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Thursday, April 01, 2010

April1st & April2010

EKG shows sharp rally and equally sharp retreat by days end


I was attempting to compare the energy for April with that of April 2000,
and imo, its not even close
However, There is a new moon on the 14th at 7:30am indicating a
NEW START as its in Aires ,and A NEW energy surge

But the 26th has a bigger influence over human emotions as Saturn is 180 Uranus
this may be the basis of the Mahendra prophecy for April.
Saturn is reality and Uranus is rebellion-- NOT A GOOD COMBO for people

And the FULL moon right after on the 28th ALSO indicates a REBIRTH

can April 2010 reproduce April 2000??
Such an event is Not indicated by the energy of the month

The ENERGY pattern that showed MARCH as a DRAW DOWN -& IT NEVER materialized
NOW, what should I be looking at & thinking about for April
ITS like this
IT MUST STILL BE IN EXISTENCE ,thus it then becomes a matter of WHEN
IT can only be delayed, BUT not eliminated
Ive mentioned this several times

SOOO, how should we evaluate April2010

POSSIBLE high on the 5th
possible low on the 12th & 13th
High & turn lower on the 16th= options
Low on 26th & strong higher on the 28th



RickyBobby said...

Thanks Jay.

Awesome day...week...month...year

RickyBobby said...

10 more days up, before a possible a more significant TOP.

My fearless forecast.


Jay Strauss said...

Monday April5th reading

RUNS out of enthusiasm
New direction

astralguide said...

Good Morning Jay

Good thoughts bro. I wrote today to some people in my blog that it is very important to sort out the stuff that works and that does not. It is important to sieve through piles of information to get real value.

I think all these guys who prophesize generalize a lot and thus hide in their words so it is good to read but we must use our own judgment or analyze it ourselves.

I see very strange things happening in April even though it would be very important to watch Second and third week.
April 22 onwards there is a big change possible and I think 14 and 19th would be good days to watch.

RickyBobby said...

eeeek, I guess you guys were right about the SPX for today.

I'm only long Gold and Gold stocks, so I'm sitting pretty, with some hefty profits today already.

RickyBobby said...

Wow , what a day.

Looks bullish all around to me.

Oil, Gold and related srocks all closed on HIGHS.

Looks like SPX had a good recovery going higher into close.

Didn't melt down. Good for you.

Have a Fantastic Long weekend.


Reza said...


Any thoughts

rrman said...

yeah Reza Helge has been late on his waves we will see if the down wave materializes during the ah tonight

rrman said...

I just have to believe this is a big shakeout before they take it down....but...

rrman said...

This could be a horrible trap for folks with stocks that can't sell until monday if they take this thing down tonight and tomorrow morning i mean everyone thinks the employment numbers will be good whatif they are bad? And no way to sell?

Jay Strauss said...

1187 is next murrey math level

and coincidentally
1+1+8+8 = Another 9 level

Remember when I pointed out
the mkt had made lows in the early part of the month for the last 10 months
Other than March, it skipped over, but NOW looks like A PEAK on the 5th



Jay Strauss said...

APPLE's new IPAD comes OUT saturday
Should coincide with last gasp to new highs on APRIL5th, and maybe part of 6th.

Lots of people JUST GOTTA HAVE the latest gadgets


Reza said...

I think AAPL topped out and the new Ipad is baked in

crissy said...

rrman, I would like very frankly to put you a question:

Is that, what you give us, is Helge Lokke, or yourself ?