Saturday, February 27, 2010


Chart from Columbia - thanks Michael

Wave1 of 3 about to start this Monday
wave 2 of 3 by Friday
Wave 3 of 3 begins late Friday of early Monday, March 8th
we could see a "B" wave lower on Monday/ Tuesday to 1070
then recover in C wave back to 1100 by Ths/Fri

Either way next week should be NO less tricky than last week


Friday, February 26, 2010

NOTE the End of FEb on 2 graphs

both of these graphs SHOW Feb 26th EXACTLY the way it happened
And as it appears its possible they made a retracement wave peak today
in what would be called a FLAT in Elliott jargon indicating a VERY WEAK formation

Leading to a PLUNGE on March 1st

Obviously the daily guidance did not perform as WILDLY as shown,
but the trend of the day was evident .
We did get a morning dip, recovery and last few minutes drop off
granted it did NOT match our expectations for a BEARY day, but neither did the other 2 graphs

Does that mean we SCRAP the whole Program?? Remember the graph depicts the ENERGIZED earth
and should replicate changes in price levels, but it can vary greatly as to HOW much volatility
is actually generated

I can show YOU projections from an analyst who charges big $ for his service and claims to make
a lot of $ trading.
He shows a green line and a red line each in opposite directions
SHOWN on the SAME graph, AND THEN he says the mkt can SHIFT from
RED to GREEN or GREEN to REd during the day. And he gets BIG money for that??

The reading for today was good
NO excitement -- NO new starts & Monotomous


March 2010

Feb 22nd to April1st
I had PREVIOUSLY projected a LOW on April 6th, but after careful review, I have adjusted
that date & published the March graph as above- we can discuss that date as we get close to
the goal line

What happens in April? you ask, good question
April 1st begins a multi month rally to Late June

other important notes
Bradley dates
March 1 , 2010
March 23rd
March 31st - April 1st

the above dates all seem to happen coincidentally with negative
aspects and or neg readings or both.

There are other important aspects that occur during the
month and we can discuss them as they occur

Positive aspects that are shown as highs occur on
March 7
March 15th
March 26th

more later

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb 26th & update at 7pm

Updated graph above
Unless some miracle happens in the AM, we really should see a lower open, but as promised
the end of day does tick up, which leads me to look for the LOW of day at about 3:45pm

the graph shows a slight uptick at the open but that MIGHT NOT be the case

It also shows a MORE DEFINED LOWER CLOSE than the last 2 days,
which confirms my suspicions about tomrrow NOT being anything LIKE today or Wednesday

IMO< With 30 bars at open we really should NOT see a higher open,

60 bars is at noon
90bars at 2:30
Midnite LOW tide should coincide with low close also

The TAIL end of the graph is not complete, and if it shows anything other than a continuation
of the down swing, I will let you know, but even if it upticks, it may not effect tomrrow's close
except for the timing of a low prior to closing.

at 8:46 AM ,which should influence the futures is a minor lunar negative ~~ Moon 150 Sun

REVIEWING the days read for TODAY, IT called for Sudden positive changes
- which we certainly got

BUT TOMRROWS read = NO new starts- keep a LOW profile & expect complications
SO it should be a very different day.

More Later

Feb 25th & more

Feb 25th guidance graph is BELOW this line

AS mentioned many times before
Direction is more important that amplitude

THUS the end of day drop may lead to a LOWER open tomrrow which is depicted on
Friday's daily guidance BUT wont be ready for publication until 4pm today

today has 258 bars at 1;30, and could be the lod as shown in the middle of the graph.

And 30bars does hit at the END OF day today, and OR open tomrrow.
This phenomena has occurred many times in the past when it hits on the cusp of the day-
OFTEN effects the next day open rather than the current day's close

As you can see, the next 3 days are showing a greater tendency to be bearish, and any rebounds
are shown only as brief recoveries.

March 1st is still the target for a pivot LOW & TURN higher into the end of NEXT week


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 24th

Im not sure how viable an UP open as shown, BUT it does seem logical from a mkt point of view

However, the power index also agrees with a lower close

and again, it very hard to pin point how low or how high from the daily guidance above

WE can use fibo against support & resistence to find those values

Venus 135 Mars at 12;30
156bars @ 11:30am
180bars at 1;30
204bars @ 3;30

So, we could see a mid day low on the aspect and a late day low on the bar cycle pivot

I am offering this information to the public on this blog which gives me an
PORTAL to organize my thoughts & data where I can publish it for my own review
otherwise, just thinking the above can get lost in the wind.

anyone else reviewing this data above should not take this as gospel.
and EVERYONE is welcome to offer additional & supplemental information
to either support the suppositions or negate them with constructive
informative data such as offered by some OF THe NEW MEMBERS
on the previous comments, as well as some of the previously established members.

more later

is NOW leading toward a corrective process that will be ending on APRIL1st as previously outlined
Cycle convergence FROM-- JULY 9th & March 9th

MORE NOW --Feb 24th

ARMS index -TRIN Tuesday was 3.03

I think thats a SIGN of deeper cuts to come shortly
A high trin can slice both ways

NOTE on Feb4th -TRIN 3.45 signaled a low about to occur as it did on the 8th - within 2 days
NOW ,we might get a short term low shortly as Ive indicated for March 1st.
Expect another high trin near or above 2.00 this week, and lower prices

March preliminary chart

March 31st & April 1st are also GEO Bradley dates

A cleaner view should be available shortly, but From our previous discussion It seemed

This graph has become more important to show


Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 23rd

Tuesday -Tomorrow Doesn't Look much different than Monday
where 258BARS hit right at 11;30sh, and thus we saw the mkt climb afterward

The NEXT 21 hr cycle is on Thursday at 1:30pm
Thsday has 220bars is at 10:30 ALONG with a moon 135 Jupiter which might be the lod,
even tho the 258 b low pivots in the afternoon, IT COULD BE A HIGHER LOW.

Remember the TUESDAY reading calls for a STRESSFUL START,
Monday started a little on the UPSIDE
SOO tomrrow should start rather weak, AND I dont think the rebound will be as
strong as is pictured, remembering the direction COUNTS MORE than amplitude

This week STILL looks like a STEADY deterioration into a low tomrroow- WEd at 12:30pm
a secondary low on Thursday @ 10;30 am ,which DOES NOT have to be lower, but could be.

Today- Tuesday -Got 60 bars at 10am and that fits with the reading for lower open -
more Tuesday bar cycles
90bars @ 12:30
126b @ 3:30 pm
156 bars would then be on WEd @ 11;30
and that is just 1 hour from a Venus 135 Mars at 12;30,
which could over ride the above bar pivot.

The MARCh 2010 monthly graph will be available shortly - and it shows a DOWN TREND
continuing from the JAN 19th high WHERE there was A MATHEMATICAL convergence of
TIME & PRICE of 55% as previously mentioned.

As for APRIL 1st - it is related to JULY9th by 182 ((ARMSTRONG )) days & March 6th by 270 days
which = 54 weeks

More later


Feb 22nd - published Feb 21 at 7pm

this was published and sent to my FRIENDLY YAHOO group
and for some reason, it never got to them. - server error??

BUT they can attest to the DATE & TIME stamp
Feb 21st at 7pm
as I resent it from my SENT page on Comcast email logs

YOU WILL ALL NOW NOTICE the 11;30sh low this morning
the 3pm High and turn lower today
which FITS the Daily guidance quite well

I am transferring the email to the blog at 4pm on Monday
The DAILY guidance that Ive
been posting a DAY Ahead comes
to me in a form that I can only guess at times.

Thats why I publish the bar cycle pivots, 13 day cycle
and any important astro or elliott interpretation -
to get some frame of reference for times
Some of the ANON's at the blog
do not appreciate the value of such a graph
and thus I am NOW reluctant to publish it
I do NOT make up the daily guidance graph on my own
It IS energy similar to what Coy produces from different sources
His graph last week performed better than mine
When I posted Coy's graph, the ANON"s took exception
to the diversity since they were not in sync;

between us we have had similar graphs, some times
and opposite sometimes

The week before last was a perfect hit every day
for mine, but this week, the rises were pictured
with equal declines which did not materialize.

So this week, I will be publishing the graph on the blog
AFTER THE FACT, and Im sure I will get BLASTED
for that claiming I made it up afterwards
Oh well -- so be it
BUT I will offer it here in the PRIVATE GROUP
FYI for information only and as COY's Monday map, I agree
I posted on the blog earlier today
YADA YADA this whole week

-----------11:30 LOW @ 258bars--------Lower at close leading to 60bTues@10am
Highs could occur between 1pm and 3pm typical daily hourly turns

Pay little attention to the AMPLITUDE
and more attention to DIRECTION

At least If I show it here, and it is successful,
I can say it was published
prior to tomrrow and not be lying about it

It shows a WEAK open, Mid day recovery and
weak close
258 bars = a low @ 11:30
30 bars = a low at 2pm,

Thus 60 bars does not occur until Tuesday at
10am, and MY published readings for the week
under comments does reflect that projection

Market Timing ** Whats NEXT**

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, February 21, 2010 5:32:24 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Re: [TimingShortTerm] week ahead 22-26

Jay ,
On the chart or graph you post is that 1 day or more. Could you put a time like 12noon +/- 1 hr as a reference?


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sun, Feb 21, 2010 2:01 pm
Subject: Re: [TimingShortTerm] week ahead 22-26

OK Jer;
I have astro low Thsday also at 10;30am

Market Timing ** Whats NEXT**

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nothing to report

Heres a chart that should interest some, provided by JerryO at my Yahoo group

Use whatever info that has been posted b4.

in other words, EXPECT nothing spectacular this week

choppy every day

Down some, up some, yadyada

Full moon end of week on 28th = overly optimistic
Nothing important should occur till after Feb is over

A low this week should occur on Thursday morning


Friday, February 19, 2010

WILL feb 19 follow to another high ?

What started out as a possible ROUT on the FED announcement yesterday
has dwindle to a WHIMPER this morning

whatever low this AM is still on schedule for 11am to noon

Asia took the brunt of the announcement, but Europe is steady

Typically we get option week STRONG and the week after WEAK

The FEB graph does show that and it was published early this month

we'll see how well that graph reflects reality next week
Notice that after a low next week, it does bounce higher toward the end of the week on the
NEXT FULL MOON on the 28th along with Sun 0 Jupiter & Sun 0 Neptune

THAT astro combination appears to indicate EXTREME OPTIMISM
Is it well placed or not??

rrman- does the above graph appear to reflect your analysis?

more later

option week favors bulls- AGAIN


Even though there were some dips along the way UP to the 18th as my
FEB graph PREVIOUSLY displayed , the DIPS were MUTED is relation to the rallies


Thursday, February 18, 2010


I dont know why this should work any better than the previous guidance, but

rrman has been proposing the opposite for tomrrow, so I thought it might be good to see it now

The triple cycle pivot low convergence tomrrow at 11am still there

and midnite high tide Friday spikes higher at 3;11pm or close


option week= bullish overtone

option weeks are BULLISHLY slanted expect in very rare occasions
and this week was no exception

Oil lower- gold lower and now SPOOS at least at open

Yesterday was an 8 day HIGH, making TODAY the 8 day TURN
Flash, Helge, Jaywiz guidance all point to a lower day today

90 bars at 10:30 could be the low of the morning
as we see from the chart, it looks like a recovery after the initial low, then lower later
How high is the recovery?
You tell me- anons, then I can BLAST you when your WAAYYY off

126bars @ 1:30
156b@ 4pm, or open Friday

REMEMBER how many times I have posted tomrrows convergence at 11am
180bars @ 11;30
13 day @ 11am
Moon 90 Mars @ 10:56am

OK, YOU dont believe it, I get it
On Friday @11am Tiger has chosen that time to make his apology- hmmm.

Really sorry, I could NOT push the market DOWN for all you bears, I tried hard
but it just wouldn't give in

more later

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FEb 17 - update

I cant tell you if the secondary high will be higher at 2pm on
the FED speak or not, but it does sound logical that we might get a TURN of importance
AS THE ABOVE CHART seems to be showing.

SO far however, we did get a HIGH on the SPX AS PREVIOUSLY SUGGESTED
AT spx 1100, and it did occur between 10 & 11am

I am SHORT- March puts mostly with a very small position for Feb
& on One of my private fund accounts

The target TIME is Friday at 11am
which has
Moon 90 Mars
13day cycle
180bars at 11:30 , which can truncate

Friday still appears that it wants to close on a high, maybe NOT the HIGH of the week
and especially given that 13day pivot has a strong history of similar action

More later

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AT the RISK of Being EARLY

9am UPDATE FEb 17th - PIC above
WHEN IS A PICTURE WORTH 1000 words - @4pm Tuesday
JUST AS I POSTED LAST WEEK in case you didnt read it
HIGH ON 16th
HIGHER on 17th Then BOOM

---------------16th-TODAY------4pmH----WED10amL----1 to 2pmH---

but this chart looks higher MIDDAY past 11am, to maybe 1 to 2pm


Clearer view ABOVE

ALL i did was MISS a lower open today,
and YOU would think I robbed them of all their money

I never told anyone to GET SHORT on Friday or that I was short
IN fact I wrote that I bot LONG at 10:30, and sold on the FIRST Rebound

Some of YOU read a projection and CALL IT A PREDICTION


I simply point out most logical times via cycles for LOWS, AND AS IT WERE
there WAS A LOW at 10am from which I had written to expect a buy on the
Moon # Uranus at 10:06am- I did not buy either, and sat by watching a 100 pt gain from
that time.

NOW WE see a potential for a lower open, then powering ahead, maybe to 1100
and plunging afterward.
You dont believe it !!!

You dont have to- GO SOME WHERE ELSE and follow CARL who will take yu to spx 1200

Big surprise a comin

ps; MARS retro in LEO is making me furious

IGNORING THE IDIOTS- let get back to work

REMEMBER that these chats are ONLY A GUIDE
And NOT to be taken as ABSOLUTES

YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN Analysis and make comparisons
IF you agree, fine / IF NOT, thats fine too- LETS discuss what we have in common
and what we have thats different
That way, EVERYONE here can benefit

BUT SNIPPING from your little dens of puny brains helps NO ONE

After all this is a JOB, not a game. ITS a Place where winners work hard and losers whine
I can get you some cheese with that whine

Where are we now?
comparing some of the charts we NOW see on MONDAY AM more clearly
the strength is UP just as the POWER index and Helge showed us
OFF friday's low at 10:30- 11am
YES , I told you I went long at that time & closed out on the first rally

We were expecting a lower start, according to PRELIMINARY data,
but did not get it, and many traders are miffed who STAYED SHORT over the wkend

THIS IS DAY TRADING - we do NOT stay short over wkends

NOW looking for a place to get long after a strong open
11am offered a only a minor dip, but may be indicating a turn lower into the 78.6% pivot at 12;25
As yuo can see from Helge's chart, His work anticipates a retreat from the high this am,
and another buy opp later today with a higher close today which should
spill over to tomrrow at least till 11am

Maybe, and if NOT I will HOLD flat and wait for next opp to go short for 17th & 18th
13 day cycle pivot low hits on Friday at 11:00 am along with some neg lunar astro.

the week looks like it will close out strong on optns exp


FEB 16 =9am update

AS yuo CAN SEE there are variations from LAST NIGHTS posted chart

AND the FUTURES are pointing to a considerably higher open

BUT the ABOVE does suggest a HIGHER open, Mid day or late am low, and a LATE higher CLOSE
which is reflected by HELGE , CHARTS EDGE & Flash, as well as JAYWIZ power index.

thanks for the warning about charts edge, but like I wrote in comments,
I did not JUST fall off the back of the turnip truck

I posted his graph TODAY BECAUSE it agreed with OTHER outlooks.
NOTE that chart is of the NDX, NOT the DOW which
DOES DIFFER some what than what was posted.

You have NOT seen me post charts edge ALL the time,
and I do realize he is sometimes WAY OFF, but this one seemed to talk to me.

MY game plan is to wait till the pivot lows suggested by the following cycles,
and if warranted, I will go long at that time - FOR TODAY

Since astro promises to start out tomorrow with a follow thru rally<
I will probably SHORt tomrrow at or near 11am
As previously posted
204bar @ 11am
Hourly turn at 11am
Moon # Uranus at 10:46
78.6% /13 day at 12;25 which can truncate or not

Since there is a cluster near 11am, that would be the most likely suspect for the pivot low

RRman, I dont see a MASSIVE short or dive tomrrow,
just a retreat in a ROLLING market making its way toward a
BUT If you have to CONVINCE YOURSELF of such movement prior to trading then
knock yourself out and go get'm man


Monday, February 15, 2010

Preliminary Feb 16

LOOKS LIKE charts edge agrees with ME & THE daily guidance graph
SLOW start on 16th higher late afternoon
with drop off late day
And the rest of the week follows my POWER INDEX graph

I really should NOT be publishing this before tomrrow AM, but here it is for now

It shows a lower open as many of us suspected and a a hihgh potential at late afternoon
where coincidentally there is also at Moon 30 Sun @ 3;42pm

WE cant tell at this point in time if the day finishes DOWN or IF tehre will be Another LIFT
after that last DIP

However, I can tell YOU that tonight at 6pm,the ACTIVITY is FLYING HIGH AT 433,
the highest I have seen it in months. I did not show it for fear of confusion, but the above chart,
prior to what is shown is also QUITE high, but drops off as you see into today.

Lets see what charts edge has to show.
LOOK ABOVE to see the weeks graph from CE.

This is MORE than we could hope for

HELGE, Jaywiz, Charts edge, FLASH, ALL IN SYNC

more in the AM

HELGE for NEXT WEEK of Feb 16-19

As you can see HELGE makes his charts VERY SPECIFIC,
but as we know Reality can be a little different.

THIS IS EXACTLY the same effect that happens with my charts

IN NO WAY CAN ANYONE be exact as to the FUTURE of price action

HOWEVER< we can COME DAMN CLOSE and we both do

We each have a link to each others sites, for which I am very proud to say we are there.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

power index graph & daily guidance

THIS IS the DAILY GUIDANCE from FEb 12th to FEb 15th and it PROVES the VALIDITY
of the POWER INDEX GRAPh below it which was published on the 12th FYI.

THIS DOES NOT mean that FEb 16th will crash, but as yu can see below SHOULD start lower, and then pick up as teh day rolls on.
FEb 16th starts out with
moon # Uranus @10am
204bars @ 11am
78.6%/13day @ 12:25pm
So there is much to keep it under wraps most of the morning,
but each on of those could JUST be a setback within a rising trend.
This may need some fine tuning over the next few weeks,
and or I may have to drop this attempt altogether if it doesn produce the
results we would want from it


Friday, February 12, 2010

LAST WEEK review

SPX Chart above from Columbia- thanks Michael



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 12th

The lower tag after the second rally was not available on this morning's graph
it shows 2 rallies and last hour dip- astro late today would have indicated a stronger close
but the activity index at 3pm is not responding thus the above might be more correct

Looks like bigger swings than today

Mars 150 Pluto at 7am should keep Europe in the red giving us a lower open

secondary low at 2;20pm

higher close


Combined yeterday & today's potential

SO, NOW we see the drop that was shown as possible for yesterday
occurred this morning and should be over on the
13 day pivot low at 11;13 today, with an uptrend the rest of the day.

The last drop off might occur at OPEN Tomrrow rather than this afternoon

and as the newer chart shows, a continuation of the rebound friday after a lower open

Keep in mind that there are NO guarantees in this game and each day is its own monster

USE YOUR OWN ANALYSIS to make your trades

this blog is NOT meant as a trading guide other than for MYSELF


Feb 11th & part of 12th DG graph

This is actually chart # 2 which shows exagerated detail for today & part of tomrrow
Futures powered higher at 8:30, but have since backed off following Europe lower
the late day sell down on this graph may be more exagerated than what we actually get.
HOWEVER, take a LOOK at Tuesday - very similar effect

This graph SHOWS the overall trend of the day and tomrrow IS UP

It also shows a late day drop off, but rally continues tomrrow -12th

The graph agrees with my power index next 2 days

The latter part of the 12th will be available later today

The second graph shows Exagerated INTRADAY movement

Today we have
30bars at open- 9:45
60 bars @ noon
62% /13 day segment @ 11:13
90bars @ 2;30

IF you have a different analysis - lets see it
If you have a similar one - lets see it
DONT BLOW SMOKE at me and try to blame me if you trade poorly

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FEB 10th -8am update- same as before

Shows TODAY even more bearish on the 8 am graph, after an AM high

FED talk at 10am??

Looks like high at 10am to 11am

Moon # Mars at 10:33am

Potential for rebound on 11th & 12th still exists to make the high of an

A -B - C rebound off the 1044 lows

Ive mentioned Feb 16th many times and that could still hold as the Bradley TURN

more later

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

FEB 10th

Looks like we get a high at 10 to 11am
then its down for the day

258Bar at 1:30
30bars at 4pm

Low midnite tide


Feb 9th & part of the 10th

-----------------open higher----11;30L---3pmH---4pmL ^---10th -open lower??

Prior to yesterday's low, I had mentioned that Tuesday afternoon would provide a
short term high and it does seem that hasnt changed

any gains made today will probably not hold at those levels.

how much will they give back? NO WAY TO TELL !!
but I dont think it will be much

Today seem to offer the bulls a chance to catch some $$ prior to setting back
best guess would be between 2 & 3 pm, OFTEN hitting a high at 2:45pm
noted from prior observations

3pm has Moon 0 Pluto = intensity
moon 60 Jupiter at 4pm seem to lend support to a closing high, but that goes against
the guidance graph, but it is possible,

and IF so, then the DOWNdraft might occur after hours,
but either way that last hour can be volatile given 204bars at 3:30

more later

Monday, February 08, 2010

Feb 8 & 9 preview

---------------------10amL--11:45H---3;30L---4pmH --9th11amL ---2pmH

Try again to place times on the chart, but its not an easy task

The tend for the 9th is higher till at least mid afternoon

The last 2 hours of the 9th is not available yet, but might still be choppy.

258Bar cycle continues to be accurate

10am & 3;30 lows today


FEb 8th - more erratic than previous graph shows

Today as I mentioned under the previous post comments
might require a little more back and fill,


After a mid day rally, today looks like it could come back off some before closing higher

This was pretty much what I was projecting for TUESDAY,
but it looks like that might be occurring today.

IN any event, as today is a Bradley turn, we can expect the rebound
to start and end on the next Bradley on FEb 16th. as previously projected

What today offers for me, is a secondary opp to buy in to this short term rebound

After Feb 16/17 we can expect the DOWNTREND to continue with longer &
stronger selling days interspersed with VOLITILE 1 or 2 day rallies.

This trend should continue to April 6th where the NEXT LONGER
term uptrend should start.

I posted times that represent cycle pivots and the above chat seem to be pointing toward
the latter past of the day to use that pivot at 3;30pm

more later

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Monday FEb 8 - guidance graph

Will NOT POST TIMES that you can throw back in my face
Its just like posting price levels

YOU PROMISED this and that, but You screwed up

NOT me, YOU will NOT get me to do that AGAIN


Upside bias looks quite strong as previously projected

setbacks can occur at



and Im not going to report why


1150-1044= 106- spx pts lost Jan 19 to Feb 5
5 waves completed
3rd wave to Jan 29 @ 3:30pm
4th wave to FEb 2nd
5th wave to Feb 5@ 2pm

106 x 50% = 53 = 1097- imo, very likely

------62% = 66= 1110- imo, maybe

------78%= 83 = 1127 - imo, doubtful

Bears can NOW project lower lows if you wish

Back in 1992, I was projecting Dow to 5000, and I was getting beat up
should have learned what you were looking for then,
a FALL guy to blast when it doesnt go your way

OR PAY for someones services with FANCY GRAPHS AND CHARTS
who tell you IF, or IF or IF, and still leave you with NUTTIN

More later, maybe
ps; comments & analysis improving- thanks

Would really appreciate ANONS registering so we know who is offering real analysis
verses those who are just out to bust em.

Question : How did xtrends get to 980 members- atilla - do you pay for advertising ?

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Feb 2010

Jan 19th at 10,730 to Feb 5th @ 9840 = 900 pts

fibo retracements
50% = 10,290
62% = 10,400
78% = 10,540

Monday's rebound should over flow into Tuesday AM, but a late fall back could render a negative day

Some of you are thinking a BIG DOWN DAY on the 9th-- FUGEDABOD IT

Follow the graph and my daily guidance will keep the BULLS out of the RAIN
Bears like the rain , so some of my forecast will please them

I CANNOT put times cleanly on the daily graphs, so we will RELY on BAR cycle lows
Its 21 hours beginning at 11;30 Friday Feb 5th

BUT do note there was a low at 11:30, followed
by a lower low at 2pm on 30 bars of the NEXT 21 hours cycle
Typically 21hours is valid, but as yu can see, it took one more segment this time

If you wish to contribute, then PROVIDE an analysis with serious content
otherwise, i will be removing every nonsense by anons especially with short quips

I dont know what they are looking for but the holy grail does not exist, at least not here

Maybe more later

Friday, February 05, 2010

Feb 5th Guidance Graph


Im a failure



Why did not ANYONE question when I posted a BAR CYCLE LOW at 2pm
COULD THAT BE THE LOW< ? Jay - NO You just want to bash anyone who
YOU THINK misses their forecast

no matter how it happens


Dow high 10,730 to low at 9835 = 900 pts
900 X 78.6% = 700
dow could go to 10,500 by FEb 16th

15th is a holiday - take teh day off and reflect if you really want me to continue





Thought 2pm would start the waterfall, but it looks like 1pm HOURLY turn

What we got so far

258Bars = 21 hours at 11:30 made the AM low
but a larger cycle is still pulling down

30bars hit at 2pm exactly on schedule
60 bars hits after hours @ 4;30, but CAN TRUNCATE because I REALLY doubt
it will open lower on Monday

Today is 233 FIBO days from March 6th
Yesterday was 377 fibo from Aug 6
and 521 = 144+ 377 from Jan 10th, 2008 and the Dow then fell 1000 points in 10days.
NOT to be repeated here as today is the convergence

more later

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Feb 5th Guidance Graph

-------surge After 4pm------open H----11;30L --2pmH ?--3;45pm L

The initial Surge shown on the graph is after hours today in other words- during the night
which should lead to a SURGE on the open - sparked by employ #s - if you must have a reason.

If the day closes at 1052, then the dow would = 9910

A 300 pt rebound on Monday = spx 1080 - 1085 and dow 10,200

we'll recalculate this over the wkend with actual results from Friday to see where the
fibo relationship could rebound to.

Coy's energy graph has just about the same thing for tomrrow,
but Im not sure about his close yet


My game plan is to short the open rally, and close out at 11:30, OR the close,
but 11:30 gives me time to think about & prepare for BUYING THE CLOSE



EARLY RESULTS FROM THE daily guidance graph is indicating today will POSSIBLY



oR A HIGHER OPEN, THEN LOWER TO 11;30 where there is the 258 bar cycle completion, but that time point does NOT have to be the lod.
it can be and often is, but its NOT a must.

I cannot tell you YET what the END of day tomrrow looks like


Feb 2010

UNLESS SOME BUYING Comes in the next 2 hours, then they are going a lot lower
1150- 120 = 1030- 40 = 990
TOO Extreme , you say, maybe so

SOOO, NOW we know what the market REALLY intended

I said yesterday the MARKET is SNEAKY and fooled everyone into thinking it was a RUNAWY.

Power index shows a STRONG really on FEB 8th regardless of those who
WARNED me of a potential CRASH next week

Even Flash had warned about a rogue wave next week, and AS I WROTE
MOST EVERYONE LIKES to PUT off the NEXT big move till sometime LATER ON

Very rarely do we get some one who keeps it in perspective
And most of everyone here tires to CATCh the falling knife hour by hour

SPX now at 1075, and I doubt that 1070 will hold
in that case we have 1050 next and 1030 as the 40 pt rule potential
1150- 40-40-40 =1030

Govt putting pressure on WALL ST - DUHH what great timing
and we all wonder WHY these things happen when they do.

A low close today could lead to a higher open tomrrow,
but the daily guidance for tomorrow is far from available to see what tomrrow would bring

Its possible the 258bar cycle at 11;30 tomroow coincides with that call for a noon LOW
meaning tomorrow instead of today, but thats only conjecture at the moment

Today's astro influence is Jupiter 150 pluto as previously mentioned = RESTRICTIONS
Hmm- guess that answers the question for GOVT interference

but it completes the aspect at 3am, and there is NO other influence till 7pm
on the half moon square at 7pm

SO we will see how the mkt behaves in regard to the above

Employment report might be a NON EVENT
thus the sell off should continue


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Feb 4th

According to the bar cycles pivot lows are
156 bars @ open
180 bars @11:30
204bars @2pm
228bars at 4pm

also a 13 day segment at 11;30
which makes 11:30 a suspect for the most prominent low
other than 4pm


Feb 3rd


Should get a REBOUND Tomrrow morning

Went back to the drawing board this AM besides a trip to the dentist

I will be publishing an UPDATED month of FEB now that we see what actually
transpired in the first 2 days

Combining power index, daily graphs, astro, & cycles, it appears some changes are needed

BE aware NO CRASH will occur next week

On an Elliott basis, I STILL SEE a SIMPLE wave 3 low on FRIDAY last week
THUS the rally on FEB 1&2 = wave 4
that, of course leave wave 5 suggested now on FEb 5th


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Feb 2 & 3 rd update

-----------------------open mixed-----2-3pmH---4pmL----Feb/3open

The last daily graph was premature, and As ive said many times
its hard to determine when one day ends & next one begins

Its really best to wait for the morning graph which is complete for the next day,
and partial for the day after.

These graphs have been quite successful, so Im not going to give up on them, but
will not publish until 8am

Today shows a late sell off continuing tomrrow at least at open
for now which does show an slight uptick

we did get 80 pts dropped from 1150 to 1070
again the 40 pt rule of thumb
now we are at or near a 38.2% retrace to 1100
Using equality of waves we could possibly expect an 80pt drop to 1020