Friday, June 29, 2007


90 up and 106 down
Got the 3:35 LOW about 10 minutes early but right on an aspect

So now we should expect the rally on Monday and Tuesday

Robert Minor's report of last month indicated a possilbe 25 yr peak between June8 & July8.

If anything, I think it might come a little later. Late August has some potential to sink, but not to the extent he was indicating. Most techs are looking at October, of course.
I really think any serious decline will NOT occur till late 2008, and even then it might come from a higher level.
If you copied the chart I posted in May, it showed the dow making higher highs all the way to 2010 with some minor set backs late in 2007, 2008, and 2009. NOt shown is a potential disastererous market 2011-2012.
2012 is the culmination of the Kondratief wave, a 55-60 year LOW to LOW cycle
Its also well known as the END of the Myan calendar

All one needs to do is look at the long term chart of the dow.
ALL low points - 1932-1942-1952-1962-1974-1982-1992-2002- 2012
Doesnt take a genius to see the pattern- DONT ignore it.

best wishes

Thursday, June 28, 2007

No Changes

Only one adjustment-

the DOW got down to 13,205 INTRADAY on the 8th and again on the 27th

that could be tomorrow's target close.

Thats 217 dow pts DOWN

Tough to wait all week for a good BUY signal, but its out there

Use it to your fullest advantage

Best Wishes

Possible targets

Yesterday's OPEN LOW hit 13,270 which is 158 pts lower then the close

If today does NOT take out that 158 pts, then the low of Friday would most likely be 13,270.

IF today DOES take out 158 pts and closes at or below 13,270, then the Friday 3:45pm target could be as low as 13K.

Could lead to a 300 pt rally on July 2nd and 3rd.

best wishes

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

180 bars hit at open

180 bars hit the open, and no one got drunk sorry, had to stick that in.

However, CHARST edge once again = DEAD wrong
maybe DEAD wrong about tomorrow and we get a complete reversal??

thats what the solar charts show- there is a gap UP shown fromt he 27th
there is also a GAP down shown for the 28th.

Until proven wrong , I'm still sticking with a lower low on the 29th at 3:45pm
HUGE rebound rally on July 3rd- CATCH this one.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Astro Finance

Is NOT voodoo

However, One cannot expect the SAME results from a current configuration as a previous one BECAUSE the participants are setup with DIFFERENT parameters.

However, TODAY hit the HIGH right on the Saturn/neptune INFLUENCE

AND hit the LOW on 90 BARS

TOMORROW's influence has 126 bars at 11:45 AM, and could trade Up AGAIn till late in the day

WEd has 180 bar hit right at 9:45AM
204 hit at 11:45 am
Even with those hits -- UNLIKE charts edge, the SOLAR/Magnetic influence for WED seems to be biased UP, but personally I doubt it will mean much.

1460 SPX has been posted by some technical analsyst as important, and if so, then dow 13K is a match. Looking for a tradeable low at 3:45 PM on Friday

I would venture to guess that the IPHONE sales over this weekend will be more than robust, and that NEWS will only support the hype for next week's rally.

Best Wishes

Some minor adjustments

Some of my associates are now also looking at the 29th for a short term low

A closer look at the SOLAR effects brings my attention to the following
Monday -Today has some MIXED influences, but should be biased lower, but that MIX is pushing them UP 75pts at 10:30AM- Saturn opposite Neptune can be as ILLUSIONARY as it is
DIS-ILLUSIONARY- SO today it might just be ILLUSIONARY UnTIL noon

126 bars hits tomrrow at 11:45am and the solar effects seem biased lower also.

charts edge shows WED off big, but From what i See it might be opposite- remains to be seen?

28th has 126 bars at 3:45 pm and 29th do appear to be biased lower both days. 204 bars hits on Friday at 3:45 PM

Week after + BIG REBOUND

Best Wishes

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Headed LOWER

I hope I didn't lose too many of you the past few months

Let me Know if your all still here

Monday should make a low around NOON, and maybe again around 3:15.
Noon has a neg influence AND 60 bars

Tuesday should also make a low around noon also = 126 bars

Wed shuld be mostly an UP day but 11:45 = 204 bars - could be the low of the day.

Thursday should be DOWN all day - 126 bars at 3:45

Friday should make a low b4 noon and again at 204 bars @ 3:45.
Reading says to be FLEXIBLE, which has alway indicated a CHANGE in trend.

Expect a huge rebound next week of July 4th.
best wishes

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today's action may have cracked the ICE

1539 spx was not taken out on this weeks high tide.

Elliott wave may have just seen a 5th wave failure??? remains to be seen

Charts edge had NO clue on the weekly chart. But the Monthly chart did indicate a high arond the 15th to 18th, and subsequent decline which is about to occur.

There is ONE more rally day probable tomorrow - flat on friday, then then good old Casey lowers the boom. This seems to be corroborated by the solar effects also.

I missed today's decline as it wasnt clearly shown on the 3 to 4 day chart, but is very clear on the 7day. I will pay more attention to that graph from now on.

I am looking at the Morning of the 29th to provide the NEXT IMPORTANT trade, and it should be a LOW. There is a 68-70 hour hit on or about NOON on the 29th. This follows a cluster of hard influences on the 28th.

Most important will be What occurs on Monday which has the same influences as Feb 27th.

best wishes

Monday, June 18, 2007


I had proposed certain parameters recently and lets look at them again

Many techs are looking for 1555/1560, there Y2K all time SPX high

I had at one time or more mentioned that the SPX was targeting the old high for a major stopping point.----------That might occur this week on or about WEd OR Thursday.

From here thats only 20 spx points = about dow @ 160- 200pts

Dow 13,800 is a match for SPX 1560 and that level could be attained in the next few days.

From there, a substantial drop off could be anticipated the week of June 25th to 28th.
This is a repeat of a previous projection

As always
Best wishes


Sunday, June 17, 2007

When TO Go Fishing

most of us fishermen know the best time to fish is when the tide is rising and directly at high tide.

Does that work for stock trading?? many people have tried to match it up, but ??

I was a bit premature last week. The A/D and Vol on Wed was 4/1 and 8/1 which almost automatically indicates follow thru the next day, but of course not always.

IN the same way
Friday's PC ratios are not bearish, but that ALSO does not preclude Monday from having a negative day. A strong DOWN day would then add to BULLISH ratios making my anaylsis for a continuation of the rally into June 22nd even more a reality.

Best Wishes

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bradley date June 14th

As most of you are aware, the Bradley indicator represents a psychological turn point.

Since we appear to be rebounding into that date, it would suggest a very critical turn date is happenning TODAY- June 14th.

I noted the decline of 380 pts, and rebound of fibo 38.3% = 145
Also note GANN rebound of 50% or 190 pts which could finish this AM
Its also possbile but, IMO, unlikely this time to get to the 61.8% or 78.6% levels.

PPI was a little higher than expected and took a little steam out of the futures as of 9am.
CPI could revive uncertainty about interest rates

today's reading is to secure long range $$
tomorrow calls for a sluggish day, and the solar effect looks like a possible attempt in the AM to run up, but failure to hold should lead to late selling.

and Again: Monday June 18th appears in my work to have the potential for panic selling.
Best Wishes

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When to go SHORT ???

As I previously mentioned, the market is setting up for a PANIC type day on June18th where there is a harmonic cluster of hard influences. 126 bars extends to 11am on the 19th.

Bradley date of June 14th looks NOW like it should be a high, but June 4th appears to have been the ALL TIME NEW HIGH for this year. June 14th or 15th should offer a very important TURN date.

So how do we play this week??
We are OFF 380 points from the high to yesterday
13,676-13,295 = 380
380 X 38.2 % = 145 pts
13,295 + 145 = 13,440 which was YESTERDAYs intraday high

So far today, they've been UP 104, and now giving some back into the NOON hour and 30 bars.
There is ONE reading this week for improving $$ and so far it would appear its TODAY, and MAYBE topping it off tomorrow at the OPEN. IF it works out that way, I will be shorting using the DXD.

Solar effects appear to indicate a higher market on the 15th into the close, but Ive got conflicting evidence that leads me to see Friday as a SLUGGISH day.

It wont matter much if I get to buy at the market rebound high, even if it closes on its highs on Friday. + 145 should be the MAX pain. So when that occurs, Im in.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Slip Sliding Away

That Bradley high posted for June14th doesnt look like it will provide as promissed.

In fact Monday, as we all know fizzled out as did Tuesday

SO whats next??

Sell any rally and Im expecting the market to conrinue to slip lower thru the OPENNING on Tuesday June19th.

Solar readings seem to indicate continued selling
PC ratios are NOW more bearish even after today
Readings call for tension with $4 tomorrow

Other readings call for improving $ conditions Thursday afternoon
The question becomes HOW low will they get b4 improving?? seems limited

NDX seems to be holding up better than the Dow, or not selling off to the same degree.
That could change??

last weeks Charts Edge was exact opposite, and so far this week doing just about as bad.
they do show a high on or about the 22nd, and I'M in agreement with that date and subsequent drop.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Poly Science commentary

I dont often speak my mind in public but,

TODAY's paper- The Pope is concerned ONLY about Christians in the mideast, HMMM
What about all the other sects of people getting killed there, yes even terrorists who blow themselves up. NOW, Im NOT a bleading heart, but some one of that stature speaks up and opens pandora's box- What happened last year when Muslins rioted against his comments- Im suprised they are not doing the same thing NOW.

Watching late night Cable and listenening to Johnathon Alter talk about his book.
In 1936, the ECONOMY stunk, but FDR made us feel good about the future when he got down to the level of the common people like all of us. He spoke to us as his friends, not his loyal subjects.

NOw we have just the opposite- A good or decent economy for many years, but a pres who says do what I say, and stay out of my way. They wave at us from a distance just like a king or queen, or even a dictator. Remember how Sadam held his hand out to his people- what was that supposed to signify?

MY OPINION for what its worth
The only person who emulates FDR is some ways is Juliani, and has the experience to show he can rise to occasion- remembering 911.
Mrs Clinton seems aloof and not getting to the people in the same was as FDR. or maybe thats just the way FOX tv shows her- I dont know why I watch that channel- they are soooo onesided.
Hillary with Bill stand an equal chance of making it happen.- If they get Obama to run as
VP, then they'v got it.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Posts not getting published

I dont know WHY, but my post of June 6th did NOT get published, no matter what I do to try to move it along

Good follow thru on Monday,

Tug of war on Tuesday

Continue higher on 13 and 14th, the BRADLEY HIGH of the year

OFf on Friday and Monday the 18th.

SOOO, NOW- that IVe had a great week, no one seems to be disgruntled,
but no one is complementing me either.
Charts edge had EXACT opposite for the week-- DID all of you let him know how bad his work was this week?? He should have left well enuf alone instead of changing methods.- IT didnt work??


Thursday, June 07, 2007

JUNE 4th high

June 4th was mentioned a number of times in May as a potential turning point high
AND THATS THE WAY IT WAS - paraphrase Walter Chroncite

latest call is for a June 8th turning point LOW in the AM.

Today was a very remarkable day
- 93.5% volume
-90.57 % Adv/ Decl
ARMS index 13.99
Vix jumped 2.19 to 17.06
gold - 11.50
259 bars hit at 2pm
new cycle 30 bars hits at 10am
statistical Lunar cycle low hit on schedule - thanks COY
Solar cycle on track for low tomorrow AM
BIG RALLY on Monday- will make everyone forget today

Internals complete turn around
ARMS 5 day = 362 outrageous buy signal
trin 5 = 1813 DITTO
TRIn 10 =2289 DITTO

Next 10 days should make a trading high on 22nd

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


With Eurpoe lower and futures indicating a gap lower, there doesnt seem to be much of a chance for an up day today.

Updated solar info also indicates a possible GAP lower today.

I still getting accustomed to reading the new signals
Cant go out too far in time- I tried going out 7 days, but thats too far out- 3 days seems best.

Still got Friday AM for a tradeable LOW

Next move after Friday thru the 22nd is biased UP.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Warning signs have ben posted

Chinese investors want in no matter what- Sounds like property flippers

In the longer run, they are going to be right, but for this year, the probability of higher returns looks limited.

Tomrrow, however, has the potential to be an UP day

Like I said, this week should trade with a bias to go lower, but it wont be anything dramatic.

Monday, June 04, 2007


So far the latest data has been proven satisfactory, at least to me.

Next 2 days should sell off some- Nothing dramatic.

A Turning point low should occur on Friday AM.

Best Wishes

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bar cycle hits

The 204 bar cycle hit a little early at 199 bars by my count at 1pm, instead ot 1;30pm but still just as effective.

Monday's high should hit in the 11am hour

The 126 bar cycle hits on Tuesday at 11 am

In between, we might look for 90 bars at 2:30pm Monday

Solar effects so far seem to be a leading indicator giving me some insight up to about 3 days.
Reminds my of the movie NEXT where he had the ability to see ahead for 2 minutes.

Hope This keeps on working. I correlated it for the month of May and so far I am satisfied with the results. Only noticed it last week so I don't have much history to back test it.

PC ratios still indicating a higher market, but sometimes they only refer to the first part of the day or even just the open. That's why I look at those ratios as they update on the CBOE every 30 minutes. Its interesting that they usually stay consistent for the whole day- IN other words- if they open bullish, they stay bullish and vise / versa.

As always
Best Wishes

Friday, June 01, 2007

ITS Friday

Im testing some new data which we will see if it helps daily projections

today's open spurt HIGH might not hold all day, but I dont think it will turn into heavy selling.
Employment report-- What nonsense, however, those reports do correspond to market action as the WAVE progresses.

The energy pattern I have looked at shows a SPIKE up and then moderating during the day

Similar pattern for Monday and then some selling on Tuesday and Wed

Yesterday's 126 bar hit was exact at 1:30pm. Today has 204 bars at 1:30pm.

Its amazing that what I would call a normal rythm of 259 bars turns into 126, and 204= 329 during times of market stress, similar to an irregular heartbeat.

SO, maybe it will become easier to spot potential stressful time zones once a 126 bar cycle first hits
This is just a thought right now, but if any of you have another idea, let me know.

Best wishes