Saturday, November 29, 2008



I know these #s dont mean anything to you, but they are screaming SELL TO ME
NOV 4 - 1363 ---1704---103---272---341---488---1337---359
NOV 20- 245--- 197 ----169---49--- 39 ----847--- 1775---103
Nov28 -- 1960--3216 ----73---392---625---369----1226---631

THE NUMBERS on the bott0m row are showing MORE OVERBOT than on Nov 4th

21/1 & 12/ 2 down
12/3 up
12/4 high till mid day, then lower
12/5 hp to 1 high on 12/8 = looks like top of wave 4 as previously discussed

THEN THE 5minute of 5 minor wave begins to retest the previous lows

Thursday, November 27, 2008

WAVE Count

NOV 21st = MINOR wave 3 LOW

Now making Minor wave 4
"a' wave HIGHon Nov 26th high
"b" wave LOW on Nov 28th LOW
"c" wave HIGH on Dec 4th = Minor wave 4

Remember Nov 4th High, and what followed

Dec 15th MINOR wave 5 and retest of Nov 21st lows
dow 7475 intraday at 11am

From there it up and away till at least Nov/Dec 2009
theoretically the Dow could regain as much as 78.6% of the 7000 pts loss
that would mean 5500 dow points back to 13,000

Happy Turkey day

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ONE day Range

today's range is from

SPX 834 on the low side
875 on the high side

should hit the low at 11;30

and close on the high @875 area

Jaywiz index
Mon = 1.24
Tues = 1.55
Is a BIG rally building?

You bet it is !!!

PC ratios are in SELL mode today

Nov 28, a shortened day till 1 pm should drop back from 875 to 835 or about 300 dow points

However, that would offer a great spot to buy calls which I intend to do at the close Friday
Yeh, I know, dont hold positions over the wkend- well sometimes you have to risk that position.

Happy Turkey day to all


Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 08 Thanksgiving week

At a glance
Its possible the 259 bar cycle and 4 day cycle may have hit on friday at 3:55 pm just before the last 5 minute runup
Occasionally it pays to hold over a wkend
Nov 24th , futures at 8:25 indicate a higher open.

Many of the groups I am readings are STILL VERY NEGATIVE, and they ARE DEAD WRONG

Nov 25th HIGH at noon
Nov 26th LOW at 11:30am
Nov 26th HIGH
Nov 28th large on day decline, given it is a shortened day till 1pm.

The week after is on schedule to continue the rally begun on Nov 21st
a HIGH should occur on the 4th with Nov 5th offering a setback


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monday Nov 24th

Monday Nov 24th starts out negatvie with a mars 45 Jupiter at 8.48 am

ALSO there is a 4 day cycle due at 10 am from the previous cycle on the open of the 18th.
At that time there was a 180 bar cycle also at 10am

Now we have the 4day cycle mixed with a 259 bar cycle which DID not hit on
Friday at 4pm, thus it must hit on Monday AM at open.

Preliminary data indicates a NEW UPTREND has begun
remember what I wrote last week

DONT BE MISLEAD in the wrong direction
Intentions are NOT advertised

On Thursday the Mkt reached down to support areas
Dow chopped off 50% from Oct 10, 2007
7000 points were lost
What can be gained in the next 9 months?
Ive already shown you what to look for. If you dont believe it, it wont be my fault.

Looing for nov 26th short term high
Nov 28th short term dip
Dec 8th high
DEc 15th LOW as minute WAVE 2 in the growth of MINOR WAVE 4

Power index is indicating a weak open Monday, BUT doubles from 300 to 500 by day's end.
Tuesday could start out even weaker, but the index moves from 350 to 600
Wed holds at 600
Thursday - HOLIDAY = 700 which might have it effect on Wed
Friday dives to 400 from the 700 level and could be a nice sell off, but I think the day will be a short one and close at 1pm


Saturday, November 22, 2008


The CYCLE LOW hit at 11:05 am on Friday Nov 21st,

And guess what I was doing - YES, BUYING CALLS

Dow up 500 pts

whats next?

***********8further gains ***********

might stall Monday AM, but should end the day higher with the
best of the week should be Wed

The 28th has some negative readings, so I will close out my positions on the close Wed-
I dont think its an early close, but Friday might be.

It appears we got the MINOR 3 bottom
NEXT IS WAVE 4 which can extend all the way to July 2009

Dec 15th is expected as a LOW, but in this case, I would anticipate it to offer only a
wave 2 setback after a dec 6 to 8th high as wave 1

Sure, you want to know How high can they go?
MINOR Wave 4 will occur in the next higher degree

Use your math skills and apply Fibo
Dow dropped 7000 pts
7000 X 38.2% minimum gains = 2674 pts = dow @ 10,224
Typical is 50% to 62% or 3500 to 4300 pts
Max gain @ 78.6% would be remarkable = 5500 pts - back to 13,000, but I sincerely doubt this

The Martin Armstrong cycle seems to be occurring 8 months after his proposed dates.
First was FEb 27th, 2007 and the actual top was october 2007

The LOW was scheduled for March 23, 2008, and the actual was Nov 21st

Now the next leg HIGH is targeted for March 19th, 2009 + 8 months = Nov /Dec2009

Then LOWS on June13, 2011 ADD 8 months = FEb/ March 2012


Thursday, November 20, 2008


MY propietary data has called today's low a BUY

SPX still has to get to 730 ish tomorrow am
Dow still has to reach down to 7200
validates yesterday's call for a low Friday Nov 21 at 10am

Adv decline ratio NOW AT 245 & well under 400 ------ 400 is the threshold, and this index has a 5 yr track record.
Volume ratio NOW at 197, and YES, WELL UNDER 400
ARMS 5 day ratio AT 169.4 , a BUY
5 day Ave of above adv decl ratio fell from 242 on Nov4th to 49 today
5 day AVE of volume ratio fell from 321 on Nov 4th to 39 today
5 day Trin = 847 also a buy

Everything is NOW in place to end minor wave 3 and start minor wave 4.



It now looks like the FINAL LOW of MINOR wave 3 will occur on

FRIDAY NOV 21 at 11am
thats where the 13 day cycle ends and starts a new 13 day cycle

SPX level have been proposed at 760 to 770 and as of this writing its NOW
at 788, and dow at 7860

I really find it amazing that MINOR wave 3 should end with such a wimper
however, the VIX yesterday was 74.26 and thats near the recent record high of aprox 85

Newspapers across the country reporting the DOW under 8000 as if that was something important
CONTRARY ?? most likely- bUY when there is extreme pessimism - AR we there yet?

I had mentioned to my yahoo group to expect a lower open today
there is however, a moon 120 venus at 1:46pm, and that might turn in the day's rebound high, but the close looks like it should take out the AM lows and head for a RESOLUTION on The OPEN Friday between 10am and 11am

to BUY CALLS on Friday at 10am to 11am

Jerry R has consistently reported the LOW on Minor 3 at dow 7700 during the week of Nov 19th

Next week, the 22/44 wk cycle will have past and minor wave 4 rebound should last considerably longer than minor wave 2 from which hit on Nov 13th at the close;

Rebound Should take us to DEc 1st

Best for now

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is going to be just like last week - VERY DIFFICULT for investors
We, as traders are also going to have a rough time caching the swings
if they follow anywhere near whats projected

However, ive got a few things to add

Monday Nov 17th is a LARGE fibo convergence and the
10.22 day segment of the 13 day cycle hits on TUESDAY
at NOON along with a usual LOW bar cycle at 204 bars
So there is a good convergence right there
THAT CYCLE DID STRIKE at NOON on friday for the LOD, not counting the close

Now, heres some more
17 in numerology is an 8 = power
18 in numerology is a 9 = an ENDING
19 in numerolgy is a 1 = a NEW BEGINNING
20 = 2 =congenial
21 = 3 = speculation

Heres more
Astro readings
Nov 17 = CAUTION with ALL activities & watch your blind sport
Nov 18 = Intuition is unreliable
Nov 19 = DONT BE MISLEAD - true intentions are hidden
Nov 20 = congenial day , BUT DISRUPTIVE AT NIGHT
Nov 21 = GET chores done EARLy

NOW into minute / micro wave 5 of MINOR 3 as both Jerry R & Ibo seem to agree,
even if labeling is a little different, the outcome should be the same

SPX levels at 785 and 754 Murrey Math do see viable for the lows.
LOWS here DON not appear to want to drag on, but IF they follow the XTIDE as
ASRO seems to suggest for the open of the 21st, then we will see some wild
swings once more.

Monday DOWN ALL DAY and Tuesday low at NOON SHOULD mark an important low as
After a good recovery on Tuesday, the 4 day cycle at the end of the day could
drag it down as xtide shows.
19th has potential for lows at at 11;45 & 2;15 as per 90 day cycle low from July
15- barcycle also@ noon
20th looks positive as xtide shows
21st looks like XTIDE has it nailed


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ive posted several times
NOV 17th
55 -110 - 89- 144-233-280 tr day cycles

It seem to me thats THE 22/44 wk CYCLE time slot

BUT the Astro reading for Nov 19th indicates a fake out day
meaning the next move from there is UP & AWAY

Arms index today was .23 similar to Oct28th
TECHNICAL internal data is very similar to Nov 4th,
and has issued a SELL SIGNAL

Since the CYCLE low is due on Monday
we should expect some serious selling tomorrow

IF you think the market is going to RUN to the moon with everyone applauding, you've got a rude awakening coming

The market will do everything in its power to confuse the many, AND THAT MEANS YOU

some are still looking as low as 750 spx, and some even lower
I think we might get to spx 800 & dow 8000 on close
with an intraday low as low as 7880, which was the oct10 intrday lows
Got to spx 818 and dow 7966
Spx fell its double allotment of 2 x 40 = 80 pts from 898 = 819

NOw from
spx 911 - 80 = 831 - 31 murrey math - 800 butt he actual murrey math level is 785 which should provide support
dow @ 8835- 930 pts = to last weeks drop = 7905

Some are already pointing to Nov 26th for a lower low- what I say to them ~~ FORGET ABOUT IT !!
Some are still looking for spx at 750 area and dow at 7200 - WHAT I SAY TO THEM - Yeh you guessed it -- DITTO

So there we have some numbers to look for

LOWS of 2008

Its beginning to look like the LOW of 2008 should occur on Nov 17th

Ive mentioned it b4 and reminder that there is a large convergence of
FIBO dates plus its 280 tr days from Oct 9th,2007

that means Nov 19th is 280 tr days from Oct11,2007
THATS 35 segments of 8 tr days

the 13 day cycle of which there is a 78.6% segment hitting at 11am to noon on the 18th should mark an important low
after the clsoe on the 17th.

In 1987 as an example
Oct 25th was the NYSE closing LOW
Dec 5th, MONDAY was 28 days later for a LOWER close.

From there it was up and away for the first 13 days, which for us would get us to DEc 8th, and astro would agree with that projection


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov 19th

On Nov 19th, preliminary bar cycles

259b Low @ 10am
30 b @ 12:30
329 b @ 3;30

there is a lunar square Sun at 4;31 pm
which is the Qtr moon

So it is possible for the low to occur LATE in the day
Planning for that type of event takes thought and strategy

Most likely I will be in CASH the on the close of the 17th or open on
18th where 180 bars hits at 4pm on 17th or open on 18th.

that way i can BUY CALLS during the day at various low points.

Best for Now

Potential Panic SELL OFF

A panic SELL OFF looks IMMANENT and could occur at any moment

Its NOW 9:45 on Tuesday Nov 11 and the Dow is off 181

Power index is DOWN ALL WEEK and Continues to drag into next Week.

Activity index is FLAT LINE At 1.3

Pressure readings are HIGH in the 3025 area, but could drop at any moment, and so far the mkt is NOT showing any response to those highs, but a potential rebound does exist for the 12th, as mentioned b4.

I was given Nov 19th lows at 11:30 & 1:30, but I will not have a good reading for the bar count until this Friday, 14th.
ID - How did you arrive with those time periods?

So far the reading stands for the 19th- DO NOT BE CAUGHT up in Negative sentiment
When the MEDIA professes NO BOTTOM< you can be sure we are there- IV'E watched it b4 on CNBC

The 17th is still the target for a closing low as it has a convergence of Fibo dates and is also 280 tr days from Oct 9th.
280/8 = 33 segments of 8 tr days

More later

Monday, November 10, 2008

minuette 4th waves

A change in perspective might be in order right NOW

Im not looking for THE Jerry R low of LOWS on Nov 19th,
HOWEVER I am looking for a low on NOV 14th and or 17th

17th has fibo convergences including a 280 tr day off
Oct9th, 2007

The 14th is an 8 day LOW
While the 17th is an 9 day turn

I dont have bar counts yet, as I like to get a
little closer to the actual day to confirm the correct count

There is a midnite low tide on the 12th,
but full moon also a little after at 1:19am
and secondary low tide at 3pm on the 14th

What does that all mean for Nov 19th?
good question

IMO, it means a significant TURN day
leading to a significant high on DEC 1st.

In fact, it may be that OCT 27th spx at 848
might have been the LOW of 2008

I do Have DEc 12/15th as another low period,
but NOT necessarily LOWER than oct27th

It may also be we are in a period of an UPWARD
trend to Mid FEB eclipses, thus we would be making
higher highs and HIGHER lows along the way.

We MUST CAUTION ourselves
and not look for a crash at this point to drop
under the spx 850 already established on oct27th.


minuette 4th waves

minuette 4th waves within a minor 3rd can be temp high risers and very misleading as to the real trend

I think thats whats due today

Heres another look at where we are now.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Elliott wave 5

I would appear that wave 5 of 3 of 3
has begun from the Nov4th high

So what do we as a group think about wave 5:3:3
I do agree with JERRY R @ 100% about Nov 19th
and Ive written the reason several times as well
as my outlook for Nov 17th FIBO CLUSTER

They have gained on close 1450 dow points on Nov 4th
How does that relate to Elliott rules?
Heres the QUESTIOn
Will Nov 17 to 19 AS WAVE 5 be MORE SEVERE than wave 3 on oct 27th
OR will they match the dow 8175 low of Oct 27th?

Assuming, and I think we can do this,
wave 1 dropped 930 pts on the 5th & 6th
then wave 2 should really hold at + 355 = dow 9050 or 38.2%
Then wave 3 of 3 of 5 should hit ON NOV 13th to 17th, IMO,

HOW LOW IS LOW from that point?
930 pts can be matched from 9050 would = 8120 AND yes, very likely
IF 1.618 x 930 = 1505 = dow @ 7545

thats A little more than the 2002 at 7200
VERY POSSIBLE for the 17th

Nov 19th might actually go down intraday to
touch or get damn close to 7200
We have 11:30am and 1:30 pm as time slots.

Best wishes

Friday, November 07, 2008

Nov 7th - Bradley date

We have already had the 800 pt loss or more that I wrote about earlier this week - WOW what a call !!
if I dont say so myself

Have not been able to post much this week , dealing with a loss in the family

BUT now what?

As the heading says, Bradley today should mark a short term low, with the 12th next and that should be a high

Futures indicate a higher open regardless of the jobs report, but Thats STILL an hour away from this writing

Power index pointed toward the decline this week, thus my ealier posting for 800 pts loss
Today it shows a higher open and subsequent collapse

Activity index was at 4.3 earlier this AM, but has since dropped to 1.3 at 7am - not sure how that will play out once the mtk opens

Bradley low
4.08 day cycle at 11am
156 bar cycle at 11am
38% segment of 13 day at 11:30

FTSE today made a midday low = to 1pm today in the USA
Charts edge has today languishing

Any low today should be met with a moderate rebound next week into the 12th, and Im still expecting the 13th to 19th to meet that 22/44 wk LOW that Jerry R has written about

17th HAS
55 - 89 - 110- 144- 233 & 280 tr days convergence
last convergence on 4th was a high, thus this one should be a low

the reading for the 19th, most imnportant, and Ive brot this to your attention in the past.
In other words, do not get suked in by NEGATIVE talk and sentiment
GO THE OTHER WAY- mkt intentions are WELL HIDDEN


Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Second LOOK

This could be a little tricky the next 2 weeks
Reason is : the REVERSE correction off the LOWS on Oct 27th MIGHT NOT BE FINISHED
So we might only get a fibo drop to possible interim lows between 8176 & 9325
1150 pts gained or 1300 if counting intrday - ahh fibo, love it
could, and should get as low as 800 pts dow- (((62%)))

Then it becomes matter of when
Nov 4th at 11am has potential as the 84.5 hour cycle low point
Nov 7th also has some potential as the convergence of the 4day cycle at 10am
OR Nov 7th at 11:30am a fibo segment of the 13 dy cycle

From there it appears UPward to Nov 12th, which could possibly make a higher high then
thats also an 8 day HIGH TO HIGH cycle

THEN Casey lowers the boom on the opne of the 13th, MY BDAY, and Nov 19th
Nov 19th has 22/44 cycle lows as per Jerry R
also is a 78.6% or 66 hr cycle low to hit at 12:25pm
is also a 4 day cycle low at 11 am