Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 17th EKG

Upon review of what was expected verses what we got, we can see there was NO last hour decline.
However, as mentioned and noted many times in the past when a cycle such as 90bars is expected at 4pm, it often
occurs at the OPEN on the NEXT day.
IF SO, that would offer, IMO, a very nice buy opp just for the day,
and is corroborated by the propensity index which rises from 2989 to 2998

THE LOD did occur at noon which is within the scope of the
13day segment scheduled for 11;16am
Adjusting for Daylight savings did occur at noon.
8am UPDATE shows recovery from Asian blitz rolling over from Europe this morning
but a late day drop off is possible according to the above which concurs with 90bars at 4pm
The above doesnt look ominous, but looks can be deceiving

I would like to see the 200 day line at about spx 1100 as the 11am-11;15 low,
but thats just my wishes
& wishes dont make it real until it happens

You have the CYCLE timing from the previous posts



BKLNYC said...
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BKLNYC said...


Do you think the overnight low might be the full extent of the downside pressure for today?

crissy said...

Back from hospital.

Jay, I'd like to see another high in the dax around mid of July after a low at hte end of may or early june.

Does this go along with your exspectations ?

Do you know where rrman is ?

Jay Strauss said...

HI Crissy
glad your back

A repeat of Oct- Nov 2009 should occur Late June to Mid August

rrman has been missing last 2 weeks


crissy said...

Thank you :)

Reza said...

out of drn
long faz

Reza said...


I still think they still want 1050 - 7% discount for longs = 980

Jay Strauss said...

1050 may be a target
WHEN is the big question
Some are proposing 980, BUT again the Q is WHEN????

I dont think its this week, but WEd might have a shot at 1100-1090, the 200 day line

Today we got EXACTLY the 62% /13 day cycle pivot so far at 11;16am
spx to 1125

So we must think the end of day at a lower level

May be get to the overnight low of 1122, after some recovery during the afternoon


AS said...

Jay - any projections on how far u think we go up into tomm ?

TIA :)