
Power index up to 500
Activity between 2 & 3
Pressure index = 3050
Flux above mid range at 1040
vhf > 5

All of the above is BULLISH for today

there might be a 1- 2 pm setback, but the close could be the HOD

Some are looking for a 10:30 HIGH and that is typical tie period for such turns

Tomorrow still has some potholes, but Im not going to worry about it, as I doubt a new closing low is possible, and it could offer additional opp to buy cheap calls


Saturday, October 11, 2008


BUT it wont last all day

If they thought last week was crazy wait till they see this week- Roller coaster time- UP & down in LARGE swings

Monday should give up its gains to the 10day cycle due to hit between 1:30 and 4 pm

Tuesday should open higher and give up its gains to the full moon at 4pm

Wed looks healthy and should hold its gains

Thursday Has the 13 day cycle low due at 11am to 1pm, but should still close on highs of week

Friday is options- too soon to have outlook, but looks higher

Early science readings

Jaywiz index this week
Mon = 58
Tues = 92
Wed = 42
Ths = 1.28 WOW
Fri= 49
5 day AVE values are bullish @ 60

Power index for Monday =500 to 600 coming off a 300 for friday
Pressure index = 3030 today , coming off lows of 2970
Polarity is NOW positive
Activity which was FLAT line >1 all week has jumped to 5
Flux is steady at 1035

My personal tech data is indicating a bullish trend for next 10 days
ARms 5day = 1.53
Jaywiz Adv Decl ratio = 128
Jaywiz Vol ratio = 119
these 2 indexes are bullish under 400 and they have been UNDER200 for 4 days in a ROW
Trin 5 = 7.95 & trin 10 = 139.1 ~~ both very bullish
And theres more but I wont bore you

IS this a NEW bull market ? You ask. Why do you ask? ive already explained in a previous posting that we still need to get thru NOv 4th and DEc 12th

Remember that a bull market can get overbot for months on end, and as such, so can a bear market.

Best wishes for now

Friday, October 10, 2008


DOW broke UNDER 8000
NDX hit 1201 EXACT target

DOW @ 8000 = 55% FIBO relationship to the 14400 highs of OCT 10th LAST YEAR

NDX also hit its target @ 1201

I got out near the open, but not the exact low, darn it,
I will now sit tight and wait for 3pm



Its 8:30am

The charts show dow 8000 as the base, but could overshoot, or not

IF the mkt drops to dow8000 by 10;30 at 150 bars, then IM OUT
If not, then the next bar cycle is @ 180 at 1pm, then 204 @ 3pm

Ive watched the way they play the game- MAXimum gains come with THRUST such as on Monday
Option values made their highs at 10;45am, and did not supercede those values till 2:45pm & 150 bars that day.

NO MATTER What, I WILL BE OUT OF PUTS at or before 3pm today and into CALLS expecting a huge rally;
Hopefully it doesnt repeat Monday's last hour rally, but it could, since 3pm is 204 bars which IS similar to Monday at 150bars @ 2:45pm


Thursday, October 09, 2008

RALLY COMETH- but NOT this week

Today should attemtp to rally and should reach HOD at 1pm.

However, we still have a very important LOW dead ahead

TOMORROW should close on DOW 8800- FRIDAY OCT 10th

Monday is RALLY DAY and we could get a DOW 1000 pt rebound on the 13th to 17th.

Get ready for it
Some times it takes the TECH DATA 3 to 4 days In OVERSOLD readings b4 the MKT actually responds to it

Giant short squeezes are born in oversold mkts.

BEST WISHES to all for a happy & healthy Yom Kippur



Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Where is the Market Going & Why

I'll try to make this brief and easy to understand

I could just tell you the outcome of my research, but its also good for you to know what Im looking at.

Dow Jones price levels
gain from 2002 to Oct 9th, 2007 = 7200 pts to Dow 14400 - an EXACT DOUBLE

7200 x 38% = dow @ 11,650
7200 X 50% = dow @ 10,800
78.6% = Dow @ 8800
100% = dow @ 7200
Could even go lower, but lets work with this for now

Day count
Oct 10, 2007 to May 19, 2008 = 145 tr days + 145 more = Dec 12th, 2008
Oct 10, 2007 was a NEW MOON
Dec 12th will be a FULL MOON
From oct 11th = 296 tr days / 8 = 37 a whole number
that means there were 37 segments of 8 tr days- I have mentioned this cycle b4.
Low to Low cycle of 13 tr days = 299 segments exact to oct 8th

So where are we and whats next
Oct 14th is a full moon, but the 13 day cycle is on the 16th@ 1pm, and should trade lower

Nov 4th is the NEXT 13 tr days cycle and has a harmonic cluster of HARD ASPECTS converging with the LOW TO LOW cycle - thus we should see a LOW at that point, but not THE LOW

next is Nov 21, but that date falls into a moderate upswing in exact opposition to the chart currently shown by Charts Edge.

Then comes DEC 11th and 12th
11th is the 13 day cycle and 12th is the full moon exactly like Oct 13 & 14
Not only is it a full moon, it also has an even more serious hard aspect harmonic cluster than Nov 4th.

From here on Oct 8th we are still going to go LOWER
Nov 4th should be a serious LOW TURNING point, BUT again NOT THE LOW
The rest of Nov should be a very strong rebound

Nov 28th -30th should offer a HIGH with some very powerful energy from trines and sextiles of Jupiter, Venus & Uranus

That only leaves DEC 12th for THE LOW - thats the MOST important date for all of 2008.

From there we can enjoy a very strong rebound thru at least the Feb 2009 eclipses.

But the damage will have been severe, and only smart money will enjoy the rallyas most investors will be SHELL SHOCKEd, and or FROZEN in the headlights unable to make intelligent decisions.

Best for now

Not impressed by ratee cut

9am on Wed oct 8
Futures reversed LOWER by 9am and are as low as they were earlier

Activity index was 2 @ 5am, but dropped to 1 at 7am, and has been FLAT LINE since
Power index today 400 to 450 should still set the 11am low as per Art Cashin- WHO ?? commentator looking for
wash out today- might get a little one

Power index for tomorrow Oct9th = 400 to 350 indicates a lower day
Oct 10th = 350 to 300 LOWER still & astro readings are NOT healthy

Pressure for today hits HIGHS @ 3031 and turn down tomorrow as low as 2977- thats a HUGE drop

Flux smooth and holding above median level @ 1035

VHF no activity at all = 0 usually means an upday
Yesterday for example
started at 0 and we got he open rally
rose to 15 and we dropped to -350
the dropped to 5 and we came back to - 180
then rose to 10, and you know the rest

Jayiwz index = 92, indicates a rally

So we have the 11am low cycle due, and a possible bounce from there to the end of the day


Additional reading
MY tech data is GROSSLY over SOLD
TOmorow is a 55 , 110 & 144 tr day fibo cycle hit

NDX retracements
1485 = 50%
1346 = 62%
1104 = 78%

Under 62% which means they are heading for 78%
Elliott wave says this is a 3 of 3 of 3 which is UN RELENTING
The see oct 16 to 28th as low

My 13 day cycle hits on the 16th at 1pm
Guess what,, the next 13 day cycle low hits on, YEP you guessed it Nov 4th
then ALSO as mentioned b4, there is another 13 day cycle due to hit on DEc 11th where there is a serious harmonic convergence of hard astro with a full moon

NO let up in sight for this mkt and dow jones 7200 is NOT out of the question


it 7:30am on Wed and guess what


Only Fed funds rate, but thats where the $$$ is

Global mkts exploding- not waiting for 11;30am


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


All of my data is screaming BUY
I wont get into it- too much detail.
Jaywiz index .92

Readings were off by one day also- they flipped days on me.
in other words, Tues & wed are reversed, so tomrrow calls for fortunate trends even tho it was printed for Tuesday

Only one thing stands in the way of a very strong rebound- a rate cut of at least 50 bp, &
the 50% cycle of the 13 day day/ 84.5 hr cycyle NOW due at 66 hours tomorrow @ 11;30
the 259 bar cycle is also due to hit at 11am, and together they should mark a strong turn

Thursday is Yom Kippur and just like Rosh Hashanah, it should be a solid rally day.
not for that reason, however. BUt there is a VEUNS TRINE URANUS at midnite on the 9th which OFTEN precedes major crashes, which will become more likely once this rally is done.

bradley date = 14th
8 day Low
Full moon @ 4pm, etc.
9 month cycle low


Its now 9:15 and futures are strongly higher

glad i bot in yesterday, even tho I didnt hit the LOD
I can only blame myself for not catching the LOD- Its amazing how one little piece of data becomes sooo important

Looks like a 10am -10;15am high
& a 10:45 am setback, which I will probably add to my current position unless I sell it at 10am.

Europe to raise bank deposits protection


UP Up and away

BUT not for very long

thanks for the praise- tell all your friends and more

I'll try NOT to let it go to my head

the $20K payday was satisfaction for me, and I had a fitful weekend until Sunday Night CME futures

Todays action should peak out between 3 & 4pm
Bernanke at 1pm today

Futures right now at 9AM are now pointing a little lower
150 Bars cycle hit exactly at 2:45 the LOD

The NEXT critical point is 180 bars AT 10:45 am - the mkt might NOT adhere to the lower futures, and might open to a 10am high before settling back to 10:45am

Either way, 10:45 should be the BUY and could be the LOD leading to a strong rally till late afternoon
TOO bad there was such a strong rally after 2:45 yesterday as the rebound would have been more impressive today.


Monday, October 06, 2008

How LOW is LOW

Its now 2pm, and the deterioration continues past 1pm

Expecting the dow to close at 9550 & spx at 1005-1010

Tomorrow can rebound with great vigor

Wed nesday is not as strong a day as it has an important low due @ 11;30, but can take off from there.

that leads us to the 9th & its 55 tr days from jly23rd High & 110 tr days from May6th high. should be short term HIGH.

the 10th looks ROUGH and leads to the Full moon low of the 14th.
Lower than TODAY??
I dont think so.


when to buy CALLS

I will be buying calls at todays' close

1pm low
rebound higher after
LOD at 4pm


Pressure building for a rebound

Todays LOW is DUE at 1pm - SUN 90 Jupiter is a major influence @ 1pm

Also marks 329 bars @ 1pm

Jaywiz indicators are warning a LOW is near & a rebound is close by

Hadik shows 10,023 near term DOW target, then 9870- Possible BOTh could get hit today?

The LOWEr the better today

Astro reading for today = look for non intelligent decisions, caution travel, opinions clash.


Wed = promising & watch for conflicts

Wed still has a low due at 11:30 am but its only a setback low.

Pressure readings are POPPING where they hit lows on Friday @ 2955 , are now hitting the 3035 levels

VHF now @ 5
power index = 300
Activity index = 1, @ 8am- down from 3 earlier
FLUX smooth at 1035, just above the median

Important low today followed by the mkt clawing its way back up to late Oct peak.


Friday, October 03, 2008

50% SHORT @ 3:30

the heading says it all
Get ready for the worst on monday

Rebound today, BUT

Today's rebound might last till noon

should sell off going into vote @ 2pm- WAVE related selling;

Power index shows rally at close and open on Monday with strong selling Monday afternoon

50% of 13 day cycle indicates a low on the 8th at 11am, and pwer index agrees with that outlook.


Thursday, October 02, 2008


OK, that was right on schedule

Very good $$$ day

bot a few calls on close

Tomorrow should OPEN Higher, but I dont see any sticking power. may sell off at close.

I sold out my puts at close today and will rebuy positions during the day tomorrow.

Still expecting the 6th and 7th to provide potential mini crash

More on that later.


And so it was written

Jaywiz Indicators are negative today

Polarity is negative
VHF a Whopping 25
Power index = a GAP from 500 yesterday to 300 today
Pressure index = 2955
Activity jumper to a 5.3 and thats very HIGh- not sure how that fits with the decline today?
Flux = @900

I posted this on the T&C site
21 years from 1987 Oct 18th = Oct 2008 = 7670 trade days
ive been telling you about the 13 day cycle
590 X 13 = YES your RIGHT = 7670
THATS Oct 14 @ 4pm & a full moon EXACT at 4pm


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

yesterday gets only a 2X -WOW

ITS NOT a matter of IF I should get short & buy puts, BUT WHEN to do it. !!!

I'll make this BRIEF ///

I WILL NOW BE BUYING puts on or b4 the close of biz today, OCTOBER 1st.
moved up from Friday's close to today

the Mkt would have DROPPED 777 even if the bill had passed on Monday- so news does not make the mkt
they would have found plenty of reasons to support the hit.

Today we have a somewhat bullish overtone left over from yesterday's euphoria, and even the FTSE is up 100 pts at 9am.

Ratios, even the Jaywiz index @ .77 indicates a fairly strong day today

VHF = 8 and is bearish

power index = 500 and a little bullish

Activity index was as high as 3 earlier this AM, and is still hanging at 2.3
thats much better than flat line at near 0 on Monday

Pressure index over 3000 today , but takes a MAJOR drop after today to as low as 2970 by tomorrow

What currently amazes me is the FLUX index which has produced gyrations for 5 days in a row which I have never seen b4 on this in the 2 years I have been watching it.
Today is also shows a level of 900
the range is from 900 to 1070
900 - is MOST bearish

After today we have to look forward to a very serious potential for a BLACK Monday and terrible Tuesday
the 66 hr TIME within the 84.5 hr /13 day cycle is STILL @ 1 to 2pm on Tuesday

the BIGGER cycle of 13days/ 84.5 hours is still on schedule for OCT 14th @ 11am since the 13th is closed for Columbus day- i think.

That matches a cycle LOW & EW wave LOW projected by JR on one of my private groups. He is a very very Astute Elliottician wave & technical anaylst.

Best for now

Monday, September 29, 2008


Congress and those Pub's, oh Republicans, or whatever they are - party poopers
and they even expect to get re-elected, and Damn, they probably will

I would guess Democrats just clinched the election

The ARMS index was still ONLY 2.04 = NO PANIC

So when is the real panic going to hit wall st??

I am still targeting the 6th & 7th

Are they even going to try to vote on the Rescue bill again? Maybe next week? Whew !!!!

When to get short, you ask? ASAP

Tomorrow, we might see a sharp rebound after the open, and they might even linger till Wed as the trading tomorrow will be quite muted during the Rosh Hashanah high holiday's

One of my graph's indicates a high tomorrow and another one on Wed, so it could be either. HOW high? Not much - AND it wont matter as the wave looks like its in a 3 of 3 of 3 and that should take them down as there will be NO buyers to be found.


Deal or NO deal ??

Sounds like a TV game show- Ok Howie, we get it- (G)

Central banks supply xtra $$- send some My way - oh, yeh the puts I bot last week just gave XTRA $$$

What should we expect now?

This downdraft should help scare the HOUSE members so they dont want to be viewed as causing a crash

11:30 and holding steady down 300 pts.

84.5 hrs can stretch into 89 hours which = 3:30 pm today

Expecting a rebound tomorrow and Wed Am.

I will be maxed out in puts on Friday Oct3rd.

the next cycle hit is on the 7th at @1-2pm


Friday, September 26, 2008


I should have posted the NO DEAL yesterday, and to some of you it would have struck a chord.

It was already pre ordained

And the deal will get done on Monday, probably just b4 the noon lunch break

VHF today active @ 10
Jaywiz index Tues & Wed @ 21,& 22 but .73 yesterday

Power index hits a high this AM of 500 and drops to 400 by day's end- Maybe some pre open anouncment to give the mkt an adrenaline boost that falls out of bed after the open, but the futures are looking GRIM at 8am

Flux = 900 LOWEST level possible

Pressure = 2986= low levels

Activity index = under 1.0 coming off a 3.0 at midnite, and is flat line for the past 3 hours.

How does the 13 day pivot effect people and markets? your watching in action

It hit at 1pm Wed, and we got yesterday's boost
It hits again on Monday @ 11am- watch the cannons & fireworks when the deal is done.

Coincidental ? Not at all
Markets make the news, not reverse.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cycle on schedule

S0000, did you see the rebound after 1pm ? that was the cycle I was talking about

The power index calls for a rebound today ending at tomorrow's open follow thru high

From there, we still have the 13 day pivot low due on Monday @ 11am, which should offer a more powerful rebound from there to October 3rd;;


I will be MAXED out with PUT options at the CLOSE of OCTOBER 3rd.

The WEEK of Oct 6 to 10th could be historic in nature- exactly what will occur is anyone's guess and I do not have a crystal ball for such things. BUT it will come as a shock to the markets world wide, and the sell off will be considerable.

One thing I can tell you- IT will NOT be financial in nature- that ship is already sailed

Best for now

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strong downward cycle

1pm Tuesday
That 66 hr cycle seem to be in control, and heading toward its resolution

the last occurance was on Spt5th, and the 4th was also a strong selloff day;

So we should expect today to be weak overall with failed rally attemtps which we already saw this AM

Once the Cycle is complete at about 11am to 1pm tomorrow, then the rebound off of that point should have some sticking power, but should peak on Thursday, if not at the open, then at least similar to today.


66 hr low

The TREND till Spt 29th is to make lower lows, and lower highs.

Today has a potential high at 12;25, & 3:48 pm.

Tomorrow SPT 24th, expecting the 66 hour low due between 11am and 1pm

A stronger rebound should take hold after that into the open for Thursday.

From there they could continue to hold up most of the day, but a move lower into 11am on the 29th should begin during the day, probably a last hour slide on Thursday..


Monday, September 22, 2008

Down Monday Spt 22

As predicted, its 10:25 and the dow is off 155

bail out cost rises, and thats just for investment banks. Whats it going to cost to save AIRLINES, or Auto's, & the list goes on.

VHF index = 8 & showing weakness
Jaywiz index = .38 - neutral
OIL + 4.00, not good this week
Power index = 350- toward the LOW side- thus the down mkt
Pressure down to 2990 from a high last week of 3004 = weakness
Activity index ovnt droped from a +2 to 1/2 and flat line = weakness
Flux index = 1010 which is well under the median of 1030, so also weak

WHATS Expected this week?
thanks for asking-
As previously noted,
a LOW on WED at noonish;

Best for now

Sunday, September 21, 2008

UPTREND will continue

BUT NOT on Monday Spt 22nd -

Not all the Jaywiz index data is in, but the one that gives me a future view by one to 3 days is indicating a down day on Monday
Pressure readings dropped from 3040 to 2990 for Monday, but they zoom back up on to 3020Tuesday

Whats NEXT?
Consider Spt 17 the bottom of a 5 wave decline, and forget how it fits into the overall Elliott wave count.

The Spt 18th LOW @ 1pm was the 50% completion of an 84.5 hr cycle that began on 8/21
THUS the blast off which would have occurred regardless of the treasury/Fed or NOT.

10,500 to 11,400 in less than 2 days deserves a good sell off day and that's MONDAY
But the UPTREND should still continue to Oct 3rd.

In the meantime, there's 10 days till then - What should we expect in between? glad you asked.
Lets say the high on the 19th = the top of rebound wave "A"
Whats next is Decline phase "B"

Timewise it looks like the B wave should break down into its own abc
Within the 84.5 hr cycle, we get

9/24 @ 1pm , a Low & the power index agrees @ 200, then to 350 later
power index for 25th = 475 start of the day, STRONG OPEN, but drops to 325 later so any rally that day should fizzle
9/29 @ 11 am to 1pm, a Low , which should give way to the Oct 3rd high- some say SPX 1300.

Hope this is easy enuf to follow
its only 10 days. some analysts give out data relating to what happened in the last 2 years to get where we are now.
That shows us how smart they are with math formulas, but what does that do for us now?- Nothing

Best for now

Friday, September 19, 2008


VHF = 2
under 5 = up mkt

jaywiz index = 46 = up mkt

power index = 500 open & close
up mkt

3004 open
2996 mid dai
2004 close

Activity index = 3 = positive

Flux = 1025 & rising= moderate up

additional index --- 5 at lows to 20 at highs
Polarity was @ 5 on 17-18
Now at 10, only moderately higher.

Futures indicate HUGE open to spx 1260 or more
Ftse record Up day


Thursday, September 18, 2008

saved money mkts

Its one thing to save financial companies, but its more important to save the general public which it appears they did by shoring up Money fund accounts

Today's open at spx 1250 begs to be shorted and expect a retreat back to the 1200 area by 2pm

2pm is 90 bars from the 1pm low of yesterday

The close might repeat yesterday's rally and Monday could open at or above 1250, but the GOOD feelings and short squeeze for the work of the treasury will most likely be whats NEXT?

Its good to wkno the even tho the Pres is asleep, weve got others who have been jarred awake and making the neccessary adjustments

it has been said that we may have survived the Money Crisis for now, but another set of SHOES is about to drop in October

Bradley HIGH was expected on the 21st and that means today & Monday
Next weeks levels are expected to decline into the next day of reckoning on the 25th

Will have index numbers later.

Added Indexes

maybe this group of data will help with direction and amplitude

1. VHF index is a +15 = weak mkt

2. Jaywiz index = .25 on 9day ave = WEak mkt

3, Power index hit 600 at open and now at 500
tomorow at 400
Monday at 300
tuesday at 200
This indicates a declining mkt and could be in a BIG WAY

4. Pressure hit 3040 @ open and drops to 2995 as the day progresses

5. Activity index was @ 3.5 @ oppen and now dropping under 3.0

6. Flux index under 1020 = showing weakness

ALL in ALL the above data indicates the WEAKNESS will continue.


that chart from ACB shows PANIC selling on Monday;

The High +200 dow today has GONE and it looks BAD for investors, but great for traders

Jaywiz index the last 10 days has hovered in the 29 area on Average, only because one day hit a 60, other wise it would be closer to 25

Im going to add some new indicators and give them names;
1. jaywiz power index RANGE from 200 on the low side to 800 on the high side
Today it openned at 600 and drops off to 500.
Tomorrow , the POWER index drops to the 400 area
Monday its still drops lower to 300
tuesday , Even lower to minimum at 200

2. Jaywiz Pressure index
Range from 2800 to 3100
Today's pressure hit highs of 3004 and drops off to 2996
the LOW of yesterday reading was @ 2958 which plummeted from 3040 on last Friday

there is a danger that the SPX could drop to 1050 area the next 3 days


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Frozen in time

Heres a chart from ACB

You can find him @


Counted 5 waves Again

Today counted out 5 waves into the close
Wave 4 hit its highs about 3pm

Tomorrow promises an EXPLOSIVE UP OPEN.

But dont expect it to last past the first hour
They wont give the bulls a chance to get in unless you had the _____ to do it today.

I dont expect a major reversal lower tomorrow, but Friday could also open moderately higher and give it up also

A poor close Friday will lead to a major sell off on Monday and probably Tuesday also

Jaywiz index for Monday was .18 = very bearish
Tuesday = .22 very bearish
WEd = .35 Moderately bearish


wave 4 to go higher


Today as futures indicate should open lower, but trade higher most of the day. THEN close lower

Tomorrow, 18th should again open lower, then trade steadily higher with a higher peak on the 19th.

19th is
8day high
Midnite high tide
Bradely high

Goes against the Sun Sq pluto, but Pluto represents death & regeneration - dah, exactly -- LEH & AIG.

However, next week should continue the slide on Monday & Tuesday.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

wave 4

It looks like today's close made a wave 4 rebound, or maybe tomorrow AM

Anyone got another count, let me know.

Still looking for that 55 & 110 day cycle convergence on the 18th probably in the AM.

Monday looks like a very strong day, which is after the Sun Square Pluto on Sunday.