Thursday, November 26, 2009


If you didnt follow the road map for Nov, then the one above for DEC wont matter to you.

The first pivot is on the FULL MOON of Dec 2nd, but since its at 3am, we have to consider
Dec1st as the pivot

Take NOTE of the LAST pivot on the graph
it occurs on DEC31st and YES another FULL MOON
2 full moons in the same month = a BLUE MOON

also take note of Flash who has called for a qtrly test at the end of DEC also

The overall chart shows potential for lower lows and lower highs till Dec31st- a full moon ECLIPSE



UIK Trader said...

there's a 'Puetz eclipse crash window' from November 26th - Thanksgiving - to December 5th

ARAK said...


Please post the natural energy chart with dates on it to make following it easier.

samamehta said...

as I mentioned in my post before 1082. we already made it to 1083.

look for 1190 by dec 15 -- a very likely scenario. then 590 by 2011

go short on dec 15

Anonymous said...

It's a CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carl futia

Anonymous said...

agreed carl.

This is going to be a nasty one. Forget new highs. It's over for now. See you boys at the bottom next year. The 40 week cycle low is now in effect!


ARAK said...


1190 or 1090?

Anonymous said...

I predicted a 9 handle and still keep to it.

Called a dummy at the time because the market was going up and the late party were buying.

Dummy gets the jackpot and jo-six- pack gets faces ripped off lol.

Anonymous said...

new highs still coming,dont worry about that.dont think for a minute we're going to crash over xmas.this is the all to painfully obvious fake out thats gonna get all the bear camp super excited,then before they know it all the profits are ripped back out of there paws! its tough in the jay says long 1st/2nd dec.bradley this pull back has occured i no longer think mid dec will be the top either.we're going up into the new year now.there are many fibb hits in time centred around jan area to aim for from next week on.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving America!!!!!!!

Hows yer 401K's feel today?


a message from GS & BennyB

Anonymous said...


YOURE F@#KED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think after8 is trying to recover losses from going Long at the Top in 2008.


Anonymous said...


I'm trying to hack into after8's computer and see if I can get his bank account info. Standby for the reesults.



Anonymous said...


stop smoking so much weed. The only position you have is the Long you've been holding before the tech bubble crash in 2000.


Anonymous said...

DJ futures down 195, S&P down 24 & NIKK down 170; from 11/23; test of DOW 10.2K into 11/27; we R gonna get there the hard way ! :-)

The Flash is right again!

Anonymous said...

Dear Members,

Since yesterday, wave of negativity just started from Dubai, and spreading like fire. Dubai is part of UAE and doesn't hold that must huge participation in world economy but yes, large number of European banks are involved there in big way and if one of these high flying bank come out with negative news can create havoc in world financial markets and currency markets. That is why since last few weeks we have been saying that dollar would blow upside like anything.

We are too much concern because negative planetary movement have just started from 17 November and this negativity will remain until 19 May 2010, so I don't know how world financial system will able to pass this time smoothly without getting in to danger wave.

I am traveling, but I am doing serious research on the next six months. I will try to come out with all details in Sunday’s newsletter.

Once again my apology for, not being so correct on dollar, and metals during last three month after giving accurate financial predictions in the last 18 years. My problem is I read or I get feeling well in advance and I write is down quickly on same day, because I don’t like to hide something from my members. If I come wrong it doesn't mean that planetary movement was not guiding me correctly, planets always guides me perfectly but it is always error on my side by being early. One of my friend says “Mahendra” you have be early that is why it call predictions. But still I want to be more accurate and so please forgive me for all my mistakes. I bow my head in feet of nature and planets for giving me vague picture of future well in advance.

Avoid trading in markets, just hold USD against all currencies, yes Yen rising prophecy is proving right. Yesterday and today UAE currency Dirham would have collapsed completely, they it was not tie with USD. I surprised when I was reading this paragraph from my own book, "2008-09 world and financial prophecies" from chapter UAE, it says:

The country’s stock market will be sideways and I don't see any excitement in this regard. However, there will be some major changes in the currency market. A few years back I stated that some oil rich Arab nations would review ties with the US Dollar, and time is now very near before we witness major changes. I foresee a breakup of the ties between USA Dollar and currencies of the oil rich nations. Many of the oil producing nations may become excited by this prospect, but planetary movement indicates that these changes will negatively impact them since their currencies will be uncertain in the future. Furthermore, I foresee the Dollar rising soon, and this will sharply bring down currencies of the Arab countries. My advice to the UAE is not to break ties with the US Dollar.

From Sunday, we are canceling two of our consultation services, one it 15 and 45 minutes’ conversations. We are just keeping Monthly and yearly consultation services.

Buy dollar, buy natural gas and avoid all markets. Hold your puts in indexes, currencies and metals, banking stocks will move down big way in coming days. Wait for Sundays newsletter.

Mahendra Sharma

Thanks & God Bless, Thursday 11.50 PM New York

Anonymous said...

ha ha julian/ricky/bubbles/ass crack. you're all the same sad can you be.i post my trades here for all to see and also outline where i think the market is going in the near dont even log in! you have nothing to're only here trying to leach information for free off jay.hoping to turn your pocket money into millions by xmas without shifting a finger.give us your insight into next have mine.we dont go below 1047 and we make new highs by xmas.

Anonymous said...

How can I leach info. if it's alraedy FREE you moron. (hmmm, funny how moron and mormon sound the same).


Anonymous said...

god bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a joke


Anonymous said...

Stop your bickering. Today should go up staedily.


Jay Strauss said...

the dates wont help because the chart is skewed incorrectly

After8 & x
Fueding doesnt cut it,
especially since you both sound like teen agers, which I know you are not.

DEc 1st is NOT the LOW

I agree with FLASH
DEc31st wll be another disaster

Market does NOT care if its Thanksgiving or XMAS

However, You are partially right
about Jan 16th and probably Jan
28th, as a secondary top

believe it or not, RETAIL does better on DOWN days than UP days

thats how BEAR markets work- inverted to the STREET- I Know -

I watched it for years at my own retail store, then dealing with
retail clients for another 15yrs with merchant services


Reza said...


Any thoughts about the rest of day and Monday

Anonymous said...

i still think dec 1st/2nd will be the low or a higher low than today.its going up into the new year regardless in my opinion.a close below 1047 and my beliefs will for the feuding,i resent personal attacks on any forum,in reality or the net.too much abuse on this blog from nameless in day out.

Jay Strauss said...

I dont know Why I have attracted such commentators but IT wont be respected and have been removed.


update on new page

Anonymous said...

Hi i have a system FORECAST very well for stockmarket,I DO NOT LIKE PUBLIC THIS BUT THIS STOCKMARKET BEGAN 2010 IS VERY BEAR AND DANGEROUS.I am said that sp500 should go to 1150 THE FIRST WEEK january 2010 not more time and then a Big crash,MORE STRONG/FAST THAT DOWN IN 2008, AND FINISH IN FEBRUARY 2010 WITH A BIG LOW.