Wednesday, April 07, 2010

April7th EKG

I can ONLY REPEAT what I posted Yesterday


As mentioned several times
the ENERGY from MARCH might have delayed or inverted, temporarily

Thus we WILL SEE a SLUMP in APRIL possibly ending on MAY 4th - 6th

12th -13th LOW
16th -19th High
26th LOW
30th high
May 4th - 6th tradeable LOW

Activity index still at 500 at 8am
Dynamic index reached up to an astounding 800 on Monday and appears to be dropping
now at 600 as of 8am
the UNREAL energy SURGE has done nothing to PUSH markets HIGHER by much
Its been historically documented that when we get such surges,
the stock market takes a fall within a few days after the event

Today is day 54 from Jan 19th, then tomrrow is day 55, and THUS A CYCLE turn is about to occur

more later



grodnyc said...

Where is the crash?

Janeva said...

Good question. Where is the crash?
Mahendra calls them every month.
I guess the crash is next month.

Joe said...

I went through Mahendra's past predictions and it seems he gets timing right, but mis-uses the word 'crash' for run of the mill 5% pullbacks. The same applies to his upside calls - he is calling for DOW 30000+ in 2015.

Jay Strauss said...

Why are you asking about a crash

Ive already laid out April

And TONIGHT calls for INCREASED TENSIONS & TOmrrow AM reads

Crashes dont happen OFF the TOP
They come in USUALLY on the last day of a decline PHASE ending in
a culmination which at this point
cannot occur until May

Regardless of what Mahendra writes

BuT if we get started with an 8% decline now, then what should we expect for May 4th?

Joe said...

When you say low on April 12/13, how low is low? 1165, may be?


RickyBobby said...

Well I hope everyone is making money today. Incredible moves today especially in GOLD and GOLD stocks. That's the place to be right now.

I'm not posting anymore intrasay trades because I've already made 7 trades today alone--1 loss and 6 profit for some amazing gains. There's just no way I'm going to post them all.

Goodluck to all

Jay Strauss said...

thanks for asking, but You an do the FIBO math as well as anyone here.

I prefer TIME as Im sure you ealize, and anytime I mention price, my readers come back to haunt me, even if im off by a dime.

Ther are many ELLIOTT sites that
offer price levels


Joe said...

I saw your expectation of 1060 as May low, but didnt see any expectation for next week low. Yes, I can do the fibos, but dont know the intensity of selloff you are expecting here. Just asked your 0.02 opinion on targets :). The fact that you are sharing your work for free is well appreciated - no point in holding you responsible if something you expect does not play out. On the same note, I wont hold Mahendra responsible if we dont get 30% haircut in 2 months or Dow 36000 in 2015 :).

rrman said...

short 6E 1.337 /dx bottomed looks like
biggest down day in a while tonight will not be pretty!

astralguide said...

Good work Jay.
I have been pretty stuck with some work but I have tried to post some blogs. I wanted to post the correction comment next Monday or this Fri but I posted today because after some calculations I notice that we are already at the peak and shorting here or on Monday would be similar. Like a lost decade phenomena coming few days are like lost week.
Crashes do not happen usually but they come in gradual shocks.
I posted my blog today advising to be careful for the rest of the month cos except few reaction days most would be negative for retail investors and traders.

As far as Mahendra and similar people I know their source and they merely get a hint and speculate based on stereotype readings. I would challenge Mahendra anyday for most of this timing is fuzzy. But he makes his living by selling this info so let him enjoy, hope and believe not all his subscribers will follow his ideas.

Jay Strauss said...

Sorry Joe,
But others pick up on targets
so I tend to USE TIME rather than


rrman said...

Well I've decided no more going long will short on Helge's turn points
got kinda screwed last night when we didn't get the ramp like he showed but if you waited and shorted the open would have done great which is about the same price I got into at 2pm ....Helge shows the drop stops around 11/midnight time
then looks like to short the pop around lunchtime tomorrow

rrman said...

flat out of short 1.332