Tuesday, February 16, 2010

IGNORING THE IDIOTS- let get back to work

REMEMBER that these chats are ONLY A GUIDE
And NOT to be taken as ABSOLUTES

YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN Analysis and make comparisons
IF you agree, fine / IF NOT, thats fine too- LETS discuss what we have in common
and what we have thats different
That way, EVERYONE here can benefit

BUT SNIPPING from your little dens of puny brains helps NO ONE

After all this is a JOB, not a game. ITS a Place where winners work hard and losers whine
I can get you some cheese with that whine

Where are we now?
comparing some of the charts we NOW see on MONDAY AM more clearly
the strength is UP just as the POWER index and Helge showed us
OFF friday's low at 10:30- 11am
YES , I told you I went long at that time & closed out on the first rally

We were expecting a lower start, according to PRELIMINARY data,
but did not get it, and many traders are miffed who STAYED SHORT over the wkend

THIS IS DAY TRADING - we do NOT stay short over wkends

NOW looking for a place to get long after a strong open
11am offered a only a minor dip, but may be indicating a turn lower into the 78.6% pivot at 12;25
As yuo can see from Helge's chart, His work anticipates a retreat from the high this am,
and another buy opp later today with a higher close today which should
spill over to tomrrow at least till 11am

Maybe, and if NOT I will HOLD flat and wait for next opp to go short for 17th & 18th
13 day cycle pivot low hits on Friday at 11:00 am along with some neg lunar astro.

the week looks like it will close out strong on optns exp



Anonymous said...

Hi Jay. Still appreciate your work and insigths. Ignore the "idiots". Your charts are amazing. Frank D (I'm the original Frank, not the one from previous post; will call myself Frank D from now on)

Jay Strauss said...

Jeesh, that minor DIP at 11am was right on schedule, but it was no where near enuf to jump in on.

and so they power higher

The next best bet is at 12;25, and thus we wait to see what that brings

I told you many times to expect spx 1100, and we might get there sooner than thought

fibo levels were posted many days ago - sorry if yu didnt believe it

I told yuo today was expect to reach a high and roll over to tomrrow-
sorry if yu didnt believe it

I should have stayed long also, but didtn, and now Im bull about that

BUT long wkkends are tough to hold

Jay Strauss said...

OK, Frank D
If yu register as a follower, no one can confuse your comments


Anonymous said...

We are just trying to figure out whats going to happen which nobody knows but we just try. So please contribute the best you can or restrain yourself from trading

NOBODY KNOWS not you not me not jay

WE JUST TRY that is all we can do

Anonymous said...

waiting for tomorrow and a chance to short around 11am as per jays prediction, which he will say is NOT a prediction if it goes wrong


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

THis day is a STUCK UP day in both senses of the word.


Jay Strauss said...

There you go again ANON


Im just POINTING OUT the most logical times for the market to make their changes

Ive follwed and documented many years of market activity and show you charts and graphs that DO offer to show the NEXT DAY IN ADVANCE


This week might NOT be so good, but we have to work with what weve got -Good or bad

MONEY MANAGEMENT is the KEY TO SUCCESS and using mkt timing to our advantage

FOLLOW ALONG and try to contribute
IF yu cant contribute then SHUT your face and learn


Anonymous said...
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Jay Strauss said...

Cycles dont seem to be responding today
12;12 has not allowed any setback

Thus I will now consider waiting for tomorrow at or about 11am to go short

Could be 2 opps
at open and again at 11am

We will see what the guidance graph shows later today and at 8;30 in the am.
the 8:30am has been more accurate, and thus will rely more on that one for trading



Anonymous said...

This may be of interest to you jay

"Moon says that it is a top right here" -


Jay Strauss said...

slacking off a bit at
12;25 to 1pm

78% /13 day at 12;25
228bars at 1pm
Could coincide at 1pm, but not providing any setback of importance

Could close up 200 pts today
and spx at 1100???

Great short if that happens, and I will consider shorting the close, but open could still offer a higher level

Activity index all over the place today
was at 100 at 11am
jumped to 233 at noon
Dropped back to 100@ 12:30
Now at 1pm is @ 266

IF today DOES CLOSE at HOD, then the propens index graph does SHOW a DOWN DRAFT TOMRROW with a rebound mid day so far
Its too early to report the end of day on that index- its not available yet.

but a look at Helge seems to indicate lower the rest of the week into that 13 day cycle pivot low on the 19th at 11am

As well as the power index.

SOME CHARTS show more into the future than others as ive often stated.


rrman said...

I think this is a headfake I'm still short

Reza said...

U still in FAZ, I am in it too

KC said...

No guarantees but looks like a gap down tomorrow with a cover on the SPY near 107.90.

Not taking the short yet since need to see the action into the close.

If you are playing options like me never swing with front months during OPEX week.


KC said...


Do you have any pivots between 2:30-2:45 EST today?


Anonymous said...


did your 15min stochs crossover for a sell?



Reza said...

U still in FAZ, I got some too

Jay Strauss said...

258bars hits at 3;30

could rocket into the close

NO harm in waiting

Venus 0 Jupiter is today's astro influence, and it is STRONG

I mentioned it several times over the past few weeks, and here we are right there

19th has one more shot at making another attempt to break out LATE AFTERNOON ,but IT DOESNT look like theres anything more positive than today's aspect

This wkend has multiple nasties from
Sun 150 Mars and Sun 150 Saturn which could set Monday back a lot
at least to start, but we will have to see what power & propens indexes show us when we get a little closer


KC said...


I had 4 reasons to short and 2 not too. Still looks possible but not as good as earlier.

Still flat and waiting.


Anonymous said...

Okay GUYS!

A small correction we gap down we gap up overnight and then correct?

Any ideas?



Anonymous said...

shorting the close.

if it opens up I will add puts.


Jay Strauss said...

Most indications are for
someback off as per helge
jaywiz & charts edge, PLUS PROPENS index IS SHOWING a HIGHER HIGH tomrrow, also AFTER some drop off, but there's no way to TELL how much

10am on the Moon # Uranus was the ONLY TIME TO have GotTen IN TODAY

Its just s guess, but it does look like spx 1100 is the target for tomrrow at 11am

IM going to wait it out
is that 55 hours a low or a turn?
on Wed at 3;30?

13 day cycle pivot has been a strong pivot in the past and hits on Friday at 11am
power index shows strong close Friday
not a good week to stay short for very long.

KC said...

Current action kills any swing short. I now have the potential for up all the way to very early Monday's open.

Gad, I hate OPEX weeks. Always like this. Ying and Yang, Ying and Yang, ...


Jay Strauss said...

thats a great question and KC And I are discussing
no conclusions
could go either way, but they should close on highs today

2 highs likely tomrrow
10:42 am
slips lower into Friday AM, then anothr bull close

rrman said...

yeah still in faz and still short euro this was a rogue wave up!