Friday, November 27, 2009

Make it SO

Chart from Danerics public pages
NOTE the RED SLANTED lines on the VOLUME at the top of the chart

Flash gave us Martin Armstrongs date of NOV23rd and so it was

I gave you Nov 30 th LOW at at 2to 3pm. and so it will be

I gave you a TURN on DEc1st at 3pm. thus we watch & wait

As per my Natural Energy graph, the dates per the original chart are skewed
it has taken me a little while to catch the actual dates, but I have it correct now.

todays cycles are
90b @ 11am
55%/13 day segment at 11:55am

IF we take Armstrong's work and learn from it, we can extend from NOV 23rd
the NEXT partial segments of 8.6 months
8.6 months = 181 tr days
4.3 mnths = 90.5 or 91
2.15 months = 45.25 or 46

46 tr days from Nov 23 = Jan 25th or 26th - should be a high
After a review of January
LETS make an ADJUSTMENT to the above statement -

46 tr days falls on JAN 29th and is accompanied by numerous level 1 HARD ASPECTS
thus it should BE A LOW and if we look at the nat energy chart for Jan,
there is a confirmation which I will post early Jan.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


If you didnt follow the road map for Nov, then the one above for DEC wont matter to you.

The first pivot is on the FULL MOON of Dec 2nd, but since its at 3am, we have to consider
Dec1st as the pivot

Take NOTE of the LAST pivot on the graph
it occurs on DEC31st and YES another FULL MOON
2 full moons in the same month = a BLUE MOON

also take note of Flash who has called for a qtrly test at the end of DEC also

The overall chart shows potential for lower lows and lower highs till Dec31st- a full moon ECLIPSE



Chart from Daneric public pages

THE other shoe has dropped and its name is DUBAI- & default

Europe off 2% on our day off getting stuffed with Turkey, and futures off 100 dow so far

DId Flash say 10,200, could be Friday, a day early and when Friday's sell off
it usually sells off on Monday also

CYCLE LOW as projected MANY times RIGHT here

& some of you are already SHORT as per your comments - Congrats

Some one woke up the BEAR, and he is making a lot of noise

more later

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wider View

Heres a Chart from Alphahorn which shows upside as well as downside potential

and he discusses this chart at his blog which you can access via red dragon on my links.

Heres MORE NOW [g]

It takes MORE than ONE
cycle hit to make it work

Nov 30/ Dec 1st

100 tr days JULY 10th - lo
108 tr days June 24th - lo

256 days from nov 20 lo = an 8day segment of 32 x 8

184 days from March 6 lo = also 8day segments

DEc1st = 256 from nov 21 = TURN

Dec 1st = 39 hours from nov 20 low @ 3pm-
nov 12 low @ 3;30 - nov 4th as 4pm
Oct 27 at 10am

39hours is quite consistent
a secondary low could occur on Dec 1st @ 3 to 3;30pm

ALSO very consistent is my 13 day JAYWIZ cycle
which I discovered on NOV 21st, 2008 at 11;05 am
HIT THIS morning at 10:12 am - Nov 24th = the exact lod

13 day cycle hits again 62% on Nov 30 AT 1:43pm
does NOT have to be the LOD, but often is.
There is astro at 2:53 pm which could extend the low to 3pm


Support levels

Chart from Danerics public pages

Shows support levels on the SPX


End of NOV

When I attempt to put the puzzle together, there is always some glitch to consider

Either we have already seen the last gasp attempt to get to 1121,
OR there will be one more shot on the 25th and or OPEN of the 27th.

Either way, the next bigger move is lower and according to the FLASH- 10,200 is support
which was the LOW close of NOV12th.

the 39 HOUR cycle moves from
Nov 12 @ 3:30pm
Nov 20 @ 3pm
Dec 1st at 3 or 3;30pm

Some divergences are noted on yesterday's new Dow high
spx, ndx, transpts did not make new highs, not yet anyway,
but might roll up next 2 days ??

PC ratios are much more negative
New highs were 190 verses 318 on the 16th

more later

Monday, November 23, 2009

Armstrong date today

Its becoming painfully OBVIOUS that FLASH's Armstrong date of NOV 23 rd
MIGHT be the HIGH of the year

Flash has ALSo posted DEC 29th as an IMPORTANT QTRLY test
test of SUPPORT, I would venture to GUESS

where is SUPPORT?
Do some math and we can see where that might be
or we can look back at the last qtr and
NOV 2nd @ 9800
Oct 2 @ 9400 - or Spt 2 at 9200
That would be quite a SMACK down-
CAN we count on it ??- Depends on how strong the sell off is on DEC1st.


This week

starting OUT with a big BUMP UP

the reading calls for a SURGE of good feelings & overspending
I would guess that says it all for the open


Friday, November 20, 2009

Nov 20

Update from Daneric's public charts

Its funny that I had written to Dan & Alpha Yesterday and warned them of a lower open today

but when I wrote it up on jaywiz, I had changed my thoughts somewhat

Both thoughts were actually correct as the open dip was quickly followed to a 9:45 rebound

Anyway, We got the wave {v} down to 1087.01 at 11am

NOW we see the rebound from the 1pm daily turn

DID anyone else notice themselves getting hungry after 1pm??
It happens to me frequently just as the mkt starts to turn higher

Activity index at 2pm making a run higher , now at 266 at 3pm


THE MAIN 39hr pivots CYCLE
Nov 19 @ 11am low
Nov 11 @ 11am hi
Nov 3 @ 11am
Oct29 high
oct16 @9:45lo
oct7 @11am
Spt30 @10am lo

This cycle is important to short term traders as it is the small part of the 54 & 108 day cycles

that makes the NEXT important low on NOV30th as ive posted several times

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finish wave {iv}

chart from DANERIC

As I called for a LOWER day today- see the Natural energy chart posted a few days ago

IT looks to me like wave {iii} hit today

ending the day in wave {iv} maybe, but maybe still higher tomrrow ending at or near the day's highs
21st is midnite high tide, and reading calls for improvement

I was contemplating what to expect for Monday if the above works out as projected.

The morning of the 23rd is NOT well aspected which suggests
a lower open followed by an even lower close with Venus 90 Jupiter @ 5pm
The combo of Moon 90 venus 90 Jupiter is considered a BAD mix

tuesday, however, opens with a strong PLUS

Wed finishes on a high
If bulls get the Turkey, then bears are supposed to get Santa

Happy T day


a simple view

Futures this AM are very negative as is Europe

I doubt there will be anything in the jobs report to change that, and might even exacerbate

Timing today suggests a LOW between 10am & 10;30

higher mid day and lows at 2;30 & near close


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back Kiss

Open low at 126bars @10am

11am daily turn

Important to see what happens after 1pm


Nov 18

Chart from Jerry O at my yahoo group
more later


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fred's latest


Math and the SPX

Reproduced from Steven Rock at the crystal ball group

After the SPX ATH of 1552.87 was reached on March 24th, 2000, the SPX declined until April 14th and then rallied to what some call a failure top of 1530.09 on September 1st 2000.

One of the reasons that the September top has importance in the mathematical structure of the index is the fact that 769 calendar days from and excluding 9/1/00, the SPX hit its October 2002 low OF 769! (768.83)

This drop of 761.26 points took 526 trading days (excluding 9/1) since the market lost 4 trading days due to 9/11.

It turns out the market may be revisiting these numbers as we work through November 2009.

Counting 769 calendar days from and excluding the Ocober 11th 2007 top, we reach November 18th, one of the reasons I have called for a CIT on 11/17+/-1.

But I may have outsmarted myself, because counting 526 TRADING days from the '07 top yields November 11th. The SPX reached 1105.37 on 11/11, exactly in the middle of my target of 1105+/-5.

What is really interesting, though, is the phi relationship of the '00-02 drop to this '07-'09 move.....

1530.09-768.83 = 761.26
1576.09-1105.37 = 470.72

761.26/470.72 = 1.617

Also, the ROC of price over the '07-'09 move is 470.72 points over 762 calendar days which is .618 pts/day!

And note how the price drop in the '00-'02 move (761.26 pts) and the calendar days of '07-'09 (762) are practically identical.

Still, this week should be important. The market has so many relationships to fulfill that we are in store for extremely interesting price-time action.

more later

Monday, November 16, 2009

Are we there yet?

Chart from alphahorn blog


Natural Energy

A question arises from this chart

Was the LOW of NOV 12th an 18/36 wk low from July10 or is it coming later this week??

A dip low is shown on the chart above right in the MIDDLE of the month
followed by a quick rise to possibly the 17/18th

from there the chart shows a marked decline to the end of the month
& Nov 30 does meet various cycle criteria for such an event. & also = a 20wk low

Given weeks 18 to 20 , we would expect the market to be under pressure
and susceptible to selling the rallies, thus limiting any upside potential till NOv 30th

Astro also supports the above statement

13th Sun 120 Uranus
16 or17th = New moon
& Bradley turn dates

18-19th - Venus 90 Mars
23 - Venus 90 Jupiter

24 - Sun 60 saturn
25th Venus 120 Uranus - OFTEN coincides with important highs
26th Tday- Venus 120 mars

30th merc 90 Uranus

The purpose of the above is show the flow of positive and negative ions
due to the positions of those planets

more later

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Natural Energy

Lets follow this chart for the rest of the month to verify its validity

If it works out ok, then we can look at Dec next


Friday, November 13, 2009

November Natural energy chart

Follow along this chart from the NOV 2nd LOW on the LEFT

We do see a secondary low on 3rd or 4th which we did get

5th big rally was next and well pictured into 9th high

one off day on 10th was followed by another rally on 11th

then it shows 3 days down-up down to possibly the 16th & 17th

then another rally follows immediately to 18th
and another 3 wave decline with one more rally to the 25th

The LAST dip looks to me LIKE a SHARP retreat on 27th & 30th



This chart is from HELGE

He is one of the best in world- but his graphs can be complicated

IT does show a LOW on NOv 2nd -4th
High on 11-13
LOW on 16 -17
Higher on 18th
quick dip on 19th
higher on 20th -23rd

NOT an easy track to follow, but its pretty much what Im expecting

Monday does call for Dealing with $ issues & recharge your batteries
Tuesday gets the GREEN LIGHT
18th continues till mid day

Some one said they had the 19th as an important low,
but it does not fit into any cycle that I follow
It does appear to be an off day however

Dollar and stocks exact inverse reaction

Did today qualify as a wave 4?
Wave 4 may not have completed 3 legs
wv [a] hi at 12;30 & [b] wv low at 3pm
It does look like Monday should open higher for wv [c] = 4

OBV has been declining since 11/10, and was lower at todays close
than the low on the 12th at close showing internal weakness

more later

NOV 13th -2009

NOT an infamous day by any means but it has had its moments- especially my BD in 1943 [g]

THE above CHART is from ALPHAHORN, and imo is right on target
with only a minor variation which I mentioned on my comments at his blog

An 8day high & turn has occurred
trin 5 hit 3,89 and arms 5 hit 77.5- BOTH issuing a short term SELL signal

I posted several occurrances of this past year in which the dow lost
300 to 600 points on similar sell TECH signals

POWER INDEX and PROPENS index are both showing LOWS today
futures are higher, but its only 8:15
A 10am high could be expected given the Consumer Confid report at 9;55am
IF os, then the rest of the day should head lower

Sell the 10am high
close out shorts at 4pm

Monday should then OPEN higher
and ALSO sell off leading to a LOWER
open on Tuesday at the 13 day cycle pivot

Monday is
a new moon
90 July 10 low
248 Nov 20 low = 31 segments of 8 days
the reading for the day - DEAL with $$ issues

Tuesday is
91 days july10 = the 13 day pivot at 10;30am
248 days NOV 21st
the reading for today - upbeat & we get the green light

more later

Thursday, November 12, 2009


From BINVE @ market thoughts blog

Spx hit 1105.37 at 10:30 ON THE 39 HOUR cycle from OCT 3rd low at 10;30
which related back to OCt29- 16th & 7th

was an also 8day high & turn

Some had the Bradley as the 9th,
my study showed it as the 10th thus the 11th is right on schedule

I am out of the office this am & will be back after 11am

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Chart from BINVE

TODAY is predicted as a DAY OF CONTRASTS

which means the DAY will END at the OPPOSITE extreme

Power index shows a decline into FRIDAY AM
Propens index starts at 3009 and ends at 2970

Merc 120 Uranus early today gives way to UNCERTAINTY later Merc 90 Neptune

more later

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chart pattern trader public charts

chart pattern trader chart with lots of info & volume comparisons

Ian noted this on another site and at his blog - FYI for information only

Sep 3rd 1929 was an exact Fibonacci 55 squared weeks (Also close to Spiral calender (SC) F29) from August 25th 1987, exact all the way into the 10/29/29 Crash of 1929 = 10/20/87 Crash 0f 1987.

Here is the interesting part: October 09 is currently following an exact Fibonacci 34 squared weeks (also close to SC F25) cycle from the 8/25/1987 High.

Here is how the cycle breaks down:

1. 8/25/87 High = 10/20/09 High (+1)

2. 9/08/87 Low = 11/03/09 Low (-1 )

3. 9/14/87 High = 11/09/09 High +/-1

4. 9/22/87 Low = 11/17/09 Low +/-1

5. 10/5/87 High = 11/30/09 High +/-1

6. 10/12/87 Low = 12/07/09 Low +/-1

7. 10/13/87 High = 12/08/09 High +- 1

8. Crash Week: 10/20/87 Crash Low = 12/15/09 Low +/- 1

September 3rd 1929 High was an exact Fibonacci 55 Squared weeks away from August 25th 1987, which is an exact Fibonacci 34 squared weeks away from October 21st 2009 High. How unusual is that? Will History repeat?


Did we NOT have A CLEAR 5 WAVE DECLINE into NOV2nd ?
IF so, then shouldnt we consider the CORRECTION is NOT OVER
5 waves down to Nov 2
3 waves up to Nov 9 or 10 = a Bradley turn
5 waves down to Nov 13 -16

We have numerous cycles converging on 12th and 16th
12th & 13th
89 July9 lo to lo
144 Apr22 lo to lo
176 Mar 6 - lo to lo
14th = Midnite low tide
Saturn 90 Pluto
264 Oct27th- 2008 lo to lo
248 NOV 20 = 8day cycles lo to lo
247 Nov 21 = JAYWIZ 13 day cycles
Bradley turn date
NEW MOON in Scorpio= death & transformation
a LOW on the 12th should roll over to another low on 16th
Maybe thats what Flash refers to 3 legs???

NOv 13 to 16 = VERY SIMILAR to Nov 2nd - 4th = a rolling low
BUT this time possibly lower on 3rd leg on 16th & open on 17th


more later

Monday, November 09, 2009

Charts Edge

I thought you might like to see this for reference

Heres some other data that we might be able to use for trading

COY had posted his projection for a low on NOV 12th
Nov 12th = 264 tr days from OCTOBER 27th, 2008

at 4pm on the date, the 13day & 4 day cycle bottomed-
next day dow was up 900pts


NOV 12 = 264 tr days = a 78.5%/13 day cycle at noon
264 tr days /8 = 33 segments of 8day cycles
ITS also 89 tr days from JULY 9th, 2009

NOV 12 @ 2:10pm = 8 days [52hrs] from Nov 2nd at 2;10pm

NOV 13= 176 tr days from MARCH 6th - low
176 /8 = 22 segments of 8day cycles
55 tr days from Aug 27, a high
110 tr days from June 10, a high
144 tr days from Apr 22, a low
Midnite LOW tide on 14th
Saturn 90 Pluto on 15th

IF Nov 12th makes a LOW at 2pm time frame,
then NOV 13th could start
a new uptrend prior to the new moon on the 16th.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Diagonal Triangle

Chart from ALPHAHORN

analysis from MARKET thoughts

Here are the Wave 2 retraces. Wave 2 could be done (I think it is) or it could be extending into next week. There is a lot of evidence to support both cases.

But I think all the indices have retraced the requisite amount. Next week will be interesting.

- INDU: 78%
- SPX: >50%
- NDX: 62%
- COMPQ: >50%
- RUT: >38% (and by far the most sold off index)

more later

Friday, November 06, 2009

78.6% retrace Wave 2

DOW chart from ALPHAHORN

Shows WE are right at 78.6% resistance on the dow
and the SPX at 1071 which is what I posted several times

For those who want to know

I bot 1500 TZA at mkt guru
I bot TZA at my LION account

In Other words, the MKT has achieved its GOALS on the UPSIDE

and will NOW work its way into a SLIDE later today and especially Monday


Nov 6th

The above chart from Daneric's public pages just about covers it

upper limits today at 1073 to 1088

BUT my power index says watch out for the FALL afterward


Thursday, November 05, 2009

H & S forming

IT seems obvious that the LEFT shoulder is
WAVE 4 and 5 of the previous degree

and the RIGHT shoulder is
wave 1 & 2 of the next degree

noon hit the low so far at 220bars rather than 228, and 12;45 pm is on the rise toward 1pm

A more serious drop should occur at the 3pm pivot low on 258bars and Moon 90 Uranus

that should offer another BUY OPP for today's close and tomrrow's OPEN



from Chart pattern trader

THE LOW of NOV 2nd SHOULD be the start of an UPTREND lasting till DEC 4th

BUT OF COURSE - NOT a straight line

in fact quite jagged and might even make some lower lows along the way.
but more about that later
lets talk about NOW
Futures at 8:30am now positive - dow +50

AS was mentioned a few times we GOT the LOW at 1029 on NOV2nd
NOW- POWER & Propens INDEXES are BOTH pointing higher today & tomrrow

upper channel line appears from technical charts to be in the 1070'sh area
Midnite high TIDE Saturday -7th

Natural energy shows rally mode to continue into FRIDAY at about NOON
and power index shows a drop off Friday afternoon into the 10th at the Sun 90 Jupiter

The NEXT Negative this month occurs on the 15th with Saturn 90 Pluto
and should coincide with another low on the 13th-- some people insist on the 12th

I know, You want to know;; LOWER LOWS or NOT-- Impossible to answer
so I wont even try

more later

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

tomrrow open

FROM DANERIC'S public chart pages

Could reach a little higher by 9:45 before setting back some

Tomrrow calls for IMPROVING for the better

and the FED is announcing at 2;15pm

ONE important feature about tomrrow and Thursday @3am is a SUN 0 MERCURY
which USUALLY has some very potent positive action occurring with rallies.
Add to that a Neptune turning DIRECT for extra pazaz

Todays bar cycles were perfect at 60bars @11;30 for the LOD
90bars just b4 the 2;15pm HOD

fascinating that the LOD Monday was at 2;10pm on the FM,
Today's high was exactly at the same time
youve seen me mention 39 hrs
well this one was 390 minutes
ITS Amazing HOW often 39 turns up as a cycle

TOmrrow's bar cycles are
126 b@ 10:30
156b @ 1pm
180b@ 3pm

IF A low at 10:30 should find footing by 11am and turn higher

HOw high is HIGH ?
I'll let better technicians who are here tell us the potential
but 1070 would give us a 200 pt dow rally from today's close,
unless they sell back to 1030 first.

TRANNIES got a HUGE lift from Warren today.
wonder if HE bet on it ?? or some one in his org. might have made a bundle today


Break DOWN

Broke thru the LINE and DROPPED right after

NOW near noon and made lower lows at 11;30

NOT sure to hold or not-

My indication is to hold till EOD , but I have more tolerance




Futures at close yesterday were influenced by Venus 120 Neptune - & LOOKED very positive
BUT this MORNING - MY indicators are ALIVE & WELL
EUROPE was OFF 2 % earlier but still near that at 8am

Activity index was FLAT at 100 ALL NIGHT
Flux index - FLAT AT ZERO
PROPENS index NOW in concert with POWER INDEX
BOTH SHOW LOWS TODAY and POSSIBLE lower open at 9;45am on 4th
Helio Bradley shows low on 4th
60 bars @ 11:30 along with the other cycles
90bar at 2pm
108bars - NOT one of the usual suspects but its at 3;30

a 2% drop would suggest a loss of dow200 = spx just under 1020 to 1017

WE'll see how low they get at the FIRST CONVERGENCE
to determine what to do for the rest of the day
it does appear today will mark an important low
Flash's rouge wave may have occurred after the FULL MOON LOW at 2;10pm yesterday

THERE WAS a CLEAR FIVE waves from the HIGH at 10am to 2:10pm,
and 3 waves rebound to close
NOW we can clearly see a 5th wave TODAY which should break into 5 waves during the day
Usually, the THIRD wave of this series will offer a HIGH VOLUME LOW
and the 5 of 5 will offer a PRICE LOW, & making a TURN will show
LESS VOLUME at a lower price.

Warren Buffet buying Burlington Northern - WOOPIE
and futures are now off only 5.00, but its only 8:25


Monday, November 02, 2009


Heres a Couple of intersting notes

1. Elliotters tend to LABEL endings TOOO SOON- Sorry Dan, but it is a common event- ME TOO
thus Re label wave [5] to 3:30pm
wave a possible to 1043.54
wave b to 1035 at close
wave c today to 1052 at 10am
IF I could confer with Elliotters using astro , bar cycles, 13day cycles , etc ,
we might become more precise
but I doubt that will happen.

using the 80 pt spread from 1101 to 1020
1033-1052 = 19 pts
19/ 81 = 23.6 % FIBO

2. THE LOW of Friday hit at 3pm and DAMN, I missed it - @ 204BAR CYCLE

what does that mean for tomrrow?
Typically , when the SPX make sits LOW at 204 bars there is a FOLLOW thru LOW at 329bars

WHICH HITS AT noon:30 TOMRROW & can truncate up to one hour early
which makes it occur in conjunction with:
39 hour cycle @ 11am
23.6 %/13 day @ 10:56
60bars at 11;30

MY activity index started out this AM at 200- thus a rally
dropped as low as 66, but ran up again to 200, and is NOW at 133
SINCE it has NOT jumped above 200,it appears to be waning in strength rather than gaining

more later