Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 11th & part of 12th DG graph

This is actually chart # 2 which shows exagerated detail for today & part of tomrrow
Futures powered higher at 8:30, but have since backed off following Europe lower
the late day sell down on this graph may be more exagerated than what we actually get.
HOWEVER, take a LOOK at Tuesday - very similar effect

This graph SHOWS the overall trend of the day and tomrrow IS UP

It also shows a late day drop off, but rally continues tomrrow -12th

The graph agrees with my power index next 2 days

The latter part of the 12th will be available later today

The second graph shows Exagerated INTRADAY movement

Today we have
30bars at open- 9:45
60 bars @ noon
62% /13 day segment @ 11:13
90bars @ 2;30

IF you have a different analysis - lets see it
If you have a similar one - lets see it
DONT BLOW SMOKE at me and try to blame me if you trade poorly


Jay Strauss said...

NO TIMES on these graphs

I am trying to teach you somethings about daily market interaction
by giving you hourly turns
at 11-1 & 3pm

BUT some of you are soooo stupid
you took those times as an ABSOLUTE MUST-- WRONG !!
you cant use the data that way.
This is a GENERAL rule of thumb
Not an absolute
These turns do occur more often than NOT

Bar cycles do occur more often than not

None of the above is an ABSOLUTE
there is NOTHING about the mkt that is an absolute

USE you OWn analysis and make some comparisons which we CAN DISCUSS like real people who have a COMMON GOAL


Anonymous said...

opening on lower support here,tempted to fade the gap but best to hold fire.1055 could arrive in quick time if she decides to break cleanly.

Jay Strauss said...

After 8
Im thinking about holding off
buying until 11;13 @ the 62%/13 day pivot

On the exagerated graph, DG #2- that would be the second low

WE got so far last few days
low at 1044
high at 1080
in between 1060 low so far
so yes 1055-1052 is very possible
prior to the continuation of a rebound


Anonymous said...

sounds good jay,too many still watching for wave 3 down i feel.i have a low sometime between 11 and 12 so ill go with your time there.thanks.

Jay Strauss said...

IT looks lIKE that LATE DOWNTREND FROM YESTERDAY's graph is occurring this morning, and should end at the latest on the 62%/13 day pivot

A late sell off on the graph might refer to a gap down OPEN tomrrow

Its really hard to tell exactly WHEN
there waves will occur, but at least you can see how the waves will develop.

LIke yuo, I prefer to trade when we get a solid trend rather than mixed action like this

but we get what the mkt gives and
and try to make something on it or stay OUT

The BEST BET this month, IMO will be shorting the FEb16th HIGH/TURN

Flash has a high on 12th, which could easily, imo, be the 16th.

16th has intraday minor positive lunar aspects and Venus 0 Jupiter
leading to EXPANSION of Money

its now near 10am and we might have seen the 9:45 LOW at 30 bars

high at 10:20 on Moon 30 Neptune

Next is 62% at 11:13


Anonymous said...

i see ian has a cit here at 10:05 and later this afternoon.

Jay Strauss said...

SOO, Now we see a pivot low right after 11am, and the general direction is now Up


the HOURLY turn & 13 day segment hit at about the same time

Jay Strauss said...

after 8
I missed the 11am turn-
I think I will short the close

120bars tomrow @10;30 am
Mars 150 Pluto at 7am tomrow= power struggles.
Just as yesterday chart showed a late drop, most of it came this AM

My power index shows a GAP down tomrrow AM, then recovery


astral said...

Dear Jay

Very good projection for the day. You were right on spot with your 11.13 13 day Pivot.
I see some rise before a bigger fall for a few weeks on daily.
What is your analysis for Fri and the next week. I am trying to read into the USD which seems to be catalyst of the market currently.
The new moon this time has Chinese new year week. As far as I think Chinese buy stocks heavily in this period when open. This may impact the markets.

Jay Strauss said...

Looks like a high on the 16th after a weaker open
high open on 17th then its primarily DOWN to the 25th


astral said...

Jay I agree with you. Next week despite new moon we have options week, Chinese NY and perhaps some other good news on EU hopefully.
I agree with your projection of next week because Jupiter closes its door on Feb 19th for some time so rest of the month from 17/18th could be shaky.