Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feb 1st daily guidance


FYI- Pay little or NO attention to the AMPLITUDE, only the direction

Daily Reading= Poor morning , mid day better, poor close
disruptions & accidents
Wait a day or 2 before venturing out to shop

FIBO convergence has NOT gone away

Feb 2nd Chinese new year of the Tiger- well we alrady know what happened to one Tiger

Feb 2nd ground hog day

Feb2nd reading
challenges & pressures
serious issues & road blocks

180 bars at open
204bars @ 11:30
13 day cycle @ 11;00
228bars@ 1:30
258bars POSSIBLY @ close

258bars possible at open unless it hit at 4pm yesterday
39hours high at 10am
its also possible that 329bars occurs at 3;30
or a 3;30 low is effected by Moon 0 Saturn at 3:49pm
AND moon 90 Pluto @ 4:01pm

Typcially, on a wash out day we get the LOD at 3:45-3;55pm which fits well with the above


Waves - Jan 29

Chart from Columbia's public pages

The wave count from the Jan 29th high does look like 4 waves are
complete now waiting for a 5th wave to finish the count which converges on Feb 2nd fibo dates.

Daily guidance graph to be published tomorrow AM before open


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan 28 to Feb 2

Any fine tuning from here on will be shown on the DAILY guidance graph which
will be posted late Sunday and or Monday AM prior to open


Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29 recap

As I wrote- some times it really difficult to delineate when one day ends and the next day begins

I dont MAKE these charts myself

They come to me from universal data and they are already published in advance

I try to show ONLY the data and graph that has relevance to the NEXT day
rather than include prior day or 2 to 3 days in the graph

I think this shows more clarity rather than including past days

Today showed a rally at open and typically we top at 10 to 11am as we actually did
Reported possible low at 11:30, DUHH , we actually got a low at noon

reported possible high at 2;30, and it occurred at 1;30- OMG just shoot me-gg

Reported possible low at 4pm, and it hit at 3;30, damn missed it again -gg

If I dont blow my own horn, I dont know who will

Yes, I do better in declining markets, but that is GOING TO CHANGE
You see my FEb graph and THOSE who will keep you AND ME short all the way
UP to FEb 28th will not be welcome

IT looks like the addition of the DAILY graphs has increased my accuracy greatly.

Looking forward to more of the same- later

Feb 2010 preliminary graph

There might be some slight variation on the actual trading from Jan 19th to Feb2nd

One thing that wont change is the FEB 2nd low
I know I posted this b4 but
Feb 2nd is a fibo convergence
55 from Nov 12 LOW,
144 july 9th LOW,
233 July9th Low
377 Aug 8 - 2008 low
610 Aug 28- 2007 low

The daily graph for Jan 29th seems to be saying they will stay above support

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 29

------------------------open------11:30L-----2;30H----4pm L

I dont know if we will get the washout today, but it seems that its in place

126B @ 11;30
150 b @ 1;30 or 156b @ 2pm
180bars at 4pm

Sun 180 Mars @ 2:43pm

Jan 29th is a Bradley date

Latest GRAPH is an UPDATE to the one previously posted
as it shows a higher open which agrees with astro since theres no energy to interfere with
that higher open.

as previously mentioned its REALLY hard to know where one day ends
and the next day begins


Projected path as posted Monday

Wave 3 that we are in NOW should be a multiple of wave 1

wave 1 lost 60 spx

60 x 1.618 = 97 pts

that would be a gift from the Gods

Jan 28th reading
shocking news
postpone biz decisions
nervous energy

Jan 29th
Yesterdays problems INCREASE
caution with $$

Dont waste this opp

Hadik now sees low extended to Feb 1 & 2
wheew, what took him so long ? gg


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan 28th daily graph

Follows the power index dropping from 500 today to 275 friday

Todays energy got reversed
Gietner took a beating in the AM, and we got a green light in the PM

We'll see what Mr Pres stirs up tonight, but the reading for tomorrow calls for
possible shocking news

Sun II Pluto
Moon 135 Sun
agitation & intensity
sounds like he will want to read congress the riot act[g]


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

explicit view of Jan 27th

-----------------------------------open ---------2pm H----4pm L

As mentioned, we could get a lower open, or not
MY game plan has multiple choices

We could buy the lower open
We could just wait out the rally and short the 2pm high


Jan 26 & most of Jan 27

Adjusted times ----------Jan26close-----Jan 27th open--------2pmFED-H

The times within the box didnt come out right when I transferred the image

THUS we may have WAVE 'b', NOT as low as WAVE 3 as this morning,
JUST as I commented on earlier
looking for wave 'c' - 4 ~~ higher tomrrow @ spx 1104 for potential short
could go a little above that but not by much


Daily Graph - Jan 26 & part of 27th

Jan 25---------------------------26--------------------26--------start 27th

Its really hard to know if tonights close will offer the pivot low to another intrday high
and 4th wave leading to a fifth of course on 28& 29

but they are backing off todays highs after 2pm ,
but I doubt tomrrow AM will open lower like today
And tomrrows read does call for green light till mid day


watching variables

All of the above variables are in a declining phase coming off the Jan 19th TOP

As the day makes progress we should see lower lows

156b @ noon
180b @ 2pm
204b@ 4pm

Activity index was at 200 earlier , now flat at 100 for last 2 hours

Power index NOW shows a CLEAR drop off after tomrrow jan 27th into the 29th.
from 500 level to 250

Which seems to corroborate my view for a rebound tomrrow FED day till 2;15

State of Union speech will be given too much importance, but at least we wont get a
BUSH review-- the UNION IS STRONG, he would bellow while Rome was burning

Anger and backlash against ALL govt action & incumbents
is taking its toll on the Senate for now, and will probably play a bigger roll in Nov.

As for the market, you can blame the Govt if you want, but it would have happened anyway


Monday, January 25, 2010

Coy's Earth Energy Chart

This chart seems to be in opposition to the Jaywiz chart


new graphic chart for Jan 25th & 26th


this graphic shows tomrrow has more potential to fit in
with a mood change on the 25th from good to poor on the 26th


DAILY graph

As you can see there's NOT much ado today or tomrrow


Another Line in the sand

chart from COLUMBIA
Thanks Michael

1150 -1090= 60pts
60x 23.6% = 14
1090 + 14 = 1104

The daily chart shows slightly higher today and dropping off some tomrrow
nothing dramatic either way in the first couple days this week

the Reading today calls for caution

Tuesday calls for
unwelcome news
no headway
numerous distractions
Also indicated is a mood change from good to poor

good today- poor tomrrow
if a good start tomrrow, expect it to change for the worse


Kondratieff WINTER

I Know you've seen this b4, AND it does point out that we are
NOW in the Winter season until 1942 for stock prices

Which is similar to 2000 - 2003
1938 to 1942

1942 Plus 60 years = the LONG wave


Diag triangle to Jan 19th and NOW

CHart from COLUMBIA public pages

Shows where we were and where we should be going over the next few days


Today's energy chart

From Coy Morphew


Sunday, January 24, 2010

HELGE this week

Helge's chart does seem to flow in a similar pattern as the one I posted

Lower on 25th
higher mid week
Low on 29th
high on Feb 1
low on Feb 2

Both our charts are NOT meant to display EXACT Amplitude, but are directional in nature

Ibo has also indicated a low on Monday, mid week high, and lower again


Possible path Wk of Jan 29

I can see theres NO pleasing everyone, so just take what you can get from this blog
and use it to your advantage

the DAILy graph for the 25th is not complete yet, so posting a partial COULD be misleading

But we could open higher Monday and give it back by noon to 1pm, then close better

This OVERALL outlook for Monday has not changed
but ive got some conflicting data which makes Monday's open a bit confusing to project.


Friday, January 22, 2010


Slight adjustment making the first LOW now on the 25th rather than it making the final high
Whats IMPORTANT is the END OF MONTH depiction, now starting from Jan 19th

Bradley date of Jan 19th triple top at 1150 spx was within 3 trading days of Jan 14th ECLIPSE

Earthquakes occurring with major geomagnetic forces

and now appears might be the orthordox high of 2010

As you might remember, my game plan was to get short on what I suspected to be the month's high on
the Morning of Jan 22nd.

the political events of this week including elections, Supreme court decisions,
and proposed Govt intervention in banking has CHANGED THE GAME

And notice how ALL THIS CAME OUT AFTER JAN 19th

Jan 31st has some serious effects of which we have already seen
Saturn 90 Pluto
Saturn = restrictions
Pluto = death & rejuvination
FORCED CHANGES--- thats an understatement

more later

Coy's Energy view for Jan 22

Todays Energy Chart by Coy Morphew

source to remain HIS secret


I posted recently the SPX CHART of year 1999-2001
AND 1938 to 1942

NOT that they are gospel, but the market does repeat WAVES even if NOT exact
they do emulate each other at certain times during the centuries and when a
comparison like this GLARES at us.

We should pay attention to it
Especially since they BOTH conform to the ASTRO transits
at least from HERE TO APRIL6th.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

update for Jan 22nd

----------------------------------------Jan 22---10amH-------2 -- 3pmL

I would love a rebound at open till 9:45 to add more shorts


1938- 1942

We Are now located at the Same point as the above at the HIGH of the 63% rally


second opinion

-------------1/20Close----1/21--2:30L-4pmH--1/22H9:45----noonL- so far

55%/13 day cycle at noon
might hold them for the day

chart not complete for 22nd yet, so we will have to wait for tomorrow am to see the ending

BUT IT still shows potential for minor recovery late today and or tomrrow by 10AM

game plan is to buy some shorts at close on a recovery, and add more on tomrrow's first 30 min open.


Jan 21 & 22

-----------------------------10am H -----2;30L -----------heavy selling on 22nd


Flash has it UPSIDE DOWN

JAN 14th New moon ECLIPSE within 1 day on Jan 19th was the FINAL high

Saturn 90 Pluto on Jan 31st== FORCED CHANGES -- ALA Pres Obama today

50% of 13 day cycle Pivot low today at 2;30pm should help the close a little

But tomrrow is potential for large sell off day as per above

the SOURCE of the DAILY chart is to remain SECRET
unless some one is willing to compensate me for consulting services


Jan 21- another view

Chart from Coy Morphew
looks exactly like the Jaywiz graph for same day

I knew there would be a time when I would lack confidence in the graph and feel a reluctance to show it because it might be wrong. But I didn't think it would be the third one. Imagine being long and seeing this chart at the open and you read the market is topping already.

Energy, after yesterday's close, peaks, dips, and peaks again going into the open about 0952 hrs. Futures should be up going into the open. I haven't a clue what the catalyst is for the market, but energy don't care.

I'm going to push the send button.


HI Coy
Welcome to the forecasters group[g]

more later

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 21st

------------------------------open --- 1pm-3pmH ? -------4pm L

We'll see what Coy's earth energy chart shows us in the AM

So far we have seen excellent results from the daily graphs

156bars is due at open, and might have a little dampening right at 9:35
180b @ 11;30
could leave an open to rebound till 3pm - Moon 120 Mars = positive energy

but according to the above graph, the close would be down on the day


Elliott wave recognition

Chart from Daneric public charts

Remember recently there was a problem identifying the Elliott wave


it is becoming much more recognizable as the wave completes the exhaustion 5/5/5


Jan 20 th energy view

Chart FROM :: Coy Morphew -- Source to remain secret

This graph depicts 24 hours, 1600 hrs Tuesday to 1600 hrs Wednesday. The fall in positive energy immediately follows yesterday's close. Energy is negative before Tuesday Midnight and recovers to positive energy about noon, Eastern. The angle of recovery is parabolic and goes higher than yesterday's close.

Energy may or may not correlate to price, but is a major driver. The least that can be said is likely to open down, close up.

Your welcome to copy and post my autographed chart.


More later

Jan 19 & 20

-----------------------19thL----4pmH---20th 10:30L---4pmH---21open L

WE got the rally within 3 days of Jan 14th eclipse high with run over on the 19th.
Someone pointed out Oct19 to Jan 19

ONCE more - its not IF, but WHEN the market will move from
a rebound wave to the next impulse lower

Ive written this b4 many times also
Typically the 23rd of any month tends to have a tendency to make a strong turn
numerology would point out that 2+3 = 5 which represents CHANGE

Its now quite obvious that 258 bars hit on CLOSE Friday,
and the rally from the START on the 19th is proof of that.

Today we STILL have potential to make a short term low at 10;30
90bars & 13 day segment
120b @ 1pm
150b @ 3:30pm

156bars hits at EITHER 4pm today OR open tomrrow -
thus Thsday and we could see a lower start also, UNLESS of course it hits at 4pm today


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SPX 2000

It may be a little hard to read this chart
it shows Jan 14th ,2000 HIGH
EOM Jan 200 -low
And April15th shrp drop from end of March


Jan 19th update

As I mentioned b4, the MAIN problem with using this graph is determining WHERE
one day ends and a new day begins- most especially over the weekends,
and of course with a holiday added for Monday makes it even more complicated.

So, now we have to see where today peaks out and we did mention 1145
which has been exceeded

some of you have data which shows where the buying is coming from,
and of course there seems to be NO desire to sell-
SELLING usually accompanies some news to create selling-
or at least they make it appear that way for the most part.

Regardless of these small moves within a 13 pt range
it still appears we are making some type of intermediate peak this week
to top out on Friday, possibly late Thursday,
and the exact timing is still not available yet.

So far the HOD was at 1pm, one of the hourly turns
with the first high at 11am
a minor low at noon at 30bars as indicated.

If that remains as the hod, then our ORIGINAL
call for a high at 11am got extended to 1pm. - not unusual at all.

I found a chart of SPX for 1998 to 2000 and will put it up next time
I had written in the past that I expected 2010 to emulate 2000,
and it still looks that way to me, thus making 2011 the BAD year, and or 2012

Which means that any sell off would get met by a near equal rebound
albeit some what less thus making lower highs and lower lows.
And this outlook ALSO has similarities to 1938 thru the 1942 lows
and it would make 2012 equal to a 70 year TURN


Jan 19th

---------------------------open lower-----noon L --4pmH -----open Wed
The larger hash marks represent 8am and 4pm for today & far right = 8am tomorrow.

I had been anticipating a higher morning till about 11am for today,
but that rebound might come after a lower open on 258bars which
is right on the cusp between Friday's close, and today's open

According to this graph, however, it looks like NON stop down till
at least
noon at 30 bars or
2:30 at 60bars

And the chart does show potential for lower open tomrrow which had been expected.
WED Jan 20 has
90bars @ 10:30am
38.2% /13 day cycle at 10:42am

more later

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 2000 to April 2000

I dont have a graph of year 2000, but you can send it to me if you want


Jan 14th was the HIGH

End of Jan took a hit

APRIL 1st to 15th took a MAJOR HIT

Not that we will have EXACT dates this year, but the cycles may be quite similar
btw, this is NOT a GUESS


Feb 2nd is related to a number of previous FIBO lows

55 tr days = NOV 12 L
144 tr days = july9th
233 tr days = 3/3 within 3 days of 3/6
377 = Aug 4, 2008
610 = Aug 28/07


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 15th just as projected

Chart from COLUMBIA public charts

Why is it?
when a trader gets bullish- they profess to the moon
when a trader gets bearish-they profess a crash

As I HAVE POSTED several times
The trading from Jan 14th ECLIPSE to Jan 22nd should emulate
Wave 1 lower to 1125
Wave 2 rebound to 1145 on Jan 22nd
Wave 3 DOWN to Jan 29
wave 4 on feb 1
wave 5 DOWN on Feb 2nd

BUT THATS JUST WAVE "A" of a corrective pattern that should take us to April 6th
before finding a footing for the next rally to late June.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15th


These times might not work out exactly but they should be close, or at least give us
some idea as to the flow of the day

ITS really hard sometimes to determine WHERE one day ENDS and the NEXT day begins

As I posted, we SHOULD expect a LOWER open which above looks like it
could have been at close yesterday as there was a minor set back in last hour

BUT now we see the effect of the eclipse on the trading of the 14th , and its after effects.

today we have
204bars at 11;30
228bars @ 1:30
258bars @ 4pm OR open Tuesday

Jan 19 is a BRADLEY turn date - FWIW


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 15th


We have 180 bars occurring at EITHER 4pm and or OPEN tomrrow

which makes it really hard to know if we will open lower or not

Since the energy culminates at 2am tonight on the Eclipse, we would guess that
tomrrow should open lower, then recover holding under resistence at 1150, for now

If they do open HIGHER, then 9:45 might be the HOD, and they get sluggish all day
but with one more attempt as shown above.

try try and try again till mid day
looses steam after noon and drops into the 19th at spx 1125 area

20th -21st recover and top out on 22nd

Yes WE are getting there -gg


Jan 14 -15

-------------------------13open----11am ------4pm or open-----15th

Looks like 15th holds it own after possible lower open, or drop off somewhat later today

Any setback PRIOR TO JAN 22nd seems limited to spx1123

but IF it does touch that level prior to Jan 22nd,

then Jan 22nd would provide a LOWER HIGH that late today

and thus would set the stage for a strong sell off at month end



and this is at lest the THIRD TIME I HAVE posted this scenario


IM PATIENTLY waiting JAN 22nd to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the coming decline

Jan 31st = SATURN 90 PLUTO

Saturn planet of KARMA and responsibility
Planet of DEATH & rejuvination
Power struggles

IN addition we also have SUN 180 MARS on the 29th = CONFLICT


more later


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 14

More of the same stuff

Down to start or right after open we have 120bars at 11am

High into Eclipse late in the day

Remember the math model shows 10,752 possible at 55%

Activity index never backed off today, closed at 300

power index flat at moderately higher levels near 475
Its strength wanes a bit on the 15th & drops to 375


Jan 13

Same as indicated by power index

slow start - rally till about 2pm, and lower close with strong open on 14th

activity index is mildly strong today at 200 at 8am and was at 300 earlier

I hope these illustrations help gain some daily perspective as the are available a day in advance
but only 80% complete. NOW as you can see in the AM, we have 100% for today
and part of tomrrow.

more later

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 13

----------------------------------------------open ---1:42pm---close

One pic is worth 1000 words, and so far they are darn good

Its very hard to place the times on the blog
they dont come out where I put them, and I have to adjust & edit several times

the crux of it shows
SLOPPY OPEN & the reading does indicate a lower start with Moon 90 Saturn at 9:11am
HOD should come at 1:42pm on Sun 60 Uranus
close should be lower, read says be FLEXIBLE -but the picture for 13th isnt complete yet


Jan 12 updated

Same as before and now shows weakness continuing into the 13th
as does the original Jan 2010 Graph

We have to be aware that the AMPLITUDE shown on the graph does NOT always represent
what the actual turns out.

astro influences can be muted or expanded based on what is occurring in the cosmos
at any given time, and can be somewhat confusing due the the nature of the planets involved
and how human nature responds to gravitational effects on our own magnetic field

We are effected by changes in our mag field, which is effected by forces from our universe
including not only the moon & sun, but all other events at the same time

Its a HUGE puzzle that can have positive or adverse effects and each day has its own personality

more later

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 12

-----------------------Tuesday OPEN--------2pm ?------ 4pm -To be shown later

Jan 11th worked well - lets see how Jan 12th works out as above

End of the day is NOT pictured yet, so there could be a late recovery- see it in the AM

204 bars at OPEN could offer a strong retreat as above
228bars at 11:30 am
258 bars at 2pm, could offer the LOD


Jan 11

---------------------------------------9:30-10am ------ 4pm ---Tues open

power index right in line with choppy start, but better close


Jan 11

As you can see from the chart above that Jan 11th has the potential to move higher

12th & 13th appear SOFT, but not dangerous

14 & 15th appear higher into Eclipse

The only thing that changed was the LACK of severity of the 6th to 8th,
but the mkt was somewhat subdued even tho the SPX did move higher each day.


As far as Charts EDGE is concerned- FU GED ABUD IT
Tuesday might be right
WEd might be Tuesday
Thursday might be wed
Friday looks ok

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now & Then

thanks Alice
Govt can do whatever they want, but they cant stop the MARKET CYCLE.
IF they had done NOTHING last year from Spt to March,

Andre and others

What would be the BEST BEAR scenario given a price decline from Jan 22 to Jan29th
and what would be the least case scenario ??

in other words
what are the parameter levels at which we could expect support to hold?

We will have approx a 500 point rebound from March 9th to Jan 22.

I had posted data showing an 18 month decline from Oct 10- 2007 to March 9th, 2009
Then 9 months + from Mar9 to Jan 22
22 months = 55% equaling the 55% price gain of 500pts - or damn close to it.

Any decline [ LATE JANUARY] in such a short time slot should NOT represent anything
but a normal setback within a RISING trend still due to reach its pinnacle
on or about JULY 22nd which is equal to 34 FIBO months adding 18 + 9 + 7.

If we apply FIBO to the 500 pts gain, we could see losses of 8%-13% as an expected correction
for example - We had pivots hit on
July8th @ 887 or 7%
Nov 2 at 1030 or 6%

at spx 1070 = to 21% of the 500 pts gain or 100 pts
which only = an 8% loss from spx1165 level

Looking back at Mar 2003 to Oct 2007, corrective loses were limited to about 10% maximum

From a LOW expected on Jan 29, and or FEB2nd
we can then expect a continuation of the UPTREND to JULY 22nd
HOW HIGH, you ask.
wow, you sure are needy[g]

Just a GUESS, but
62% = spx1230
78% = spx 1376

As one example in 1938 the rebound was 62%.
I would venture to say that spx 1230 looks right
which means we can go from 1070 to 1230 from Jan 29 to July22nd

more later

TOO bullish?

Some of you seem to be too bullish

Expect MONDAY to scare BULLS in first hour,
but day should end where it began and maybe better

Every bullish move this week should be met with minor selling

and every bearish move next 10 days should be met with buying

once again, the KEY TURN DATE this month is Jan 22nd
Anyone with TECHNICAL savvy should be concentrating on that turn and its technical value

Until then, please dont beat up on each other with your comments
which should be restricted to market updates, and NO personality cramming

More later

Thursday, January 07, 2010



78.6%/13 day cycle at 9:55

could recover from there for favorable day



im out of the office and have limited access
new thread for today

Today'sselling might spill over tomrrow, but as many of you have already noted, the downside
is limited .

Still expect a bigUP day Monday

then its possible to start building wave a & b leading up to jan 22

the astro events from there to FEB 2nd are considerably MORE negative..


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

January 2010

As per my last discussion

follow the lighter line on top of the chart


January 2010

It would appear that this chart is looking better as the day progresses today being Jan 6

There seems to be NO selling pressure of much consequence today so far
and the activity index is jumping between 66 and 166

However, we still have the PIVOT day tomrrow from
Armstrong's previous pivot low on April 20= 182 tr days = 8.6 months

IT may ALL occur in one day as far as a larger sell off, but it now appear
the sell off on Dec31 as pictured above might hold

the 11th as Flash posted has some strong potential
Sun 0 Venus 0 Node = sunshine on money(venus) means a good biz day
Might even be the high of the month
Some people would call it a HIGH ENERGY DAY

If the 22nd is to offer a STRONG TURN as shown,
I would venture to think it would start sooner
projecting wave a prior to Jan 22 & wave b high ON Jan 22nd
thus the wave c sell off from Jan 25th to FEb 2nd

In other words, even though my chart is SKEWED toward a Jan 22nd high
it might NOT work out exactly that way
MY ORIGINAL GRAPH- the rough draft had Jan 11-15 & 22 fairly equal
BUT it also shows some weakening AFTER Jan 11th,
which might lead to lower lows and lower highs up to Jan 22

If you scroll down to the light lavendar color graphs under January 2010
it shows what I mean

more later

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

bearish divergences

From Danerics public charts

They JUST HAD TO GLOAT for one more day

A Bradley HIGh was met today
Next Bradley is 9th, but that could mean a low on the 8th - employ report??

Spx did NOT lead the DOW lower
and the DOW almost never leads the way lower

Yes Reza, we rally should see a gap down tomrrow and non stop to lows on the 7th at 3:45pm