Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Revised December Energy Guide

Dont expect EVERY NUANCE to get hit precisely , but this should offer some guidance
into December's price action


Day Traders EKG - Nov 30th

Once again the traders EKG did a fairly good job
of showing the direction of trading during the day.
that last uptick turned into a drop off at the close, but like Ive told you b4,
the end of day depiction is difficult to define as the data is streaming
and i have to cut it off at my discretion
Day trader EKG is still 70% accurate daily since inception on March 24th

Today's reading agrees with futures and the POWER graph data indicates a LOW CLOSE today, or at least a low at about 2:22pm on some negative energy.

Expect a stressful day today

60bars @ 10am
90bars @ 12:30
126bars @ 3;30

It appears the 144 tr day cycle of May 7th might provide a short term low today, but the LOW
of a developing triangle might be more apt to end on DEC 21st.
Dec21 has a convergence of cycles
55 -Oct4th - a low
110- Jly16 - a low
165 Apr 26. a high
220 Feb 8 - a low

more later

Monday, November 29, 2010

Power Graph this week

WE mentioned SPX 1155 as potential for a low this week which is
emulated by many other techs, and seems plausible at the moment since
the spx hit 1174 at 10am right on strong negative energy


Day Traders EKG - Nov 29th

DID YOU PAY ATTENTION to the EKG this morning
PERFECT SCORE, even with the broken lines
258bars at 11;30 hit at 11;45
30bars then hit at 2pm, low at 1:40pm
All the above was
JUST LIKE The EKG showed
I was tempted NOT to publish the EKG today
as you can see it is SEGMENTED and very hard to get a reading

But the futures are leading the open lower, and from there, FILL in the Broken lines
Mid day rebound

cycles today
258bars at 11:30

39 hrs hits today at 1pm due to the shortened day Friday
might that be the rebound HIGH ??

Today is 144 May6th & 89 Jul26
Also a Bradley date
does it mean anything ??

We now have 2 days of very strong FLUX activity
impact data is missing at the moment- no reading

Today calls for

power struggles

Reach agreements

fortunate developments

Disruptions & accidents

more later


Revised Dec10--Jan11 ENERGY

This reflects the change NOTED in red on the last page

Saturday, November 27, 2010

December 2010 Guidance Graph is at the TOP of the Google page - Jaywiz
Jaywiz is 4th on the front page of Google search for day trader ekg

IT IS VERY LIKELY that the Mid Month low could ACTUALLY occur as LATE as the 22nd before turning higher- There is a LOT of interference around that Lunar Eclipse on the 21st, and that energy seems to dissipate by the 23rd, so do be prepared to see the mkt selling off
around that time.

the NTC link to merchant services is geared for those accounts
who most processors consider HIGH RISK,
BUT {{WE WELCOME those accounts}}
ASK FOR Me in person

November Market Guidance -revisited

Official Google Blog: Introducing Google Buzz

Official Google Blog: Introducing Google Buzz

November 29 & 30

Weve mentioned NOV 29& 30 many times and this Korean problem gives traders the perfect
excuse to take profits


Friday, November 26, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Nov 26th

The EKG below was for the WHOLE day, so the depiction was PERFECT for the half day

It remains to be seen how this half day is going to mess up my 39 hour count
In the past it would catch up at the XMAS half day , but we dont have one this year
only Nov 26th

more later

Activity index was dead flat at 33 all nite - its lowest possible value
and its STILL at 33 at 10am

New Impact index took a DIVE late yesterday and so far made a DIP low earlier today.
Im not sure what it will do later as it updates every 10 minutes

Energy today is on a LOW EBB so we should not expect any rebounds, or if any, they should be short lived. Korean deal adds to the uncertainty, but the mkt would have dropped off anyway.

Today's read is unchanged from previous readings
unsettled - caution driving & stay grounded

more later

Thursday, November 25, 2010

NOT below 1155?? by Nov 30th

Nov 30th is fast approaching , and SPX 1155 has been projected by some
and others have indicated 1129 as possible

Either way, the energy levels are still running high as Jan 4th eclipse also promises
to push markets higher into at least Jan 7th before some retreating some.
But we'll get into Jan in more detail later.

Dec has NEVER been a terrible month, tough months are not unusual , but the normal course of events for December is normally benign

more later

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov 24th EKG- updated

Could have been a better ending for the bears, but NOT TODAY
LOOKS LIKE Futures pointing to HIGHER OPEN

26 HOURS at 10am could be HOD, not lod
today's reading is still negative as previously published
A SOUR day with bad reactions
Fear clouds thinking

Friday AM is projected to open HIGHER ALSO

gives Monday & Tues opp to open lower both days

156bars @12:30
180bars @ 2:30

Neg energy at 3:46pm


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prelim day trader Nov 24th

26hrs & 126bars converge at 10am

156bars at 12:30
180bars at 2:30

Tomrrows read says its not a nice day

Today's pc ratios are 50% bullish

Jaywiz ratio = .66 and is near the border line, but slightly more bullish

One of these days has got to be at least a 300 pts decline,
but it might wait for the 29th on that one

Until then they are eating away at price levels and building a bullish case

Technicals can deceive going down as well as on the way up

Nov 29th still the target date


Monday, November 22, 2010

day trader EKG for Nov 23

Once again, the End of day sell off appears it will occur tomrrow and
an LOD is possible like today at 10am @26hours & 126bars at the same time


yesterday , the LOD hit exactly on the 258 bar pivot
the next 258 bar pivot is on the 29th

Tues has a 120 bar cycle hit at 4pm

wed has 26 hr cycle at 10am
126bars @ 10am
and the day is called SOUR

Thursday is TURKEY DAY-- ENJOY

We are getting 26,000 visitors/ MONTH

Some of you please make some comments
let us know your here- we want to know you
and do sign in as a member

more later
Its now later 8 am Tuesday

Flux indicator showing big activity
Power data indicates gap open lower
8am futures indicate Dow off 100 at open

Since the 29th is ONLY a few sessions from today, the mkt has to settle into
its cycle lows, thus the action should be heavily biased lower


Day Trader UPDATE for NOV 22nd

ONCE again we see the END OF DAY rising with no late drop off, but like Friday's
late sell pictured off, IT DID OCCUR on OPEN Monday
LOD was at a combo of cycles
78.6%/13 day at 12;25
258bars at 12:30
LOD was at about 12;30

It does look like wave iv is not finished yet as per GURU comments on previous page

Which means we spend more time today trading near the 1200 level today until
that wave iv triangle is finished

11am- So far today It does look like wave iv is in progress with a contracting triangle


thats what the EKG is IMPLYING, but we have to see the proof at today's close

What REALLY matters is the OUTCOME of the NEXT few days till Nov 29/30

Monday & Tuesday's readings may be flipped
today appears MIXED
making tomorrow a serious day, and the EARLY EKG does show tomrrow weaker

A low is due at 258bars {21hrs} at 12;30pm
from there, a rebound to a high energy pt at 3:05 might just give us that turn

then its OBVIOUS to look for wave V.
That triangle confines the upper line to a level under 1200.

Waves 1 to 3 took out 55 spx pts from 1227 to 1173
55 X 1.618 = 89 pts which would take the spx down to 1111
Im rounding off, which I hope is OK with some ELLIOTT xperts

TIMING points toward NOV 29th
144 tr days from May6th, and we all know what happened on that day
Nov 30 is 144 tr days Nov 30, which closed lower
BUT those cycles could flip on each other where the 29th closes lowest,
and the 30th makes the TURN


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day Traders-weekend comments

MOST times, I would agree with Columbia to look for a B then C wave higher
later this week,
MY outlook has an IMPORTANT low Pivot turn on Nov 29th, thus time is
TOO SHORT for the mkt to spend it making more waves higher.

This week
Friday's OPTIONS ratios show 100% BEARISH

a serious day with arguments

early caution
MIXED Signals
Better later

Poor prospects


Friday = 1pm close
expect a GOOD START
becoming unsettled after breakfast time

more later

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Nov 19th

that EKG could have worked out better or actually PERFECT without the eod sell off
And for those newcomers, Ive often written, the DATA stream is CONSTANT, thus ITS up to ME to CHOOSE what the end of the day might look like.

Contrary to the EKG, MY outlook did CALL FOR AN MID DAY SURGE and I had encouraged
my Yahoo group to WAIT FOR 4pm to go SHORT- which as of the moment looks like a GOOD BET for a sell off on Monday
Energy levels take a DIVE after Yesterday's strong runup
However, that does NOT immediately translate to lower stock prices

Today's mid day surge appears to wane by days end.

The SIZE of the above directional movement might be misleading

Today promises to be somewhat frustrating, but expect a mid day surge
and that late sell off might NOT occur, or if it does, then it might be like yesterday
with only a moderately lower level than mid day.

Fibo Price levels are still the same as yesterday
1210 potential, and if we see that today b4 4pm, I will be shorting it.

more later

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Nov 18th

Just as predicted, a late drop off
It does LOOK like the 144 FIBO trade day cycle from April26th hit yesterday
and as suggested earlier this week and the NOV guidance graph shows,
the 17th looks like it has provided a short term pivot low.

DOES THAT MEAN a new BULL RUN to 1300??

NOT imo,
IMO, only represents a a short term rally in an ONGOING trend
LOWER to NOV 29/30--the NEXT FIBO convergence.

Power index does SHOW a HIGH early today as currently indicated by the Opening Futures

39HOUR Cycle at 10am appears now as a possible HIGH, but not neccesarily THE high
of this contra trend rebound

1227-1173 = 55 OHH, theres FIBO again
wave 1 down ??

wave 2 rebound now in progress??
13pts = 1186 --already gone, according to 1190 opening futures
21pts = 1194 -- very likely
38pts =1211 -- maybe, but doubtful

Reading for today
RESISTANCE dissipates

Some frustrations
Mid day SURGE = progress

more later

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day traders discussion group

From what Ive read and heard, the above looks pretty good

Day Traders EKG - Nov 17th

Today calls for a cycle convergence

258bars at 10:30

neg energy at
10:19 am
2;37 pm
3:48 pm

60bars at 3:30pm might allow for a late rise off that pivot

The down trend continues for NOV
but internals are becoming oversold somewhat and a bounce Ths & fri would be warranted

Jaywiz ratio = .59-- is still borderline

Would like to see a Jaywiz index under 20 at least 3 times in the last 10 days of Nov

Nov 29/30
144 tr days May 6th
89 July 26
Neg energy & readings
but the 30th calls for a better days ending

Day before & After T day are usually thought of as positive, but in a downtrend
this rule of thumb might not be applicable this year


Elliott wave Graph from Columbia

Chart from Columbia1
1155 or 1133 current targets-imo, this week today or at 10am tomrrow


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Nov 16th

that DOWN close expected MIGHT show up on open tomrrow
Today is a Bradley turn date, BUT that turn may have come yesterday midday

PC ratios are 80% bearish

Jaywiz index @ .56= borderline

Anyone got a good handle on wave direction?

are they IMPULSING in wave 1 lower
making 3 waves in a wave 4 retreat

NOv 5th this year might be comparable to Nov 4th, 2008
making March a possible important pivot low as did March 2009
One big reason for that, IMO, is an abundance of NEG energy on March 28th

more later

November Market Guidance

As we can PLAINLY see the TREND for NOVEMBER has been DOWN and according to the
ENERGY for THIS month, it has followed that trend quite well

PLEASE DONT EXPECT these graphs to SHOW every NUANCE daily
MY crystal ball is just NOT that good

however, the day traders EKG is STILL capturing DAILY activity with 70% accuracy since March 24th.

IS the MKT impulsing lower ?
Is it wave 1 of a NEW DOWNTREND into 2012
IS it only a 4th wave to FIB support, and a run back to 1300??

All good questions
but for now the trend for Nov is DOWN as shown above
and it can be just as relentless going down as it was in the uptrend,
and in fact we ALL know, downtrends can be brief but serious-
they come down faster and harder than they rise.

more later

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Nov 15th

That MID day DECLINE now looks like a closing decline,
but what does that do for that expected late rally?
simple - as has happened before, it moves the LATE action into the next day

In fact the EKG for tomorrow does indicate an up open and
as mentioned several times, a NOON high and more serious turn lower afterward.


Typical bear market days open higher, and close lower

Does look like much ado about nothing today

somewhat Mixed to a positive bias

Mid day bars cycles =
150bars @ 2pm
156bars @ 2:30

Could be that mid afternoon pivot as shown on the EKG above

TOmrrow - still expect a NOON high & turn lower into a 39Hr cycle low at 10am on the 18th

rough edges & some emotional turmoil
get early start

Easy going in the AM
Noon discomfort


Disputes early
renewed harmony

feel good day
make progress
Mid day surge


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day Traders-weekend comments

DOLLAR now at 78.15, looks possible to 83
Heres a graph from Columbia which typifies what many Elliotters are thinking

Wave 3 culminated Nov 5th
wave 4 now in progress
imo, NOV 29-30 might end the 4th wave & at what levels that Fibo can provide
wave 5 still coming afterward, whatever that will get to.
Timing wise, Im looking at Jan 4th and or 24th, but mainly the 4th as there is a Solar Eclipse on that day, following the Lunar eclipse on Dec 21st.- possibly a pivot low

more later

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Nov 12th

Darn close to the real days action
still achieving 70% accuracy over time
now since March 24th
KEEP in Mind that the EKG is NOT EXACT- but represents DIRECTION more than Amplitude, so dont be misled mentally thinking something that is not, but as you can see it works damn well
Its only 7am, and Im early- got an appt to go to

If the 7am futures hold at open, then we should see the
above till at least 10am at the 13 hours cycle

We appear to be in a battle between the buyers & sellers ; --Duh, of course

but its Different from Spt & Oct where most of the Selling was restricted to a few days

This month we see selling every day, but recovery during the day from
those staunch bulls who are still in buy the dip mode.

when will bulls get the message?
Later this month when selling overwhelms buying, or buying just dries up

Yesterday's FLUX action was HEAVY most of the day
Today, so far is Heavy again, but is only part of the day, thus we see that translated into
the EKG above.

30b@ 10:30
60b@ 1pm
90b@3:30-- could set the tone for a late recovery as above

Many bulls still HOPEFUL for a return to 1225, but I really tend to doubt that

the daily readings seem to be pointing toward a low on the 17th,
with a POSSIBLE plunge starting at noon on the 16th

more later

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Nov 11th

As we can see from the 7am futures, we are expecting a lower open today- Friday Nov12
Seems to be a repeat of yesterday
PICKS up where yesterday's Closing gap left off
more later

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day traders - EKG- Nov 10th

NOW WE SEE the RESULTS of the LATE GAP down which
DID HIT at OPEN on the 11th
EKG STILL performing at 70% accuracy since March 24th
JUST AS I mentioned this morning- The end of GAP lower did NOT materialize
and the LOD was at the 39hours mark at 10am

According to the above EKG graph, the end of the day looks like a gap lower
BUT, I cannot vouch for such price action related to stock prices as a surety

Today's reading is quite harsh as previously posted

39 hours at 10am could be the hod

120bars yesterday was due at 4pm but did seem to hit at 3:50pm, darn close
leaves the door open for that 10am high

Tomrrow- Veterans day with banks closed should be low volume


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nov 9th EKG & commentary

Here we GO Loop d Loop - all on NOV 10th
Will it be a repeat of May 6th ?? without recovery?
Such an event would leave NO doubt about a break of the triangle

There are multiple negative energies about to influence tomrrow

trouble & Loss
disharmony, evil, & secretive
bitter power struggles
39 hours at 10am
126bars at 10am

Today's reading
OK morning
Power struggles this afternoon

Flux indicator yesterday had moderate activity
Today so far - ditto
Activity index started yesterday at 266- ended at 200
Today is at 100 to start

Today is a FLASH "gravity day"

60bars at 11am
90b @ 1:30
120B @ 4pm --- OR open tomrrow

Wed Nov 10th
Tomorrow is BILLED as a day with many obstacles
Snags , Barriers & roadblocks
POOR Biz day

Fibo cycles
110 Jne 7th low
233 Dec18, 08 low
89/90 July 2nd Low

The next Bradley date is the 16th which calls for an easy going day
with a NOON time TURN LOWER for a low on the 17th

This is CONTRARY to previous outlook presented in
Oct for the 144 tr day cycle off Apr 26th,
but it would appear that the BIGGER cycle convergences last week
were in control of the recent highs- see Ian's blog

More Later

Monday, November 08, 2010

November Market Guidance

This TYPE OF GRAPH may be a much better representation of the
ENERGY pattern for NOV
As previously mentioned IT IS NOT BIASED for the MONTH in its entirety
and thus should offer short term traders better insight as to whats next.

Heres Nov Energy graph For better or worse
We see ENERGY waning more so after the 19th

I have been translating energy into stock price movement the past 2 months
which has been obviously wrong for OVERALL direction.
this leads to think I really should NOT show it like that, but more liek I did with the 3 month graph, just interim monthly flow, but that one also showed the 4th as a low, and obviously that was upside down.

Nov 10th should show the FIRST kink in the market's armor

We should be able to tell a little better if the graph will hold its validity based on
the 10th's action

10day OEX PC ratio is quite bearish at .70
and overall PC ratios have been mostly 80% bearish the last 2 weeks
Jaywiz ratio, however has NOT confirmed the above, and we wait to see
what it will show tonight.

Nov 11th is Veterans day, but the mkt is open all day

Sat was a Bradley date following one on the 1st and 4th
all led to HIGHS for the week along with a convergence of multiple cycles

Next Bradley date is Nov 16th, which is indicated as a high & turn lower

More Later

Nov 8th EKG

Another good day for the EKG
Not sure about this but something just feels different

Flux active this am, but was deathly quiet last week

13day cycle pivot at 11 am
258bars{21hrs} at 12:30 pm
positive energy at 2;17 pm
seems to emulate the ekg above


Sunday, November 07, 2010

weekend commentary

WELCOME Members # 129 & 130

glad to see new people signing in

Ive added more content and sponsors
for your benefit, and of course to build more traffic here

My GOAL is to make this a PLACE where we can DISCUSS the market technically so that anyone reading our comments can benefit from a COLLECTIVE knowledge

If you think Im not looking at the right things, then tell us ALL why, How, and When with detail such as charts, cycles, Elliott, or other wise

BUT PLEASE Dont just write comments and SCREAM "YOUR WRONG" -
and write something like POMO money WINS over cycles.
AS traders, and technicians, WE ALL KNOW BETTER !!

Ive witnessed cycles where lower interest rates were heralded with higher
stock prices for months in a row, UNTIL they AREN'T- and the mkt tumbles

APPEARING to lift the markets is
BECAUSE it is happening at the RIGHT TIME in the CYCLE

thanks in advance for your contributions


Im contemplating NOT publishing a revised NOV graph until the 11th
let me know if you would rather see it NOW or on the 11th

Friday, November 05, 2010

Todays STOCK market

Maybe and maybe not
I'll publish an adjusted Nov graph over the weekend

after high today- on Nov5th

expect Negative days on
8th to 10th
10th =more likely a plunge day
16th to 17th
22nd to 30th
In between expect positive days

Contradicts that NOV 4th LOW previously published graph as we possibly got that EXHAUSTION
thrust HIGH on NOV 4th, turning that Oct graphs upside down.
HIGH at 144 tr days from Apr 26th

IT would appear the CYCLES, that IAN published for THIS WEEK are more important.

The length of time between Nov 22nd and 30th obviously makes that time frame more dangerous

I know Ive LOST a lot of PEOPLE due to my CONSTANT negative calls
but I have to report based on
the info & data Im getting

LIKE May, this month could offer the WORST Nov in 70 years

the FIRST KEY date is NOV 10th
If it resembles May 6th , we will know how serious this month
will be, and since its next Wed, we dont have long to wait.

INTERNALS as seen on the 2 graphs I posted from Columbia do who INTERNAL WEAKNESS, not to be IGNORED
regardless of FED funding banks
They may wish to sit back
for a week, or month to see if they want to invest in stocks that have already run up.
Maybe they will sell now, and buy back when those stock are available at fire sale prices

HIGH of day could be 3:45
based on energy
180bars at 12:30 right now making a little low
204bars next @ 2:30, or 210 @ 3pm could open the door to close near the HOD

EKG does NOT give specific TIMES
I have to derive that from OTHER
means, but thanks for asking

I would really like to get more commentators with OPPOSING DATA
- NOT JUST STABS & JABS in my back.

It would be great to make this a FORUM where we can BOUNCE ideas OFF each other with data, charts, graphs, energy, etc to back it up

for example
Ian's BLog is a place to GET INFO
this is a place to DISCUSS the market- whats next



Nov 5th Stocks Todays ekg

AS expected ,today traveled in a very narrow range hitting ths hod at close which I mentioned in my comments

New moon tomorrow denotes a change in trend-
just how much a change will be determined by the
first down leg to occur on NOV10th next Wed.

Maybe the start of a NEW direction such as in 2008,
NOV 4th High gave up 2000 pts by Nov20th,
before retracing back to Jan 2009.

or just a retrace in an continuation of the uptrend off the
March 9th, 2009 lows at 666.

Was that SURGE a 5th wave Final THRUST 0r overthrow for real?
It will take a few days before we really know that answer to that

Elliott technicians say "make it so"
McClellan and other internals as pictured yesterday seem to agree

Is this high similar to April26th , or is that just too easy ?

Too much MONEY flowing in to the market to see any sell off ??

today has a few fibo convergneces
89 Jul 1st low
55 Aug19 hi
49 Aug26 low

New moon tomrrow
Bradley date -6th

more later