Saturday, May 31, 2008

Week of June 2 to 6

Monday = DOWN day
Tuesday = moderate recovery
Wed = big up day
thursday = take the day off
Friday Ok at open but DOWN all the rest of the day

Jaywiz index = .76 which is Extremely bullish, but were still working off the .08 from the day b4.

90 bar count @ 11:15
126 bar count @ 2:15
high of day @ 3pm, then closed lower leading to the 150 bar cycle @ 9:45 Monday AM.
Would expect a quick rebound right after b4 buying puts.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

BAR counts

180B @ 10;30 sudden dip
204b @ 12:15, minor dip
228B @ 2;15, minor dip & rally high @ 2:30

Closed the day @ 252 bars which might be a truncated 259bar cycle, and if not then a moderate low open til 10am.

There is NOTHING in the way of a strong rally tomorrow with a possible high between 2:30 and 3:30
Jaywiz index = .08 and thats EXTREMELY bearish
OEX pc ratio is bullish

Expected strong down day on Monday, June2nd.
recover on the 3rd, then blast higher on the 4th to 6th

best wishes

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

stand your ground

Today was marked with indecision, but they stood their ground

But as promissed , it was mostly a down day.
Today had a 126 bar cycle @ noon, and they hit a low at 12:15
Aslo had a 156 bar cycle at 2;30, and a look at the 1 minute chart shows it clearly

Tomorrow has a 180 bar cycle @ 10am, and that should be the LOD
expect a solid upday from there and Friday also;


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday May 27

As expected the day was in rally mode, but it lasted all day

End of day OBV, Ultimate osc, and macd all appeared to be rolling over

Jaywiz index = .13 and thats extremely bearish
OEX pc ratio = .50 Ditto
CBOE pc ratio = .95 = neutral

My propietray ADv Decl index = 422 and was 348 friday- these #s say get ready for a rally
My propietary vol index = 335 and was 295 friday
anything under 400 is quite bullish

It would seem theres a contradiction with the above data, but not at all, as it shows theres still a couple more days of slop, ro lower values b4 making a run to new annual highs.

Got very clear indications for a strong rally on friday, and will get comfirmation by thursday

Thursday has 180 bars @ 10am and thus should open down with 204 bars@ noon, the way is then clear to rebound; However, 259 b hits @ close, so it might just be a struggle to gain any ground, but all of it should become history on Friday.

Best Wishes

Sunday, May 25, 2008

2year Dow chart

Take NOTICE of one very important feature

The ON Balance volume has NOT waivered during the whole time from last July


Saturday, May 24, 2008

monday rally?

Monday should rally at least part of the day and that would place a high at about 1pm.

From there as I have written several times, Im expecting a low on the 28th
there is 156 bars @ 3;30pm on the 28th which would offer a good close out point for puts

The Open on the 29th has a 180 bar count @ 11:30 am and could offer an opp to buy calls to close out the week on a high

Since June3rd is a new moon, we could expect a possible retest of hte lows on the 2nd and or 3rd

From there as I have mentioned several times, they can then resume the run to 1500 by August 18th.
First stop would have to get above 1440

Best for now

Friday, May 23, 2008

What did I do?

I waited till 10:35 and the rebound after the 10am low

I realized they were NOT going to rally and the graphs from the west coast that were pointing down for today were correct

I bot the puts and sold them at 11;30 - got a 10% gain

It looks like the market closed at 1pm, or at least they probably should have as it went to sleep afterward.

Have a great weekend

Science Points the day UP

I was expecting the ovenight graphs to point the way lower today, but that is just NOT the case

There is still the 9:45am @ 204bars cycle hit and thats why the futures are so weak this AM

BUT the pressure readings are UP strongly and cant be ignored.

SO, I will consider buying calls back at 9:45am or within the next 15 minutes after.

Or maybe just ignore the day and enjoy the wkend early(GG)


Thursday, May 22, 2008

May23= DOWN

I got very little out of those calls today

You can be sure Im buying puts at the open, and hopefully they will open slightly higher- the problem with that is a 204 bar count@ 9:45

Did anyone else notice this
Wed 21st
openned higher until 9:45 THEN hit a low @ 2;15 = 102 bars

Today openned lower until 9:45 THEn hit a low @ 2:15 = 180 bars

204 bars @9:45 AGAIN
259 bars hits at 2;15/2:30 AGAIN

Amazing stuff
Tide is HIGH- thus stocks invert and make a LOW on the Bradley

Jaywiz index = .21- quite bearish
OEX PC ratio = .69 = very bearish
vix still at 18.05

A low tomrrow should setup a mid day high on Monday, but Im now looking at the 29th for that important low from which they can rebound back to spx 1440

Remember I mentioned the 40 pt spx moves
spx @ 1440 - 40 = 1400 - 40 = 1360----------That might be the 29th target.

Best for now

technical bounce due today

east coast readings are pointing up
west coast are pointing down

Since there's a 4 hour delay, It would be prudent to wait and see

however, as a trader, I would be inclined to buy calls today, and puts on open tomorrow
Today has potential to make a high at noon, a low@ 1;30, and end at a high

Still got may28th as a potential spring board to spx 1500 by August 18th

many tecnicians that Im reading are still looking down by June23rd, but I dont agree with that at all

Eclipses are high energy dates and there are 2 in Aug, on the 2nd and 18th

First one should fall into a low as its the NEW moon eclipse and the 18th is obviously the full moon, and has conicided with trading highs for many years now.

the key to 1500 will be a break out above 1440 or at least a close just above in the first week in June.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

getting ready for support

today went rather well as the 259 bar cycle hit @ noon
and the next 30 bar cycle hit at 2:15 to 2;30, at which point I sold my puts for a 25% gain

The expected downday was delayed by one half day as a high was hit on Monday at 1;30pm
a secondary high was hit on tuesday also at 1:30 after the noon low

Today, so far the futures are pointing toward a lower open by about 6pts or dow 50
that might be a very short term opp to buy calls for a run up till 1pm, as one of my advance systems
is indicating a mid day high and later retreat.

Same deal also goes for tomorrow

The 27th and 28th seem to be where timing meets the road and support at possibly spx1375 should be reached.
once again May28th is 216 tr days or 4 x 54 from July19th ,2007

the next 54 tr day cycle is on August 18th where the solar eclipse is likely to provide a potential top at spx 1500 as I have outlined b4.

I dont know where some technicians are calling for an immediate drop to 1280 or lower, and others are looking for 1180 this year, but anything close to that type of decline will have to wait till after Aug18th. As we know 80% of the action ocurrs in 20% of the cycle, and its usually the LAST 20% where the "C" wave finally shows its fangs.

Best Wishes

Monday, May 19, 2008

Time progression

July 19, 2007 + 216 tr days = May28th, 2008

Since that represent 4 iterations of 54 tr days, it should offer an important low point

Whats that? you say, an important low point? Yes

what follows is 2 more iterations of 54 to nov 4th- yes election day

Ive mentioned this a few times and will repeat it again.

From May28 + 54 = August 18th, an important date with a SOLAR eclipse, THEN add 54 more = Nov 4th.

THE spx lost 300 pts from Oct9th, 2007 to March 17th,2008
the gain so far to 1422 is a succession of 4 - 40 pt gains from 1262, or 160 pts or 50%

NOW add 80 more points or 2 x 40 to get to 1502
another way to do that= 300 x 78.6% = 236 pts + 1262 = 1498

SO, now we have the May28th low leading to an Aug18th eclipse topping with the SPX @ 1500
Actually its the March 17th low and a break out above 1422 in June that will clinch the deal.

Best for now

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Monday May19th

Monday, May 19th has similar events occuring to compare it to Feb 27th of 2007

The full moon is square neptune on one side and Square Saturn on the other side

On Feb 27th Neptune was opposite Saturn

Saturn is deflationary & disillusionary, thus dispels the fluffy Neptunian clouds

Remember this
I can see clearly now, the clouds are gone and all obstacles in my way.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

SELL today's close

Im buying puts on today's close thursday May 15th

Looking for 2 sharp days lower into Monday near the close

Best for now

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


early indications show tomorrow as potential attempt to rally one more time.

the close TODAY indicates a lower open as the 259 bar count is @ 10;30am

from there, the could attempt to recover, but it wont mean much other than a great shorting opp.


Bradley dates

May 6 = a high ~~ was followed by a mild sell off
May 14 = a high ~~ should be follwed by a sell off
May 25 = a high on 23rd as the 25th is sunday, and should be follwed by a sell off

Go back to july 19, 2007 and move forward from that anchor point in 54 tr day segments
July 19 + 57 = Oct 10 top
+ 109 daysMarch 17th Low
+54 days = June3rd
Window for a low is open from May 27th to June 3rd.
May 29th would be my projected date for a possible intraday low- july 19 + 216 tr days = May28th

But even before that we have a pending low on the 19th, and full moon date, and since the bradley date is may 25th , it would be wise to consider a quick turn to make that high on the 23rd.

June 6th is next Bradley date, and yes it should be a high as I have posted before.

Jaywiz index was a .14 yesterday and the PC ratios were mostly bearish, but the bradley high is creating a delay.

best for now

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Full moons

A study of full moons is intersteing but it tell su very little about what to expect at the next full moon.

Now most of us know the full moon effect on people, but the full moon has mostly had a lifting effect on stock trading, and thus we have seen many highs go by on the full moons. That tells us only one thing- look for highs at full moons. BUT NOT May 19th- for some reason the energy paterns leading into May 19th seem to have a dampenning effect on people, thus trading should be muted and prices should trend lower.

Im sure many will be surprised to see this week slipping away a little more each day culminating on a low on May 19th. Both Helge and Charts Edge seem to agree on that. I dont see any reason to doubt those 2 outlooks.

Jaywiz index =.29 on friday and confirms what solar energy & gravity effects indicate
Im sure many will be surprised to see continued weakness next week, and some technicians are looking for a reason to buy as everyday goes by.

Best Wishes

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Short term horizon

HI Peter, and Larry T.
Appreciate your cycle anaylsis data

As you have probably become aware, I have a short term horizon which means anything from one day to one month. I do like to have a view of 3 months at the most. I am aware of course of longer trends as I am expecting a November 2008 low to lead to a DEc 2009, or Jan 2010 TOP with 2010 similar to 2000 leading to the 10,20,30,40 etc year declines into 2011-2012. In case you havent noticed, the 2 year in every decade except 1974 have been important lows.

A 38 day cycle hit from March 17th followed by a 19 day low on April 14th is now due to hit tomorrow. My advance scientific indicators show me a flat to mediocre day today, and a much more severe sell off tomorrow.

Next week should trend higher on Monday and Tuesday.

Jaywiz index = .42 today thus holding the market as is.

The SPX usually moves in 40 pt segments.
1262 + 40 = 1302
1302+40 = 1342
1342+40 =1382
1382+ 40 =1422 BINGO

Now what?
Just subtract then in reverse.
yesterday they took out 26 pts, and thats 14 short of 40
Tomorrow takes out 16 in the first hour, then subtract 40 more = potential is for 1336.
remember I said potential, no guarantee

Monday was an 8 day high as the market openned a little higher at 1415 spx
Tuesday was a Bradley and an 8 day TURN which provided a rebound high and a turn-
May 2nd -5th and 6 gave me dejavue with oct 9-10-11 last year

I am still in the camp that June 7th will provide a more meaningful TOP
In the meantime we have all of May to contend with

The next bradley date is May14th and looks like it could provide a low and high all in one day- similar to May6th. Then there is may 25th, a Sunday, which is followed by Memorial day.
SO what can we expect from that?
I would think the low would occur on the 27th and possibly even the 29th.
the 8 day pattern hits on the 28th& 29th- one is a low and the next is the turn

SO, from there, we get into June and the 7th with its multiple conjunctions should provide some strong sell signals.

Best for now

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Jaywiz index sell

Jaywiz index = .13 its a sell for Monday

that means the bradley index on the 6th;
IF a high , then its a sell to the 9th
If a low, then its a buy

Some advance indications show it as a high,
thus the 38 tr day low to low cycle should hit on the 9th.

SPX 1376 is support

Another advance solar indications also shows lows on the 9th.

I wrote this b4 and i will again as others have indicated mid June as potential mid year highs.
I doubt anything serious will occur as far as selling sessions until after June7th.

Best for Now

Friday, May 02, 2008


Today, and Monday are time clusters which appear important.

Jaywiz index = .48, quite bullish, but offsets yesterday's .21

Today is 34 days after March 17th
288 march 13, 2007, a low

144 Oct9th, 2007 high
8day high
Tuesday is a Bradley turn and an 8 day turn
24 days which 4 segments of 8 from April1st, a high also

May 14th is the next date of importance which at this point appears may offer a low of at least 100 spx points lower

May 14 is 41 tr days from March 17th, which makes the 15th @ 42 trday days- I mention this as it is also an 8 day segment low, making the 16th an 8 day segment TURN


Thursday, May 01, 2008

NOt much ado

I doubt anything serious is going to effect the markets until late June.

Wave action has to set the stage for a wave 3 decline which takes time to develop.

Look back to October 9th, it took till DEc Jan 2nd b4 anything really serious came along.

The bradley May chart looks whimpy and doesn't show anything until after June7th

I would expect the markets to hold their own today but tomorrow might be more difficult

The Jaywiz index = .21, decidedly more negavite.

Monday promisses a decent rally off whatever low might occur tomorrow.

Best for Now