Monday, November 16, 2009

Are we there yet?

Chart from alphahorn blog



Anonymous said...

Jay are u still in tza from nov.6th? I'm thinking of bailing out of my short positions now. Its been quite painful


Anonymous said...

Funny how so many blogs have been complaining about the weak volume on this rally keeping them from riding it. Now that we have volume today is it time to go long? lol


Jay Strauss said...

TZa does not expire
Im holding till NOV 30th
unless 18th provides at least break even for now

shorter term- see the chart on
the main page

And follow IANs dates inverted.

Middle of graph =12th showed up as a low
2day rally = 16/17 high
20 high
23rd lower
25th high
30th important low

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay. I already bailed in afterhours...not worth it. I'm done with triples.


Reza said...

may be of some help

Anonymous said...

jay r u loading more shorts at 1118 if we get there? Daneric posted a target of 1118 for next move which seems reasonable after such extremely positive internals today. I'll be going all in short if we can get there. Futures will probably ramp up tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

We're going lower tomorrow morning...briefly and quickly I think. Be advised ...Buy the Dip. Also it's going to get volatile from here to OPEX.


Anonymous said...

1120 will get hit tomorrow. If you're not long already, you may have one last chance to ride this rally if for some small chance futures don't ramp tomorrow morning


ARAK said...
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Anonymous said...

Professionals continue to add to their Short positions this week. The Commitment of Traders is now reading -15.9% of total open interest, down from -14.7% last week.

The Large contract (e.g. SP) Professionals are still more bearish that the Mini (e.g. ES) contract Professionals with the difference standing at -19.8% (red line above). This is not a good development as the SP Professionals are usually a better indicator of market direction.


Jay Strauss said...

Thanks for the great comments

yesterday was a bradley date
and the next one remarkably is on the 19th.

with 2 dates so close together, its highly unlikely they will both be highs

In fact its been pegged as a Gann reversal date

Ive posted the astro events occurring in NOv, so you can use them to your advantage

Also, the natural energy graph ALSO shows from the LOW of the 12th
Hi on 16th
Lo on 19th
Up on 20th
down on 23/24
big hi on 25th Venus 120 Uranus, and turn strongly LOWER to Nov 30th