Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monday Nov 24th

Monday Nov 24th starts out negatvie with a mars 45 Jupiter at 8.48 am

ALSO there is a 4 day cycle due at 10 am from the previous cycle on the open of the 18th.
At that time there was a 180 bar cycle also at 10am

Now we have the 4day cycle mixed with a 259 bar cycle which DID not hit on
Friday at 4pm, thus it must hit on Monday AM at open.

Preliminary data indicates a NEW UPTREND has begun
remember what I wrote last week

DONT BE MISLEAD in the wrong direction
Intentions are NOT advertised

On Thursday the Mkt reached down to support areas
Dow chopped off 50% from Oct 10, 2007
7000 points were lost
What can be gained in the next 9 months?
Ive already shown you what to look for. If you dont believe it, it wont be my fault.

Looing for nov 26th short term high
Nov 28th short term dip
Dec 8th high
DEc 15th LOW as minute WAVE 2 in the growth of MINOR WAVE 4

Power index is indicating a weak open Monday, BUT doubles from 300 to 500 by day's end.
Tuesday could start out even weaker, but the index moves from 350 to 600
Wed holds at 600
Thursday - HOLIDAY = 700 which might have it effect on Wed
Friday dives to 400 from the 700 level and could be a nice sell off, but I think the day will be a short one and close at 1pm


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