Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feb 1st daily guidance


FYI- Pay little or NO attention to the AMPLITUDE, only the direction

Daily Reading= Poor morning , mid day better, poor close
disruptions & accidents
Wait a day or 2 before venturing out to shop

FIBO convergence has NOT gone away

Feb 2nd Chinese new year of the Tiger- well we alrady know what happened to one Tiger

Feb 2nd ground hog day

Feb2nd reading
challenges & pressures
serious issues & road blocks

180 bars at open
204bars @ 11:30
13 day cycle @ 11;00
228bars@ 1:30
258bars POSSIBLY @ close

258bars possible at open unless it hit at 4pm yesterday
39hours high at 10am
its also possible that 329bars occurs at 3;30
or a 3;30 low is effected by Moon 0 Saturn at 3:49pm
AND moon 90 Pluto @ 4:01pm

Typcially, on a wash out day we get the LOD at 3:45-3;55pm which fits well with the above



Anonymous said...

feb 2nd is not chinese new year this year, it starts on the 14th Feb this year...

samamehta said...

Thanks RRMAN. went long at the open. futures are holding. should get bounce to at least 1082-85. to generate flush like down early am tomorrow, if flush is coming at all.

my feb 9-10 big down days comes from :

this makes sense as the final panic may comearound feb 17 as the ST bottom. This is from Roy at T&C Ian's site. I respect his calls. He is very analytical.

Jay is familiar with the site.

z reddragonleo said...
Interesting post to say the least... I'm going to agree with you that I think we will chop around a lot this year.

I'm looking for a nice move down in early February. About a 100 points or so, around February 9th-10th.

For next week, I'm looking for a down move all week, and then back up into the end of the month, and early February.

Play it safe, and take profits quickly this week. The move up isn't over yet. Save your cash for February 9th-10th my friend.


P.S. How I know about that date is another story. Let's just say that a little birdy told me so. If it plays out like I expect it too, I'll be listening closer to that little birdy. :-)"

6:32 PM

rrman said...

Yeah Sam looks like to me tomorrow will be a big up day going short around Jay's 3pm eastern High should be the play of the day the big move looks like will happen in the after hours tomorrow and go long around 6am Eastern or at the open will be the play ....I know Jay says his turns are not cut in stone but i have to say I made almost all the swings last week....but i screwed up friday should have just sat it out since it looked indecisive to me ....lesson learned.. as Jay would say you don't have to be in the market all the time..

Reza said...


In other words you are saying to close longs around 3 pm

rrman said...

Thats my plan and I will advise all my followers on my email blast list to do that....

rrman said...

but more important I will buy tza in my ira and go short the futs in my trading i usually trade faz/fas but financials have been lagging the last few days and actually qid 2x has been doing as good as some of the 3x etfs

samamehta said...

I d not trust faz, RRMAN, you are rght about tz qid. I am stayng wt sds

woud like to go on your email list. let enow, ho one does it.

samamehta said...

I am long from 1068 and have exit at 1078 if globex gives me. hvesto lss at break even now.

will go short there. Oscar is shorting frm mid to hih 1070s. H is also good trader. Plus short is the game now.

Reza said...


I did not know u had an email list

Anonymous said...

rrman has followers?



rrman said...

its trying for a gapfill it will be a good long if we get it i got out of my long about 6am looking for a entry back long here gapfill would be a gift