Monday, September 29, 2008


Congress and those Pub's, oh Republicans, or whatever they are - party poopers
and they even expect to get re-elected, and Damn, they probably will

I would guess Democrats just clinched the election

The ARMS index was still ONLY 2.04 = NO PANIC

So when is the real panic going to hit wall st??

I am still targeting the 6th & 7th

Are they even going to try to vote on the Rescue bill again? Maybe next week? Whew !!!!

When to get short, you ask? ASAP

Tomorrow, we might see a sharp rebound after the open, and they might even linger till Wed as the trading tomorrow will be quite muted during the Rosh Hashanah high holiday's

One of my graph's indicates a high tomorrow and another one on Wed, so it could be either. HOW high? Not much - AND it wont matter as the wave looks like its in a 3 of 3 of 3 and that should take them down as there will be NO buyers to be found.


Deal or NO deal ??

Sounds like a TV game show- Ok Howie, we get it- (G)

Central banks supply xtra $$- send some My way - oh, yeh the puts I bot last week just gave XTRA $$$

What should we expect now?

This downdraft should help scare the HOUSE members so they dont want to be viewed as causing a crash

11:30 and holding steady down 300 pts.

84.5 hrs can stretch into 89 hours which = 3:30 pm today

Expecting a rebound tomorrow and Wed Am.

I will be maxed out in puts on Friday Oct3rd.

the next cycle hit is on the 7th at @1-2pm


Friday, September 26, 2008


I should have posted the NO DEAL yesterday, and to some of you it would have struck a chord.

It was already pre ordained

And the deal will get done on Monday, probably just b4 the noon lunch break

VHF today active @ 10
Jaywiz index Tues & Wed @ 21,& 22 but .73 yesterday

Power index hits a high this AM of 500 and drops to 400 by day's end- Maybe some pre open anouncment to give the mkt an adrenaline boost that falls out of bed after the open, but the futures are looking GRIM at 8am

Flux = 900 LOWEST level possible

Pressure = 2986= low levels

Activity index = under 1.0 coming off a 3.0 at midnite, and is flat line for the past 3 hours.

How does the 13 day pivot effect people and markets? your watching in action

It hit at 1pm Wed, and we got yesterday's boost
It hits again on Monday @ 11am- watch the cannons & fireworks when the deal is done.

Coincidental ? Not at all
Markets make the news, not reverse.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cycle on schedule

S0000, did you see the rebound after 1pm ? that was the cycle I was talking about

The power index calls for a rebound today ending at tomorrow's open follow thru high

From there, we still have the 13 day pivot low due on Monday @ 11am, which should offer a more powerful rebound from there to October 3rd;;


I will be MAXED out with PUT options at the CLOSE of OCTOBER 3rd.

The WEEK of Oct 6 to 10th could be historic in nature- exactly what will occur is anyone's guess and I do not have a crystal ball for such things. BUT it will come as a shock to the markets world wide, and the sell off will be considerable.

One thing I can tell you- IT will NOT be financial in nature- that ship is already sailed

Best for now

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strong downward cycle

1pm Tuesday
That 66 hr cycle seem to be in control, and heading toward its resolution

the last occurance was on Spt5th, and the 4th was also a strong selloff day;

So we should expect today to be weak overall with failed rally attemtps which we already saw this AM

Once the Cycle is complete at about 11am to 1pm tomorrow, then the rebound off of that point should have some sticking power, but should peak on Thursday, if not at the open, then at least similar to today.


66 hr low

The TREND till Spt 29th is to make lower lows, and lower highs.

Today has a potential high at 12;25, & 3:48 pm.

Tomorrow SPT 24th, expecting the 66 hour low due between 11am and 1pm

A stronger rebound should take hold after that into the open for Thursday.

From there they could continue to hold up most of the day, but a move lower into 11am on the 29th should begin during the day, probably a last hour slide on Thursday..


Monday, September 22, 2008

Down Monday Spt 22

As predicted, its 10:25 and the dow is off 155

bail out cost rises, and thats just for investment banks. Whats it going to cost to save AIRLINES, or Auto's, & the list goes on.

VHF index = 8 & showing weakness
Jaywiz index = .38 - neutral
OIL + 4.00, not good this week
Power index = 350- toward the LOW side- thus the down mkt
Pressure down to 2990 from a high last week of 3004 = weakness
Activity index ovnt droped from a +2 to 1/2 and flat line = weakness
Flux index = 1010 which is well under the median of 1030, so also weak

WHATS Expected this week?
thanks for asking-
As previously noted,
a LOW on WED at noonish;

Best for now

Sunday, September 21, 2008

UPTREND will continue

BUT NOT on Monday Spt 22nd -

Not all the Jaywiz index data is in, but the one that gives me a future view by one to 3 days is indicating a down day on Monday
Pressure readings dropped from 3040 to 2990 for Monday, but they zoom back up on to 3020Tuesday

Whats NEXT?
Consider Spt 17 the bottom of a 5 wave decline, and forget how it fits into the overall Elliott wave count.

The Spt 18th LOW @ 1pm was the 50% completion of an 84.5 hr cycle that began on 8/21
THUS the blast off which would have occurred regardless of the treasury/Fed or NOT.

10,500 to 11,400 in less than 2 days deserves a good sell off day and that's MONDAY
But the UPTREND should still continue to Oct 3rd.

In the meantime, there's 10 days till then - What should we expect in between? glad you asked.
Lets say the high on the 19th = the top of rebound wave "A"
Whats next is Decline phase "B"

Timewise it looks like the B wave should break down into its own abc
Within the 84.5 hr cycle, we get

9/24 @ 1pm , a Low & the power index agrees @ 200, then to 350 later
power index for 25th = 475 start of the day, STRONG OPEN, but drops to 325 later so any rally that day should fizzle
9/29 @ 11 am to 1pm, a Low , which should give way to the Oct 3rd high- some say SPX 1300.

Hope this is easy enuf to follow
its only 10 days. some analysts give out data relating to what happened in the last 2 years to get where we are now.
That shows us how smart they are with math formulas, but what does that do for us now?- Nothing

Best for now

Friday, September 19, 2008


VHF = 2
under 5 = up mkt

jaywiz index = 46 = up mkt

power index = 500 open & close
up mkt

3004 open
2996 mid dai
2004 close

Activity index = 3 = positive

Flux = 1025 & rising= moderate up

additional index --- 5 at lows to 20 at highs
Polarity was @ 5 on 17-18
Now at 10, only moderately higher.

Futures indicate HUGE open to spx 1260 or more
Ftse record Up day


Thursday, September 18, 2008

saved money mkts

Its one thing to save financial companies, but its more important to save the general public which it appears they did by shoring up Money fund accounts

Today's open at spx 1250 begs to be shorted and expect a retreat back to the 1200 area by 2pm

2pm is 90 bars from the 1pm low of yesterday

The close might repeat yesterday's rally and Monday could open at or above 1250, but the GOOD feelings and short squeeze for the work of the treasury will most likely be whats NEXT?

Its good to wkno the even tho the Pres is asleep, weve got others who have been jarred awake and making the neccessary adjustments

it has been said that we may have survived the Money Crisis for now, but another set of SHOES is about to drop in October

Bradley HIGH was expected on the 21st and that means today & Monday
Next weeks levels are expected to decline into the next day of reckoning on the 25th

Will have index numbers later.

Added Indexes

maybe this group of data will help with direction and amplitude

1. VHF index is a +15 = weak mkt

2. Jaywiz index = .25 on 9day ave = WEak mkt

3, Power index hit 600 at open and now at 500
tomorow at 400
Monday at 300
tuesday at 200
This indicates a declining mkt and could be in a BIG WAY

4. Pressure hit 3040 @ open and drops to 2995 as the day progresses

5. Activity index was @ 3.5 @ oppen and now dropping under 3.0

6. Flux index under 1020 = showing weakness

ALL in ALL the above data indicates the WEAKNESS will continue.


that chart from ACB shows PANIC selling on Monday;

The High +200 dow today has GONE and it looks BAD for investors, but great for traders

Jaywiz index the last 10 days has hovered in the 29 area on Average, only because one day hit a 60, other wise it would be closer to 25

Im going to add some new indicators and give them names;
1. jaywiz power index RANGE from 200 on the low side to 800 on the high side
Today it openned at 600 and drops off to 500.
Tomorrow , the POWER index drops to the 400 area
Monday its still drops lower to 300
tuesday , Even lower to minimum at 200

2. Jaywiz Pressure index
Range from 2800 to 3100
Today's pressure hit highs of 3004 and drops off to 2996
the LOW of yesterday reading was @ 2958 which plummeted from 3040 on last Friday

there is a danger that the SPX could drop to 1050 area the next 3 days


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Frozen in time

Heres a chart from ACB

You can find him @


Counted 5 waves Again

Today counted out 5 waves into the close
Wave 4 hit its highs about 3pm

Tomorrow promises an EXPLOSIVE UP OPEN.

But dont expect it to last past the first hour
They wont give the bulls a chance to get in unless you had the _____ to do it today.

I dont expect a major reversal lower tomorrow, but Friday could also open moderately higher and give it up also

A poor close Friday will lead to a major sell off on Monday and probably Tuesday also

Jaywiz index for Monday was .18 = very bearish
Tuesday = .22 very bearish
WEd = .35 Moderately bearish


wave 4 to go higher


Today as futures indicate should open lower, but trade higher most of the day. THEN close lower

Tomorrow, 18th should again open lower, then trade steadily higher with a higher peak on the 19th.

19th is
8day high
Midnite high tide
Bradely high

Goes against the Sun Sq pluto, but Pluto represents death & regeneration - dah, exactly -- LEH & AIG.

However, next week should continue the slide on Monday & Tuesday.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

wave 4

It looks like today's close made a wave 4 rebound, or maybe tomorrow AM

Anyone got another count, let me know.

Still looking for that 55 & 110 day cycle convergence on the 18th probably in the AM.

Monday looks like a very strong day, which is after the Sun Square Pluto on Sunday.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Thursday is FIBO CYCLE

As mentioned b4, the 18th is a cycle LOW & High and the day could start out as a low & rebound strongly;

The thing to have done today was wait till after the open which is what I did, and shorted at the 11am rebound high dow - 170 from a Low of - 335.

Tomorrow is showing me a lower low as the end of day today closed lower than the 228 bar cycle @ 3:30

the next bar cycle of importance is at 11:45am and then at 2;15pm

Wait - Wait, DID you write 2;15pm?? thats the FED minute !!
Yes it is, and If the Fed reduces the bank window rate, but not the consumer discount rates, then we might get a short bounce into the close.

Its reported that Hadik posted 10,587 between the 8th and 19th.

Murrey math support levels are about to be smashed on the SPX at 1187.50, then lower to 1125 and the bottom of the box is at 1062. BUT ,IMO<>


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday futures -3525 spx dow off 200 at open

CME futures sunday night seem to be reflecting a NO DEAL for LEH, unless something changes between now and tomorrow am with someone in the UK.

Sun Square pluto on the 20th assures a tough week= stress & conflicts

Pressure readings do seem to indicate a higher high might still be out there on Monday, or the readings for a high have already been spent

The readings for most of teh week after monday are DOWN into at least the 18th

Oct 10th is a BIG anniv date and has some heavy astro, where that date could offer the month's low.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get ready

A good close today should lead to a very strong OPEN on Friday @10 AM

Initially a high at 10am, and then UP again at noon, after the 10:30 low @ 90 bars.

A somewhat weaker close on Friday at 156 bars

But still expect Monday to open with a solid UP as well, but this will most likely emulate Spt 2nd.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


As promissed, we got he 11am cycle low
Dow openned up 100 and at 11am was off 8.83 for a bout one second.
Now at noon is up 117 and promissing to go higher.

we should get 150 pt rally by the close

looking for a short term trading high on Monday Spt15th- could be one of those 300 pt one day wonders.


Monday, September 08, 2008

ASTRO effect

You dont have to be a believer to observe the effects of Jupiter TRINE Saturn
Jupiter = Expansion and usually in a BIG WAY
Saturn represents responsibility

SO, Now you know WHY the FNM and FRE bail out happened this wkend.

Tomorrow, the bears are back in control as Venus, the planet of Love and Money, Squares Jupiter.
A complete reversal of euphoria..

Now, dont expect a crash, ITs not going to happen, but a good take away will occur
as mentioned b4, the 13 day (84.5 hr) cycle LOW is Wed at 11amalong with 204 bars at 11:30-
You saw part of it on Friday at the 11:30am LOW

The rally started today, however is NOT over
Still got a high coming Early Friday


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Monday rally as expected

Its now Sunday Spt7th at 8pm

CME futures on NDX are UP 37.25

Spx ftures are UP30.50

As expected a WHOPPER open and strong rally day

Any gains for monday are expected to be short lived as Tuesday could be a complete take away day.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Timing the Low

Many of my associates are screaming crash- BUT me thinks they are too abundant

Next week is MIXED with turns

Bradley turn on 9th.
8 day low on 9th. also matched timing

9 day turn on 10th @ 11am also = 84.5 hr low & turn
coincidentally matches the 204bar cycle low.

SO, how low is LOW ?
Did we get there Friday and now we are testing the low , then moving somewhat higher against the larger downtrend ?

ThursdaySpt4th appears was an 8 day LOW= 52 hour cycle @ the close which actually ended at 54 hours on Friday @ 11am; Why? because there was a 65/66 hr cycle also due at that point which override the Thursday cycle.

the 66 hr cycle is 78.6% of the 13 day, 84.5 hr larger cycle which hits on the 11th @ 11am as printed above.

From there we should see the market move higher into Friday morning b4 running into reistence and resuming the downtrend for next week.

How high is high?

NDX recent high was 1973 and low was 1743 = 230 pts
230 x 38.2 % = 88 + 1743 = 1831
You can do the math for 50% & the other indeces.

Monday should still offer a strong rally day.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008


thanks for the acknowledgements

Today has the potential for a 1:30pm low, and a secondary low @ 4pm OR open on the 4th.

Still got a huge rally expected for the 4th, at least a one day wonder, unlike the open on the 2nd which was a 10 minute blastoff and crash. over 500 pts in one day-.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

blast off

No way to catch that one, and I was not going to buy in last Friday

However, Astro and bar cycles appear to be in sync for a down day tomorrrow till at least 1;30, and maybe even the close

Astro negative hits @ 1;30pm which coincides with 126 bars
156 bars @ 4pm could drag the mkt lower at the close OR the OPEN on the 4th- which would make a great call buy opp.
The 3rd whole day is influenced by a SUn 90 Saturn at 10pm. provides a serious & hard working tone to the day.

4th still ahs potential to make it up to spx 1312, if not later today which would be a great place to short today, looking for that 1;30 pm low tomorrow.