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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Possible path Wk of Jan 29

I can see theres NO pleasing everyone, so just take what you can get from this blog
and use it to your advantage

the DAILy graph for the 25th is not complete yet, so posting a partial COULD be misleading

But we could open higher Monday and give it back by noon to 1pm, then close better

This OVERALL outlook for Monday has not changed
but ive got some conflicting data which makes Monday's open a bit confusing to project.



rrman said...

Thanks for the Chart Jay....Helge looks like a mess up down up down most of the trading hours up after hours huge moves down but with a upward trend to end of

Jay Strauss said...

market direction could shift some as
a lower low might occur tomrrow prior to a rebound on the morning of the 27th

there is a LOT of APPREHENSION STILL over hanging this week as per the aspects, and there is very little exuberance to buy into an ill perceived low

A Bradley date on the 27th could be the next intraday TURN as we are still expecting a deep sell off on Ths & friday.