Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today is holding up better than I would have expected, but it only means the inevitable dip is delayed.

Instead of Jan 31st, we might have to look for FEb 1st , just b4 the full moon, or FEb 2nd just after.

Today marks 68-70 hrs at 1:30 and 3:30 from the Jan 12th HIGH, and we would expect the market to PEAK at those junctures, and so far the actual high was at 11:15 which was the 135 bar mark. 90 + 45= 135.
The high 12,538 at 11:15 was a near match to Mondays intraday high at 12,540 level.

180 bars today at 3pm , SHOULD see a marked decline at that point in time.

Fed announcement at 2:15 tomorrow is at 259 bars, and might be the trigger for the decline??


Sunday, January 28, 2007


Ive been much to wordy lateley, so I'll try to cut down ont he excess.

spx 1440= short term stop
spx 1400= could be short term low on 31st

FEB 9th could be a troublesome date, but look for Next high on FEB 12/13
14th and 15th could be off days

Feb 23rd is pegged as an BIZ cycle ARMSTRONG 8.6 yr cycle TURN
could make the end of the month sloppy

March 16th seems to be offering up the best date for a 2007 TOP
SPX might try for 1525, the old high


Friday, January 26, 2007


RIGHT on Que
low today within few minutes of 1pm.

took out 190 pts from the high to the intraday low today at 12,431
If your feeling sluggish this wkend, your energy should return on Monday, but what does that mean for the market?Just as today, Monday looks like a mixed bag. BUT it most likely will be in reverse order- higher in the AM and lower in the PM. An early morning TECHNICAL rebound could carry the DOW up 72 to 95 pts.

Monday Lows should occur at either 1pm or 2pm,
but I doubt they will be lower than today at that point in time.
HOWEVER, if they ARE lower, OR, IF those lows FAIL to hold, then we can expect the market to continue to sell off into WED, which is what I am expecting anyway. It is possible that 2pm time period MIGHT behave as did 1pm on Thursday, just a short term stop, and sharp drop off within a few minutes later.

Fascinating to look back one year, and see the Jan LOW of 2006 on the 24th. The month then ended on a HIGH;
Also note that FEB 2006, moved LOWER to the 13th, AND This yr I am seeing just the opposite.

Tuesday low is due at 4pm, and Wed low should occur at 3pm.

ITS a STRUGGLE at 11am

This BLOG is NOT updating until some time after I publish an update.

The market rythm called for a LOW at 3pm yesterday and we got exactly that.
However, Friday AM fell some more and so far at 10:10am hit -48 which is no where in terms of aformentioned rythm.
The next RYHTM point is due at 1pm- Look back at Tuesday and that same Rythm point produced a low from which the market ran up 150 pts. Can that happen today?
I tend to doubt it- the BOND market is FALLING, and Equities are in a battle to stay afloat.

Helge has indicated Jan 26th as a PEAK. One of my other associates has indicated Monday as a 2X Master time date. Those MTD's have frequently been found at market highs.

The spx 1440 appears as a formidable RESISTENCE level.

In summary, we could make a projection that;
If the market rebounds from 1pm, then we should see a strong Monday, at least for the morning.
The 78 hour cycle hits on Jan 31st at 3pm, along with a 259 Rythm hit, and its looking like it should provide a LOW.


SPX 1440

Cant say for sure, no one can, but yesterdays 120 pt decline was a little more than I would have anticipated.

So, it might be the first clink in the bull armor, warning us to be on our toes, and maybe even somewhat defensive. Now 49 months in the current bull run and its NOW January which has typically sold off at the end of the month last few yrs, and this one appears ready to do the same thing.

Its Friday- before the open and spoos are staying alfoat. Dow futures indicating a higher open. As I wrote b4, Im looking for a rally this AM<>

Monday should provide a rally in the AM and again a softenning or even some selling in the afternoon followed by more selling on Tuesday and WEd leading to a low at the 78 hr cycle due at 3pm coincinding with 259 bars at the same time.

SPX 1440 seems to be a formidable barrier for now.
FEb, for the most part does look like it should recover.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Market heart beat

REVUE- and just as projected the market is performing on QUE.
This is mostly a repeat of what Ive already posted

Monday - lows ocurred at
11am = 180 bars
1pm = 204 bars
The jupiter/Uranus Square at 5pm indicated a DOWN day.

Tuesday- 259 bars was hit at 11am, and it was UP from there thru Wed at the close.

Today, Thursday
180 bars at 1pm so far looking good for possible low for the day.
204 bars at 3pm - might also have some effect.
A late recovery today should lead to a strong open Friday and rally till about mid day.

Friday should get weak late in the day leading to selling on Monday and probably Tuesday.
Best wishes and good trading

Monday, January 22, 2007

The BIG Guns

The BIG guns leading this market higher are ;

Feb 28th = Saturn opposite neptune
NOTE : I am NOT an astrologer, but I am not afraid to use Astro when it applies as it did today with jupiter Squaring Uranus at 4pm.

Even MORE important are the Eclipses in March on the 3rd and 19th combined with a Jupiter TRINE Saturn on the 16th. Dont forget the Spring Equinox on the 21st.

today HIT a Low right at 180 bars at 11am, and 2 hrs later at the FIBO 204 bars at 1pm.
IT was STILL disappointing to get such a meager decline. Some stocks like CSCO, and MSFT did experience more dramatic hits last week, but overall the averages stayed the course.

Tomorrow hits 60 bars at the close, but there is a lunar/ Mars Square at 2:27 pm, and that MIGHT provide a good buying point.

Once again, just to be clear WEd and Thursday look like they should move UP strongly.
If they gain 100 pts per day, then the dow should get to 12,700 area, with the SPX at 1450.

It is POSSIBLE the SPX might get to its PREVIOUS high at 1525 before this run is over, and March 16th is looking like the most likely date.



With all the cards stacked up against a decline, we got it anyway.
Astro is the ONLY force today that seems to be effecting trading, and its DOWN as anticipated.

What about the rest of the week and January? glad you asked.

A low CLOSE should be set today, and as far as tomorrow, there appears to be NO RUSH to get things moving.

WED, however calls for ACTION and good follow thru for Thursday. So we should see 2 good solid rally days in the middle of the week.

For Friday, I am looking for an early HIGH and weakness later with another dip into the 27th/and maybe even the 28th.

259 bars hits on Tuesday at 11am and ends the day on 60 bars.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


spx 500 pc ratio also too high

That means TOO many people are betting on the decline and we all know that goes against the grain.

180 bars hits at 11am on Monday just after a venus sun opposition.
240 bars hits at 4pm with another hard aspect

IF, and I reapeat IF we get a decline, IT might overlap Tuesday am till 259 bars at 11am, but I tend to doubt it at this point.


Friday, January 19, 2007


The PC ratios are JUST TOO darn BEARISH.

Unless some miracle happens on Monday, the downside poses little risk for the bulls.

Very disappointing to the bears for sure.

Jan 15 was the first 2007 bradley date and it looked like a high, but this week, even with over-powering negative electro and magnetic energy levels, the market has held TOO WELL.

The next Bradley date is FEB 4th, which would translate to either the 5th or IMO the 1st for a possible low point, but would venture to guess it will be a HIGHER low.

So we have to sit all weekend and wait the outcome for Monday to see if our bearish position will make any $.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

slow progress

some slight changes but the outcome is the same.

Slow Tuesday- so far its 2pm- might sell off more in the last hr as 180 bars hits at 4pm.

Wed should pick up some steam downward till noon.

Thursday might just float on Wednesday's rebound.

Its possible that FRIDAY might sell off strongly -AFTER the NEW MOON.

That leaves Monday with some strong follow thru as another BIG down day
It has the astro potential in addition to 259 bars at 4pm.

The Jan 2000 sell off was about 75 spx pts = about 600 dow pts, and the Immediate rebound was almost as vigorous


Sunday, January 14, 2007

option week

The NEXt 78 hr cycle is due on Jan 31 st and it looks like it should be a low
The 68 hr cycle which was in force thru Nov seems to have shifted prominence to the 78 hr.
thats 12 days of trading with 6.5 hrs each day.

The dow did perform as indicated last week, but I dont think theres any more gas left in the tank.
I couldnt get the pc ratio readings from the CBOE for Friday.

However, the ENERGY which includes the Satelite readings, astro readings, and cycles do seem to indicate a sell off is due next week and should culminate on the 22nd.

It wont be an easy ride to get there as it is option week, and the predominance has been to trade higher, but on occasion we do get selling in such a week.

Tues has 180 bars at 4pm, but NOON on WEd hits fibo 210 bars at noon along with a Sun 45 to Uranus.
This SHOULD be the first stopping point on the trip lower.

Thursday, however has the new moon after market hours with either 90 bars at 4pm or 329 bars at 3 pm.
take your pick, it should be the second stop on the way down.

Friday should be a solid rally day.

Monday Jan22nd, even though the energy level is positive, the astro energy is NOT.
THUS a Jupiter/ Uranus Square at 5pm on the 22nd should set the stage for a strong rally the rest of the week on the 23rd to 26th.


Thursday, January 11, 2007


I really do have to pay less attenentioin to those readings- they can be misleading.

Please accept my apologies.
Please understand that I am posting this info for my own benefit, and anyone who chooses to use the info is doing so at their own risk.

NOW- Heres what to expect and WHY

Carl Futia is an excellent technician and his blog posting today and prior posts indicate March spoos at 1455 minus 11 pts for cash =1444

THE TOp should occur on Jan 12th at dow 12,680 /12,700
SPX due to hit 1444 which is 20pts from here =180 dow

Jan 12th AT 4pm is exactly 87 hours from dec 22nd, the last important low.

The STAN HARLEY 259 bar cycle hits today at 2pm, and should providean only a minor blip

other than Tuesday, the ENERGY readings have been POSITIVE all week, including today and tomorrow.

I'm Moving my SELL alert to FRIDAY at 4pm.
At that point I WILL BE BUY FEb puts.

THE NEXT 259 bar cycle hits at 10am on the 19th, but the NEW moon effect and SOLID NEGATIVE energy force is strong on Tuesday to Thursday Jan 18h..

Best wishes to all.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

180 bars ignored

Heres a lesson I learned today

When the 126-130 bar hit produces a LOW like it did today at 9:45, then expect the 180 to be a NON event, and of course that works vica-versa also.

Today's close is influenced positively by the 68 hr cycle due at 3:30 pm- 4pm
Thats OFF the Dec 22nd LOW

Its alomst 2pm, and now the dow is up 18 pts.


bar cycle rules the day

The 126 bar cycle hit right at the open, and a small recovery is in progress at 10:30 am

the BEST advice I have to offer is :
GET SHORT AT 4PM today and stay short till Jan 18th CLOSE - new moon that night.

259 bars hits at 10 am on the 19th so expect a very breif overthrow and solid recovery on the 19th.

today has another 180 bar cycle hit at 2pm just after a minor lunar astro event at 1:27
Together they are apt tp produce the days low.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

right on track

Looks like the 90 bar cycle HIT at 12:10 pm and the dow was -51 for a blink.

Ran up to -35, and now dropping again - 51 at 12:30 pm and holding there.

looks like 5 waves MAY have been completed at this juncture

We'll see how it progresses ove the next 1/2 hour till 1pm, but according to the wave and bar count, that should have been the low.

The action confirms the reading for a low start till mid day
Was a little different than Monday, but the END result should be similar.

PS bot some Feb calls at noon.

quick update

The close yesteday was suspicious and the DIVE after the open today proved that feeling was warranted.

Since there was a low at 10:30 yesterday, todays matching time period MIGHT be considered the 90 bar hit.
So far the market has rallied up30 pts off the 10:30 mark, BUT there might still be another dip b4 moving up on a more steady run.

Im waiting for the 90 bar hit that is supposed to occur at noon to 1pm TODAY, and the reading for today called for a bust and or slow start with a mid day pick up. Same as yesterday, but this time should be a better close.

High close still expected wed , but Thursday should sell off, and that has NOTHING to do with Bush's Iraq speach- a simple coincidence


Monday, January 08, 2007

Jan 8th update

Today's 259 bar hit was due at noon and the low hit at 10:30

Another low hit at 11am and 2pm - so how does it fit the cycle?
As mentioned b4, sometimes the 259 marks the start of a rebound.

Thats what we got , the 259 bar hit marked the start of the afternoon rally.

The rally was disappointing at 45 pts, but closed at +25.
That confirms tomorrow's reading for a MORNING BUST and mid day recovery.
Almost a repeat of today, but I think the low will be at least -100 pts.

Wed looks like the HIGH of the week and Bush is expected to give his Iraq update on WEd.
90 bars should hit between noon and 1pm, and from there we should see a nice rebound
Maybe the obligatory + 100 pts.


recounting bar cycle

I did a recount on the 259 bar cycle as it did seem I was way off;

This time I used Dec 29th at 3:30 pm for the last 259 cycle low

Using that as a bench mark, we can NOW expect a 259 bar cycle LOW today at NOON.

From there they should be able to rally into WEd.
There is a 180 bar cycle hit at 2pm on Wed, but if mostly ignored by the market, then look for a SHARPLY lower open on Thursday at 210 bars at 10am, and 259 bars at 2pm right in the niddle of some negative astro energy.

As of 10:15 dow is down 43, but spx is only off 3.34
3.34 x 9 = dow 27
so the spx is holding better and should LEAD the dow higher later.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Last week

Last week was confusing at best even though the electromag energy indicated more action than we got.

However, It did provide the FAILURE on Tuesday, but the slde was still contained within a rising wave;

Friday did provide a BUY at 11:30 and 2:45, even tho the 259 bar cycle hit was exact at 1:30- Not sure how to explain that phenoma anomaly, but there is a 12 to 18 bar leeway on either side which might exlpain it.

I am Still expecting an upward move next week with only Tuesday morning to be a BUST. However, That time period could prove a second buy for next week.

The energy forces for next week are strong, but If you read my Dec 16 post for 45 day outlook, you will see we are really right on track.