Monday, December 26, 2005

December 2005 UPDATE

The Market has strung us along on this path to knowhere, expect that it has raised the hopes of millions that 2005 would end in a blast taking the rally into 2006 nonstop above 11K.
WELL, hold onto your SEAT, it aint gonna happen that way.
As of DEc 26th, the market is ready to SELL OFF into Dec 31st, where it can setup the first half of January in rally mode. YES, we get that January rally, but not the way the MEDIA has portrayed it. THEY Can't fill the balloon with air and not expect it to bust, or let out some of that enthusiasm, exhuberance, or whatever you would like to call it. ITS time for a $$ reckoning.
From Dec 31st to Mid January we should see a nice rebound, but the second half of Januray holds another setback in its pocket. However, a double BUY signal could provide the stimulant for a very strong February.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Decembers Stock Market

After November 18th 's internal OVERBOT readings, the market has finally come to its senses.
Its is NOW Dec 12th, and the DOW has dropped about 150 points from its Nov 25th TOP at 10,931.

That weekend there was a 14 yr astrological event- Jupiter trined Uranus.

NOW we have the NEXT major ASTRO event at the end of January = Jupiter Squares Neptune

In between, we can expect the FOLLOWING:
DOW to make its first important LOWS on DEC 19th;
Rebound to Dec 26th
Low on DEC 31st
MId Jan on the 14th should find the dow at a REBOUND high point.
Major CYCLE LOW is due on Jan 29th from which the markets can rally ALL of FEb into March 1st for a short term PEAK.

Gold seems to have made its CYCLE and Seasonal PEAK at $ 525.00
Any set back into Late Jan COULD be met with a rally same as stocks into March 1st.
Mining shares did not do as well as one would have hoped during the last 2 years, and have indicated that Gold would not make any major moves right now- thus we seem to see the near term peak as just that a near term peak. WE will look for a setback from now till late Jan, and possibly buy into a FEB rally.