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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Chart from BINVE

TODAY is predicted as a DAY OF CONTRASTS

which means the DAY will END at the OPPOSITE extreme

Power index shows a decline into FRIDAY AM
Propens index starts at 3009 and ends at 2970

Merc 120 Uranus early today gives way to UNCERTAINTY later Merc 90 Neptune

more later


rrman said...

Day of contrasts...I love it

Anonymous said...

I am buying FAZ steadily until it turns.

oh yeaahh!


Anonymous said...

Jay or anyone.

Time for intraday Top?



Kirk said...

I am with ya Jay! Just purchased OEX 505 puts (OEBWA).... looking to make a good profit as market closes at breakeven or slightly negative on the day!

rose2797 said...

I am buying skf today - water

spratman said...

Well x, let me say I admire your ability to play both sides! Nice trading and congrats!

Dave Narby said...

I think we are in for a longer term decline.

Besides TA, we had a Bradley date on the 9th, and the turns come +/-4 days from the date, so I think the turn happens... Today.

Anonymous said...

Hello all.

12:38, charts updated, price held below 1101 as market is trading a low level consolidation. Odds now look very good for a drop into the low 1080s by the close Thursday so look for the third overnight futures 10 point pump Thursday evening/Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like the day will end at the opposite extreme.

Maybe I should go Long here before a gap up tomorrow morning takes us to new highs.


Anonymous said...

Anybody who is short in the market for long needs their head examined. The Fed has created a mountain of liquidity. That can keep this market buoyed up forever unless there is a cataclysmic event.


Anonymous said...



ARAK said...

gap up

gap down

There I covered both scenarios .. lol

Anonymous said...


you mean you don't know?

how can this be?


Anonymous said...

Hi all

One hour up, one hour down then go nowhere at the speed of nothing best describes the Trading Wednesday.
Current favored pattern analysis next page favors a five waves up pattern is now wave 4 in progress with 1092/1082 the minimum expected zone for the low. Wave five to at least 1110 area to as high as 1127 is the next expectation. On my members daily blog we had a 10 point short scalp now looking for a 30 point long scalp as each hour new data comes in the pattern analysis is updated.