Monday, May 31, 2010

June 1st EKG potential

Futures at 7am NOW indicate a STRONG DOWN open
Any drop off end of day, IMO, looks moderate and insignificant


As of 7 PM Monday NITE

this is Tomrrow's Possible market action

10:42 am = 38.2%/13day cycle pivot
combined with
10:30 @ 30bars gives it a stronger definition
26 hrs from May 25th at 10am

the daily reading calls for a SMOOTH & friendly day

As previously projected, we should see a moderately positive day
which MIGHT NOT back off at all until Later afternoon on June2nd

Leading to a possible DEEP hit on June3rd OPEN as previously described
but will elaborate more later


Sunday, May 30, 2010


June 3rd has the potential to OPEN similar to May25th and recover as well

BUT the similarity stops there as it might be possible to set a lower low or at least
match the previous low on June 7th on a closing basis

I can see that May 25th might have created a WAVE low at 1040,
but that would mean June is set to create a retrace wave against a downtrend

That might or might not the case, OR somewhere in between
heres what I mean

May25th LOW say minor wave 1
Now minor wave 2 to June 16-17
BUT in between can be a little more tricky

We could see a RETEST of MAY 25th low at 1040 on a closing basis on the 7th
THEN the rebound to make wave 2 thru June 16-17


Friday, May 28, 2010

June 2010- first week

June 1st reading calls for a MILD or Soft day
friendly- smooth & Social

BUT the good news STOPS THERE

June 2nd is a Bradley TURN
Expect snags & obstacles
caution what you say

the 2nd doesnt reek of becoming a very damaging day

June 3rd
Caution in the AM
Misleading $- deception

IN addition
we have 39 hours from May 25th at 10am
55%/13 day at 11:29am
Harsh lunar martian energy at 10am
ITS ALSO 377 tr days from the DEC1st, 2008 day of -700 dow pts

June 4th
Stressful day
uncontrolled emotions

Thus we see, the ONLY really good day for the week is on
tap for June1st, and maybe june2nd

more later

May 28th EKG


Updated June Energy graph

today might back off some & Monday may see a little more rise to a short term pivot high

June 3rd to 7th has some potential to back off some.

BUT June still has potential to hold the line in a corrective -- abc
pattern AGAINST the downtrend until the 16th to 18th

This means the next few weeks should have less volatility than May had until the 17-18th


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 27th Prelim & 8:30 am update

The PROBLEM with publishing the EKG preliminary is reading an incomplete data stream
which NOW shows a strong UP open obviously based on this mornings futures

May 25th did hit 9775 & spx 1041 with a thud at open and ended the day will a high ARMS
index of 4.88, Giving the 5 & 10 day BUY Signals

HOWEVER, we know from experience, there is USUALLY 2 waves to consider
May 25th INTRADAY low could be based on Thrust with volume
May 28th, IF another LEG down to test 9775 & 1041 should be on a lot less volume.
THIS IS NOT MEANT as a prediction
Heres some MATH to consider
900 SPX pts were lost in the 2008/2009 decline
900 x 23.6% =212 pts ((( 1220-212=1008
554 pts regained from Mar9th low to April26 hi
554 x 38.2% = 211 pts--- GETS the spx to the same as above

NOW consider WHEN
wave A which If it breaks into 5 waves should be
considered the START of 5 extended waves down into 2011/2012

April 26th, and 8 day HIGH to May 28th = 24 tr days / 8 = 3 rotations
Oct 27th, 2009 + 400 tr days = May 28th = 50 rotations of 8

I DO EXPECT JUNE to RALLY thru the 18th, WHICH IS ANTI the establishment of techs
since MOST of them NOW expect May to END ON A HIGH, and JUNE to go lower

Monday May 31 is CLOSED for memorial day


Futures at 7pm show DOW off about 37 pts at open


Repeat POWER INDEX next 10 days



May 26th EKG


As per the short term power index published yesterday, the 26th has potential to hit a rebound high

which sets up, imo, the next leg down into Friday, May 28th

Math model shows the last decline from 1174 to 1041 of 133 pts
133x 38.2% = 50 + 1041= 1091 which is exactly where the last
penetration provided major support -- NOW should become RESISTANCE

yesterday, they did hit some key cycles
open LOWER at 228 bars @ 9:45 am
Turned higher after 258bars at 12;30 to 1pm

60bars at 11am
90bars at 1:30
120bars at 4pm, or open Ths

Today's reading still negative
expect money issues
dont take chances

Thsday read
Agitations continue

HOW low is LOW ?

THere are have projections out there from 1020 all the way to 925
today should BOLSTER the Bearish position by making the bulls FEEL SAFE.

more later

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another VIEW = WAVE equality

Chart from Columbia- thanks Binve


Look at wave 1 and its relationship to wave 3, then wave 5

wave 1 was DOW 60 pts
wave 3 was down 95pts OR 60 x 1.618 = 97 pts

THUS wave 5 of THIS LEG should = 60 pts down from 1090 = 1030

got to 1044 so far at open


What to EXPECT next 10days

Today has 258bars at 12:30 which Frequently DOES offer the LOD on a 21 hour cycle

1020 to 1044 should provide some support today

Feb 5th low was 1044
Oct 2nd, 2009 low was 1020

Is Today a matter of minute wave v of minor 3?
If so, then
MINOR wave 4 could occur tomrrow
Minor wave 5 on Thsday & part of Friday



Couple of interesting cycles to WATCH
May 5th at 11am was a 13 day cycle OFF Nov 21st, 2008
and the flash crash was next
NOTE that a secondary low did occur on MAY7th at 10:28am
right on the 14.6% segment of the NEXT 13day cycle;-
another important pivot low also occurred on
May 14th at spx 1126 at NOOn at 55% of that cycle
May 19th hit spx 1100 at noon on the 78.6% segment

May24th @11am = 13day cycle seems to be repeating
the previous cycle, was a low point, but as May5th was superceded by a
lower low on the flash crash day, and TODAY we are imploding as per futures
at 9am

Thus we can expect the following PIVOTS
14.6% on 26th at 10;20am
23.6% on 27th at 11;26am
38.2% on June1st at 10:42am
Thanks to Cliff for providing me with the Software
for this cycle as I first started out doing it by hand
in 2009.

NOW< keep something in mind- these are PIVOTS
thus they do not Necessarily HAVE TO be the LOD

other cycles ALSO working
FRIDAY is an 8day cycle from OCT 27th = 400 tr days/ 8 = 50 rotations
Friday is 144 tr days from OCT 30, 2009 Dow LOW at 9713
Reading for the day says Yesterday's agitations continue

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Monday, May 24, 2010

May 25th EKG

Tuesday AM Update NOW shows a MORE extended DECLINE for TODAY
the READ today
Sudden events = Money Losses
the next 2 days dont get any better

ELLIOTT wave Experts called yesterday as minute wave 4, of MINOR 3 thus we are
about to enter Minute 5 of Minor 3. This event can also break out into 5 minuette waves.
Minor 3 is the where the MEAT gets cooked,before getting served.

Once Minor 3 is complete, there is still the outcome of dealing with Minor 4, and Minor 5.
but there's plenty of time for that discussion later


Futures at 7pm tonight are showing the SPX off 4.90, and Dow off 32

Tomrrow's bar cycles
228b @ 10am
258b @ 12;30pm
30b@ 3pm

Yesterday's 13 day cycle GAVE way to a LOWER CLOSE
we can consider that VERY OMINOUS
as the PREVIOUS 13 day cycle was on MAY 5th at 11am

The NEXT 258bar cycle is on Friday, May 28th at 2:30pm
BUT the FUll Moon is on the 27th at 7pm, and should influence the mkt all day

28th is an 8day low
28th is 144 from Oct 30, 2009 Dow at 9713

May 24th EKG

Today's ACTIVITY INDEX from the GO was telling us there were problems today
It was FLAT at 66 ALL NIGHT, and NEVER got above 100 all day
Just as I suspected, the futures this AM are pointing lower

Cycles suggest pivot at
156bars at 10:30 - WE actually GOT 150bars at 10am
13 day cycle at 11am = 29 rotations of 13 day cycles from NOV 21st, 2009
11am did provide a pivot to the 1pm HIGH and turn of the day

Energy suggests high at 2;30
there was a mild uptick at 2;30, but meaningless

EKG suggests high wont hold, also confirmed by the power index graph
but Tuesday's power index also indicates another higher attempt which
should also fail, but we dont have the EKG for that yet.
EKG told the story today FOR SURE

Friday is 144 tr days from Oct 30,2009 & Dow was at 9713
EKG shows mkt turning UP similar to Last Friday.

June 2nd is a Bradley TURN data & 377 tr days from Dec 1, 2009 which gave up 700 dow pts
but led to a higher month of December

28th is ALSO an 8day low & turn

more later

Sunday, May 23, 2010

June's ENERGY graph

More Later

THIS is NOT GOSPEL, but it does show that June's
ENERGY is DIRECTED upward in terms of HUMAN
EMOTION, this allowing the MARKET to find some relief
from its grossly oversold condition at the end of May


Market Pulse May 20 to 28

According to the above, last Friday' s rally close does NOT have much legs

but Monday & Tuesday should seek somewhat higher levels, with NO lasting value

the BIG down days are schedule for the 26th & 27th

28th looks like a repeat of the 21st

More later

Thursday, May 20, 2010

EKG May 21st Preliminary & 8am update

8am UPDATE shows NO upside at open
BUt any rebound is subject to further losses
using math model below we can only suspect certain levels to be met
such as
1060 to 1044 to 1020- again ONLY MATH levels NOT a prediction.

Some have even thrown out 980 for consideration, ???? imo ,NONE of those TODAY
how soon then, you ask ?
well if NOT today, then Monday at 11am has similar connotations to Nov 21st at 11am
but some of those levels are still not attainable yet.

The ABOVE EKG is very similar to XTIDE's RED tide today

HELGE shows a LOW at or near today and or 24th- hard to tell exactly per his charts

ACTIVITY index is coming OFF a LOW earlier this morning at 6am of 133,
and at 9am is now at 200, which might indicate a brief dip and recovery by 10;30

90 bars hits at 11:30 giving plenty of time to bounce around prior to the pivot
126bars at 2;30 means that after 11;30, there more time to rebound till at least 1pm
156bars would then occur on MONDAY at 10:30 along with the 13 day at 11am, and hourly pivot

We can see there should be a LOWER low tomrrow, and the END of day is not yet available

We also cannot be sure about the open with a move UP or not,
and will depend upon what the futures tell as at 8:30am

on the 19th As of 7 pm, futures are only off about 5pts

90bars at 11;30
126bars @ 2:30pm

40 pt rule of thumb
1220- 1072 = 148 / 40 = 3.7
1220 - 160 = spx @ 1060
1220- 200 = spx @ 1020
this is NOT a prediction nor a projection, Just the MATH, folks, just the Math

the MIDDLE Ground today was at 1090, the 200 day line and major support
NOW broken, even tho grossly oversold, just like Nov 19th lost 400 pts, so did Nov 20th , 2008

TOmrrow is 377 NOV 20th closing low
Monday is 377 Nov 21st @ 11am
377/13 = 29 rotations of 13 days @ 11am
JUNE 2nd is 377 from DEC 1st, that infamous day of 700 pts lost,
WHich led to a stronger December
IN between, we have negative energy on May 26 to 28

important FIBO 377 tr day cycle hits tomrrow & Monday at 11am
IMPORTANT influence LOW due on MAY 28th
important TURN on JUNE2nd = a Bradley TURN
Bradley dates in JUNE 2, 10, 26th

June should END higher

13 day cycle has been solid
Monday at noon was 62%/13 day
WEd at 12;25 was 78.6%/13day
Monday at 11am is 100 %/13day


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prelim EKG for May 20th & update at 8am

Update shows about the same but with continuation of drop at end of day
WHICH may or may NOT occur UNTIL the NEXT morning which is a phenomena we have
seen a quite a few times with the EKG

Read says CHALLENGING start today, CALMER tonight

Friday EKG shows similar events, so IMO, any BUY opp can be used to SWING trade

Seems to concur with lower open

258bars at 10;30, which might get truncated to 10am

Reading calls for Challenging start

concurs with the POWER INDEX, which starts out at 300, and jumps to 500
and holds that level on Friday for the most part.

Any early dip, if we get it would be a buy opp

got to 1100 as projected several times at 12:noon which was right near the 13day cycle pivot
at 12:25pm



180bars at 10;30
204bars at 12;30
78.6%/13 day at 12;25
228bars @ 2;30

Energy - negative influences at 2;15pm & 3:41 pm

Initial EKG for Thursday indicates a lower open

Most important pivot date this month looks like May 28th

May 31st Holiday

June 1st/2nd = Bradley turn - should lead to mid June high


Monday, May 17, 2010

Preliminary EKG - May 18th

156bars @ 3pm seems to have hit a low
18th is an 8 day low, making the 19th an 8day turn

Updated EKG for May 18th as of 8am now shows strength in the morning
with possible minor setback 11am to noon
It also looks like they might not close on the high today, but they certainly dont look
like anything serious is happening today,
that does NOT preclude what I expect for Tomorrow, Wed May 19th
IMO, the big question becomes - do I get short at close today or wait for Wed open?
the Prelim EKG does concur with the prior call for a winning day - Tuesday

and it also looks like the open should start lower concurring with that 90 bar cycle @ open


Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 17th EKG

Upon review of what was expected verses what we got, we can see there was NO last hour decline.
However, as mentioned and noted many times in the past when a cycle such as 90bars is expected at 4pm, it often
occurs at the OPEN on the NEXT day.
IF SO, that would offer, IMO, a very nice buy opp just for the day,
and is corroborated by the propensity index which rises from 2989 to 2998

THE LOD did occur at noon which is within the scope of the
13day segment scheduled for 11;16am
Adjusting for Daylight savings did occur at noon.
8am UPDATE shows recovery from Asian blitz rolling over from Europe this morning
but a late day drop off is possible according to the above which concurs with 90bars at 4pm
The above doesnt look ominous, but looks can be deceiving

I would like to see the 200 day line at about spx 1100 as the 11am-11;15 low,
but thats just my wishes
& wishes dont make it real until it happens

You have the CYCLE timing from the previous posts


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Power Index for week of May 21st

Now we can COMPARE the ENERGY readings with the above graph for this week

Monday= financial blockage
Tuesday=WINNER day
Ths= challenging start & calmer after
Fri= socialize today
22nd energy outlook calls for the END OF UNRESTRAINED EXPANSION

This week's BAR cycles
keep in Mind that BAR cycle hits are ALWAYS pivot lows
EVEN if MUTED & barley noticed -

IF one of them is SKIPPED over then the next one
is more likely to be more pronounced.
30bars @ 11am
60bars @ 1:30
90 bars @ 4pm, which COULD Actually hit at OPEN Tues, but I doubt it
If it did, that would be a great buying OPP
62%/13day at 11:15
11 to 11:30 MOST likely time to expect the LOD
power index SHOWS that SAME thing also- down early - up, and lower later
Will publish EKG when more complete.

120bar at noon OR 126 bars @ 12;30
150bars at 2pm OR 156bars @ 2:30
But since the day is mostly biased UP, they really wont matter

180bars @ 10:30am
204bars @ 12;30
228bars @ 2:30
78.6% /13day @ 12;25pm

258bars at 10;30am

90bars at 11;30am
126bars @ 2:30 pm


Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 14th EKG

I wont be available in the AM

204bars @ 1-:30
258bars at 3pm

55%/ 13 day at noon


May 13th EKG

4pm May 13th
AS we have seen MANY times the MKT FELL off in the last hour this time during the SAME
trading day. Often the EKG shows the late day higher than actually occurs, so NOW we KNOW
its NOT the amplitude that counts, ITS THE DIRECTION.
Sorry about the delayed publishing of the EKG- unavoidable interference this AM

Yesterday displayed a late day high, but the drop off never occurred

Today replication appears accurate up til 11am
DOWN open
Recover at 10;45
second dip at 11am
high at 10:45 @ spx 1174
IS that high enuf or is there one more run up coming after the NOONish lows?

120bars @ 10am was a dip
150bars at 12:30
180bars@ 3pm

Contrary to the MAY Map, we may NOW see 3 days off to a low on MONDAY
YES -- MONDAY May17th which seems to indicate some kind of Financial BLOCKAGE

in contrast- Tuesday May 18th read calls for resolving recent problems from
the day before, and thus STILL has potential for strong rally day.

Propensity index has been dropping steadily from a high of 3017 on the 11th
to NOW at 2993 at 11am today, but STOCK prices HAVE NOT responded in like kind-
at least NOT yet
I say that because we had a similar picture LAST WEEK as it dropped from a similar high
to a flattened low from the 4th to the 9th, but stocks did not respond until it got to its lows

more later

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12th EKG

The LATE drop off on the EKG appears to have hit at open on the 13th.
today's EKG seem to indicate a TURN today from a mid day high

which makes tomrrow much more important

note that the limited view of tomrrow's EKG does show it lower

Today's bar cycles
60b @ 11:30
90b@ 2pm

13day cycle segment at 10:42am

Merc direct will try to push back toward the spot where the retro began at 1200
on Arpil19th, but I doubt it will succeed, and thus a failure today should lead to
much lower levels in the next 2 days


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11th EKG & Power index update

As we can see from the above spx of today, the EKG did perform well- AGAIN
POWER index above should be more representative of actual events
published 5/11 @ noon

As per the power index we have a reversal in play today

how low can you go?

as discussed in yesterday's comments, we might expect 50% to 60% back to spx 1100 area
in next 2 days thru 13th

bar cycles
258bars at 1pm
30bars at 3;30

Merc direct tonight might give a boost to tomorrow's open,
but I dont think it will have follow thru till next week