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Monday, February 08, 2010

Feb 8 & 9 preview

---------------------10amL--11:45H---3;30L---4pmH --9th11amL ---2pmH

Try again to place times on the chart, but its not an easy task

The tend for the 9th is higher till at least mid afternoon

The last 2 hours of the 9th is not available yet, but might still be choppy.

258Bar cycle continues to be accurate

10am & 3;30 lows today



Jay Strauss said...

4pm was the lod, but the
chart seemed to make it appear earlier

Tomrrow seems to rally most of teh day, but gives it back again at close

lower low?
No way to tell

could be tomrrow finishes what we thouhgt might have been wave 5 on Friday, and could just settle in above the previous low or even make a little lower low

either way, it should setup the rebound to the 16th.


samamehta said...

I seem to agree as too many are calling for panic sell.

am long from ES 1054 at the close.

rrman said...

I agree I went long a lil early around 330

YipYap said...

Take a look at zigzag's AAPL chart,,,Top coming tomorrow mid morning if we open higher..

rrman said...

Sol over at xtrends is saying meltup shorts will be burned with no exit point up all day long....hmmm hope so ...