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Sunday, January 24, 2010

HELGE this week

Helge's chart does seem to flow in a similar pattern as the one I posted

Lower on 25th
higher mid week
Low on 29th
high on Feb 1
low on Feb 2

Both our charts are NOT meant to display EXACT Amplitude, but are directional in nature

Ibo has also indicated a low on Monday, mid week high, and lower again



rrman said...

The daily Helge chart shows swings up during the trading house down overnight but closing friday slightly up for the week....that big swing up wed looks interesting

ps look at the first chart on the link

indigo said...

Indeed, both Helge and ChartsEdge seem to suggest we get our B wave up this week until Friday, which would be a top, and then a plunge probably next week (Feb 1) after the 1/31 eclipse. (see their commentary in the second entry on the page)
My guess is that 1/27 will be volatile and will be the wave 2 down of B up?

Thanks Jay for posting your outlook though. Please keep us updated with your daily charts!

rrman said...

Flash says 25th is tradable high into g7 meeting 1150ish hmmmm

indigo said...

Flash might have changed his mind though. He now suggests a bottom around 1087 and to go short between 1120 - 1136.
Incidentally, Sun, Moon Investments seems to agree with Jay in their forecast:
Low: Wall Street Fri. 22 (Mo. 25) January 2010
High: Wall Street Wed. 27 January
Low: Wall Street Fri. 29 January / Mo. 1 February
High: Wall Street Wed. 3 February
Low: Wall Street Thurs. 4 February
High Wall Street Mo. 8 February
Low Wall Street Thurs. 11 February

Looks like the next big shorting opportunity in Feb is 2/8. But before then, we may get our wave C down from 1/27 - 1/29??