Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When to go SHORT ???

As I previously mentioned, the market is setting up for a PANIC type day on June18th where there is a harmonic cluster of hard influences. 126 bars extends to 11am on the 19th.

Bradley date of June 14th looks NOW like it should be a high, but June 4th appears to have been the ALL TIME NEW HIGH for this year. June 14th or 15th should offer a very important TURN date.

So how do we play this week??
We are OFF 380 points from the high to yesterday
13,676-13,295 = 380
380 X 38.2 % = 145 pts
13,295 + 145 = 13,440 which was YESTERDAYs intraday high

So far today, they've been UP 104, and now giving some back into the NOON hour and 30 bars.
There is ONE reading this week for improving $$ and so far it would appear its TODAY, and MAYBE topping it off tomorrow at the OPEN. IF it works out that way, I will be shorting using the DXD.

Solar effects appear to indicate a higher market on the 15th into the close, but Ive got conflicting evidence that leads me to see Friday as a SLUGGISH day.

It wont matter much if I get to buy at the market rebound high, even if it closes on its highs on Friday. + 145 should be the MAX pain. So when that occurs, Im in.


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