Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Couple of interesting cycles to WATCH
May 5th at 11am was a 13 day cycle OFF Nov 21st, 2008
and the flash crash was next
NOTE that a secondary low did occur on MAY7th at 10:28am
right on the 14.6% segment of the NEXT 13day cycle;-
another important pivot low also occurred on
May 14th at spx 1126 at NOOn at 55% of that cycle
May 19th hit spx 1100 at noon on the 78.6% segment

May24th @11am = 13day cycle seems to be repeating
the previous cycle, was a low point, but as May5th was superceded by a
lower low on the flash crash day, and TODAY we are imploding as per futures
at 9am

Thus we can expect the following PIVOTS
14.6% on 26th at 10;20am
23.6% on 27th at 11;26am
38.2% on June1st at 10:42am
Thanks to Cliff for providing me with the Software
for this cycle as I first started out doing it by hand
in 2009.

NOW< keep something in mind- these are PIVOTS
thus they do not Necessarily HAVE TO be the LOD

other cycles ALSO working
FRIDAY is an 8day cycle from OCT 27th = 400 tr days/ 8 = 50 rotations
Friday is 144 tr days from OCT 30, 2009 Dow LOW at 9713
Reading for the day says Yesterday's agitations continue

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Jeff said...


Thank you very much


Waterbaby said...


Reza said...


share ideas if you have so we can all help each other. I think all of us agree on the 975 level

Reza said...


If the Dow 9000 does not hold then you may have to change your count to 7800

AS said...

Be careful of predicting too big a fall ... today in the am we saw a move to 104.63, which could be the completion of w5 ... the other tgt would be 103.35 ... if this move up was a W4 ...

Reza - if you could send me M update, that will be great ...

Are there any particular stocks that people are watching for entry on long / short side ?

Jeff said...


Yes, I would be glad too. I like this site because Jay has a very clever insight, with sharing members. It's a good place

Much of what I do stems from Delta, combined with old fashioned elliptical charting (yeah, I'm an antique). I work with a few Gann devotees. I don't know how much that work would be of interest here

Jay Strauss said...

On a short term basis
IF short, it might be wise to close out positions today, and pick them up again tomrrow on a rally day

228bars at 9:45 lod so far @ 1040
258bars is at 12;30 today

1044 was the FEB 5th LOW
and could provide some support between the Oct 2nd low of 1020 to 1044

If 12:30 brings in 1020-1030, that might be a good place to cover for today

a close look at the POWER index DOES show tomrrow with some potential to rebound some


Reza said...

post it so we gather diff ideas

Reza said...


I think above 9855 close shorts for the time being, then reenter later as you advise

Jay Strauss said...

Either / Or
12:30 at 1025
or 12;30 at 1044 matching open

Only caveat is missing a close similar to the 19th
13 day cycle pivot hits tomrrow at 10;20, and might provide a better pivot,
BUT its a tough call for sure