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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 7th

So far at 6:30 pm, the EKG shows possible higher open, but lower close

April 7th Tomorrow nights read says
TENSIONS creshendo tonight
April 8th
PROTECT your assets

It would appear that a lower close tomorrow will lead to a

more later

THE BIG GUNS in our planetary system
Saturn & Jupiter meet in opposition on May 23rd, 2010
Last meeting was in conjunction on May 28th, 2000

But even b4 that propitious event

SATURN is 180 Uranus AGAIN on APRIL26th
PUSH comes to SHOVE
Saturn = LIMITATIONS & responsibility
Uranus = Rebellion & change

Sun -Saturn - Mars - Uranus all meet May 3rd & 4th

Keep in mind
the inner planets are ROCKS
the outer planets are GASES & FLUIDS
How did that happen ??


rrman said...

thanks Jay

forex-cat said...

Your article is always useful.

Reza said...

Dear Jaywizers

Today Wednesday, and most three important days astrological time frame starts, we already mentioned in this week newsletter that Wednesday would be day, which will change directions of energy and metal markets. We see sharp starting from later today and this fall will continue until Friday. Energy and metals must fall otherwise we will change our predictions of bear market in oil and metals. We never did in past and we still believe market will act the way we see. In this week newsletter we have given prices range for gold $1138.80 and silver $18.19 on higher side and both gold and silver have achieved prices and now we expect huge down move from later today, tomorrow and Friday. If these three days market fall then we expect gold to come down to $750 and silver $11.00 within next forty five days of before 27 May 2010. I don’t know how much gold and silver will fall during this week but sure more than three to five percent fall will be there between Wednesday and Friday.

Base metals will also fall from tomorrow but copper will be the first one among the base metals segments to give indication of weakness later today. Copper is trading around $3.6350 and sudden fall in copper will take prices toward to $347.90 and this can even happen during this week.

Oil is trading around $86.95 and oil should correct sharply from here, this will confirm that oil is going back $55 by 27 May 2010. Mars is supporting oil and negative Mars can play spoil role for oil as well as metals. Oil can fall up to $83.71.

Grains will remain sideways so avoid trading in grains. Coffee and cocoa looks more stable or positive so one can hold buying position. Sugar will bottom out later today so one can acquire some position.

Treasury bond will start move up from Friday so great time to take small buying position in 30 bonds.

Stock market will have final laugh today, today prices we won’t see again in the next three months. My list of alternative energy stock is ready and I will forward you by Friday or I will add in next week newsletter. Sell India and Asian market, also European market will move down and one can also sell Dow but among all markets Dow will perform better in medium and longer term. Off course India will be best performing market in the next five months. We are expecting between twenty to thirty fall in all major markets despite of all better news from economic front.

Dollar has been performing extremely well and it will perform like shining star, dollar will be only one currency which will prove that he is not dead, he was just captured in jail from 2001-07 (which we predicted), bow let’s in longer term dollar index reaches back to 125 or not but surely short term dollar looks very strong and next target is 83.80 and 84.50.

Wednesday to Friday is most important time, I still have 1000% faith in planetary movements that they will bring down stocks, commodities to their knee, even though all technical and fundamental are supporting bull market further from here so it will be interesting to see that that who wins.

Need not mention source

Jay Strauss said...

Thanks Reza for Mahendra
He seems stronger than ever

and my work agrees with him

thru the 12th as a short term low


Jeff said...

Thank you Reza for posting. Appreciate it greatly

rrman said...

short 6E 1.337 /dx bottomed looks like

rrman said...

Go Mahendra biggest down day in a while tonight will not be pretty!