Wednesday, September 30, 2009

waiting resumption

Ian's chart waiting RESUMPTION of the downtrend

todays low at 1046 hit the trend line, but the next move is to break it and head lower



Heres what Danerics up to the moment chart shows a CHANNEL forming

and IMO, could be
wave {A} to 1041
WAVE {B} still in progress in wave [c] of {B} today

IT would need to BREAk the channel by collapsing under 1041 with volume

I still think it will do the by Friday,

we'll see what todays close brings
the reading calls for a good start, but it did not start good. however, it did recover
and the reading also issues a caution with $$ warning

SO - a late collapse could set up the low Im still looking for on the 2nd


SPT & October

the Chart above is somewhat distorted so I will elaboate

the high shown on Spt 1 was actually Aug28th, AND
THE LOW in SPT actually came in on the 2nd as we know
but on this graph it looks like it should have been later, about the 7th or 8th
Then the High looks like it should have been the 17th -and as we know it was the 23rd.

SOOO, we have to push all our dates FORWARD about a week

That takes us to the 5 wave SLIDE shown from the 23rd to ???
As per the chart, it appears to be the 25th and one reason why I posted a low on that date,
we NOW KNOW there is MORE because we have pushed the dates up a week
and that GIVES US FRIDAY October 2nd
as Ive posted several times

THEN we see a VERY QUICK and DECISIVE rebound to what looks like OCT 1st,
but we KNOW that cant be - IT MUST BE THE 7th and or 8th- ADDING ONE WEEK

And even after a QUICK DIP on the 9th and maybe part of teh 12th,,
we THEN see another potential RISE possibly on the 13th & 14th.

THE BIG DEAL of the MONTH then shows a LARGE 3 wave decline into what date??
it looks like mid month on the 16th & 19th and astro does agree with that,
Quick rise to 22nd followed by dip to 26th

An EOM high matching a 60 day high on Aug 28th might end the month
on the rebound leaving the fist week in nov to head down again

more later

A day to remember

10am on 9/30 UP TO THE MOMENT, -- AHHH DOWN to the moment


SPX off 13.70 in 15 minutes

More to follow


Monday, September 28, 2009


Looks like wave {B} came today rather than tomrrow

1080 - 1041 = 39
39 x 62% = 24 + 1041 = 1065

MERC direct starts at 9am tomrrow
Has been RETRO since Spt 6th all the way up -

MANY times mkts change direction on or near Merc Retro or Direct

39X 1.618 = 65
1065 - 65 = 1000

Remember we discussed 1040 and 1000 as important levels
so far we got 5 waves down to 1040 = wave {A}
and 3 waves up to 1065 =wave {B}
NEXT is 5 waves DOWN to OCT 1st at spx1000 = wave {C}

THE PIVOT and BUY is on Oct 2nd at 10am


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Which WAY NOW Mr Elliott wave ?

MY Elliott is SIMPLER than MOST. some times thats good and sometimes not so good, [g]

I see Friday's HIGH at the 3pm TURN as the PEAK of WAVE [iv]
it has an abc formation.

It does satisfy the RULES of Alternations since wave [ii] was
barely noticeable on the way down from 1080 late on the 23rd

Note that MACD [ as ALPHA pointed out] CROSSED OVER after 3pm friday
ALSO note the OBV, not shown is on a steady drop from spt 23rd at 2;30pm

THE POWER index as previously mentioned does SHOW a SELL OFF Monday
AND the PROPENS index [as of SUNDAY am ] PRELIMINARY data has caught up enuf
to CONFIRM that drop.

SPX to 1021 should be the next objective level which would = about 185 dow points

Also, for those who are following the BAR cycle
it hits 156bars at 4pm and or open, but my inclination is for 4pm
Bryan NOTE that 78 bars at Fridays close meant NOTHING,
but 150 or 156 do have meaningful pivots

SINCE MERC goes DIRECT at 9am, we might expect a STRONG OPEN
And should continue biased Up in an ABC formation to midday on WED

has multiple long and short term cycles CONVERGING
at 2;30 = 39 hrs from the 23rd HIGH

Friday has more and stronger convergences at 10am
21 tr days from Spt 2nd at 10am
34 tr days from Aug 17th at 10am
144 tr days from Mrch 9th
216 days from Nov 21

More Later

BAR CYCLE= 78 bars per day
12 per hour x 6.5 hours
5 x 12 = 60 x 6.5 = 390 minutes
Using a MULTIPLE of TEN x 390 = 3900
3900 / 6.5 = 6 days
we NOW see why 6 DAYS has such cyclical importance

We closed the day friday at 78 bars
that means Monday has
90b@ 10:30
120 b @ 1;30 or 126b @ 2pm
150 @ 3:30 0r 156 b @ 4pm

Friday, September 25, 2009

NOON update


Activity index is NOW AT 33, its LOWEST value

I think Aug 17th was the last time that occurred

258 bars hit RIGHT at OPEn-- now BACK in SYNC
30 bars at Noon providing a dip, but not lower low
60 bars are at 2;30
90 bars WILL be on Monday at 10;30

many twists & turns of decent magnitude

If today makes its LOW at close at 1040 or lower, then I still see that as
WAVE {B} should be MONDAy to EARLY wed
WAVE {C} ends Oct2nd, also a BRADLEY date


Wave Count ?

I dont think I agree with this wave count or Daneric's either
TODAY is 28days from August 17th
you remember that day? I'll illuminate

On Aug 17th the DOW opened DOWN 199, and lingered all day closing down 186

Could today be a DUPLICATE??
at lest on close.

Lets SEE
SPX futures are DOWN 5.00 at 9am, thus 1039.47 looks like a dead issue=
IF NO SUPPORT at 1040, then 1025 might be next

SPX 1050 - 25 pts = dow 200 =1025
1080 - 1025 = 55 FIBO points

WHY NOW ?Iran secret exposed = PLUTO DIRECT & waning Sun Square
from 23rd.

Wed = 2.32
Ths = 2.04
Cumlative so far DID NOT produce a buy signal
PC ratios YESTERDAY ARE more bullish than bearish, BUT the WAVE has to RUN ITS COURSE

REMEMBER I had posted SEVERAL TIMES to BUY the CLOSE of the 25th
and a drop today of 200 dow points SHOULD LEAD TO

However, the reading calls for starting the day on the wrong foot,
so its STILL a bit confusing as to the OPEN for Monday
I will try to clarify later


Thursday, September 24, 2009

new thread

cant post anything right now - gotta run out


A drop to spx 1000 by october 2nd
october 2nd is where the rubber meets the road
144 tr days March 9th - Hadiks 29/30 weeks
Hadiks **CLASSIC start of an interm correction** Spt 23rd
where is 30 weeks from today ? = LATE March as ive Already posted b4.
However, once spx 1000 is hit on october 2nd, we should get a SHARP uptrend to oct7th
BACK KISS on a receding trend line
That would be the REAL KISS OF DEATH, and they should sell off in very dramatic fashion
into the NEXT Cycle low on NOV 2nd.

this forum is meant for the BENEFIT of traders who want somewhere to discuss the latest
market activity -

Personal offensive remarks are not appreciated by anyone

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just as this chart shows, they pushed it HIGHER to 1080 today

55 tr days July7th from LOW TO HIGH- not low to low


Looks LIKE today is the PINNACLE HIGH


OCT 2nd is
216tr days Nov 20
233 oct 27th
144 March 9th


Another chart

this chart is for Coy

Follow the 22 day cycle
or 11 days as posted

Spt18th high, not with standing the Autumn Equinox yesterday
and a midnite high tonight

NEXt date of Importance seems to be Oct2nd

more later

New Chart

Some of YOU need to get out and read OTHER analysis and provide your MARKET input

I am not a sounding board for disgruntled bears

more later, Maybe

Friday, September 18, 2009


Wave (ii) looks LIKE a FLAT
Low 1061.19 yesterday
10am HIGH at 1071.29
NOON low at 78.6%/13day cycle at 1064.27
3:30 high at 1071.52

OBV drops off
Macd rolled over
Ultimate topped at 3;30

That sets up a wave 3 down from the start on Monday
which fits in with the afterglow of all the EUPHORIC astro this week
Tuesday has
39hrs from the lower open on the 14th
13 day cycle at 10:30am, which opens the door for a recovery into the close

WEd is indicated DOWN from the START with NO LET UP

Get ready to BUY Friday's close



reports are coming in to ID the wv (iv) low and a concensus seems to be brewing for SPX 1039

As I wrote SEVERAL TIMES a SPT 25th LOW should EXPLODE Upward to the OCT 10th to 13th TOP

SO we seem to be looking for spx1039 on or b4 Spt25th

SPX got to 1061.19, and lost 13.58 from its high of 1074.77

83 pts was the LAST gain from 992 to 1075 rounded off

the loss represents 16.36% __ aha- FIBO hits us right in the face

a loss to 1040 = 35pts & 42% - not your usual percentage, but it has worked b4.

BOTH the 25th AND Oct 2nd have fibo low point connotations
but they are occurring during a RISING trend to a crescendo on OCT10th
IT means that any setbacks within the time frames mentioned
above would most likely be muted or lessened because of that uptrend

The TRANNIES have been pointed out as a confirmation of the continued uptrend
ALSO- MY internal DATA of ARMS, etc has NOT issued a SELL SIGNAL

IT did have a MINOR sell on Aug28th and a buy on 9/2
9/2 was an 8day low, making 9/3 and 8 day TURN

We are coming up on the 25th = another 8day LOW & turn on the 28th
combined with a 55 tr day low from JULY10th, should allow that price
explosion to the end of the month

THIS IS ALL happening in DIRECT oppostion to LAST years SPT 29th debacle
leading to that MONSTER SELL OFF on Oct10th.
the FIRST sign of a CRACK in the armor last year was the SPt 4th loss of 344pts
followed bySPT15 loss of 500 pts, and so forth
JUST THE OPPOSITE this year, UNTIL we GE TO OCTOBER 10th, then, ___well

that story is FOR LATER


Thursday, September 17, 2009


SATURN Aspects keep rally alive
Saturn 180 Uranus on 15th = EUPHORIA.

SLOW moving planets keeps euphoria alive on
16th and 17th until SUN 0 Saturn AT 2:23 Pm today.

TOmrrow, however has some big changes in store for
investor psychology and of course price levels as SELLING PRESSURE explodes.
NEW MOON at 2;44 indicates a CHANGE

A LOW at 1:30 Monday SPT 21st should setup a strong
REBOUND on the 22nd to be followed by a continuation of selling on the 23rd into the 25th

REMEMBER the 25th is STILL A BUY ,
and the BAR cycle converges with 28days from Aug17th low @ 10am
Psych read calls for EARLY STRESS
NATURAL energy offers an EXPLOSIVE rally on 28th to 30th.

more later

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

updated MATH & dates

the LOD was at 2;27pm on March 9th
676.53 was the MARCH 9th CLOSING LOW
at 1068.29 the gain = 391.76
391.76/909.31 = 43.1%
38.2% + 5.0% = 43.2%

the recent MAIN cycle LOWS were
Nov 20 - 2008
March 9th -2009
Days apart = 72 / 8 = 9 segments
Some use A 71 day cycle and that was one of them

But more important is the CURRENT cycle
March 9 to first high = 43 days = May 8th
From March 9 = 133 tr days or 44 X 3 =132 as of yesterday
THE NEXT LOW was May27th = 12 days from high to low
and 55 tr days frm March 6th

Which brings us to the current cycle
March 6 + 55 = May27th low to low + 71 to Spt 2nd
May 27th + 89 = October 1st low to low
October 1st/2nd = the next BRADLEY change DATE
MARCH 6th & 9th + 144 = October 1st & 2nd

other cycles ALSO CONVERGING at the SAME TIME
NOV 20 /21 -2008 + 216 days = OCTOBER 1st / 2nd = 4 segments of 54 days
Spt 2nd + 21 days = Oct 2nd = 34 days from Aug 17th & 89 May27
233 tr days OCT 27th , 2008 - which was followed a by a near 1000 pt next day rally

We are NOW 13 days prior to October 1st/2nd where the
NEXT major converging cycle LOWS reside

THIS IS A REVISION to the CYCLE low of SPT 25th



March 9th +

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


FROM DANERICS page tonight - ending diagonal in case
you didnt know what RAVI has been referring to.

Also called an EXHAUSTION wave where
wve iv overlaps wve i

ITS NOT neccessary to MAKE ONE MORE HIGH as he shows it

the LAST ABC should have been enuf

Hadik Hit it on the head - 9700 on the 15th using cycle weeks progressions

SPX was NOTABLY weaker than the DOW- a telltale signal of weakness

IT is POSSIBLE that AFTER the C wave at 1056.04
might have traced out waves 1 and 2 of the NEXT WAVE DOWN

Which means that wave 3 should START from the OPEN, and might not look back for
that typical retracement after the gap open. but we will see how it behaves.

258 bars is NOT till 11;30 tomrrow
90 bars Thsday at 12;30
180 bars Friday at 1;30 AND 204 bars at 3;30

Mahendra is sadly mistaken about a crash FROM the 29th,
in fact as Ive posted - its a CRASH UP, from the 28th and or 29th.
and dont let me forget that. we dont want anon to be disapointed.

FLASH and I agree about a HIGHER high possible on Oct10th
and another serious decline FROM Oct10th to the 16th

WILD and CRAZY driving BULLS insane

more later

whats an anon, anyway ?
maybe some day that person will offer at least some initials

outside day

Theres only ONE MORE move left for the bullish side of WAVE P2


we need an INTRADAY RALLY move higher today to 1053
FOLLOWED by a collapse to a lower level
breaking under the 4th wave of lesser degree.

with a RUN UP to 600, & subsequent drop
to 425 later today

It also depicts a low of 300 on the 17th & 18th
Ravi said...As mentioned earlier around the close,
we most likely finished a iii of (v) from 991.71 low.

Most likely scenario tomorrow is that we correct in a iv
early AM towards 1046.41 (38.2% of iii and low of lower degree fourth)
and then move up to complete v of (v) from 991.71 towards 1052-1053 area.


in addition to all the above
According to astro transits & readings, the end move should come today

more later

Sunday, September 13, 2009

UPDATE & new thread

Joseph, I will offer my outlook for SPT and October
at the risk of being sent to jail by ONE anon,
who Im sure has not offered ANYTHING
constructive for the group to use for more effective trading

Remember, this is only my opinion, and anyone trading on my outlook
is doing so at their own risk.
I do NOT offer any advice as to what or when to buy or sell-
I only offer my own trades and sometimes LIKE any trader, I lose$ also

Having said that for the benefit of anon, Heres my outlook for the next couple months

SPT and OCTOBER are set up to SELL OFF, but as any market,
it will have some WILD gyrations

SPT 14 as per previous data for TIME and PRICE WILL have SQUARED OFF.


SPT14th TOP of wave P2
DOWN on SPT 15 to 17
LOW on SPT 17th as per FLASH also
Rebound start on 18th - RoshHashanah to 22nd

23rd to 25th DOWN AGAIn and YES the 25th & or 28th should be an IMPORTANT
28th is YOM Kippur, and the mkt should start to move SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER
The NEXT 2 Bradley dates of OCT 2nd & 10th, both of which look like highs
for other reasons than JUST Bradley
NEW 2009 HIGHS ?? Maybe, but I doubt it & IT REALLY WONT MATTER,
if we are trading short term.

As per FLASH, per private email
WE BOTH agree on another MAJOR SLIDE from OCTOBER 10th to 16th

I think thats MORE than we need to know for now, and any further projections wont
be remembered by anyone anyway.

FLASH has MANY turn dates within the next 2 weeks, and he is RIGHT about them.
(15-17-18)-(17-21-22) (21-22-23) (17-21-24)- BUT how can anyone make sense of it?
he calls the above four 3 legged turns ?????????

But it does seem to fit in with increased VOLITILITY for the next 10days

Flash is working on a system derived from Keplers law which he calls CALEB
maybe it will offer more details as he develops it.

More later, maybe

Thursday, September 10, 2009


From Daneric's site - a great chart of the DOLLAR

24 days from previous LOW on Aug6th at 77.43

Today closed at 76.85
which might have qualified for a WAVE 5 BOTTOM

IF tomrrow's dollar explodes UPWARD, we will see a complete reversal
which includes DOWN stocks & gold
of course we know that gold could not hold 1007 at this time.

Its NOw 9days till Spt 23rd and the 55 tr day cyle from July8th & 110 from April20th
18th NEW moon should be a low following the full moon high on the 4th;

more later

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


TODAY Topped out at 1;15 pm
Activity index fell back to 66
It would appear that 1;15 to 1:26 at the Moon 120 Sun
has tipped the scales for the moment at spx 1036 & 9577

more than a typical 78.6% retracement, and as I posted they got to 92% at SPX1036
AND 92 % got an EXACT 9578 today on the DOW

THERE are a NUMBER of SHORT term cycles CONVERGING on FRIDAY at 10am
38.2% of 13day at 10:12am
18days or 3 x 6 tr days from Aug 17th - low to low
9 days from Aug28th high to low
39 hrs from Spt2nd lo to lo

DOLLAR appears to be making FRESH NEW LOWS and will be at 24 days tomrrow
but it doesnt rule out the morning of the 11th

Heldge's graphs shows a QUICK DIP should be NEXT, but it also indicates a QUICK rebound
this is consistent with the above cycle lows at 10am Friday
AS WELL AS a BRADLEY change date on Monday Spt14th
FASCINATING as the READING for Monday calls for a STRONG START
BUT the NEXT 3 days SPT 15-17 are WROT with A NEGATIVE CLUSTER

COY, you had mentioned a LOW on Friday and the above CYCLES could be IT
I went looking to confirm that, and it looks like I found it.

the GAME PLAN NOW would be to COVER shorts on FRIDAY
at 10am GIVEN THE ABOVE scenario plays out as described.

SPX 1014 SEEMS To be the MIDDLE GROUND for the last decline and rally from
August 28th, to SPT 9th and could be the cycle low for friday AM.

And that COULD leave the DOOR oopen JUST enuf to get ONE MORE thrust
BACK to 1036 / 1040

more later

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

UPSIDE exhaustion??

Looks like CLX shows latest rally with fewer stocks participating
Thats a WANING of support and $$ from investors

Today's futures higher open looks like a GIFT to the bears

Heres my trade dates for SPT

4th HIGH - turns into 8th for high, but not on close?
9th low at close
14th high at close
17th low at close
22nd high at close
25th low at close
28th TURNS higher into early October

Some are comparing this year to 1987-- DUHH- they do that every year
BUT this time it might be closer to 1987 than ever before-
We will explore that a little later on


Friday, September 04, 2009

6 month chart

Look at the 6 month chart above

Looks like the HIGh was hit on the 27th as we know
and what followed might be an A & B now looking for C wave LOWER
correcting the 170 pts run from 870 to 1040

170pts x fibo 3s
fibo levels at 975- 955- 935
40 pts rule of thumb = 1040 - 80 = 960

Chart above shows OBV topped 8/27
MACD crossed over on 14th and again on 27th
Ult Osc peaked on 7/28 & secondary turnover on 8/27

39 hr & 26 hr cycles converge NEXT on 9th at 4pm and
OR 10th at open
also converges WITh 180 bars at SAME TIMES
Hadik has a SIGNIFICANT cycle of SPT 8 to 11

8th reading calls for disappointment
9th = possible crisis
midnite high tide inverted
10th CHANGES = Strength & confidence
11th = UPBEAT day
14th =Positive day
another change takes place on 15th

More later

UPDATE & new thread


Employ report subtle

Europe STILL higher over 1%

Activity index gyrating
at 7am = 300
at 8am = 100
at 9am NOW = 225
Resembles the FUTURES this AM

Power index still climbs from 550 at yesterday's close to 600 this AM - then lower
and is at 300 by the 9th

Propens index peaks this AM & heads LOWER by close into Satdy

IF 204 bars did not hit at yesterdays close, it might be a minor drag at open today

full moon is at noon

Im still planning to SHORT , but might not wait for 1021 which we might not get
spx 1009 could offer some strong resistence

more later

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Elliott wave 3 way back in FEb


E was just at 934 on -- YUP -- August 17th

A 5th wave THRUST to 1000 COULD END the 5th wave NOW,
or on October 3rd to 10th if they stretch it out that far..

And I think they WILL as it also follows EQUITIES to the OCT10th
PEAK that Ive mentioned a few times

in other words, it could take 5 waves within the 5th wave to complete the cycle

& At 978, its at a strong resistance point right now, BUT....


Im STILL expecting an UP THRUST at tomrrow's open
I dont think it will last more than 15 minutes at most
SO, I will be positioned to SELL at 9:35am- THAT IS :: GIVEN a rally open

TODAY we had the following bar cycle LOWS
60bars at 10:30
90bars @ 1pm
126BARS @ 4pm

NOW heres an interesting POINT
Since 126bars HIT at CLOSE, it LEAVES the DOOR OPEN for tomrrow's rally

NOW, Im sure YOU remember I posted another take away AT
11am to noon tomrrow's converging multiple cycles & astro

what WAVE count do we get after the LOW at 991.79?
It looks like an "a" to 1000.34 at noon
and 'b" at close
"c" could carry to 1009 with Dow up 100 pts

Then The 13 day cycle low would = the X wave
and ONE more SET of 3 waves to Friday AM at 1009 to 1016 area.

POWER index has a rise to 450, then a LOW at 350, then ends the day at 500
Friday starts at 600, and falls to 450 by days end
the POWER INDEX 7 day outlook is set at a low 300 on the 9th.

More later

UPDATE & new thread

-2.90 spx Futures at 8:30 are consistent with the 39 hour LOW due at 9:45 to 10am

FIBO level of 991.55 is next level @ 78.6% retracement

FROM there, the PROPENS index shows UP for the day, and astro points to 3;30
Propens index makes a dive either late today or Tomrrow which is consistent
with the power index as well as the 13 day cycle as previously mentioned several times

TODAY -Down at open, then Up till 3;30
Thurs - UP open, maybe - drop into 11am-noon = next pivot low- then UP
Fri TOPS at 10am or by 11am latest on the Employment HYPE

IMO, FRIDAY open - BEST SHORT of the WEEK, expect sell off to CONTINUE on 8th
9th OPEN LOWER on 39 hr cycle at 10am

I hope some of you are catching onto the 26& 39 hr cycles
Aug 17 + 39 hrs = Spt 2nd at 10am [[ lo to lo ]]
Aug 31st at 10am LOW + 39 hrs = Spt 9th at 10am

Aug 28th @ 12:30pm + 26 hrs = Spt3rd at 11am to noon [w] other cycles converging
Aug 31st Low @ 10am + 26hrs = Spt4th HIGH- YES HIGH- low to high @ 10am

more later

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tuesday 9/1

Whats NEXT ?

With all my updated comments, I still get that question

Whats NEXT ?

I thought I was clear, but what do I know?

Today's futures are opening LOWER as of 8:30

228bars did not hit at 4pm yesterday,
which appears obvious from futures off 4.50 at 9am & was off 7.50 earlier

IMO, pivot today should be at noon @ 258bars and Merc 135 Jupiter
TODAY is an 8 day LOW & there is a mild neg lunar aspect as 4pm

in addition
Another pivot at 10am tomrrow on 39 hrs cycle
I could be wrong, but I think this one will be the Low of the WEEK
Wed is an 8 day TURN, thus adding to the change in trend posture today

Another pivot at 11am to noon on Thsday
should lead to the anticipated RALLY of the week
higher close leading to a BURST on Friday am with the Employ # as a catalyst

More later,