Sunday, February 07, 2010

Monday FEb 8 - guidance graph

Will NOT POST TIMES that you can throw back in my face
Its just like posting price levels

YOU PROMISED this and that, but You screwed up

NOT me, YOU will NOT get me to do that AGAIN


Upside bias looks quite strong as previously projected

setbacks can occur at



and Im not going to report why


1150-1044= 106- spx pts lost Jan 19 to Feb 5
5 waves completed
3rd wave to Jan 29 @ 3:30pm
4th wave to FEb 2nd
5th wave to Feb 5@ 2pm

106 x 50% = 53 = 1097- imo, very likely

------62% = 66= 1110- imo, maybe

------78%= 83 = 1127 - imo, doubtful

Bears can NOW project lower lows if you wish

Back in 1992, I was projecting Dow to 5000, and I was getting beat up
should have learned what you were looking for then,
a FALL guy to blast when it doesnt go your way

OR PAY for someones services with FANCY GRAPHS AND CHARTS
who tell you IF, or IF or IF, and still leave you with NUTTIN

More later, maybe
ps; comments & analysis improving- thanks

Would really appreciate ANONS registering so we know who is offering real analysis
verses those who are just out to bust em.

Question : How did xtrends get to 980 members- atilla - do you pay for advertising ?


Anonymous said...
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astral said...

Dear Jay

Good work brother. Please be strict and do not anyone insult you; for their frustration is not caused by your readings but being on the wrong side. I think you should be abstract yet firm but keep in mind long term/macro trends while looking at the days to come.

You are doing good and there are so many [most of them] good friendly people who post interesting comments and this gives any analytical reader a guess of whats really going on.

People who post nasty messages: Please do not waste your energy. Please be positive as purpose is to ascertain the trend and make use of it. Of course it is possible to be incorrect or before/after time. So let us accept that fact of life.
Nobody can be perfect or precise as the markets are made by a large mass.

rrman said...

long /dx 80.59 think the dollar rallies until midday Monday then reverses down

rrman said...

I think we hit 1046ish midday tomorrow then reverse and go back up to 1078 tuesday then back down to 1046ish wed...looks like a lot of the swing will be in the afterhours the next few days...

Dave Narby said...

Just use Disqus and ban the jerks who come back and beat you up.

I personally don't care to read them, constructive criticism that's related to what you do, that's another matter (but we aren't talking about that, I assume!).

Thanks for sharing!

kevin said...

Japan was down 1% and London will soon be up 1% IMO

Jay Strauss said...

Confusion RULES the DAY

Some are betting on BIG UP
Some are betting on BIG DOWN

The answer might be D. none of above

There is some indications from the power index that today might NOT provide a huge rebound, but could back and fill one more day today.

Today is a BRADLEY turn and thus could hold out another day b4 making a turn into a recovery wave to the 16th, the next Bradley date where Venus is 0 jupiter

That seems to indicate Jupiter = expansion of Venus= MONEY.

BUT it could take a little more effort today to get off the ground floor

Power index tomrrow does jump higher, and holds higher levels during the next few days, with minor dips along the way

Once this short term period ends on FEB 16/17, the MAIN down trend takes over again and we should see stronger selling with BRIEF eratic rebounds until April 6th.


Anonymous said...

there are 2 TPP (Time and Price projections on the chart one comes in at 11:30 today around 1172 and the next is Tuesday at 1180 around 1:30PM so could be a lot of sideways action$SPX&p=15&yr=0&mn=0&dy=10&i=p28690414048&a=182063541&r=606


Anonymous said...

missed the Time price projection by 1 point today not too bad. Next target is 1080 around 2:30 Lots of resistance there so after that its anybody's game.


Anonymous said...

thats 2:30 pm on tuesday sorry