Friday, April 23, 2010

April23rd EKG

According to the ABOVE daily EKG, today should just mark Time

Comments on CNBC are quite positive indicating the market has WEATHERED a few storms
this month and there has been NO NEGATIVE Reaction

The MEDIA is SOOOO accustomed to offering a REASON why the mkt did this or that
They think they have the answers to WHY the mkt does what it does

ITs the OLD story "" people want to know " WHY

If I tell some one, the mkt fell 200 pts, the first thing they ask is WHY

Its a natural human psychology to want to know WHY

And the MEDIA is more than happy to provide the reason

Today has
60bars at 10am
90 bars @ 12;30
120bars @ 3 pm or 126b @ 3:30
38.2% /13 day cycle at 10:42

Yesterday's 258bar cycle hit at 11;30, the LOD

Activity index at 8am has been FLAT at 133 since 5am
Futures are virtually hugging the flat line at 9am

Monday's read calls for strong open, but then infers we should
and expect to pay a heavy price later in the day.

ITS NOT a matter of IF< its JUST a matter of WHEN
and TIME seems to have run out.

more later


Joe said...

No gap down nor continuation as mentioned for April 23.

Jay, I am not criticizing your work, but, just pointing out the system isnt working now. May be it will some day, but not in this market. Same applies to helge - he mentioned seasonal weakness from a week or two back in to may. nada.

Anonymous said...

right im giving this until the next 15 min close to start goin down or im pulling my shorts.frustrating as hell.

Anonymous said...

make that now 3 pt loss.jesus..

Jay Strauss said...

It does NOT work 1000%
all the time

there are variations, but when strangers read what you write, it throws them OFF track, and they might think my offerings are worthless

Keep within the bounds of what Im trying to do.

and thanks for your comments and updates-

ALL of us here need support

And yes Ive mentioned Helge off sometimes as is Xtide often as well as Charts edge


Jay Strauss said...

I dont think I mentioned GAP DOWN at open today??

the 60bar cycle LOW did hit at 9:45

which opened the door for the rebound


Kc135a said...


What separates winners from losers in this game is how a person loses. There are no holy grails which means all systems fail. It is how a person loses that determines success over time.


I have two fractals that indicate your call. A strong open on Monday and then down but the down will only be a trade, not the start of a major move.

We are still in earnings season which means another 2-3 weeks of this volatility before a significant drop.

astralguide said...


It is not work of Jay because his work is pretty good. It is our own interpretation and reading that is the real system. Systems in themselves are merely indicative and prognosticating based on available knowledge, the real system is our own judgment.

As somewhere I read on my reader Abdullah wrote that astro does not work in these times. Again it is not astrology or any science that works or not. We do not use astrology only to see the market. We have to have a wider perspective where we could include our other specialized angles.
Hence it is our own reading that at the end must work as a system that could be reliable. On the back of our mind we know but we seek confirmation outside.

Speaking of this particular market scene yes the weakness is expected for next 10/12 days but again it only affects individual traders and individual assets.

Reza said...

sundancer390 posted:

for those that have been trading for 10-15 yrs know before a long term trend turns there will be a "tremor" that will set the set the stage for the coming change

before our high monthly close during the 2000 peak, we got a big "tremor" in April 2000

before our low monthly close during the 02' low, we got a big "tremor" in july 2002

before our high monthly close during the 07' high, we got a big "tremor" in august 2007

before our low monthly close during the 09', we got a "tremor" in November 2009

what we just experienced last week with the spike lower, followed by a vertical upward thrust is what gets played out on a much larger scale

Should the market put in a peak during 2010 the "tremor" event isn't far off time wise, meaning within the next 60 days.

In plain language, does it mean we are a top in 60 days

Reza said...


Can you please explain to me my previous post

rrman said...

makes sense Reza but figuring out th e "tremers" isn't easy...the Euro is real good about signalling before a move like the low last night was a signal.....we will have a pop early next week then drop to new lows

Joe said...

Jay, May be I mis-read, but thought you were expecting everything will be slammed today (23rd), as you mentioned that has been reversal date.

I read one of your post couple of days back and you had this to day:
FLASH says April 26th has a date with OCT, 19th- 1987
and I told him that April 26th is ALSO related to FEB 27th, 2007 - dow was off 400 pts

But then here in today's post you said Monday will be gap up day and pullback after that.
How should I interpret these two ? I am sure you are putting lot of time and effort in giving your research to everyone, but wanted to know how to use it.

Jay Strauss said...

as YOU know the mkt WILL TURN lower SOON
ITs not a MATTER OF IF, JUST a matter of WHEN

YES, April 26th has the POTENTIAL
to OPEN at 1227, but from there, well its what weve been expecting

Today's close did FOLLOW the original call for sloppy start and good finish.

MOnday's call is for strong OPEN
COULD be GAP this time, as ALL THOSE RETAIL buyers who have NOT jumped in are NOW READY to get in on the rally

RIGHT AT THE TOP, the small buyers get in, and we ALL have seen the aftermath MANY Times

PC ratios were bearish Ths
and MORE bearish TODAY

DAMN EKG was correct today- I can only get the data the night before
and I publish it at 8:30 am
so I can get a clearer spot for the open.

but the precision of the darn close still escapes me.

And YES, April 26th is related as per FLASH to oct 20, 1987 as well as FEB 27th, 2007
On FEb 27th the mkt fell 400 pts
BUT that was a one day event then.

this time, its the start of a 10 day slide that ends on May6th

Stan Harley has it as a 162 tr day TURN lasting up to 170 tr days


Reza said...


Do u think after hours on Monday, when they try to pass the bill

RickyBobby said...

I am Long and Strong to May 14-17

Jay Strauss said...

about this latest bill coming for vote on Monday

During the past 2 sessions we had MARS in RETRO, and LOTS OF OUTLANDISH noise about each bill & MAJOR OPPOSITION to each one of them



Janeva said...

If you're reading this the way I am A major Slide is the forecast to start sometime on Monday and last until first week
in May. Now that's according to Jay,Helge,Flash, etc. We shall see.

Abdullah said...

It doesn't matter what the economy is doing at any one time. It doesn't matter what the news is, it doesn't matter what the individual investor is doing. The only thing that matters is "where do the major players want to push the market to?" That's the bottom line. If they have an agenda to keep it going up... the only way to overpower it is when enough fund managers that employ billions of dollars decide they better ease off a bit. That's rare however.

Janeva said...

If that's the case then ALL indicators time cycles, etc are useless??

Reza said...

rrman said...

ok out of long /6e now flipped short 1.3378 we should go down all night and tomorrow