Thursday, April 30, 2009


GOLD has traded off its TOP, yes a TOP on Feb 20th at 994
to as a low as 868 on April17th

But what happened in between and how?

Heres the Chronology

Feb 20 @ 994 --- 2 days b4 the new moon
March 4 @ 911 -- moon 90 Sun
March 6 @938 --moon 120 sun
March 10 @ 897- FULL Moon , and a PIVOT LOW

Mar19th @ 955 moon 90 sun
Apr 6 @872 - moon 150 Sun
Apr17 @ 868 - moon 90 Sun = a PIVOT LOW

Apr24th @913 =New moon Pivot HIGH
whats next??

May1st = Moon 90 sun
that should bring in an initial LOW
May4th - moon 120 Sun
should be a pivot high ??
May8th Full moon
COULD be a Pivot LOW well under 850 ??
Gold trades off the MOON CYCLE more than anything else
Ive always known that, but never really tracked it b4
Now that gold hit 1000 in Feb, the SEASONAL high
Im interested, and hopefully, I can continue.


NOW Back to stocks
DOW Jones NOW in the RED coming up to the 1pm hourly
11am was a 30bar cycle and there was a minor dip at 10:45
then the 11am hourly took over an made a high at 11:15
THAT was the 11am-11;15 TURN at 8305, now trading at 8189

60bars cycle low due at 1;30
90bars cycle low due at 4pm

3pm, if a recovery high, could offer the next best shorting opp

More Later

Chrysler or NOT

Wow, what a battle with Chrysler !!
will it show up on the big board as a draw down?
Futures are not wavering so far at 9am, still up about 100 dow pts
Chrysler announcement now at NOON today
Kenny's charts ABOVE indicate some weakness dead ahead but nothing dramatic,
and I tend to agree - internals are indicating the next move should be down
but the market still appears to be challenging the spx 878 Murrey math level

So far they have attempt twice to get above spx878, and both times have been set back.
836 was the previous low, and now we might look at 847 for near term support
assuming we fail to hold above spx 878
I have previously proposed May18th for a major high, and that still stands,
but in between there is some volatility that needs to be worked out

that brings to today's update
propensity index has potential to top out at open drop back and try again at 3pm -
almost a repeat of yesterday
but it shows tomrrow as a DOWN till at least mid day and the power index agrees
Astro for noon has a negative moon # pluto and could be the LOD.
Monday and Tuesday next week represent 108 & 109 tr days from Nov 20,
and should set a short term low
the readings for both days also agree with that

Yesterday's late sell off after 2:45 met with the 258 bar cycle low which appears
to have been about 30 minutes late, which is unusual, but looking back at Tuesday
we see the 180 bar low also was 30 minutes late- what does that do for 90 bars @ 4pm today?
Not sure but its scheduled for today's close and the propensity index seems to agree with a late
sell off.

we''ll see how the Chrysler announcement effects trading today after 12 noon

As you can probably tell, Im not as precise as usuall, and thats probably a function of
the atmoshperic conditions today.
for example - todays reading
Keep your cool & stay away from contrary people
expect CHANGE and stay with what has worked in the past

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And there we are at the OPEN - 80 dow

IM out and will NOW enjoy the pool
that was a 25% gain from the purchase last week

Im still holding my GOLD puts on the GLD which are also UP 20%

the BIG win today looks like the 120 bar cycle at 10am,
which appears may have hit a little early at the 9:45 hourly

at 10;30, the Activity index is still FLAT LINE AT .66, nearly the LOWEST value in the index.
which will have a tendency to keep the the mkt from accelerating higher until
that changes as it did LATE yesterday when it moved from 100 all day
to 166 later in the day and started to fall after 3;30, a little tooo late

the next bar cycle is 126b @ 10:30,
150B @ 12;30
180 @ 3pm
I dont expect those to be anything but brief dips off a rising trend today

My power & prop index still show a higher day and open higher
tomrrow in reverse of the last 2 days - THAT WILL BE MY NEXT OPP TO GET SHORT
rather than later today.

And NOW we see the result as the dow is UP 13.00 at 10:20
AStro also helped today
at 9:29
Moon 90 Uranus = reads -MOODS SHIFT
there is a Moon 60 Sun at 10;19am thus confirming other data for an open rally

I certainly hope some of you caught on an did the same today.

Flash Fushion on Twitter
Guys = please network for me and bring over some more players to register as a follower
I really need to know that this is working for you as a group.

More Later

Monday, April 27, 2009


Something doesnt seem to FIT
and please correct me if you think I'm not seeing the forest from the trees
is it the other guys who are pushing catastrophe,
JUST AS THEY DID FOR Y2K from which NOTHING came out of it.

The SOLAR CYCLE has PEAKED in 2007/ 2008
as indicated by stock market crash in 2008 and this graph

Also a story recently from NASA that 2007 and 2008 have seen the LOWEST
amount of SOLAR STORMS in Many years
2007 was SLOW, and according to the PEOPLE
who track this stuff, 2008 has been even SLOWER

SO why are SOME groups advocating
DISASTER on 2012 other than the Mayan prediction?

And just because our SUN/ solar system is crossing the ecliptic
PLANE of the center of our universe

EVEN tho the CYCLE seems to RISE again in 2102,
it should have NO EFFECT on our planet whatsoever
more later

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fed Week

Heres a chart from another one of our followers, JerryO

It shows a major convergence of lines at 866

derived another way via math
recent levels 875 -835= 40 pts
40 X 78.65 = 31
31+ 835 = 866
Gee, that was easy

I will try to limit comments to 25 per posting
The time from 2:38pm was adjusted to 3:38 pm due to DAYLIGHT savings time - I had forgotten about it
Whats Next
Once again Monday is stuck with a Saturnian influence , thus one of my reasons for predicting it as a down day.
AND the readings for the day are
Stress & fear are prominent
expect moody reactions & stay in the background
LOW POINTS FOR Monday are scheduled for
100% of my 13 day cycle @ 10: 30am which was ONE HOUR LATE on WEd
and if that is constant, then is matches the bar cycle low
60Bars @ 11:30
90 B @ 2pm
NOW- once in a while we get a 108 bar low which hits at 3:30
and if it does, it could be the LOD

hourly cycle is still constant, until Wall st realizes we are on to their tricks
but we are much too small a group for that to happen
can be plus or minus 15 minutes from time to time

Heres something to watch
note the hourly cycle is at 3pm and the bar cycle @ 3;30
we see it QUITE OFTEN the mkt makes an inflection LOW at 3pm, and repeats it at 3:32
OR inverts it at 3;32 if 3pm was an inflection HIGH
Monday should emulate the 20th which was off 300 pts,
not saying it will do exactly that , but it is probable

Tuesday calls for a GOOD START to the day
and should be a healthy recovery type day
Tuesday NIGHT has some heavy lunar hitters and
a CRISIS of sorts could effect Wed's trading in a negative way

The slide should continue at that time and extend into May4th and or 5th
but more about this time frame later

More Later

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

more charts

THIS CHART is from IBO, one of my group associates and also a follower

THE above chart shows us on April18th at the top of WAVE "A"
a recovery wave off the March 9th LOW

That means we should NOW be in WAVE"B" heading down
into my previously posted date of June18th

3 mathematical methods to determine potential price levels
one of course is FIBO, and the other is the spx40 pt rule of thumb, and third is MMATH

1. Fibo
215 pt gain
23.6% x 215 = 50 = spx 825, duhh , we just stopped right there
38.2% x 215 = 82 = spx 793, and that could be next Monday's stopping point
2. 40pts rule of thumb
875- 40 = 835 got run over a bit and thus we extended to fibo 825
3. Murrey math
broken down by 8 pts moves
878 - 31 = 847 - 16 = 831 - 8 = 823 >has not breached it yet.
878 - 62 = 816 - 16 = 800 - 8 = spx 792 >already mentioned above


more later

Monday, April 20, 2009

SOLAR cycle

Ive mentioned and posted other charts like this

Evidently 2008 was the QUIETEST solar activity since 1913 and 2009 has been even slower

Is there a correlation with human activity in regard to stock prices or any other human endeavor??

could be so


Sunday, April 19, 2009

NDX chart and potential LEVELS as per Tim McCarthy

More food for thought

Sunday Thoughts

An ending DIAGONAL triangle may have formed from the Low of March 31st to April18th

And Monday might slide for the entire day, but not sure about Tuesday yet;
here's the bar cycle
Monday has
180 bars at 11am
204b @ 1pm
and 228b@ 3pm
all of those MATCH the hourly cycle which NORMALLY has a tendency to make intraday highs
Except you will note the FRIDAY 3pm LOW, then the 3;45 TOP, and last 15 minute drop

THEN On Tuesday, we have a MORE significant 258bar cycle ALSO at 11AM

The Next question becomes when to close out our put positions?

It would seem prudent to close them out on Monday possibly at 11am and or 3pm

expecting a minor rebound off the 3pm low going into the close if thea bove works out

Should we buy calls on Tuesday at 11am low?
It would seem correct as the end of day should rally considerably given the juice derived from
a VENUS 0 Mars at 6pm

And those calls should possibly be closed out on the 22nd at about 2pm ,
unless your willing to hold them thru Friday's new moon high

Interesting note that the Martin Armstrong turn date is April20th, but thats a BIZ cycle turn
as was Feb 20th, 2007 and the mkt dropped 400 pts on FEb 27th
However, we do see some turmoil abounding along with the North Korean nuclear issue this week
and some national protests over TAX issues.

We have some price levels to watch over the next 2 months
spx hit 875, and that is just under the 23.6% gain which would have taken it to 881-
Got darn close at 875 , and NOTE the Murrey math level of 878 was not breached
so getting to the 909 level doesnt seem probable

there was 908 pts lost from Oct 2007 high to March 9th LOW
there was 208 pts gained from 667 to 875

Math break down for possible lower levels
38.2% = 82 pts = spx to 793
50% = 104 pts = spx to 768
62% = spx to 743
78% = spx to 708

Using the 40 pt rule of thumb we get something quite similar
875- 40= 835-
-40= 795
-40= 715
IF the move from March 9 to April 18 was a primary wave 1,
then the next is a primary wave 2 retracement as per the math above

NOw, of course we will look for an incredible primary wave 3 > 4 & 5 after
wave 2 is finished, which could run up at high as a 62% retracement back up to spx 1100
AND could be completed by March 2010 thus matching Anniv of the the March 2000 high

This is ALL just specualtion at this time, but very likely given wave structures that weve seen mnay times b4.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kondratief Wave

Just in case you forgot where we are in the course of human history,
I think this is a GOOD REMINDER

We began slipping into the winter of our discontent in 2001,
and now we are feeling the full brunt of winter and will continue for a
number of years

Just look back at the last one to get a feel for the nature of the beast

Fortunately for option and now ETF's players, we have an edge

We will know when its time for a change when Your/ My neighbor who knows nothing at
all except mutual funds comes to us and tells us about investing in a great
new product called 3x reverse ETF's

20 years ago, i was in an industry that was marketing mutual funds and term insurance
you couldnt get people out of their guaranteed 4 % whole life ins product

NOW its 20 years later, and LAST YEAR before fall ,I couldnt get anyone who owns a
mutual fund to switch it to a money market within the same family-& thats at no cost
NO, they said, I will stay with what ive got--
I was not even making any $$ on it- it was just a suggestion to my so called friends
WEll, I guess its the old adage- no one takes $$ advice from friends

One excuse for NOT switching would mean a low interest rate on $mkt funds
HOW STUPID and Lame can you get.
I see-- its better to lose 40% than get 2% interest
I havent asked anyone lately only because its too late to do anything that would
preserve the cash

IN One of my wife's mutual fund account, I was in $mkt most of last year
except when I saw a chance for a quick gain-
Not only did I preserve value to the account but also added some value.
OH well such is life

Im still not ready for Monday, but did you notice how the HOURLY works
3pm hit a LOW and turned higher into 3:43PM, then dropped off in the last 15 minutes

Now we should expect a low at the 11am hourly on Monday which potentially could be the LOD
which ALSO coincides with 180 bars, so its nearly a given to be a substantial low and strong turn

more later

Friday, April 17, 2009

Heres a chart of 1937 to 1942 thats being looked at by some groups

Not advocating this chart, but its as good as anything else we can imagine

And it fits a 2011 - 2012 ultimate low = Kondratief wave

Also - if its accurate to today, then it also depicts my projection for a
sharp drop from May 18th to June18th as per the 60 year cycle from 1949

Don't live by this, but do keep a copy handy as time progresses.

More Later

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Tim McCarthy's newest chart now shows the 29th as a potential TOP

I am STILL ON TRACK for a robust rally after 2-3pm TODAY
Monday Apr 20 looks sluggish

April 21 & 22 look STRONG
but the 22nd could give it up for selling in the afternoon

FED meets on Apr28 & 29th - thus anticipation might get slapped in the face
becoming buy the rumor, sell the news

Astro agrees with the charts he has presented
and his work has nothing to do with astro

IF your a bull, then its a matter of catching the best UP days
between now and the 28th/29th
If your a BEAR, then my suggestion is to wait out the 29th
and get the best of bears to May4th

As for TODAY
Hourly 11am so far off 55
30bars @ 11;30 - not effective or use the truncated 11 am time slot
still waiting for 2pm convergence to get long

Its NOW almost NOON & the ACTIVITY INDEX has dropped in the last
30 minutes from 233 all the way down to 66
There is a 60 minute delay thus we should expect prices
to start dropping after the noon hour

Coy's index calls for lower tomrrow
Late day has Merc 120 Saturn
Venus turns direct @ 2:25
3;14pm high tide

THERE is NO heavy astro after 3pm today until late on April22nd
then we look to the 24th after 2;38pm for another cluster of hard asepcts

whats that all mean ??
mostly positive ions charging the earth making people
less sensitive to any bad news thus allowing us to feel like being buyers until the 24th

My astro opinion for the moment is still a high on the 24th mid day

More Later

Monday, April 13, 2009

Picture Worth 1000 Words

Courtesy Tim McCarthy- one of our followers

April 22nd is an important high this month
May 18/19th LOOMS LARGE as an important high for May
June 3rd looms large for an important high for June

This graph above pictures the dates that Ive been posting

Remember that May 19th to June 18th could be the BEST shorting OPP this year
and could rival Oct- Nov last year

June 18th could be the same catapult that occurred on Nov 21st, 2008
and we could see multiple 500 pts days in both directions from May 18th to late June

More Later


Its 8am and OUR futures are in dramatic opposition to Europe
My propensity index DID take a TURN lower overnight
the POWER index had been indicating a DROP today as of last Friday
Natural energy also indicates a drop this week

Today We see a lower day, somewhat up mid day of course,
and a lower close which should lead to a lower open on the 14th and repeat
the process one more time to meet a 156 bar low on the 15th at open
Even tho the Bradley - 8 day low & trade day cycles hit on the 16th,
I see the actual low on the 15th at open , but that could adjust as the wave develops

more later

Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10th projection

April 16th is definitely an important date, AND I really think it will be a low

Using astro and cycles heres why
1; its an 8 day low following the last 8 day cycle which was a high
on Friday, Apr 3rd with Monday 6th as turn thus making the 17th as the 8 day TURN

2. astro readings
call for a stressful & practical day
17th call is for $$ gets positive

3. 4 & 8 day cycles

248 from Apr14th, 2008, a low
116 from Oct 27th, a low
60 from Jan 20th, a low
the above are divisible by 4 & or 8

4. 110 NOV 4th, 2008, , a High - not Oct 4th
165 = 110 + 55 = Aug15th a high
70 Jan 5th, a high
55 day progressions are not ALL high to high or low to low
they can be mixed

FROM there the rally should resume to DOW 9000 and spx 900 by months end.

More Later

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Full moons are good for somethings if your a bull

Told ALL to get long between 2pm and 4pm yesterday

SPX Futures now up 19.20 at 9am

Look for big UP day with roll over on Monday - good day to get short
but more about that over the wkend

April 8th LOD at 3:10pm
Marked the Bradley date

Full moon of 9th NOW the CATAPULT

Exactly as predicted from Last wkend & before

More Later

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Picture worth 1000 words

Thanks Rotrot -couldn't resist showing it here
hope its ok with you

Bears giving up too soon
Some additional features

April 16th = 248 tr days from April14, 2008 LOW
Apr 16 = a Bradley date
Apr 16 = 60 tr days from Jan 20 LOW = 15 cycles of 4 or 8cycles of 8
Apr 16 = 29cycles of 4 = 116 tr days from oct27th LOW
April 18th = a Bradley date

It would appear the MAIN cycle LOW is April 16th
Jan 6 to 20th the dow lost 1000 pts
Not saying we get that, but ive already put out some math

April 16 is 8 day LOW
Apr 17 is 8 day TURN

More Later

Back & Forth

Before we look AHEAD , we should LOOK back a bit
Mar 8th Sunday Sun 180 Saturn
mar 9th Monday Merc # venus - ALSO 250 tr day cycle from March 10th, 2008 LOW
mar 10 full moon @ 9:39PM ~ full & new moons can act as a CATAPULT on stock prices

Skip ahead
March 30 Sun 0 Merc ~~ Merc 45 Nptne ~~ Sun 45 Nptne ~~Merc # Uranus
Mkt off 250 pts and opens on April 1st off 125 right after the Midnite high tide
Now what happens next
Most things seemed to be pointing toward a lower close on April 2nd
BUT astro had other ideas
& April3rd = an 8 day HIGH
April 4th ~~Merc 60 jupiter ~~ Merc II Saturn ~~ Merc II venus ~~
Venus II Saturn ~~moon 120 Sun

THESE ALL have POSITIVE readings
All in ARIES DURING THE G20 meetings =indicating enthusiasm-
NEW starts ~~avoid rejection & censure
looking for focus ~ & confidence

NOW doesnt that sound like the events of the recent conference ?
OK, that was then - NOW things CHANGE
Mars 180 saturn at 8pm saturday
Monday is an 8 day TURN- these turns are very consistent -
Bradley date Apr 8th
Full moon April 9th , but this time at 9:56 AM ~~Reading for this full moon is climactic
Harsh aspects b4 the full moon will take DC by surprise
Also indicates financial pressure + disagreements & obstacles

SOO<> when is the FULL MOON catapult ?
April 9th appears BEST and could happen right from the open OR
AFTER 9:55 am where there is a convergence of the full moon and 2 other short term cycles

my power index seems to indicate a low on the 8th with a huge rebound on the 9th
Now just because I had a difficult time reading that index last week
doesnt mean I should give up what has worked so well b4,
but maybe a little tweak would work
A rebound on 9th, a full day of trading includes the 10th as its a holiday
Apr10th ~ Sun 60 Jupiter & mars 30 Jupiter ~ Merc 120 Pluto ~~merc # nptne
all are highly positive and illusionary with a neptune influence
Its likely they might have a little more UPside to go on the 13th -
which would make it a great time to get short again

After the 13th or during the 13th - the atmosphere NOW becomes negative again
Merc # Jupiter = be realistic with $
Merc 45 Mars = agitation & anger
Merc 45 uranus
15th~~ Mars 0 Uranus = Rebellion at 5am
15th Sun 60 nptune @ 3pm - more illusions
16th - mars II Uranus @2pm = wild explosive agitations
Merc # pluto at 3pm =unforgiving & relentless

Then comes the change to positive again
but more on that later


Europe could be down 3 % late on our Sunday = down for our Monday
Natural energy which indicated a high on Mar 30 is still showing down till the 10th
but here's a TWEAK I mentioned BECAUSE the POWER index jumps
on the 9th from the 300 level to 700
thats ONE HUGE JUMP & stays there on the 10th

OK - OVERALL - we get the following;
LOW On 8th
high on 13th & possible turn lower
Low on 16th
1500 pts rally x fibo
38.2% = 600 to give up
50% = 750
62% = 900
take your pic
dow8000 - 600 = 7200
spx 845- 75 = 770 to 755
In fact a HIGHER high should be reached by late April
OR May 18th - That should be the END of a 3 legged really
A wave was April 3rd
B wave low on Apr16th
C wave high on May 18th - sun 0 Merc
That & baby makes Wave 4
After May 18th till June 18th
WAVE 5 = ""Danger Will Robinson""

BUT more on that Later

Friday, April 03, 2009

WHATS Next After April 2nd

IS Bullishness ALSO foolishness on April1st ??

Natural energy has been Lagging the market by a few days now
The expected low on March 18th hit on March 20th
The expect high on March 30th { SUN 0 Merc} did not occur till April 2nd
April 1st & 2nd had A SUN - Merc & Venus at 0 * in ARIES
Aries indicates new starts - ALAH - G 20
also indicates ENTHUSIASM and I dont want to insult anyone AIR H----D
remember Greeny's expression of 1996 - exhuberance , hmmm
It looks like the atmosphere will NOW turn back into REALITY
Now we are looking to potential lows on April 8/9th and or April15/16th -
YES thats options week
WITH a REACTION rebound on the 9th into the 13th.

The last Bradley March 12 &15 SHOULD have been the
9th & 10th to be more accurate also depicting a discrepancy of time
Todays energy reading says we should COAST thru the AM today- then it says
Later ON - Harmony and enthusiasm comes and GOES

Its now just AFTER 9:45 and the mkt is giving up its early small gains
an 8 day high or turn
OK, enuf conjecture -Lets get back to work

A 156 bar cycle at 4pm yesterday dropped the mkt in the last 30 minutes right after 3;33 as I wrote

Today we have
180 b @ 11;30
204b @ 1;30
228b @ 3;30

that means 258b is on Monday @ 11;30
And you know the reg hourly times
but more important is looking at the next Bradley
Is supposed to be the 8th with natural energy LATE
applying its influence
I say that because on the 9th we have a confluence of cycle at 10am
FULL moon @ 9:56 am
UNLIKE its previous event on March 10th, that one took place at 9:39PM
and the reading for March 10th was much more positive than
April9th which indicates a climax between needs and desires.
In addition to the April 9 th full moon, we also have
14.6% of 13 day cycle @ 9:50am
228bar cycle low @ 10am

TODAY made an 8day high
Monday is an 8 day turn
between NOW and April16th
It looks like we should get an A_B_C or 3 leg decline in a
typical corrective move against the latest run up from

March 9th to April 2nd
was 18 tr days + 9 = April 16
18 x 3 = 54 tr day progressions
or its parts of 18 and or 9

55 trade day progression
Aug 16 low
Nov 4th high
Jan 27 low
April 16 low
Way back in history {{On or about March 6th}} I wrote to look for a
rally to SPX 845 with 847 as the murrey math magnet
Now that they got there - the lower levels of support are at 816 - & 785 then 754

Using fibo as a guide for the April16th low
spx 666 to 845 = 180 pts
180 x 38.2% = 70
50% = 90
62% = 111
78% = 140
100 % = 180

You can do the math to get to the appropiate spx levels
but 755 spx = murrey math support
also on April16th we have a 13 day cycle LOW segment at 2pm
& at 2pm we also see a Mars II Uranus indicating explosive
arguments and possible accidents
& at 3pm there is a Merc # Pluto = unforgiving an relentless mindset
Whew - I just might not add anything to the above for
the next 10days - or maybe just under conments

A natural energy high may have hit at spx 845 on April 2nd
the NEXT dates of importance are April 8th-9th and April15 -16th
in between is April10-13th

YES, I agree with you COY
Monday could be a very serious day



Set up a FALL

It 8:15 and all are waiting for the BIG emplyoment report

WE could see today a REPEAT OF DECEMBER 1st.

Activity index is FLAT LINE at .33 this am - IVE NEVER SEEN IT THAT LOW

Power index down to 250

Propensity index has been dropping all week,
but today it is down to 2940, form a high of 3020

ALVIN - do not go long just yet

more later

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I dont know if anyone read the last post, but my attempt to edit got it LOST

4/2 higher open

If anyone got it, please copy and pasted into comments

Mark to market

Department stores like Macy's and JC Penny show Retail prices on all their goods

Then they discount those prices heavily to get you to buy ON SALE

NOW comes the BANKS
All their assets are ON SALE and now they want to MARK THEM UP TO RETAIL
to make them look better

IS that CRAZY OR WHAT ?????? !!!!!!!!

more later

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A-B-C Rebound

CAN you see what I see in the graph above ?
3 wave rebound off the low at 780.21 - counting as wave 1 DOWN

"A" wave high to 810 at 3pm yesterday
"B" wave low to 784.44 at 9:45 this am
"C" wave High this afternoon, so far at 2:15 @ 812.43

Given the above scenario, then NEXT is wave 3 which will be Down with no prisoners

this "C" wave high only exceeded the "A" wave high by a narrow margin
which could be labeled as a FLAT which actually is a very weak formation
even tho it doesn't look that way right now.

PC ratios were some what bearish yesterday

Propensity index is trending LOWER and the price levels
seen in stock prices should respond accordingly

activity index at this juncture is EXACTLY like yesterday -
FLAT at lowest possible levels .66

Power index may have offered a confusing picture because
it shows this action occurring tomrrow
if you remember I expected a wipsaw tomrrow which NOW looks iffy at best.

The next important low should be at the open on Friday
156 bars hits at open on Friday ,just like 258 bars hit today
with the rest of that day on the rebound, just like today,
and might even continue UP into Monday's open

More later

April 1st Times

30b @ noon
60b@ 2:30

11 am

NOTICE that 60b is at 2:30, and there is a 3pm hourly

Im guessing that the 60b will extend into 66 b due to the influence of the 3pm hourly

I will be inclined to close out my positions at or near 3pm today

MY power index is showing potential for a huge intraday rebound tomrrow, so i dont want to
be sitting in my shorts at the open on April 2nd

Also note Today's open was a continuation of the 258 bar cycle at 4pm into the open
Right now the DOW is FLAT after open down 100 pts
the power index does seem to show that, AND a drop the rest of the day

Got a little hungry at 10am - anyone else notice it ??

Activity index dropped from 200 to 100 at open and staying in a very narrow range

More Later

Gyrations but Lower

Yes the mkt is headed lower
yes there will be gyrations
BUT we need to be able to make $$ on the above

Yesterday's high at 2:55 at 810spx hit the high note BUT where is the low note ?

Im better at WHEN
Im still looking at April 8th for the next TRADEABLE low note, but we will update as we go

for NOW
I still have April 2nd at NOON for a near term low point, and whip saw UP till 3pm {most likely} on the same day
Believe it or not, my POWER index shows a collapse right after and a lower low on the MORNING of April 3rd.

Not sure how Im going to play that scenario, but will keep updating as we go
I dont like to get whipped around like that- I need to have control.
AND - Its hard to wrap your brain around trading that kind of day,
so I might consider closing out shorts on the close today
rather than wait for noon on the 2nd??????

KEEP THIS In MIND for April 2nd - IT IS POSSIBLE for a higher open, which makes the noon low, NOT a lower low
but only a dip within a rebound to that 3pm high;
can they actually duplicate the 3pm high again ??- it sure can - maybe 2;45 this time- but im just guessing

Also check Twitter during the day for ONE LINE snippet UPDATES

More Later