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Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26th EKG (w) compare to SPX & Pulse

So far the spx futures are showing NO danger yet as of 8:40am

Oil is hanging a few cents higher

Europe is about 1% higher

180 bars@ 11am
204 bars@ 1:30
228 bars @ 3;30

50% /13 day cycle @ 2:30 today

Activity index was at 200 @ 5am
Now at 66 @ 9am

Dow hit Erik Hadik target of 11,200


grodnyc said...

UP UP and away!!!

cementzak said...

that is the kind of news you expect to hear at the top grodnyc


after8 said...

well 204 bars worked nicely today,will 3.30 turn it up once again?

Reza said...


gap up or down tomorrow

Reza said...

u here

rrman said...

yep out of my shorts at close and long euro big rally now until midnight Helge says

Jay Strauss said...

204bars at 1;30 on the 21st
only led to a late day rally, but he next day open down 100 pts led to 258 bar TURN at 11;30

When we get a distinct pivot at 204bars, we must become vigilant for a cycle of 329bars taking us to Wed at 12:45pm along with a merc 0 Sun

could be quite a show ??


ARAK said...

wed is fomc day

ARAK said...


are you saying up or down into wed?

forex-cat said...

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Jay Strauss said...

there is TIMING evidence available that TIES the END oF April with the crash of 1929
And Ive posted several times that May5th resembles April 15th 2000

A good WASH OUT fixes exuberance and gives the mkt more legs into Mid June and Possibly mid July
for a more important high


after8 said...

today apparently is also the april 27th anniversary of 1987 crash day.