Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan 28 to Feb 2

Any fine tuning from here on will be shown on the DAILY guidance graph which
will be posted late Sunday and or Monday AM prior to open



Reza said...

I thought I was a follower all this time, but did not find mine name. So redid it again

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Reza
I thought you had previously registered also


dabillue said...

Jay, helping you to get to 100. I am 99th :)


rrman said...

Love that graph even us dunderheads can keep the times straight on that..

samamehta said...

Rrman, it will be interesting to watch sunday PM. what time globex open 3 PM EST? I will follow the globex

mid feb look for 925-900

RickyBobby said...


Who is your source for information?

Anonymous said...

samamehta saying down 5 to 9 feb

and recently down 9 or 10th feb

We''l soon find out if they are right!

Linton said...

hahaha confusion confusion.

kevin said...

Red Dragon Leo suggests we will be UP this week, with the drop starting 8th or 9th Feb.

Place your bets on who'll be right :)

Jay Strauss said...

thanks for # 99
and WELCOME aboard

Looking for further losses in MID Feb will most likely NOT be valid

Tuesday's FIBO convergence is VERY STRONG

I posted this b4
Suggest yuo read it on the main page


IF Red is right we rally this week
and drop next week, butt he above convergence confirms my other data
indicating a LOW on Tuesday


Jay Strauss said...

WOW, WERE at 102 members
THanks Guys it means a lot to me

Welcome Doc4bax & shark

youve made my day


rrman said...

I think Jay is right on the 2nd but look at Helge's waves a lot of it happens after hours will have to be nimble.....

Reza said...

Congratulations Jay

Jay Strauss said...

With MY work as well as Helge
You cannot USE our times as ABSOLUTE

Helge is OFTEN off as far as projected UPS & downs given EXACT times and or dates, but his RISES and falls do correlate to stocks within a brief time period- BUT yuo cannot use it for EXACT times

I noticed yuo are doing the same thing on jaywiz blog

You rally have to give it some LEEWAY
however, I am using daily bar cycles - 39hr cycle and my NOW FAMOUS 13 day cycle to pinpoint certain PIVOT lows during the day

AND there are 3 daily TURNS which Ive told you to watch for many times
THose times are USUALLY highs
but if influenced by bars and or astro can also be lows

So, on a DAILY BASIS, including the daily guidance graph, NOW have
enuf data to see in ADVANCE what we should expect for the NEXT trading day

BUT again- TIMES are NOT absolute

enuf data to make

rrman said...

Yeah I hear you Jay but its nice to know the general time the waves are coming you can be watching for them...

rrman said...

Sam futures open at 5pm central

samamehta said...

Thanks RRMAN. went long at the open. futures are holding. should get bounce to at least 1082-85. to generate flush like down early am tomorrow, if flush is coming at all.

my feb 9-10 big down days comes from :

this makes sense as the final panic may comearound feb 17 as the ST bottom. This is from Roy at T&C Ian's site. I respect his calls. He is very analytical.

Jay is familiar with the site.

z reddragonleo said...
Interesting post to say the least... I'm going to agree with you that I think we will chop around a lot this year.

I'm looking for a nice move down in early February. About a 100 points or so, around February 9th-10th.

For next week, I'm looking for a down move all week, and then back up into the end of the month, and early February.

Play it safe, and take profits quickly this week. The move up isn't over yet. Save your cash for February 9th-10th my friend.


P.S. How I know about that date is another story. Let's just say that a little birdy told me so. If it plays out like I expect it too, I'll be listening closer to that little birdy. :-)"