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Sunday, May 02, 2010

From Danerics Blog

I dont usually aspire to counting waves as 1-2 and 1-2

but the above shows the last dip at days end Friday as potentially the start of a (3) of III of [1]

in other words, waves I & II are complete, now working on III
which should break into 5 waves of its own, having completed (1) & (2) of III

which according to my timing should take us to about 1pm on Tuesday for starters

I have NOT paid much attention to Elliott waves in months, but this, IMO, deserves attention

And As Dan writes, a HUGE gap down OPEN would leaves mouths agape

IMO, it is the LEAST expected event, but Ive been projecting such an event since it did NOT hit
at the end of March, first week in April

And the Energy patterns this week are just right, mama bear

more later


cementzak said...

the start of a (3) of III of [1]


the start of a (3) of III of C

sirgiyan said...

I vote for C

Jay Strauss said...

could also be (3) of III of A

C is a long way off in mkt time

C Could be on the 6th Or the 10th


rrman said...

we finally got our down wave helge has been calling for for two days now its up per chart 13/14 before the big down in a few days

rrman said...

out of shorts now long 1.3237 on euro /6e