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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan 19th

---------------------------open lower-----noon L --4pmH -----open Wed
The larger hash marks represent 8am and 4pm for today & far right = 8am tomorrow.

I had been anticipating a higher morning till about 11am for today,
but that rebound might come after a lower open on 258bars which
is right on the cusp between Friday's close, and today's open

According to this graph, however, it looks like NON stop down till
at least
noon at 30 bars or
2:30 at 60bars

And the chart does show potential for lower open tomrrow which had been expected.
WED Jan 20 has
90bars @ 10:30am
38.2% /13 day cycle at 10:42am

more later


Linton said...

I think we'd follow jay's prev call of a 11am high then down till wed

rrman said...

out of longs at 1139 and now short also bought tza in ira at 8.86

Jay Strauss said...

Yes that does have merit

part of the graph I didnt show to the LEFT is a flat to slight rise prior to making that dip as shown

I didnt show it because its NOT withing the parameters of 8 am to 4pm

11am turn lower today to 10:30-11am turn higher tomrrow


rrman said...

added more shorts at 1140

Anonymous said...

MKT: bulls can accumulate down to 1123 SPX; if not comfortable, then 1132 is the pivot line again; SPX 1170 forms above 1140 on daily level


Linton said...

ptg is happy eh

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linton

Nice profit on longs so far.

I said 1145 cash, well they gave me 1146


Linton said...

You short now ptg?

Linton said...

just went short 1145.32

rrman said...

added more shorts 1141.50

Anonymous said...



Reza said...


Do u think 1145, then short

rrman said...

Reza sure looks like we're going to retest the high before we drop now...

rrman said...

guess flash was right on the 19th call....

MKT: next 3 leg turn up is 1/19, 1/22, 1/25 but there is a trading low in there between now & then so go find the day :-)