Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bears in Control

the BEARS are in control thru Feb9th

Stay focused

Any rallies this week intraday should be sold

Some charts might be showing lows are in, but it just at points like this
the mkt drops thru what looks like support


The Reading for Feb 2 = Dont start anything new
tense situations

SPX futures are already OFF 20 pts as of Saturday Noon
If that holds, it places the spx to open at 814

Monday hourly-

Bar cycles
180b AT OPEN
THIS almost guarantees a SHARPLY LOWER OPEN

55%/13 daycycle@ 11;29
204 bars at 11;30
this almost guarantees the mkt trades lower to this point

258 bars @ 4pm almost guarantees a lower close
UNLESS it completes at the open on the 3rd

FEb 3rd ~~ TIMES

30 bars @ noon
60 b @ 2 : 30

62%/13 day @ 10:43
moon 90 Neptune @ 10:21

The POWER index is a bit confusing, but it does seem to confirm a LOWER open on the 3rd,
with a rebound later in the day into the open of the 4th

More later

Friday, January 30, 2009

Neat package

open higher
low at 11;30 @ 126 bars dow off 140
Higher to hourly at 1;13 dow off 42
BOT puts at 1;13pm
next LOW due at 2pm
then possible uptick to 3pm, and lower close

Monday could be a short term low at 11;29 am
Minute wave 1 of 3 of 5
should break under spx 800
maybe fill the outstanding gap at 792??

More later

MY Simple Elliott wave

4th wave from nov 21 to jan 5th

CURRENTLY now a 5th wave
within that 5th wave

Wave 1 from 944 to 805
wave 2 from 804 to 877, might not be
complete yet as of jan 28th
wave 1 of 3 of 5 to 738 due next
should end of Feb9th

Thats exactly my thoughts above wave counts
SIMPLE and precise
Leave out that micro's, & nano's
As best as I can tell we have ALREADY
or about to enter wave 3 of 5

ITS still possible we have ONE more run up to 880 area
to complete wave 2 IF so, then Feb 3rd is best bet for
that high or the Am of the 4th

Then wave 3 takes us to AS IVE MENTIONED MANY TIMES
********FEB9th *** Feb9th **********feb 9th
I dont know HOW many times to post that date b4 It gets

That MIGHT ONLY Be minute wave1 of minute 3 of minor 5

Minor 5 might still not get there till MID JUNE at SPX 600

PC ratios are MIXED today
gauges are pointing somewhat higher today, at least till
about 1pm
Activity index holding the #1 level but pushing up one tick
Power index also shows a potential for a mid day high
VHF level at 0= bullish

Overall the trend today appears somewhat bullish
HOWEVER, there is 1 50% /13 day @ 2pm
Also EOM uptrend and first day of mew month

FEB 2 however, has a 55%/13 AT 11;29 which could
be the catapult to a higher close

Murrey math levels
878, and we got right to it Wed
841 held on Thursday
Futures are slightly up at 9:25am
Spx 40 point rule of thumb

935 closing high - 805 closing low = 130 pts
40pts X 3 = 120, thats close enuf
805 + 80 got us near to 885 Wed

878- 120 = 758
Murrey math = 754
anything below those levels on Feb9th/ open on the 10th
could take it to
spx 723 Murrey math to 718

Hourly remains the same
11 am

126 @ 11:30
156 @ 2pm matching the 13 day cycle
180 at close OR open on Monday

Hope Im not overloading you with all this data

More later


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Die is CAST

PC ratios indicate a SELL OFF tomrrow

as previously stated, 1:32 has the only chance of a high for the day,
but coming off opening lows, it might not amount to much.

JAYWIZ index = .18 = sell
SPDR = 1.09 = sell
CBOE PC = .77 =sell
SPX = .96 = sell
OEX pc ratio = .51 SELL
Need I write any more??

Proprietary gauges dropped from highs of 3040 to 2996 showing tomrrow DOWN

Activity index barely moved off the 1.6 level even with a 200 pt up day

The LAST hour looked like a setup for a wave 3 down open again in accord with the
cycles mentioned b4
10am & 10;12 am

Friday has 180 bars hitting at 4pm
However, its also backed up with a midnite high tide on Feb 1st

Whats that mean ? You ask - good question

It means that IF Friday does NOT close DOWN, then MONDAY will open down with a THUD
on the 180 bar mark

More later


Ground Hog Day

FEb 2nd has a 50% /13 day @ 2pm,
4 day low @ 3pm

Between those two, we can see the first stop

Feb 3rd starts out strong
55%/13 day @ 11:29 should offer another reality check

A higher close should spill ove tot he 4th in the AM;
But it will pay to be FLEXIBLE

WHY? you ask

WEll the 5th calls for a POTENTIAL CRISIS & Money WOES

VENUS 90 Pluto - NOT GOOD FOR biz at all

More later

BIG UP DAY today

As bulls WE waited this one out holding our collective breath
OIL UP & Europe UP 2 to 3 %

How high is high?
Lost Jan 6 to Jan 20 {935spx to 805} = 130 pts @ a %age to be gained back

130 X 50% = 65 = 870
that one looks like it will be surpassed at the open

130 X 62% = 80 pts = 885
78% = spx 905

THE Higher numbers could be tmrrows goal before the late day collapse
a late day collapse on the 29th is also indicated by my proprietary gauges

Yesterday was a VERY active intraday cycle day
Most important was the 23.6%/13 day cycle right at 10:56 = the LOD
Then after a 3:30 high, the close ended right at 204bars
THUS the EXPLOSION in futures this am

THE hourly cycles yesterday
10:47 low matched the 13 day cycle
12;24 HIGH
3:06 low- turned up
3;38 high


Of course we have the typical hourly
in round #s
11 am

BAR cycles
228b@ 11;30
258B @ 2pm *****Now that one is VERY interesting
IT falls just b4 the FED announcement
making a low there at 258 bars is a setup for a very strong close

Jan 29th FYI
the 38.2%/13 day cycle @ 10:12
30bars @ 10am

both MEET at nearly the same time- double whammy
HOWEVER, there should still be one more runup to that 1;32 time
b4 getting serious about declining into Feb 4th

More later

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Expect MORE

FED day tomrrow
what are they going to report

ive been thinking about this
They will do EVERYTHING they can to support OBAMA-NOMICS

what that means is they are reporting at exactly the right time and place
to give Pres Obama'a economic plan a boost

the ENTHUSIASM comes just before a SUN || Pluto which is a cousin
to the Jan 21st aspect SUN 30 Pluto when the dow closed UP 297pts

Any hard fought gains today will turn out moderate compared to
Tomrrows run for the roses

In light of the ABOVE- It's Fascinating to me is the Jan 29th reading
GET GROUNDED & warns of UNREALISTIC expectations

Wow, how real can you get.

More Later

Jan 27 update at noon

Whats the GAME PLAN?

Were making some progress toward a 55 day high which at this
point looks like it might be delayed one day

The trend for today doesnt seem to have the punch to get UP Dow 300 pts
But thats what I would expect from this wave

Tomorrow has nothing in the way of getting there,
so the big UP day looks like it might be one day away.

The 29th has a Sun || Pluto at 1;32 which calls for BIG changes
followed by a hard lunar aspect at 5;32pm

one of my associates has provided a Lunar fractal chart that shows
the 27th or 28th as a high and the next big move is a slide into March 6th
if I get permission, I'll put on display

Ive already mentioned March 2nd to 6th potential for a n important low
a couple times and this chart shows it clearly


Jan 27th

Today might be considered as LAST chance for bulls to make a statement

however, it wont mean anything in the overall context of things to come

I will be preparing to get BEARISH on any intraday high tomrrow

My work and systems suggest a high today, possibly higher intraday tomorrow

Then, I am STILL on target for a FEB10th LOW
Starting on Jan 28th

Of course there are some bullish reprieves along the way, but the TREND appears to be picking up the
bearish side until at least the first week in March

Wave 1 wave 39 tr days and 2039 pts
wave 5 so far is only 13 days from jan 6th
39 days takes us to March 2nd
and 2039 pts drops to dow 7000

More Later

Monday, January 26, 2009


After LANGUISHINING all week at the lowest level, The ACTIVITY index has risen to #4

the highest level is at # 5

there is a 13 day segment LOW due at 9:50am along with an hourly at 9:45

Futures are still weak, but should not hold the mkt after that

Any rally should END Tuesday by mid afternoon

A second rally might unfold on Wed, but should not survive after the Fed announcement
bar cycles today
60b @ 10:30
120b@ 3:30pm

More hourly

more later

Sunday, January 25, 2009

LAST chance

January has one more chance THIS WEEK to show its bullish stuff

The month of Feb promises to slip and slide

Weve already discussed a few times Feb 10th

BUT after a very brief rebound to about mid month , the balance of Feb looks as bad as the first 10 days

It looks like the MAIN cycle is the 60 yr ending in MID June all the way back to 1949

March 2003 was the last most recent lows, and thats 72 months
Hadik likes to count 17 year cycles = 1992 which was a LOW year also
I mention this because most analysts like to use 55 months
well, DUHH - 72-55 = 17

More later

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 23 update

Scary open right on 228 bars to a low of 7912

258 bars came in right on schedule at noon, but not a new low

Todays readings calls forGOOD fotune BY DAYS END

next bar cycle at 2;30 should set the stage for end of day rebound


Jan 23 times

WEll its ONE year from Jan 22 and 23rd of 2008 and we all know what hapenned then

Are we geting the same or SIMILAR ? maybe
last yar they ran UP 750 pts from the Jan 22 low
then fell 500 to Feb 13th
That was THEN, and THIS IS NOW

Times today

228 BARS right on the OPEN- 210 dow
10:15 rebound hourly high - dow off 150

258 Bars @ NOON
START new cycle
30 bars @ 2:30
60 bars dosent hit until Monday @ 10;30am

Tues had 30 bars @ 12:30
Wed had 90bars @ 11am
Thurs had 180 bars at NOON
ALL were LOW points
That means NOON- TODAY should be a significant low today also

and 3:47

Activity index so far today is NOT showing any move higher as of 10am and in fact supports the next move lower to noon

gauges are languishing and not showing any rebounds as of yet

Wave count could be doing either a desceing trianagle or finishing wave 1 down to 792 intraday with a rebound to midway between 792 and 940 = spx 866

It should happen quite quickly as Tuesday represents an 8 day point - high or low
Wed offers and 8 day turn
and my work suggests a high on Tues, TRUN on WEd and start of substantial decline
ending on Feb 10th

If a triangle we could travel the widest part of the which = 250 pts
spx 1000 to 750 = 250 pts or spx 615
OR duplicating wave 3 losses = the same
149 pts lost from 935 to 792 , or 805 = 130 x 1,618 = 210 pts
OR 149 x 1.618 = 239

What Im really saying is {{ that for the bears}}, the best is yet to come

More later

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jan 22 -2009


first go take a look at BP chart at CHARTS EDGE

Today's bar cycles
150B @ open, thus the open decline
13 DAY right in here at 10:30 - might be the LOD ??
180 b @ 11;30
204b @ 1:30
228B @ 3;30

Hourly times ~~ usually highs but not always
3:15 pm

Charts edge has ALL of these LOWS on the BP chart for today.
you know how to get over there.

And most important is the 13 day cycle at 10;30 to 11am *********
which falls right in there on his chart and the above bar cycles

His chart also shows a higher close which agrees with my work


Jan 23rd
Not shown yet as per Charts edge

however, 258 bars @ 11;30 might be the buy of the day
We seem to have conflicting charts for the 23rd- some are up, some are down -- DUHH what else is new(G)

IMO< --IT looks like we will start LOWER till 11;30, then close higher, and I will offer more info later

More later - again >

Jan 22 -2009

As IVE written SEVERAL times

EXPECT the 13 day cycle LOW to HIT at 10:30am on JAN 22nd

The FUTURES are off 100 dow points this AM -Jan 22 -- DUHH
I told you this would happen weeks in advance

NOW, We STILL offer that low as a BUY for a rally to continue, choppy at times such as this AM,
BUT still HIGHER into Jan 27th, maybe 28th

29th reading says DONT PUSH your luck- watch for DANGER signs of becoming overconfident
30th calls for CHANGE is at hand

FEb 2nd to Feb 10th is STILL SET up for MAJOR LOSSES in stocks

Many ELLIOTTERs have been looking at the current wave as impulsive and counting it that way
Ive been REPEATING this several times
The alternate is becoming primary count for THEM

JAN 6th = "A" wave high @935spx
Jan 21="B" wave LOW @ 805spx
Jan 27/28 = "C" wave HIGH 935 & higher = WAVE 4
Since we NOW at 840 spx, the next few days appear SHARPLY HIGHER

Feb 10th possible wave 5
wave 5of what longer pattern, im not sure, but I will leave that to other elliotters of more experience
who I am sure will offer charts and graphs of perfection

More later

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

55 tr day cycle

most of the time we expect a 55 tr day cycle to be HIGh to low or Low to high
BUT it can also be high to high and low to low

Theres a lot of noise about the current 55 tr day cycle from nov 4th and Nov 20
which can also complete in 54 days, as some count 108 days and not 110

However, lets look at the dates
11/20 to 1/20 = 39 days but actually its 38 due to the 2 half days
11/20 to 1/21 = actual -- 39
11/20 to 11/22 = actual-- 40

11/21, at 11:05am the intaday low to 1/22/09 is 39 actual
or 3 cycles of 13

NOV 4th + 55 = NOV 27th actual
Oct 27th LOW to Jan 20 = 56 tr days or 14 cycles of 4, thus the lowest close at spx805

Heres more
NOV 21st @ 11:05 + 52 tr days = Feb 10th@ 10:30am
another 13 day cycle

Thus we now also have Nov 20 to Feb 10th as 54 tr days
The Lunar eclipse with very negative readings is on the 9th

Thus Im expecting Feb 10th to be an extreme low, possibly getting to targetted spx 704

More later

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another rally that didnt

I really should have paid more attention the Bradley date - Jan 20th

Even with the close today @ 805 we could still see a lower close tomrrow to 792

Im expecting a rebound till midday on the 21st, but it doesnt look like it can hold

Cliff had mentioned a few times that the 792 GAP had not been filled, ,and that might just provide a strong closing target for tomrrow

We STIll have a few stats to think about
Today was 38 tr days NOv 20
after recounting with those 2 half days makes 4pm today 56 tr days Oct 27th
that makes tomorrow day # 39, and Thursday and even 40
40 / 4 = 10 divisions of 4 from Nov 20
39 tr days NOV 21st at 11:05 = 3 cycles of 13 days to Jan 22@ 10 to 11am

we had a 935 high - 120 = 815 minus another 40 = 775
Murrey math #s 816 last is broken @ 805 now - 31 = 785 -15 more = 770
So now we have 2 levels close to each other by 2 different methods

ONE very important stat which Ive mentioned several times
Jan 22 AT 10:30 am , which could end up at 10am
IS THE 100%/13 DAY cycle completion at 10 to 10;30 with a 30 min variance

Also: my 2 main gauges popped up over the wkend to 3024
then proceeded to fall to 3008 at close today
and drop to 3001 tomrrow, after a brief run up to 3012 intraday

Tech data says SELL even after today
Jaywiz index which gave high readings all week except for last Tuesday now gave a LOW .19
CBOE PC ratio 96
OEX pc ratio 55
SPX 500 pc ratio = 125
those are all in agreement for a lower level

HOWEVER< ONCE we get to 770 area which would = another 35 pts lower than today
and a loss of 280 more down points to 7669 , can then get a huge oversold rebound into mid day on the 27th

How high is HIGH?
Do the math yourselves- but its no where near what I was thinking last week
only fibo %age rebound and not a run to the Jan 6th level

More later

Monday, January 19, 2009

Heres a picture

worth 100 words = many pages of text

from Tim McCarthy on the Crystal ball forum

More later

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Astro Next week

remember this - You dont have to be a believer - only an observer

Jan 14th - UPSETS & DONT Travel-
I guess Thursday's Air Trans in the Hudson River was just a freak accident, HMMM
thursday's spx high was at 3pm just at the same time as the above

Jan 15th- Be Flexible and Expect changes
Jan 16th - repeat yesterday- DUHHH

Jan 20th - Favorable trends continue - pleasant- $ comes in -

Jan 21 - minor stresses can be overcome

Jan 22 - Day starts out BAD, but turns into a real winner
gee, my 13 day cycle hits at 10:30 am-
what a coincidence ?? OR not , HMMM

Jan 23- Good fortune & high energy

Jan 26 - BURST of enthusiasm & good LUCK

It then starts to get more negative as we get to the end of the week,
but more on that later.

NOW, I ASK YOU, does the above sound like CRASH talk

Technical BUY signal


8212 Dow close
ADV DECL ratio = 316
Vol ratio = 316
BOTH WELL UNDER the 400 threshold for BUY signals
2nd day in a row under 400

Arms 5 day AVE = 203= strong BUY
second day in a row over 200

5 day TRIN sum = 1015 & now 2 days over 1000
10 day trin sum = 1643 & now 2 days over 1600

37/38 trade days from Nov 21
Spx hit 817 on the 15th @ 12;30
Spx hit 823 on the 16th at 78.6%/13 day cycle at 11;55am

Nov 21 low of minor wave 3 @ 11:05 am right on the 13 day cycle event

Jan 6th top of WAVE "A" spx 935- rebound in minor 4th

Jan 15th LOW of WAVE "B' at spx817

Jan 26th expected wave "C" high to top wave 4 @ 935 or higher

Feb 11th to end wave 5 at spx 795 or lower @ 54 tr days from Nov 21

SPX 935-755 = 180 pts
180 X 50% = 90 pts
935- 90 = 845
spx closed 842 & 843

40 pt method
935- 120 = spx 815


whats ahead
1575 - 755 = 820 pts
820pts x 23.6% = 193
741 intraday low + 193 = 934, we got that on Jan 6

820X 382 = 313 + 741 = spx 1054, very possible
1055 - 815 = 240 / 40 = 6 X
1055 - 40 - 1015
either one can be achieved

Theres a LOT of data above and last few days to absorb
take some time to understand it

More later

Friday, January 16, 2009

timing today


Shorter term hourly
Yesterday's 3:08 turn + 1hr & 5 min = 9:43 ***

Notice xtides times today
*** 9:42 - MATCHED above
12;30 -- matches convergence
1:40 -- matches 222 b
3;08 - matches hourly above

Most important
204B @ NOON
78.6% /13 day cycle @ 11:55
both hitting at noon would seem to
indicate that could be the LOD

ALL bar cycles today
180b @ 10am
204b @ noon
222B @ 1:40
250b @ 4pm - equal to 258 truncated

using bar cycles, WE would expect 4pm to offer the
LOD at 258 bar cycles,
but with the NOON convergence, it might be hard to match

Waiting for CPI to break at 8:30- same as PPI
holding off closing this email for a moment
futures backing off a little more

note: Europe strongly HIGHER so far at 8:30am

More Later

Thursday, January 15, 2009

SPX 800

The RALLY didnt fail to appear
IT just STARTED from a LOWER level

Now we know what to look for when the reading says - BE FLEXIBLE & expect change
When I write this stuff, you can question me about what it might mean , and that way we can all benefit.
Tomrrow still says " EMOTIONS out of hand & Expect STRESS

Spx 816 is exactly what we wrote about

Shankar, buying at 817 today was really good, and if we get to 800, do what I suggested

A 5th wave is still out there, and TOMRROW is teh ONLY day available for it

Next week is UP UP UP to jan 26th.

Its possible the move from Nov 21 to Jan 6th wave WAVE "A"
Now in Wave"B" ending Tomrrow
Wave 'C' should exceed wave "A" and make it above spx 935

Lets expand the MATH lesson
We got DOWN to spx 817@ 12:30 today
the DOW gained -1483 pts ~~~ 7052 - 9035
1483 X fibo 78.6% = 1166pts
9035 - 1166 = 7869 & That should be tomorrows target
IF they get there tomrrow, then the decline is over in 5 waves
That should = spx 799
todays rebound is what I was looking for
Yesterday without the 200 pt drop first.
Go ahead and shoot me for being off one day !!!
So far its near 275 pts up from that low
and were coming to the 3pm crossroad
3:08 pm was the hourly TURN + 78
3.40 next turn - 65
4th wave rebound math
816 to 935 = 119 pts
119 X 23.6% fibo = 28pts
817 + 28 = 845 and thats where we are at 3pm

14th was an 8 day low
15th was an 8 day turn
just like oct 23/24th, THEN the LOW on Oct 27th, the day after 8day turn

More later


FAILED rally !!!

Looks like free fall today and tomrrow
how low is low ?????
spx 795 IF broken today
a new low could be hit tomrrow under 741 or at least a match

Astro reading says BE FLXIBLE
very short term high was hit ona very small rebound at 9:38am
and the acceleration started lower from there

Ave low to low cycle = 37 to 42 tr days
tomrrow is 37 at the minimum from oct 27th
Neg Astro aspects end Saturday

More Later

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The whole 9 yards ??

Today was disappointing, BUT still very profitable

it also mean a change in the weather forecast for tomrrow

Still a strong start, and we are overdue for such anyway

however, It looks like any rally tomrrow wont survive the close

We still need to see SPX 816, the DEc 1st close, and dow 8000

Still on schedule for Friday, which NOW looks like it will set the 38tr day low in cement

Tomrrow's schedule
Bar cycle LOWS @
11:30 or 12:30
2pm or 2:30

10:50 am

the above suggests a high Thursday at 1pm

heres some interesting math
Murrey math spx 878 yesterday
less 31 pts per level X 2 = 62 pts which then gets us to 816

NOW Use the 40 pt rule of thumb
The LOW at 755 on Nov 21
to the Hi on Jan 6th @ 935 = 180 pts
935 - 3 levels of 40 = 120 = spx 815

So now we have 2 methods to get to 815

2 of my most reliable gauges show a gain tomrrow, but not making to the end of day
Power index shows a rise part of the day and drop end of day
this confirms the above timing

More later



DEc 1st lows = SPX 816

A drop today to dow 8000 = 448 pts

dow 448 / 8 = 56

871 - 56 spx points = spx @ 815

= the DEC 1st closing LOW

More later

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bulletin - read all about it

THE JAYWIZ index TODAY came in at a very LOW .12 -- Extremely bearish
that shows rampant exhuberance

CBOE PC ratio = .92 > under 100
OEX pc ratio yesterday was .64 and today .94 both also exhuberant
SPX pc ratio = 1.20 > neutral
oil gained back only 1.08, not enuf to signal a strong upturn
If tomrrow, OIL gains on the day, then it will confirm Thursday
Im still looking for $1.25/gallon by summer

Tomorrows reading
Expect surprises
Do not travel
Do not accept PEACE at any price

NOW does that sound like a good day to you?
If it does, then you need to see Jack Bauer (G)

Tomorrow, however, starts with
SUN 120 MOON at 9:38 and the DAY IMPROVES from there

Friday, however, slips back into trash mode
emotions out of hand
Keep secrets
Its also 56 tr days = 14 transits of 26hr cycles from oct 27th @ 4pm

In the 8 day cycle- Jan 14th is the 8 day LOW
that means Jan 15th is the 8 day TURN - UP

But that doesn't preclude the 16th from dropping off again
but NOT a lower low, and that sets up the GO GO GO for next week

More later

Game Plan

I missed the 3pm high, but will buy puts on today's close
and selling them on tomrrows close - Wed

I will be buying calls on Wed close
and selling them on close on Thursday

I will be buying calls on Fridays close

Friday is
14 transits of 4 tr day cycles from oct 27th at 4pm
426 hrs from monday at 3;30

more later


Activity index still Not perky and showing NO strength

Ibo,- from MY read his chart spx 877 maybe today's HIGH
spx At 875 at 10:10am = 1hr,5min from 3;30 low
OIL + $1.39 , after yesterdays loss of 3;30

it would be nice to see GAS prices lower
You remember when it was $4 and
I SAID it would be nice to see $2.50
Well, NOW it would be nice to see $1.25

Mkt down 4days from 6th at dow 9015 closed at 8474
Compare this WEEK to Nov 13 to Nov 20
Nov 20 to Jan 16 is 38 tr days, a typical LOW TO LOW

10:22 - Moon 135* Mars
180 Bars at 10;30
204 bars @ 12:30
55%/13 day @ 11:29
12:40 to 1pm should be hourly HIGH
228b @ 2:30
4;12pm LOW TIDE
We are in a possible Puetz crsh type window,
altho I dont expect anything lower than Dec
lows on spx at spx 818
The FULL moon was Jan 10, and the
NEW moon Solar Eclipse is jan 226th

Some are STIll expecting the 26th to be a severe LOW
& I am still holding onto the opposite view

Its really simple
FEb 10th is the full moon Eclipse
ON the WAY up to OCT 2007 HIGHS, the FULL moons were highly energizing
Since then full moons have become more frequent associated with LOWS
the READINGS associated with Jan 26th solar eclipse are HIGHLY posivite
the READINGS associated with Feb 10 Lunar eclipse are highly negatvie

So far we got EXACTLY AS expected TODAY - its NOON as I wrtie this
10;05 HIGH
10:30 low at 180 bars
11;29 low at 55%/13day

Im planning to get short at either 1pm or 3pm today
Tomrrow is expected to PLUNGE

more later

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 12 & 13

Mon & Tues point toward a rebound
863.19 on Dec 23 = 34 tr days from
Nov 4th High to Low
Hi to low dif = 68.61

68.61 X 62% = 42.54 - 931.80 = 889.26 hit at or
near close Friday

42.54 loss = Possible rebound highs
X 50% = 21.27 = spx 910.53
X 62 % = 26.38 = spx 915.64
X 78.6% = 33.44 = spx 922.70

STill got RADAR on the 16th IMPORTANT LOW
38 tr days from Nov 20 a typical LOW to LOW,

16th Also has:
78.6%/13 day @ 11:55
204 bar cycle LOW @ noon

NEXT week the spx should break under
890 to retest DEC lows at 863.19
From a HIGH of potential at 922 down to 863
= dow about 500 pts to 8400/8500 area

SOME are expecting A MUCH MORE serious decline
as many did in DEC 2008
Remember I warned several times not to
side with the WRONG CROWD
In fact I wrote that after Dec 15th , you can be as bullish as you want,
and buy anything that has take a hard hit.

these people are subjecting their readers, and or
subscribers with such a heavy load

Dec held 8400, and more is coming the week of
20th to 26th, And it may be one of the best rallies of the year

Negative Sentiment should build into the
16th as per the LOWS on Jan 16.

More later

Thursday, January 08, 2009


This ONE happens to looks GOOD to Me, with possible slight variations

EXPECT a HUGE RALLY tomorrow ___JAN9th___ with some follow thru into Monday

More later

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

EHH - Whats Up Doc ?

Obviously, NOT the stock market this AM


Futures at 8:45 are off at least 100 dow pts

10am is still the initial target time for a brief low
and could continue to 11am for reasons already posted

A 1pm rebound high should be shorted again if the mkt does rally to that point

Gauges for EAST Coast & Mid West are PLUNGING
Activity index is under Level # 1 and is FLAT
Power index shows continued declines thru the 9th
9th also has an important 52 hr cycle low @ 3:15pm

Helge and some others are NOW projecting MY WELL KNOWN forecast for Jan 20 to 26
expect a solid run up from Jan 20 to Jan 26
Subsequent decline from Jan 27 to Feb 11th

Pass the word to your friends and associates

More later

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wed Jan 7th

Wow its already the 7th and I havent even washed my face (G) just kidding around
need some levity on occasion (GG)

What about the 7th ?/

Should open GAP DOWN
120bars @ 10am
23.6%/13 day cycle @ 10:56
Hourly at 10:41

So we should see the LOD at least for the AM between 10 and 11am

Expect a decent rebound by 1pm, the mid day hourly

sell off at closing

As for Thrusday, a mellow nothing day

The party starts again on Friday
38.2 % / 13 day at 10:12
but thats only to start
52 hour low at 3;15 should be the LOD

Please do NOT accept my predictions as the GOSPEL
I have been dead wrong many times

Now that ive mentioned that there are DOOMSDAY predictions being passed around for
Jan 20 to 26th

I dont know where they are getting the information to DISTORT the positive power
of the aspects between those dates as well as a NEW moon Solar eclipse n the 26th.

That whole time period is CLUSTERED with POSITIVE aspects juicing mankind to be OPTIMISTIC
Yes, OK that optimism might be misplaced COMPARED to when we get to 2012, but for now its REAL and POWERFULLY positive

As Ive written b4
2009 is NOT 2008
a bear mkt can offer as much as a 78.6% rebound of about 5000 points getting the dow back to 13k
that was the level in May 2008 where the mkt really started to melt down

I took notice and paid TOOO much attention to some shmuck who professed teh spx was giong down to 600 in DEC and I did not trade well at all
I learned MY lesson and will not be swayed by others
Follow those with a good track record, and even they can get FARBLOONGED at times
BUT youve got to recognize when its time to hold'em and time to fold'em

more later

SO far SO good

You need'nt report things like your opinion of charts edge
I wasnt born yesterday, and didnt fall off the back of the mellon truck

I report things like that when I think others should see it

NOW that Ive yelled at you

Yes Shankar, Ive got Feb / March 2012 as an extreme low at dow 4000

I bot CALLS @ 90bars at my 2pm LOW
SOld them at 2:55pm, nice gain of .50bp's

BOT puts at 3:05 pm and now UP in value, which I will hold till 10am tomrrow
Its now 3;39pm as I write this, and i might even buy more at close

More later


He's missing an OPEN rally which I missed also,
but FUTURES are +10 SPX pts
10:44 is first hourly and could be the dyasHOD

Bar cycle LOWS match HIS chart
60B @ 11:30
90b@ 2:00

Hourly TURN at 3.08pm could by a HIGh rather than 4pm,
but that remains to be seen -
IF, ~~~ 3:08 pm turns in a HIGh that mtaches 10:44, then I will
deem it as a HIGH, and I will be looking to buy puts at that time

Lets ALSO watch OIL prices to see if it backs OFF the opening highs
I THINK that would be Ibo's clue to future SPX prices

Since I am expecting the 7th to OPEN in EXACT reverse of today,
we should see oil back off today


Monday, January 05, 2009

short term volatility

A little more volatility should return this week AFTER the close of the 6th as a HIGH of the week

Wed Jan 7th is slated to start with a THUMP lower

recovery should be weak and a low is due on the 9th
9th has
a 38.2%/ 13 day segment at 10:12am
a 52 hour cycle low @ 3:15 pm

Sunday, January 04, 2009

January 2009


Jan 2009
High on Jan 6th
High on Jan 13th
Low on jan 16th = BUY BUY BUY
Dont get left behind, because Tuesday Jan 20 will already be
pushing its way higher from the European trading on the 19th.

EXPECT A HUGE RALLY from Jan 20 to Jan 26th
might be the biggest weve ever seen
but thats typical of bear mkt rallies- YES bear mkt
even tho Im expecting as much as a 5000 point gain in 2009
ITS still a BEAR mkt

Jan 27 to Feb 10 is setup to take some of that away
Maybe more than we would like to see. but thats for later
got to feed those bears on occasion (G)


Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Week Ahead

Get ready for some wild gyrations this week with a moderate bias lower
a 1500 point gain from Nov 21st should get us some back and fill this week

Should look like
5th- DOWN monday, better close
6th Up Tuesday bias
7th morning bust with moderate recovery
8th biased lower
9th LOW at 3;15pm = 4day

REBOUND HIGHS on 12/13th

More later

Friday, January 02, 2009


NEWS IS NOISE -You got that right !!!

Also TOO Many cooks spoil the SOUP
TOO much input

Your right stick to what you KNOW

Just like Nov 4th, a 13 day cycle hit at 10 ;15, a little early than expected but it was still there
Dec 22nd had a 4 day cycle hit at noon with 180 bars, BUT it was NOT the LOD - so what it does not have to be

Dec29th hit a 4 day low at 1:30, a few minutes late due to 204 bars at 1;30-- fantastic
NOW then - WHATS NEXT ??

We got a short term high on Jan 2nd and I told you 2009 WILL NOT REPEAT Jan 2008- so yuo have an up day of 258 pts on Jan 2nd , first day of trading, against all odds- WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU

I still have analysts SCREAMING spx 600 this year and Obama look out for dangerous times
Its going to be an up year and recover as much as 5000 dow points by Jan 2010

The next few years 2009 to 2012 will look similar to 1998 to 2002
2009 to look like 1999
2010 will look like 2000
2011 will look like 2001

Now; WHAT ABOUT Monday,
Where is that 4 day cycle mentioned above ??????
IT IS DUE at 12:15 On Monday - could be a little late as there is a 258 bar cycle at 1pm
the next catapult higher ??
Yes it keeps on rolling along

BUT the most important thing from there is a continuation of the UPSWING to the 7th and or 8th
*********Watch out for the 9th at 3;15 pm has the NEXT 4 day setback

Expect a HIGH of significance on the 12th or 13th
with the next 4 day cycle low on the 15th @ 3pm

More later

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy NEW year 2009

first day of trading will NOT be well received

Friday JAN 2nd is slated to start down 
with a bang and could keep sliding till 3pm

10;30 is 100% /13 day cycle
150 bars @ 10:30
Hourly @ 10:49am

204 Bar @ 3pm+ 3.08 pm hourly

Unless 1pm hits the LOD @ 180 bars
moon 180 Jupiter @ 1:24 calls for INSECURITY

East coast and mid west guages are pointing UP
strongly Leads me to look for closing rally on Friday

Power index slides, but has a late rebound

Monday Jan 5th is another day that can gyrate
DOWN at OPEN and close better

The BIG gains are due on Jan 6 & 7
More later