Sunday, May 23, 2010

June's ENERGY graph

More Later

THIS is NOT GOSPEL, but it does show that June's
ENERGY is DIRECTED upward in terms of HUMAN
EMOTION, this allowing the MARKET to find some relief
from its grossly oversold condition at the end of May



rrman said...

Helge says halfway back up by 6-8 or so then back and retest the lows around the last week of june sounds reasonable nothing goes down in a straight line

crissy said...

Jay, I've got to be cautious for the dax until wednesday, from there onwards ( could be even tuesday) some 300 points upwards.

Food for thoughts, maybe rrman may give a help concerning €, which is still ! long for me, but I exspect a retrace upcoming week.

Another 5 days hospital in plan from 04. in the very morning until 08th. Hopefully the last one.

Keep your thumbs squeezed, please.

rrman, Helge is looking not bad at all, but I've got lower numbers for the dax to reach, but the two indices may not move syncronic.

Best to all of you

Jay Strauss said...

Monday's PRELIM EKG shows Possible LOWER open, then RALLy by mid day

Cycles call for low at 10:30 to 11am

Energy calls for high at 2:30

End of day not avail yet

Will publish EKG at 8;30


Reza said...

I think a doji this week

Reza said...

as of last week, close above 1083 which is in bulls court, from there whatever we have. doji means fighting the week with 1083

Reza said...

i think Jay may be right up till Tue, then 1060's then settle around 1080's

rrman said...

long /6e 1.2535 looks like i missed catching the bottom was at a crawfish boil but hey this is a gift from God
Huge up move starting now peaks tomorrow night look at Helge he called this
down wave after the close that we just got....