Friday, April 30, 2010

UH OH !!

258 bar cycle = 21 hours was OVERRIDDEN today and the NEXT cycle
is due on the 6th at 11am

But in between
180 bars converges with the 13 day complete cycle on the 5th at 11am

BUT as mentioned above, there is still the 258bar cycle at 11am the next day among some negative energy.

there is a convergence of declinations of negative energy on the 6th which calls for a day thats off kilter

so we could get the ACTUAL INTRADAY LOW the next day on the 6th

April 30th - EKG

Today's reading calls for morning problems, but positive later

There could be a late energy burst to keep it higher at close

Cycle pivots due at 11am
204bars @ 11am
62% /13 day cycle @ 11am
hourly cycle @ 11am
258bars @3:30

THIS Mondays 213pt loss looked like 5 waves, but that only setup the next rebound this week

The TIMING for this week as a HIGH still stands per TIME & PRICE on the dow & spx
Whether that was Monday, April 23rd on SPX close or 26th- Monday at 1220 intraday

Late Sunday- May 2nd energy indicates a DOSE of REALITY
which should effect Europe and US mkts most of next week as there is more during the week
which should exacerbate some mkt woes.

more later

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th EKG

today's pivot lows
120 bars at 10:30am
180bars @ 3;30

Strength today should continue to at least 11am
Jupiter energy


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EKG for April 28th

Helge's outline for the balance of this week follows along with my cycle pivots quite well

Today cycles

62%/ 13day @ 11:13 + - an hour
60bars at noon
Sun 0 Merc @ 12;45
90b @ 2:30pm

Activity index at 5am was at a low 66,
and now at 9am is still at a low 100 and FLAT for last hour-
just ticked up to 133 at 9am

NOT a customary 108 bars hits at close & or open
I mention this because Venus is 150 Pluto at 9:30am Thsday

which could set the low of the week, or at least for the day
because Friday also has a convergence of short term cycle pivots at 11am

Monday's HIGHS occurred along with the HIGH energy generated by Saturn & Uranus
Now we are on the waning side of that energy headed toward a meeting of the sun & mars
similar to April 2000

There was also a convergence of LONG & SHORT term cycles on Monday
which some tech's pointed out- after the fact, hmmm.

The anxiety generated from traders has switched from looking for the correction
to NOW looking for the extension-

PC ratios are mixed to bullish on yesterday's close
but thats normal on such a day as yesterday

the one day arms index hit 3.41 which is quite high,
but ,IMO
we can expect at least one or 2 more HIGH arms days within the next 10days.

more later

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

History of the MARKET- timing


THIS week represents an IMPORTANT time cycle
from significant pivots in the past.


April 27th EKG + SPX & Pulse

Today's 258bar cycle at 1;30 appears over ridden by the 13day cycle at 11;59
when the low did occur at 12;15 to 12;30

Pivots for today are at
228bars at 11am
258bars at 1;30

Usually 258bars marks a fairly good low pivot, UNLESS the market has other ideas
and since 204bars was prominent Monday @ 3;30, we must be vigilant to look for
a 329 bar cycle hitting Wed at 12;45 along with the Sun 0 Merc energy hit.

Yesterday was an 8 day high and that makes
today an 8day turn which may have already occurred

Some techs posting spx1207 area as important support and evidence of a turn if broken

Oil is off, and Europe is off more than 2%

Usually the BEST part of a decline phase occurs in the LAST 3 days which would be
commensurate with the harmonic cluster next week that compares with April 2000

A good wash out here would wipe out exuberance/positive sentiment & give the mkt more legs
to complete its journey to a mid June and or Mid July TOP

Very similar to Y2K
thus leading to a tough 2011, similar to 2001
even Worse 2012, similar to 2002


Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26th EKG (w) compare to SPX & Pulse

So far the spx futures are showing NO danger yet as of 8:40am

Oil is hanging a few cents higher

Europe is about 1% higher

180 bars@ 11am
204 bars@ 1:30
228 bars @ 3;30

50% /13 day cycle @ 2:30 today

Activity index was at 200 @ 5am
Now at 66 @ 9am

Dow hit Erik Hadik target of 11,200

Friday, April 23, 2010

April23rd EKG

According to the ABOVE daily EKG, today should just mark Time

Comments on CNBC are quite positive indicating the market has WEATHERED a few storms
this month and there has been NO NEGATIVE Reaction

The MEDIA is SOOOO accustomed to offering a REASON why the mkt did this or that
They think they have the answers to WHY the mkt does what it does

ITs the OLD story "" people want to know " WHY

If I tell some one, the mkt fell 200 pts, the first thing they ask is WHY

Its a natural human psychology to want to know WHY

And the MEDIA is more than happy to provide the reason

Today has
60bars at 10am
90 bars @ 12;30
120bars @ 3 pm or 126b @ 3:30
38.2% /13 day cycle at 10:42

Yesterday's 258bar cycle hit at 11;30, the LOD

Activity index at 8am has been FLAT at 133 since 5am
Futures are virtually hugging the flat line at 9am

Monday's read calls for strong open, but then infers we should
and expect to pay a heavy price later in the day.

ITS NOT a matter of IF< its JUST a matter of WHEN
and TIME seems to have run out.

more later

Thursday, April 22, 2010

APRIL 23rd

& quick retorts

comments today are showing

Read my UPDATE with SPX graph

And it certainly is NOT inverted.
Had the AM low and later rebound as did the 258bar cycle -

EKG is a DAILY LIVE DATA Stream which gets converted to a graph.

I cannot FIX the END OF DAY with EXACT precision
so it MIGHT over run the NEXT day
as Ive SHOWN YOU the day before, and IT LOOKS LIKE THE SAME DEAL tonight and tomrrow at open

ALL The PC ratios are NOW BEARISH, when yesterday they were BULLISH

IF we get slammed tomrrow at open, there SHOULD BE NO RECOVERY

ASTRO is only as good as the interpretation
since I AM NOT AN Astrologer, I dont do the INTERPRETATIONS
SOMETIMES the daily readings FLIP
with prior day and I think that may be the case right here

ive discussed the CHANGE date
of the 23rd of ANY GIVEN MONTH

NOT only is tomrrow the 23rd, but it is ALSO day #160 in Stan Harleys CHANGE in trend of days 162 to 170

they should get slammed tomrrow
WILL THEY OR NOT-\Stay tuned to your favorite tv station to find out-- just my attempt at humor


April 22nd EKG

NOTE the OBV & Ultimate oscilator taking a DIVE end of day
IT is VERY POSSIBLE the daily readings for 22nd & 23rd FLIPPED
where the 23rd should read -- JARRING NEWS & NO SHOPPING
And the 22nd should have read unstable Morning, better afternoon- which is what we got
AND note the PC ratios at close of 21st were BULLISH< but tonight's ratios are BEARISH
UPDATE above as of 4/22 @ 6pm

Bias is LOWER today

Today calls for
Jarring NEWS

Friday calls for an UNSTABLE MORNING
13 day cycle segment @ 10:42am
60bars at 10am & 90b @ 12:30
& the reading is for better later

258bars is at 11;30 today


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st

Since the mkt closed toward a rebound today after the 2;21pm LOW of the qtr moon
then we should expect a dip at open on 228bars

End of DAY data shows possible uptick after the Moon 90 Sun at 2;21pm
which was a secondary low after the 180 bar low at 11:30am
Which ONCE again shows HOW Difficult it is to pinpoint the END OF DAY settlement.
Published today at 12;45pm
Use the EKG for DIRECTION, rather than Amplitude

Its possible today's late sell off shown above might not occur until tomrrow
SEE the EKG for April 20th for an explanation of why SOMETIMES there can be a variance

Today as previously mentioned, calls for a strong start till about 10 to 11am
then lower into tomrrow

A slightly lower open could ALSO be offered as 156bars hits then, but just as yesterday

Its 7:45am, and I have to leave the office- back later

EKG does show possible lower open, BRIEFLY, then quick rise, and later fall

FLASH says April 26th has a date with OCT, 19th- 1987
and I told him that April 26th is ALSO related to FEB 27th, 2007 - dow was off 400 pts
ITS also 161 tr days in the STAN HARLEY cycle from 9/2/2010

more later


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April20 EKG

Here is the SPX for April 20th AND part of April21st
You can see the EKG was NOT WRONG,
Its just that the MARKET had NOT gone as far as the EKG indicated
It becomes a matter of EXTRAPOLATING time from the DATA stream
to determine market closings- which is OBVIOUSLY - NOT EASY TO DO
Tues -10:15 AM-- Todays Graph just became available - we'll see how good it is later

NO graph today, but we should see a trend higher till the 3pm hourly change

and tomrrow should trend higher in the morning

Wednesday calls for being flexible, which might coincide with that Helge call for strong Down

Stan Harley mentions a 162 tr day cycle
which encompasses 160 to 170 tr days
which stretches from April 23rd @ 160 tr days to May6th @ 170tr days

Charts edge had
Monday DOWN & it was UP
and Tuesday UP- Will it be inverted?

As Ive mentioned frequently, the 23rd of ANY month = a NUMEROLOGY #5 = CHANGE
as well as the 5th of each month.
A quick look back will prove those dates prominent for such events

Just a minor note of curiosity
Jan 12th Haiti quake = Jan 19th mkt high
April 15th Iceland volcano = ??

Todays' bar cycles
90bars @ 10;30
126bars @ 1;30
156bars @ 4pm


Monday, April 19, 2010

April19th EKG

WE did get the REBOUND off the OPEN low and secondary low at noon
but obviously NO DECLINE - end of day

My confidence level for today is fairly high in regard to the above graph

possible lows @
258bar at OPEN and or 10am
204bar at NOON
60bars at 2;30
and 3:45 pm is expected

Tomrrow ""SHOULD"" open lower as the EKG indicates
AND there are 2 cycles at 10;20 - 10:30
90bars & 14.6% of 13 day

From there, we should see a strong rebound later in the day as per the power index
with some follow thru WEd AM @ 10am to 11am
The EKG for tomrrow appears to agree with the above ,
but it wont be complete for until later tonight, and published at 8:30am

Looks like the Armstrong date & Hadik infamy date both hit on the 16th
As I mentioned before, Goldman Sachs might have been JUST THE ICE BREAKER
and theres lots more heads to chop SOON.

Todays OPEN LOW did FOLLOW right in line with the 258bar CYCLE

Next important bar cycle is 90bars Tomrrrow @ 10:30 PLus the 13 day segment
as indicated above

More later


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16th EKG

Today starts out at 180 bars and as previously noted appears to be opening Lower

starting at 180bars might not reach a decent turn until 11am at the 13 day cycle pivot
or even at 11;30 at 204bars

And today will finish the day POSSIBLY at 258 bars, unless that cycle drops into Monday's open

we might expect the day's rebound high to complete between 1 & 3 pm


Thursday, April 15, 2010


EKG published late today at 10:45
was tied up this AM- out of the office

Not much new to add today

chop at higher levels today
180 bar pivot at 4pm today and or open Friday

Still got potential for high on Friday about 100 dow pts higher than today

13 day cycle on Friday at 11am pivot low allows the end of day to rebound

Next week enters a whole new directional force till May6th. - not the 15th- rrman


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14th EKG

As previously indicated by the daily reading and the power index we can expect a SOLID Upday today


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


All cable news today reporting DOW at 11,000

sentiment seems very positive from the media

Same old question
are we there yet?

Internal Technical arms data adding to its overbot numbers
10day Trin now at an amazing low of 642
and we have had LOW daily ARMS readings for 7days in a ROW

Hadik's April 19th date is what he calls ""a day of infamy"" as it has a history of
international events that have been, lets say historic, and not in a good way.

Energy output from April 19th to May 4th indicate a severe let down from the
FEEL GOOD week of April 12th to 16th.

and just like the events of April 2000, stock prices should react poorly


Thursday, April 08, 2010

April 9th

Arms 5 = 69.2
Trin 5 = 346
trin 10 = 894
ALL ARE screaming SELL

Power index ended today at 525
Opens tomrrow at 425

I may have been one day early with that call for DEEP hit at open

228bars might be hitting at open tomrrow, instead of 4pm today

EKG shows lower open possible with mid day rebound and lower close


April 8th EKG

Activity index has dropped from its amazing level of 700 on Monday
It was at 400 @ 6am this morning, but now hugging ONLY 133

Europe is off 1% or more

180 bars is at 11am
204bars at 2pm
228 bars at 4pm and or open tomrrow

258 bars at noon Friday


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

April7th EKG

I can ONLY REPEAT what I posted Yesterday


As mentioned several times
the ENERGY from MARCH might have delayed or inverted, temporarily

Thus we WILL SEE a SLUMP in APRIL possibly ending on MAY 4th - 6th

12th -13th LOW
16th -19th High
26th LOW
30th high
May 4th - 6th tradeable LOW

Activity index still at 500 at 8am
Dynamic index reached up to an astounding 800 on Monday and appears to be dropping
now at 600 as of 8am
the UNREAL energy SURGE has done nothing to PUSH markets HIGHER by much
Its been historically documented that when we get such surges,
the stock market takes a fall within a few days after the event

Today is day 54 from Jan 19th, then tomrrow is day 55, and THUS A CYCLE turn is about to occur

more later


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 7th

So far at 6:30 pm, the EKG shows possible higher open, but lower close

April 7th Tomorrow nights read says
TENSIONS creshendo tonight
April 8th
PROTECT your assets

It would appear that a lower close tomorrow will lead to a

more later

THE BIG GUNS in our planetary system
Saturn & Jupiter meet in opposition on May 23rd, 2010
Last meeting was in conjunction on May 28th, 2000

But even b4 that propitious event

SATURN is 180 Uranus AGAIN on APRIL26th
PUSH comes to SHOVE
Saturn = LIMITATIONS & responsibility
Uranus = Rebellion & change

Sun -Saturn - Mars - Uranus all meet May 3rd & 4th

Keep in mind
the inner planets are ROCKS
the outer planets are GASES & FLUIDS
How did that happen ??

April 6th EKG

Don't act impulsively


2 cycles approaching

April8th = hi to hi
54/55 days from Jan 19th high

April-12/13 = 44/45days from
Feb 8th lo to lo

Monday, April 05, 2010

April 5th EKG

Today's EKG shows a moderate rise and later sell off

Activity index is thru the roof at 600 this morning
power index at a high 500 also

reading says DONT follow the crowd
IS Sentiment Bullish??

Shuttle launched this AM
Fed meets today - unscheduled event
last one was Feb 6th ,2009, just before the fall to March 6-9th.

Energy patterns have been confusing with March possibly having inverted
Cant tell for sure until April extends some time

Interesting TIME LINE
April 5th, 2010

270 days from March 9th , 2009
360 days from October 27th, 2008
270 days between Oct 27 -2008 & Oct 2nd 2007, right near the all time high on the 10th

more later

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Once April 5& 6th peak out
daily readings = warnings
dont follow the crowd
Apple's IPAD- SOME People just gotta have the latest gadget- starting at $500
some people have jobs, or are they getting it another way?

Every month for last 10, other than March we saw a low early on or about 5th, and high on 18-19
A change may have occurred

NOW we might expect a HIGH on April 5th-6th
low on the new moon on April12-13, actual at 7:24 on the 14th to act as catapult
High on Apr 16-19
low on 26th
high on 30th
BUT May 4th energy combo can produce fits of anger,
thus should be viewed as a downer for stocks

It took ALL of Feb & March to gain 144pts, if they get to 1188 on Monday
It took from Mar 9th 2009 to April 6, 2010 to gain 520 pts which = 13 X 40 AND 13 MONTHS
strange coincidences ??

Its well known, they take it down faster than it goes UP
using fibo math as before
520 X 23.6% = 127 pts = spx 1060 which is just above the last low on Feb 4th at 1045

Now thats NOT Mahendra's 30% haircut by a long shot,
as that one may still be out there for later this summer
but more on that much later


April1st & April2010

EKG shows sharp rally and equally sharp retreat by days end


I was attempting to compare the energy for April with that of April 2000,
and imo, its not even close
However, There is a new moon on the 14th at 7:30am indicating a
NEW START as its in Aires ,and A NEW energy surge

But the 26th has a bigger influence over human emotions as Saturn is 180 Uranus
this may be the basis of the Mahendra prophecy for April.
Saturn is reality and Uranus is rebellion-- NOT A GOOD COMBO for people

And the FULL moon right after on the 28th ALSO indicates a REBIRTH

can April 2010 reproduce April 2000??
Such an event is Not indicated by the energy of the month

The ENERGY pattern that showed MARCH as a DRAW DOWN -& IT NEVER materialized
NOW, what should I be looking at & thinking about for April
ITS like this
IT MUST STILL BE IN EXISTENCE ,thus it then becomes a matter of WHEN
IT can only be delayed, BUT not eliminated
Ive mentioned this several times

SOOO, how should we evaluate April2010

POSSIBLE high on the 5th
possible low on the 12th & 13th
High & turn lower on the 16th= options
Low on 26th & strong higher on the 28th