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Monday, November 16, 2009

Natural Energy

A question arises from this chart

Was the LOW of NOV 12th an 18/36 wk low from July10 or is it coming later this week??

A dip low is shown on the chart above right in the MIDDLE of the month
followed by a quick rise to possibly the 17/18th

from there the chart shows a marked decline to the end of the month
& Nov 30 does meet various cycle criteria for such an event. & also = a 20wk low

Given weeks 18 to 20 , we would expect the market to be under pressure
and susceptible to selling the rallies, thus limiting any upside potential till NOv 30th

Astro also supports the above statement

13th Sun 120 Uranus
16 or17th = New moon
& Bradley turn dates

18-19th - Venus 90 Mars
23 - Venus 90 Jupiter

24 - Sun 60 saturn
25th Venus 120 Uranus - OFTEN coincides with important highs
26th Tday- Venus 120 mars

30th merc 90 Uranus

The purpose of the above is show the flow of positive and negative ions
due to the positions of those planets

more later


Jay Strauss said...

NOV 16-17 has been calculated as 50%

50% of retrace = spx1120
50% time = 256 CAL days

Power index shows loss of momentum from a high this AM thru Thursday AM

Today is also showing up as
55 tr days Aug28, a minor high
110 tr days june6 = a minor high


Anonymous said...


What a move.


Anonymous said...

jay u still short from early last week?

Anonymous said...

9:50: I have an open 50% mid-term long position on the QLD from the 53.76 level; I am going to use today's strength
to take a quick exit on that trade here at the 56.09 figure - but will be looking to re-enter that on a 20-day
correction, if seen in the next week or so


Anonymous said...

S&P 500: Not much to report here. This trading setup is in its third week of being bearish and shows no signs of changing course. The wrong-way small traders are still highly bullish in their net positioning as a percentage of the total open interest, while the "smart money" commercial hedgers are still seriously gothic.


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of a dip today?

Anonymous said...

11:40: today's action has satisfied the recent 20-day upside target to 1110 - 1129 for the SPX, which was originally
confirmed last Monday. ideally, this 5th wave up should also peak into this same range, then to give way to the next
20-day low into the November 26th timeframe


Jay Strauss said...

Take a look at the DATA provided by Ian which I posted recently and you can read at his blog - use my link

He had
NOv 16 as a LOW- now looks like a possible high

Nov 30 as a high- now suspect as a low

Dec7th as a low, now a possible high

Dec14 as a high- now possibly a low

The changes are MY opinions based on the natural cycle and astro


Anonymous said...

12:35: the SPX is weakening off the lower end of noted resistance; whether the 20-day wave was finished at today's
high is speculation for now, as the probabilities are lower since some of the time statistics have favored the upward
phase of this component would not complete until on or after November 18th. however I would not be surprised to see
prices end the day below the 1110 level on the SPX, even if higher numbers are still out there


Anonymous said...

What a day..been holding SRS for a long time :(

Joseph said...

Hi Jay
Do you believe still that Crash Week 10/20/87 Crash Low= 12/15/09 Low.


Anonymous said...

BULL MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Gap Down Tomorrow!


Anonymous said...


We're standing on the edge of a cliff right here.


Anonymous said...

3:25: the 20-day cycle is attempting to top. I thought the SPX might try and close below the 1110 figure, and a close
below 1105 - should that be seen - would start to favor an already topped cycle. otherwise, it is still possible that a
higher high could be out there between now and the 18th, though any new high on or after that date would certainly be
running in borrowed time. next 20-day low due around November 26th, plus or minus a day. here is a last look at the
hourly cycle/channel chart for today's session:


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me. Do you think that this Nat Gas price is controlled by natural rythms, or market influence.

No sir, it is controlled by GS maniupulation based on their quant analysis.

If the money is going one way they take it and run the other. PURE MANIPULATIVE EXTRACTION.

Anonymous said...

oh shut up you conspiracy nut.


Reza said...


The link is missing.


Jay Strauss said...


NO Crashes this year
JUST because SOME ONe related
2009 to 1987 does not make it so.

especially NOT in DEcember

However, Dec looks highly VOLATILE

NOv30 low
Dec7th hi
DEc14 lo
Dc22 hi
Dec29 lo