Monday, May 03, 2010

Helge high today


Joe said...

Isnt the forecast for this week down? We will see if EKG works here.

Very important for bears to hold this area... 1205 cash SPX.

Reza said...


Any thoughts on overnight and tomorrow

Jay Strauss said...

HI Joe
An energy burst gave the mkt a boost today

Tomrrow should start with a THUMP, but recover in the afternoon

Gann turn on 5th can possibly be viewed as a downturn

we should not see any new highs
as May should, as the graph shows, make lower highs, and lower lows albeit nothing much to write home about


rrman said...

Helge shows Euro weakness tonight until Europe open then he says they rally it all day long into the close then huge down after unlock until open wed. I think with the Europe markets closed we didn't get our normal Monday up wave it comes a day late tomorrow ...
chart 1

rrman said...

Joe Helge called for a pop on his big chart 13/14 these big charts seem to be working on /es and spx now
tues should be the end of this pop at close then big down

rrman said...

rrman said...

I think a short tomorrow at close on /es or Euro would work for a hold into the 10th big down wave

rrman said...

anything from mahendra?

Reza said...


Nothing for Flash subscribers. They have updates for Newsletter, but he did not post it

Reza said...

I dont have membership to the Newsletter

Reza said...

The title of the movie at Mahendra is this means crash??

rrman said...

not following you Reza what movie?

Reza said...

His title for the newsletter. Was making fun of the title

rrman said...

long /6e 1.3129 should go up all day

Reza said...

Predictions from the book
Latest Media Reviews
Scanned News Articles
Video Gallery
Flash - It is happening and again reminder
Tuesday, 04 May 2010

Dear Members,

Three important things we have mentioned in this week newsletter and these were:

USA market would outperform each market in shorter period of time but yes weakness will start in USA market from late Tuesday and correction will remain for longer period in other markets so stay away until 27 May. Asian and European markets ready to tank big from late Tuesday.

Last week base metals corrected big as expected, this week also we huge correction in copper, platinum, palladium, zinc, aluminum, nickel and base metals stocks to nose down big so watch this carefully, hold short position in base metals. This week newsletter we mentioned that great time to accumulate base metals short ETF’s and base metals stocks. Don’t cover or buy back until Mars turn positive so wait for our indication which may come in early June. Watch SMN, GLD, DTO, EDZ and FAZ.

Monday precious metals traded as predicted but from Tuesday we are expecting huge correction and I don’t know where this correction will end (surely not before 27 May) so stay away from metals. Still 20 to 30% correction can’t be rule out as there was powerful Astro indication that is why three months back we mentioned gold could reach $750. Trade carefully in metals and metal stocks as metals will pass through worst Astro cycle. This Tuesday to early Friday we see metals falling sharply.

Coffee is one of our favorite now after dollar, Monday it moved up sharply, any corrections should be taken as buying opportunity.

Grains to remain side until 15 May, short term traders should buy Soy and corn on Thursday.

In this week newsletter we also predicted sharp fall in oil from mid Tuesday so watch this prediction, Fall will continue for whole of this week.

This week we are very negative on commodity currencies, also pound and Euro will fall. Tuesday is good day to buy Yen. Dollar index should hit 2010 high during this week. Keep accumulating dollar on any weakness or around 82.20.

This week - We are expecting gold and silver to fall up to five percent. Oil will fallow metals. Our first target in gold $1123 and silver $17.12. Oil will easily reach $81.20.

Thanks & God Bless

RickyBobby said...

nice mahendra. finally.