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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb 25th & more

Feb 25th guidance graph is BELOW this line

AS mentioned many times before
Direction is more important that amplitude

THUS the end of day drop may lead to a LOWER open tomrrow which is depicted on
Friday's daily guidance BUT wont be ready for publication until 4pm today

today has 258 bars at 1;30, and could be the lod as shown in the middle of the graph.

And 30bars does hit at the END OF day today, and OR open tomrrow.
This phenomena has occurred many times in the past when it hits on the cusp of the day-
OFTEN effects the next day open rather than the current day's close

As you can see, the next 3 days are showing a greater tendency to be bearish, and any rebounds
are shown only as brief recoveries.

March 1st is still the target for a pivot LOW & TURN higher into the end of NEXT week



Jay Strauss said...

And it looks like today's open will wipe out yesterday's gain in minutes

lgplat said...

Yes, As always = Great call!

sirgiyan said...

not sure yet if we continue lower till march 1st. let's see

Karate Kid said...

Thanks for the welcome yesterday.

12 point profit thus far.

Karate Kid said...

16 point profit

off the table 1088

after8 said...

closing yesterday short from 1101 at left from 1097

after8 said...

look on the hourly chart and notice the head and shoulders thats already broke of 1081.

Reza said...


any updates

Jay Strauss said...

The March graph shows a continuation
of the decline from Jan 19th AFTER March 8th
what does that mean to me?

If March 1st challenges spx 1045, then MANY analysts will consider that a successful test of the FEb 5th low, and would tend to become very bullish

as You can see from My chart, YES, we expect a rebound from March 1st to the 5th, BUT thats all the bulls will be able to muster

A retest of a previous low is NOT a MANDATE for a new bull market
to begin.


after8 said...

scratched my last short for only 2pts.this looks like a turnaround.some you win some you lose.

astral said...

Please be cautious in your trades. I posted my analysis this morning on blog for day traders and scalpers.

If it can work for me it can for you too. Dear Jay your projections are pretty good. I wish people can decipher the meaning rightly.

I notice that when there is less clutter and very specific points are made we can follow better.

KC said...


You nailed it today and based on other TA I am looking at tomorrow should also follow your scenario.

Great work!!


Jay Strauss said...

would have liked more today
Math model
got back to 1110 = 66 gained

If we are ONLY in a "B"
wave low we might look at
a fibo of 66
505 = 33
62% = 41

1110-33= 1077
1110-41 =1070

SO, we might look for a LOW
tomrrow and I will publish the guidance shortly, but it does show an open slide

30bars at open
60 bars at noon
Moon 135 Uranus at 1pm


KC said...

I darn near covered today but was holding out for the SPY 108.50 area. Some reasons for more down but also plenty for the ramp and the ramp won.

I will be covering tomorrow to enjoy the weekend.

For now the SPY is back testing the 20 and 50 MA's on a 60 minute chart and that should fail just as your chart indicates.


sirgiyan said...

Still think we go up till march 1st

KC said...


"Still think we go up till march 1st"

I also have that possibility to about SPY 111.75 and if it happens that will set up a monster sell off for the next 7 trading days.


Lisa said...

Can someone possibly help me with understanding what the graph represents. I am familiar with EW theory and also technical analysis. Does the graph represent a full days activity from market open until close or is it a 24 hr period for a specific day relating to the futures market. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Jay Strauss said...

the DAILY guidance graph
2. It comes to me from UNIVERSAL sources which will remain secret
3. IT is SUPPOSED to represent ONE day spx. dow.
4. I am still learning WHERE one day ends and the next begins so there might be some discrepancy
at the start or end of a day.

I think Ive got the start figured out, but some times the eod actuality doesnt match what the graph depicts

Im attempting to match up the graph with other factors b4 publishing it so It will be more precise

Prior to the FULL moon which is Sunday, we have a Merc 0 Neptune on Saturday, which represents scattered energy and deception, & can be interpreted as a downer for stocks.