Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wed Jan 7th

Wow its already the 7th and I havent even washed my face (G) just kidding around
need some levity on occasion (GG)

What about the 7th ?/

Should open GAP DOWN
120bars @ 10am
23.6%/13 day cycle @ 10:56
Hourly at 10:41

So we should see the LOD at least for the AM between 10 and 11am

Expect a decent rebound by 1pm, the mid day hourly

sell off at closing

As for Thrusday, a mellow nothing day

The party starts again on Friday
38.2 % / 13 day at 10:12
but thats only to start
52 hour low at 3;15 should be the LOD

Please do NOT accept my predictions as the GOSPEL
I have been dead wrong many times

Now that ive mentioned that there are DOOMSDAY predictions being passed around for
Jan 20 to 26th

I dont know where they are getting the information to DISTORT the positive power
of the aspects between those dates as well as a NEW moon Solar eclipse n the 26th.

That whole time period is CLUSTERED with POSITIVE aspects juicing mankind to be OPTIMISTIC
Yes, OK that optimism might be misplaced COMPARED to when we get to 2012, but for now its REAL and POWERFULLY positive

As Ive written b4
2009 is NOT 2008
a bear mkt can offer as much as a 78.6% rebound of about 5000 points getting the dow back to 13k
that was the level in May 2008 where the mkt really started to melt down

I took notice and paid TOOO much attention to some shmuck who professed teh spx was giong down to 600 in DEC and I did not trade well at all
I learned MY lesson and will not be swayed by others
Follow those with a good track record, and even they can get FARBLOONGED at times
BUT youve got to recognize when its time to hold'em and time to fold'em

more later


Jeff said...


I do enjoy reading your commentary. More importantly, I very much agreed with what you wrote regarding the importance of following your own counsel. I read others possessing long term, established credibility. But I do not let them direct me. A lesson I learned the "hard way"


Anonymous said...

Who was the schmuck that caused your distraction Jay? Was it guy off Ian's board?


Superbear said...

Someone predicted 620 for December '08? Wow!

Actually, I came across a few people and blogs that have predicted it around inauguration.