Monday, February 15, 2010

HELGE for NEXT WEEK of Feb 16-19

As you can see HELGE makes his charts VERY SPECIFIC,
but as we know Reality can be a little different.

THIS IS EXACTLY the same effect that happens with my charts

IN NO WAY CAN ANYONE be exact as to the FUTURE of price action

HOWEVER< we can COME DAMN CLOSE and we both do

We each have a link to each others sites, for which I am very proud to say we are there.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are helge charts more ACCURATE at showing amplitude that JAY charts or is it just general direction shown again

WEDNESDAY look s very down on helge chart


Jay Strauss said...

How do figure that
I do not have ANYTHING
to indicate such a CRASH this year

So, UNLESS you can prove it or show some tech evidence, then DONT POST JUNK on this BLOG

YES, BOTh charts show ONLY DIRECTION- Amplitude is determined SEPARTLEY using fibo

TO DO in steps
determine the DIRECTION FIRST
Then amplitude via fibo levels


Jay Strauss said...

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Jay Strauss said...

IT does LOOK LIKE HELGE trys to show amplitude and he may be more right than wrong, but lets watch it for a couple weeks and see how close he comes to reality.

We DOes show a BIG up on the 16th, and or 17th TOpping out which agrees with my forecast from last week for this week, and my power index graph as well

I think we are getting it together
and maybe we can make some decent $$ using the tools we have available right here.


rrman said...

Yeah Jay sounds good I use Helge more for after hours because thats where I'm making the money but you are the best intraday with your turn times and charts

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay and rrman. I'm new here and I ould like to know how I can start trading the eminis so I can trafe 24 hours like rrman. Any help would be appreciated.

Don S.

Anonymous said...

your typo errors are as good as jays so you wil fit in hear jusst fyne

rrman said...

I'm with Think or Swim they require you to open an account with 25,000.00 or more and you have to request to trade futures...anyone else trade another Broker that you can talk about?

rrman said...

once you get your account open your balance can drop below 25k and still trade your daytrade margin is restricted if it drops below 15k but your regular margin still works also there is no daytrade restictions on futures as there are on stocks below 25k on your account you can buy and sell futes all day long below 25k but stocks you will be restricted as a Pattern Day Trader and can not buy and sell stocks in the same trading day

astral said...

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Anonymous said...

The low was indeed placed last Friday, and we have gone up toward the ITD2 around 14 February. But after looking at the other indexes, I hold to the 16th. After that we may go back a little toward the ITD3 around 25-26 February .
A cliffhanger is the question of how far down we will go toward the ITD3. For the time being we assume that the MTD8 low is set, so the ITD3 should not go below the ITD(1)/MTD8.
The first objective is rounding off and placing the ITD2 around Sunday 14 February. The high may also have been placed on last Thursday, but I expect that we will go a little higher yet in the next few days, if we take the other indexes into consideration. There the ITD2 is set, and we go down.
The 5 February low may become the lowest point in 2010—either that or around October, which is also a candidate (see also the annual report). If prices fall below the light green line in the coming weeks after all, I will have to revise the long-term prognosis.
Only if we do fall below the light green line will the MLTD14-15/LTD5-6 be moved anymore. In the longer term the trend is upward from the LTD6 toward the LTD7 about the end of June.


Anonymous said...

Give us a link to your site ganntrader

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