Sunday, January 31, 2010

Waves - Jan 29

Chart from Columbia's public pages

The wave count from the Jan 29th high does look like 4 waves are
complete now waiting for a 5th wave to finish the count which converges on Feb 2nd fibo dates.

Daily guidance graph to be published tomorrow AM before open


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samamehta said...

Thanks RRMAN. went long at the open. futures are holding. should get bounce to at least 1082-85. to generate flush like down early am tomorrow, if flush is coming at all.

my feb 9-10 big down days comes from :

this makes sense as the final panic may comearound feb 17 as the ST bottom. This is from Roy at T&C Ian's site. I respect his calls. He is very analytical.

Jay is familiar with the site.

z reddragonleo said...
Interesting post to say the least... I'm going to agree with you that I think we will chop around a lot this year.

I'm looking for a nice move down in early February. About a 100 points or so, around February 9th-10th.

For next week, I'm looking for a down move all week, and then back up into the end of the month, and early February.

Play it safe, and take profits quickly this week. The move up isn't over yet. Save your cash for February 9th-10th my friend.


P.S. How I know about that date is another story. Let's just say that a little birdy told me so. If it plays out like I expect it too, I'll be listening closer to that little birdy. :-)"

6:32 PM