Friday, February 26, 2010

March 2010

Feb 22nd to April1st
I had PREVIOUSLY projected a LOW on April 6th, but after careful review, I have adjusted
that date & published the March graph as above- we can discuss that date as we get close to
the goal line

What happens in April? you ask, good question
April 1st begins a multi month rally to Late June

other important notes
Bradley dates
March 1 , 2010
March 23rd
March 31st - April 1st

the above dates all seem to happen coincidentally with negative
aspects and or neg readings or both.

There are other important aspects that occur during the
month and we can discuss them as they occur

Positive aspects that are shown as highs occur on
March 7
March 15th
March 26th

more later


Anonymous said...

got a small turn scheduled for 11:05,dont know if its going to be a high or a low yet or anything at all for that matter.if market rises into it,it could be a nice short...

ROFL said...

ignore jay again - we close higher today - although the overall trend will be down in Mar but not in the way jays graph shows


Jay Strauss said...

thanks ROFL
we appreciate the analysis

bringbacktheanons said...

the monthly map will turn out to be as cr@p as the daily ones


Jay Strauss said...

Bring back anons
thanks for your detailed analysis

roguewave said...

Jay...anything on radar for 3/10 of potential significance for lo or hi? tia and thanks for clarifying green/gray

Anonymous said...

long 1105.4,stop 2 pts

Reza said...


I dont get it, why do you come and attack the owner of a site. If you dont agree with the site, then stay out

Frank said...

Daily charts may be poor on accuracy and difficult to use without time or levels but with the monthly chart should be poss
to see if jays analysis is any good.

March looks very much down.

jay, you have said a few weeks back

"..a corrective pattern taking us to 6 April, before finding a footing for a rally to late June"
Is this late Jun rally looking different now?

Frank said...


I see you have updated the latest thread to say something similar now.

You change the thread during the day to keep us on our toes

Anonymous said...

out for half a point.these turns dont last long sometimes.lookin to reverse short now...

benjoyce said...

there is a trendline in the dow off the highs which was about 50pts higher at the close yest. I would think if we stay south of this downtrending line then Jay's scenerio is quite plausible.

The anons who make these cutdowns are trying to project their own failures on others. Misery likes company. Like the devil, you want to drag others down to Hell where you are.

you don't enter the road to recovery by kicking others in the teeth.

indigo said...

well said, benjoyce! :)

Frank said...

The market seems to be holding up better than shown on the daily chart (again) so do we just ignore the daily chart (again) and pretend it didnt happen and does it affect this monthly chart at all

Your daily charts don't seem to be of much use - what are Coys daily charts saying and are they any more accurate?

A drop from about 5 march would work well from an Elliott Wave AND from an Astro point of view.

Anonymous said...

if it doesnt crack on lower in the next 15 mins,it likely wont at all imo.small sort half stakes with 2.5pts stop.1105.2

Frank said...

You were right about today holding up - mentioned here and on another site

Better accuracy than jay for sure

if only we could get you
to tell us how you do it.

also HOW will March be different to jays graph?

Jay Strauss said...

Coy had a similar graph to me today

He is also struggling with the differences between his graphs and reality

Today's activity index was FLAT all day at 66

readings indicated boredom

We traders are trying to get the mkt to perform the way WE want, but that aint gonna happen