Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bulletin - read all about it

THE JAYWIZ index TODAY came in at a very LOW .12 -- Extremely bearish
that shows rampant exhuberance

CBOE PC ratio = .92 > under 100
OEX pc ratio yesterday was .64 and today .94 both also exhuberant
SPX pc ratio = 1.20 > neutral
oil gained back only 1.08, not enuf to signal a strong upturn
If tomrrow, OIL gains on the day, then it will confirm Thursday
Im still looking for $1.25/gallon by summer

Tomorrows reading
Expect surprises
Do not travel
Do not accept PEACE at any price

NOW does that sound like a good day to you?
If it does, then you need to see Jack Bauer (G)

Tomorrow, however, starts with
SUN 120 MOON at 9:38 and the DAY IMPROVES from there

Friday, however, slips back into trash mode
emotions out of hand
Keep secrets
Its also 56 tr days = 14 transits of 26hr cycles from oct 27th @ 4pm

In the 8 day cycle- Jan 14th is the 8 day LOW
that means Jan 15th is the 8 day TURN - UP

But that doesn't preclude the 16th from dropping off again
but NOT a lower low, and that sets up the GO GO GO for next week

More later


Superbear said...

Let's see what tomorrow brings. A few are calling 851 as the Maginot Line for bulls.

On another note, here's what Markus Rose said:

"The period between December 12 and December 16, 2008 has been noted as a strong "multi-months" Bradley turn by many followers of the Bradley and all those analysts that are interested in financial astrology. However the Rosecast - Bradley, the proprietary modification of myself of the original Bradley formula - indicates that a multi-months low will only come to be exact between January 8 and January 14, 2009."

Unless it drops 120+ points tomorrow, I don't see November lows taken out tomorrow. I am mildly short to scalp any profits, but a better trade IMO will be to be LONG for next week's rally. Still keeping my target of 1,000.

Jay Strauss said...

WE are on the SAME PAGE with Markus.
Others are STILL STUCK on a crash into Jan 26th

If they HOLd onto those shorts, they will find their accounts
lacking $$


Superbear said...

Thanks Jay.