Friday, December 31, 2010

Market Timing-Whats Next - Dec31st -PM Report

Where the HELL are ALL the DAY TRADERS **********
they should be JUMPING ALL OVER this daily report*********
Very rarely is it DEAD WRONG and at 70%, it has a remarkable 10 month record
Could be a late sell off which also agrees with the POWER Data showing weakness Yesterday
continuing into today, but dont expect anything unusual. Im pact below shows weakness in the AM as also indicated by the AM futures.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Market Timing-Whats Next - Dec30th -PM Update

ONCE AGAIN still at 70% accuracy daily since MARCH 24th
we see JUST HOW WELL the EKG depicts in ADVANCE what the market will do today
We can SEE from the IMPACT stream, WHY we are selling off{{ AT 10:30am }} a little more than we have seen for a while.
It also CONFIRMS the POWER DATA projection for a lower day today & tomrow
and gains more evidence for a short term low on Jan 3rd.
possible lows for today could occur at 12:30 @ 180 bars
Tomrrow lows Also at 12:30, and again at 2:30pm
BUT dont expect anything major


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Market Timing-Whats Next - Dec29th -PM update

Certainly does resemble the EKG
STILL at 70% for DAILY accuracy since March 24th if this year
Tomrrows outlook calls for frustrations, Stress & demands
26 hrs at 10am
Neg energy at 10:30am
90bars at 11;30
take yur pick

I really think that 1260 will remain the CEILING and we will start to deteriorate VERY SLOWLY from there and HOLD this NARROW range and current levels till MID MARCH

IT IS POSSIBLE we just might get a very serious crash wave, but NOT until the last 2 weeks of MARCH

I will follow up on this scenario in more detail as the new year begins

best wishes to ALL for 2011


Monday, December 27, 2010

Market Timing-Whats Next - Dec28th -PM-Report

Once again the end of the day could have been deeper, but direction counts more than amplitude, so, an end of day drop off did occur, and more is expected tomrrow
The IMPACT stream clearly shows the higher open and subsequent drop
Todays POWER data shows the day weaker, leading to a low tomrrow Am before rebounding

Market Timing-Whats Next - Dec27th -PM -Report

Impact stream above shows the late rally below
the day didnt finish down as much as the EKG might have indicated,
but sometimes we get the overflow as we might tomrrow
EKG shows today should end on the weak side
I did menti0n last week to expect a jarring start today and the futures are off about 30 dow
activity index is at 100 all night
180 bars at 10:30 am

Impact stream showing fairly steady
Power data shows the week should end lower but the reading for Friday is optimism
Power data shows tomrrow could be weaker than today and there is a negative enrgy
effect on Wed before noon

more later

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Market Timing-Whats Next - Dec23rd -PM report

NEXT STOP is DEC 29th and we should see some heavy year end selling next week
starting right from the GO on Monday Dec 27th
Today's LOD hit at 150bars at 2:30pm
HAH - what the hell are we supposed to make of the above
Futures are a little off prior to open indicating the 90 bar cycle is about to hit
but the ekg shows a strong recovery which may or may not run us over 1260
126 = 9, and has resistance, next 9 level is 1269
Tomorrow might not start out happy, but it certainly looks like it ends that way


Market Timing-Whats Next - Dec22 Afternoon Report

EKG & Power index Suggest a STRONG DAY TOMRROW

NO impact data today
Today calls for INDECISION

Monday, December 20, 2010

Market Timing-Whats Next - Dec21st -eve report

Not as wild a day as the ekg showed, but there was muted movement correctly depicted.
I do NOT make this stuff up, so we have to take what we get from nature, and interpret
what we can expect from the day's activity.
Activity index hovered at 100 all day showing very little strength, but when there are buyers
and NO SELLERS in sight, we get days like today

Now we get to see what happens after the eclipse, solstice, and 55 day convergence

8:30 update- not much change but this now shows end of day
which was missing from yesterdays' publication
STEADY as she goes this Morning

Preliminary EKG at 5pm Monday shows potential for 26 hr higher open till 10am
then the rest of the day appears to weaken

this fits with yesterday's warning about protecting assets
and today calling for CHANGE

Full moon eclipse at 3am will be on waning side and new moon eclipse not till Jan 4th leaves lots of room in between for year end sell off & first of new year recovery


Day Traders EKG - Nov 20th closing update

The UPSIDE trend still holding its own
we know theres a bear in there somewhere, we just have to keep digging out the pile of sh
Between eclipse, dec 21st and Jan 4th we should see some selling and a possible low on DEc 29th with renewed buying the first week of Jan 2011

It could be as late as Jan 24th before any extensive selling begins, but lets reserve that outlook till we see Dec29th

ENERGY levels LIFTING the market

cycles need to converge on that 55-110-165-220 day TOMRROW , along with the FULL moon Eclipse at 3am tonight.

The after math could be quite bearish

the warning for today is to PROTECT your assets

Dec 21st -Tuesday is another Bradley date

Comments on CNBC are quite bullish, many expecting higher levels in 2011
They are NOW accustomed to buying the dips again, as each time, the mkt recovers.
Oil at $150 and stocks topped in 2008, & now we have oil at $90-- is it telling us anything?
more later

EKG does show CHANGE is in the wind, or weather which could get
stormy as the day progresses

Remember that the EKG shows direction, and just because it shows a large amplitude change, doesnt mean the market will respond as such.
STEADY as she goes so far today, but that could change later on

Big cluster tomorrow including full moon eclipse tonight could set the stage for change

today calls for asset protection
something today could upset the applecart


Friday, December 17, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Dec 17th -Eve Update

Today's EKG was AGAIN right on target, but we were thinking a more bearish day

however, tomorrow is a Bradley turn date making today a very likely candidate
to fit that timing


BOTH of the above depictions show energy WANING today, which agrees with the POWER data graph

will the market follow ? stay tuned to see the outcome and visit often for updates

258bars was due at 1pm but hit 30 min early at 12;30, spx at 1240
30bars due at 3;30 came in exactly on schedule- spx @ 1240

As mentioned yesterday, todays energy appears to wane as the above graphs NOW show

60bars at 11;30
90bars at 2pm

which means that 120 bars opens Monday at 10am
It looks like were finally going to get some RAIN on the bull parade
which might just carry out till the 29th leaving 2011 to open strongly


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Dec 16th - NIGHTLY UPDATE

SO< WHATS IT WORTH to see this as 8:30am ??--
70% accuracy from March 24th.

Maybe this blog should be PAY PER VIEW

ONE MORE DAY of this CHURN, and then it looks like we WILL SEE
the market SELL OFF, starting tomrrow

a low today could occur at 1pm on 258 bars = 21 hours


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Dec 15th UPDATE

AND SO did the mkt

We can see from the IMPACT stream above why the mkt rebounded from a lower open

Tech data is Grossly over bot
its just a matter of time, if not this week, and it rarely drops off during option week
then Next week has a greater degree of neg energy plus multiple
55 tr day convergences, and a cluster of Bradley dates.

ARMS 5 = 53
arms 10 = 696
trin 5 = 265
ALL readings are issuing a SELL SIGNAL


Monday, December 13, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Dec 14th - Evening update

You can clearly see why the mkt fell off late in the day, as the ENERGY impact dropped off actually about noon


Sorry about the LATE update- Had to leave at 6:30am and now back at 11am
I should LEARN not to DOUBT the EKG and we can SEE from the IMPACT stream
WHY the market is holding in positive ground despite the grossly overbot situation

60bars might have already hit at close Monday, but I dont think so

I dont think that rise depicted above will have much meaning by the time tomrrow's over

Looking for a LOW Thsday at 10am and or 1pm

IHAVE NEVER EVER seen such LOW LOW Numbers for the ARMS 5 & 10

ARMS 5 = 53-- under 100 is bearish
Arms 10= 595, Under 1000 is bearish
TRIN 5 = 265, under 400 is bearish
and this is the THIRD day in a row for such low numbers

OEX pc ratio still very low near the .50 level, also outrageously bearish

FLUX activity has been WILD ALL DAY for 12 days now- NOT sure what it means
but IT Happened every day in Jan, Feb 2009 till MARCH 13th, then NOTHING till
Nov 2010

More later

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day Traders EKG - Dec 13th -Eve Report

Another GREAT DAY for the EKG, and tomrrows OPEN should continue lower
Even tho the ENERGY levels have dropped some over the last 2 days, as for this
morning, they appear somewhat stable

There is an ENERGY shift expected at about NOON today which emulates the EKG
and could start the afternoon declines
Its now 7 pm on Sunday, so the AM picture might change some,
but the outcome should remain the same


Traders Power Graph this week -update

anger & war like tension
258bars at 11am, but
if 30 bars at 1:30 finds the mkt lower,
then the next 258bar cycle at 1pm on Thsday could find a more solid pviot

60bars at open
90b @ noon

Anger continues
pressure filled day

180bars @ 1pm
Stay on the side lines
be conservative

258bars at 1pm
outlook brightens

A Lazy day

Bradley dates
18th -21st - 23rd
very unusual

Cycle cluster on 21st
55-110-165-220 tr days pivot
220 tr days was Feb 8th Dow under 10k


Friday, December 10, 2010


Mortgage rates also rising

Day Traders EKG - Dec 10th & Update

You can also see the day's energy output focused on making a slow climb as did the mkt
IF you were expecting perfection this is about as good as it gets
Today's reading calls for stalled plans

Activity index was at 300 @ about 5am, but at 8am has dropped to 66

FLUX is WILDLY active ALL WEEK- indicating something big is about to happen

Power index is mixed with some up & some showing a sharp drop

120 bar low at noon yesterday

180 bars at 11am today
204 @ 1pm
228b@ 3pm

more later