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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SPX 2000

It may be a little hard to read this chart
it shows Jan 14th ,2000 HIGH
EOM Jan 200 -low
And April15th shrp drop from end of March



rrman said...

well Jay you said 1125 we hit 1128 this morning close enuff and the 1145 was hit....what your thoughts now for tomorrow...

Linton said...

rrman. are you long?

I went long at the close, with a loss on the short

rrman said...

no went short a lil early in the afternoon holding for the down wave overnight in the futes will go long in the morning i think

rrman said...

helge shows a big down wave overnight ending about the open then big up wave

rrman said...

We should reverse at open and run back up to the top of the channel or might even make it to 1150 on es this time Jay's Chart is playing out to the letter...

to said...

look at DE and CAT chart from last monday; overlay on the S&P from yesterday; then look at the DE & CAT chart from last tuesday will give you the roadmap for today

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